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I really enjoyed Anthony and Raya's story! It was fun watching them butt heads and eventually fall in love!

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This was my first Diana Quincy book, and I know it will not be my last. This enemies-to-lovers story had me hooked from the first line. There is a mystery surrounding the death of Raya Darwish's cousin which is the reason why the heroine ends up arriving at the castle. Despite the fact that her death was considered an accident, there are many whispers in the village saying Anthony Cary, the duke, is responsible.

Anthony is a duke, but he is a hard-working one, not afraid to get his hands dirty. I loved that he was also an intellect, finding beauty in historical artifacts, working up a sweat in the blacksmith's shop. There were so many layers to Anthony, it was difficult not to fall for him as quickly as I did. And the chemistry he had with Raya just added to his attractiveness.

Raya has just inherited the castle from her late cousin whom she never met in person, but had corresponded with her through letters. She is headstrong and has a keen eye for making a profit which is very unlikely for a woman to obtain during this time frame. It is because of her personality and sharp wit that she stirs feelings within Anthony.

Although they cannot stand being in the room together, they equally cannot seem to stay apart from one another for too long. Being able to see the progression of their relationship from despising one another to unadulterated lust to full-blown love makes for such a lovely story. Add in a hilarious aunt who loves to make snappy comments in her native language and the mystery of the death of Raya's cousin and you've got yourself a page turner.

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This was a romantic steamy read but it cannot place my finger on the missing it factor. It was worth the read, but would not be at the top of my re-read list.

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Historical romance, enemies-to-lovers.

As a Diana Quincy fan, this is a good example of her work, though not the best one. Mainly I felt this lacked emotional depth on the part of the hero, Strickland. While he is a bit one-note, he does come around to valuing Raya's business acumen. What I do appreciate is that when there were instances of misinterpretations of events, uncovering of secrets, etc., those were dealt with through honest and direct conversation. Refreshing. Raya is a delight.

I very much enjoy that this series, as well as her previous series, showcases heroines with Palestinian heritage and provides readers with glimpses into a more realistically diverse historic England. It would be great to see more male heroes with the same background (like Alex from The Marquess Makes His Move) in this series.

Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for an eARC of this book.

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Loved it and couldn’t put it down! The chemistry between the characters as wonderful as well! Definitely a good read!

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The Duke Gets Desperate by Diana Quincy ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Anthony Cary, Duke of Strickland, was shocked to learn that his father left his castle to Strick’s American stepmother. When she dies under odd circumstances, rumors fly.

When Raya Darwish unexpectedly inherits her late cousin’s castle in the English countryside, Strickland is broken hearted and furious.

If you love the trope enemies to lovers, you’ve got to grab this book! I really enjoyed this book! It has:

❤️ A touch of gothic romance vibes with a murder mystery and suspicion cast on the hero
❤️business minded heroine determined to save the run down castle
❤️heroine of Arab descent
❤️ fun banter and steamy fireworks 💥

Thank you to @avonbooks and @netgalley for an ARC of this book! #thedukegetsdesperate #dianaquincy #historicalromancereadersofinstagram #historicalromance #bookstagram #bookstagrammer

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I always love Diana Quincy and the way she adds so much culture to her stories and characters. I loved that this story featured an Arab-American heroine and a enemies to lovers type of romance. The heroine is fighting over her land with the hero and that always makes for a lot of banter and of course, the eventual resolution. Diana Quincy's writing always shines. She tells beautiful stories that resonate with me.

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I received an ARC from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

I normally love Diana Quincy's books, but this one didn't do anything for me. I struggled the most with the heroine as I just felt that she was extremely unlikeable. I don't mind an enterprising woman who does whatever is needed to make ends meet or create a business plan. I liked that she was resourceful, but I found her in general just annoying and rude to Anthony for most of the book. I don't know why he continued to have anything to do with her.

This is an enemy to lover's romance, but there weren't enough moments for me from being enemies to not hating each other to falling in love, that it makes it very hard to believe in these two truly loving each other. Yeah, we get it they desired each other, but love isn't desire and wanting to jump each other's bones isn't enough for me to truly buy their love story. I felt like their relationship never developed and their emotional connection was lacking. It all felt too surface level for me.

This won't appeal to everyone, and who knows I am maybe I am in the minority here but just didn't work for me.

