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I love studying Hebrews 11 and this book was wonderful. Definitely made me think deeper into the "giants of the faith" that are found and described in this book of the Bible. New to me author who kept my interest and gave me new ways to think about Hebrews 11.

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This book had some very strong elements! I love how the author uses key characters in the Bible that helped reveal God’s strength, through their weaknesses, obedience or even courage! My favorite example of God’s strength working mightily in unexpected people was the story of Gideon! Whether using personal stories, or great examples on the Bible, such as the Hebrew Midwives, Moses, Joshua, Rahaab, Daniel or David, the author made a strong case for God’s power working strong in his people.

However there were aspects I did not long me. I felt like I read similar to a sermon outline. The transitions were weak, there were times she spent way too long on certain subjects or people of the Bible & less on others, and there were too many application questions. I also felt like the organization of the information overall was too dense, and a little difficult to read. There would be a lot of “random facts” sections, that just felt too excessive. I think the book would be better suited in an easier format, and less application questions.

Because it was poorly organized and the author focused too much on several Bible characters, I rated it lower. I honestly didn’t enjoy it as much as other books I’ve read on these subjects. The author almost didn’t dive deep enough.

I would like to say, her stories about cancer & faith in God after her mother died of cancer was very moving, as I have also lost a family member to cancer. I also enjoyed her personal life examples more than historical ones.

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But I've Got My Own Giants!

This book was a needed read for me, after so many trials in my life. This was a simple book to read, but profound. I appreciate the copious amounts of Scripture in the book. The examples from biblical figures who struggled with hard decisions is brought out and applied to our lives today. It can be so hard to see our current struggles in the light of the Biblical characters and Debbie did an excellent job of bringing this to the surface. I loved the journal questions as the end, and took advantage of journaling out my answers.

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Little Strength, Big God is a fantastic dive into the lives of people in the Bible who struggled in their faith, and yet trusted in God, and God showed up big time! This is set up as a five day each week, eight week study, with an individual of the bible as the main theme, thought provoking study and reflection questions, strength builders, that cover Jochebed, Moses, Daniel, David, Hannah, just to name a few. Definitely worth diving in to!
*I received a copy of this book from NetGalley. This review is my own opinion*

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Little Strength, Big God
Discover a God Greater than Your Goliaths
by Debbie W. Wilson
Pub Date 05 Sep 2023
Abilene Christian University Press & Leafwood Publishers,Leafwood Publishers
Christian, Religion & Spirituality

Discover timeless truths that will help you slay your giants. You can become mighty in battle like the faithful in Hebrews 11.

The people of God are no strangers to loss and intimidation. When faced with a choice, which would you choose—

Is drowning your baby better than letting your worst enemy raise him?

Would you rather bow down to an idol or be thrown into a fiery furnace?

Are you willing to compromise your convictions or risk being tossed to the lions?

Do you live in fear of your enemies or do you lead ill-equipped volunteers against them?
They felt their limitations when faced with these decisions. Nevertheless, they found strength in the Lord. You can do the same.

Little Strength, Big God will help you turn your weaknesses into strengths to accomplish God's purpose in your life through the men and women highlighted at the end of Hebrews 11. It is not a bigger God you need when trouble attacks, but a clearer vision. Live strong today by discovering the transforming power of a God greater than your Goliaths.

I give Little Strength, Big God five out of five stars!

Happy Reading!

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Really enjoyed this book, it was easy to read but the content is powerful. The examples from biblical figures who struggled with hard decisions is brought out and applies to our lives today. It is so easy to think that our present time situations are more difficult than those people from the Bible but we couldn’t be more wrong. Little Strength, Big God reveals how big our God is and that we don’t need more than little strength to make it through life as He is the one who conquers our giants.

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Thank you to Net Galley for the opportunity to read Little Strength, Big God. I was under the impression this would be a story rather than a Bible study. While the context is Biblically sound and an easy read with some thought provoking points, I was hoping for more of a story/novel type read; hence, the ⭐⭐⭐ rating.

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An ARC read. Thank you to Netgalley and Leafwood Publishers for this opportunity. Please note this was an electronic read, and page numbers may not match a published physical text.

How big is God to you? Do you surround Him with limitations and weaknesses due to your own circumstances, or do you recognize His sovereign reign and control? Do you trust Him in all things? Debbie W. Wilson writes, “It’s not the strength of our trust but the object of our faith that matters” (pg. 47). Wilson illustrates this by examining biblical men and women, and God’s accomplishments through their weakness. From Jochebed and the midwives in Exodus to Barack and Deborah, Wilson walks readers through seemingly impossible tasks made possible by an Almighty God.

I wasn’t expecting a Bible study when I requested this book, and I do believe it would be far more appreciated in a group setting. Wilson encourages this throughout her study, and it had me aching for Bible Study Fellowship to start back up. (Just a little bit longer!) A note to fellow BSF sisters – this book pairs well with last season’s study, Kingdom Divided.