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Look. You don't take a castle away from a Duke. You just don't. But Raya doesn't know that when she inherits Strickland's castle from his deceased Stepmother. And boy does it make him mad.

This book is pure fire. It is Quincy at her absolute best! Any enemies-to-lovers fan will devour this book. Raya and Strickland clash from the very start and truly don't let up for almost the whole book. But while they despise one another, they have serious chemistry and attraction.

This book is unique in several ways. Raya is not your typical prospect for a Duchess. She is Arab American and a businesswoman. Her family runs a textile mill in the states and Raya has no desire to have that part of her change. She sees the castle as the perfect opportunity to own her own business and be in charge. Strickland's castle has been suffering financially and Raya is determined to get it to a profitable status. Strickland can't help but admire Raya for her business acumen but also has a deep love for his home and wants it back in the worst way. It is a delight to see these two clash over and over and figure out a way to come together to create a home where both can coexist happily.

Quincy has written a feisty, steamy romance in The Duke Gets Desperate. I adored both Strickland and Raya and cheered them on throughout their story. There is also a mystery aspect to the book surrounding some theft and the death of the previous Duchess that was intriguing. I had a hard time putting this one down. I cannot wait to see what the next one in this series is.

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Such a GREAT book!!!

Diana Quincy always gives us unusual heroines, and by unusual, I don't mean it like a bad thing, on the contrary, I love that her heroines always have revolutionary dreams and paths, and they don't conform to society rules.
I'm excited for what's next in the series!

Thanks to the author for the eARC

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This was a fun read, albeit not the best historical romance I've read this year. I appreciated the feminism and representation that went into this non-traditional addition to the genre.

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Another wonderful steamy book from Diana Quincy. She is one of my favorite authors and she never disappoints. When Anthony Cary, the Duke of Strickland, inherits his father’s title and thinks he will be getting the family castle as well. When his step-mom gives it away in her will he will do whatever he can to get it back. He didn’t expect Raya Darwish, a breathtaking Arab-American who inherited the castle from her cousin she had never met. Of course there is tension and the two can’t stand each other, yet. Soon desire and a little communication go a long way to getting them together. But they have to find out who is causing the trouble and who killed his step-mom.
This was definitely one of my favorite stories. I love the new addition of the strong Arab-American who can turn things around and run the castle like she was meant to. As always Quincy keeps the story moving and you never wanna put it down. I really didn’t want it to end. Looking for a mix of mystery, tension, humor and spice this one is perfect for you. Her attention to detail and strong characters makes the story complete and fun to read. I enjoyed this adventure and you will too.

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How crazy and destined would it be to travel to England then having real estate??? Arab-American Raya Darwish was that lucky gal and the handsome Duke of Strickland is attached to the castle in “The Duke Gets Desperate by Diana Quincy!

I enjoyed this quick read! The bickering gives us life as much as it gave the MCs life. I enjoyed learning about Arab beliefs, culture, and words. Raya may have been enterprising however Strick also had a passion that relayed historical knowledge through storytelling. And yes, you can expect scandals and spice!

If you enjoy reads with good fortune, enemies to lovers, day-nice and night-spice, fortunate run-ins, secrets, mystery, business savvy women, blacksmith aristocrats, and fated mates then I highly recommend this book!

Thank you to Net Galley, Avon, and Harper Voyager US for the ARC in exchange for a honest review.

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When Raya accepts an invitation to visit her cousin Deena in England she does not expect to find out Deena has died and left her Tremayne castle. The Duke of Strickland is completely blindsided as his late father promised him the castle as it has been run by the family for centuries. Raya and the Duke immediately clash. When Strick tells her the reality of the castle’s finances Raya is determined to use her business mind to save the castle that is now in her hands. At first Strick and the servants are appalled at the the changes Raya make to monetize the castle, but as time goes on the more merit he sees in the changes. When Strick and Raya are found in a compromising position Strick convinces Raya to marry him after he follows through with some of her requests. But there seems to be someone determined to get rid of Raya once and for all. Will she and Strick be able to save the castle and live happily ever after?

I absolutely adored this book. The premise of a woman unexpectedly inheriting a castle was so fun and refreshing. You could feel the heat between Raya and Strick come through the pages making the romance very entertaining. The added treat of trying to figure out who is trying to get rid of Raya kept me reading as well. What a treat!