Wilson wrote this eight week study with the intention “to help you become a biblical thinker and an able listener of God” (pg. 14), and I believe she succeeded. Wilson asks some deep questions in her study, but her writing and development throughout the book are easy enough for a new believer to tackle. This study is also chock full of Biblical references and reading throughout the Old and New Testament which I consider absolutely vital; you cannot have one without the other. I also really appreciated Wilson’s plethora of quotes and her lengthy notes at the end of the book. Wilson includes quotes from C.S. Lewis, Anne Graham Lotz, G.K. Chesterton, Tony Evans, and Charles Swindoll, just to name a few.

I really enjoyed Wilson’s study. As I said earlier, I think I would have benefited from it more in a group setting, but it certainly could be used as an individual study, as well. The last two weeks really spoke to me, and I really valued her discussion on spiritual warfare, satisfaction in God alone, and assurance of salvation. I’ve never read Wilson before, but I will definitely be checking out more of her work in the future. Little Strength, Big God is set for publication September 5, this coming Tuesday.

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First thank you to netgalley for giving me an arc reader.

I was fairly disappointed in this book I kept going but it wasn't what I expected at all. From the title I thought it was a regular Christian living book and not a bible study type book.

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I have been reading this new devotion/Bible study by Debbie Wilson, Little Strength, Big God – Discover a God Greater than Your Goliaths. It is a very solid, easy to read, with some powerful questions to help you in your study of the the Word that will show you where our strength comes from the Bible stories of the midwives during Moses birth, Moses, Rahab, Gideon, Deborah, Samuel, David, and others. Many of these stories our ones we all have heard over and over, but I really liked the many points she brought out that relate to our current times to remind us that God is working in all things and how we are to respond when we are struggling and have little faith to act.

She provides you with the Scripture you will need to read in your Bible, with a short daily devotion each day, along with questions to help you study deeper and reflect, prayer to guide you, and encouragement to act in the Strength Builder section. She tells you everything you need to use this book and how to study, which is helpful for those who have not studied before or need a refresher.

Here are some highlights that I will be referencing back too:

Fear of man paralyzes; fear of God mobilizes.
Weakness may be your greatest qualification. God’s glory shines through the cracks we call limitations. But He doesn’t leave us in a fragile state.
Getting Republicans and Democrats to agree on something is about as easy as going off sugar during Christmas. Yet, according to Dan Heath, in his book Upstream, the two groups are more alike than you might think.
Satan wields fear to divide and manipulate people. To secure power, leaders like Pharaoh use race, religion, ideologies, and even masks and vaccines to pit groups against each other.
People suffer when leaders try to take God’s seat.
This fact: one in seven believers world-wide suffers high levels of persecution for their faith.
Focus makes the difference.
Throughout biblical history, God has moved secular leaders to help his people.
There is a big difference between following Christ and following Christians.
There are no battles or defeats in heaven. But, on earth, a life of faith includes both.
It’s easy to chew on regrets, insults, defeats, and worries. But the Lord told Joshua to ruminate on his Word. The Bible refreshes us, makes us wise, and imparts joy and understanding.
God’s plan for nations requires individual obedience.
Faith isn’t about how much we know but about what we do with what we know.
Little biblical knowledge is no excuse for disobeying God in what we do know.

Those are just from the first half of the book. I look forward to finishing the book over the next few weeks. There are also quotes from some of my favorite authors and preachers throughout the book that she references. This is a great solid biblical book, one I would recommend.

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This is a beautiful devotion. A beautiful reminder that who we serve is soooo much bigger than what we face.

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Conquer your giants
The simplicity of this book made it easy to read but the content is powerful. The examples from biblical figures who struggled with hard decisions is brought out and applied to our lives today. We sometimes think our present-day situations are more difficult than those people from long ago lived through. Little Strength, Big God reveals to us how big our God is and we don’t need more than little strength because He is the one who conquers our giants. Questions at the end of each chapter help with deeper thought.

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Great book, very well written and uplifting! Really enjoyed reading this over the weekend! It definitely came at the right time in my life, but that’s how God works! Would definitely read more by this author!

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was so ready to jump into this book.
Little Strength, Big God by Debbie W. Wilson was a great way to present these amazing men and women and the impact they had and have in our lives today.
This wonderful bible study has helped me grow in my faith!
Debbie Wilson brings to life those in the Bible of Hebrews 11.
This is so encouraging & reassuring as we all have faults but God loves us and is not finished with our faith walk.
This book offers encouragement for anyone hoping to grow in their faith.
Now I’ve got to get Little Faith, Big God.

"I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own."

Thank You NetGalley and Leafwood Publishers for your generosity and gifting me a copy of this amazing eARC!

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