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This was an entertaining, well-written historical romance. It was fun, steamy and held my interest. I wanted to keep reading and find out what was going to happen. I enjoyed this book and will look for more books by this author.

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The Duke Gets Desperate is the first book in Diana Quincy's new Victorian romance series Sirens of Silk. I've enjoyed the previous books I've read by this author (all 4 or 5 stars), and it's always exciting to start a new series This one is a winner right out of the gate, aside from a few annoyances. It was an entertaining mix of enemies-to lovers and culture clash, and I sped thought it in two days, not wanting to put it down.

Anthony Cary, the Duke of Strickland, has finally inherited his father's title (though there's not much in the coffers), and he's excited to restore Castle Tremayne, the family home in the English countryside, to its former glory. However, when the will is read, Strick is shocked to learn that his father has secretly disentailed him, leaving his beloved home to his despised American stepmother! It wasn't a secret how Strick felt about the dowager duchess, so when she died mysteriously, rumors began to swirl... Raya Darwish, an Arab-American woman from a New York merchant family, never met her deceased cousin, but she finds she has inherited Castle Tremayne. She travels to England to visit her new property and soon clashes with the angry duke who believes the castle is rightfully his. The entire estate is almost bankrupt, so Raya must figure out a way to make money and save the futures of them both. They can't stand each other, but dislike and fighting soon turns to passion. However, will the specter of the of the dowager duchess's death and other secrets rip them apart?

Do you like your dukes with a dirty mouth and bad temper? How about smart diverse American women who can run a business better than most men? Passionate arguments and even more passionate sex? If so, this book is for you! Anthony Cary, known as Your Grace to most and Strick to his friends, was furious when he found out his family's castle was now the property of someone else. It was HIS home, and he had plans to set it to rights; it was in his blood. Strick was not a likable man for about half of this story. It wasn't Raya's fault that Strick's father left the estate property to him but the castle and a meadow were given over to his stepmother, who in turn left it to a cousin she had never met. When Raya decided that tours of the castle would raise money for its upkeep, Strick was angry and didn't want others intruding in his home. Ah, but it wasn't his any longer, was it? Strick was angry a LOT. He wasn't your typical duke, either. He designed trinkets in a forge as a hobby, and he collected Saxon relics and went on digs. He wanted to share these important treasures with the world. When Strick fell for Raya, he fell hard. Before he acknowledged that, though, he spent lots of time verbally sparring with the alluring woman. He did not put up with others treating her with disrespect, however. He also could be incredibly romantic...seriously, a bed made of her favorite colored flowers? I'm lucky if my husband pulls up the blanket so the cats don't sleep on the sheets, never mind a bed of flowers! Raya was likable from the start, though she had a few issues as well. She was Arabic-American and came from a family who had a textile business. Her brother took over their father's business when he died, but suddenly decided he didn't need her help and that she should get married. She was not amused; she was an excellent businesswoman. When Raya discovered she owned a musty old castle, she didn't want it. She was willing to let Strick buy it back, but he didn't have the funds. She came up with money-making opportunities that Strick at first resented, but realized they were actually pretty brilliant. My issue with Raya was her refusal to bend when she thought she was right. She also wasn't honest about her feelings and wouldn't always discuss them with Strick. To be honest, however, Strick rather shared those traits with her! With all the arguing between them you just knew that naughty bits were coming and they would be over-the-top passionate! Their physical chemistry was off the charts. When they realized just how much they cared for each other, I had to blink back tears. I liked how the author wove in bits of Arabic culture throughout the book. My favorite supporting character was Raya's old auntie Majida. She was a hoot! There was some suspense in the storyline, too. How did the dowager duchess die? And who was stealing Strick's Saxon treasures? It's the passion (fighting and otherwise) that was the main draw, however. I can't wait to see what the author has in store for us next!

I received an ARC of this book courtesy of the publisher and NetGalley. I received no compensation for my review, and all thoughts and opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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Anthony Carey, the Duke of Strickland, and Arab-American, Raya Darwish, butt heads after Raya inherits the Duke of Strickland’s castle from his deceased stepmom, who also happens to be Raya’s cousin. This was my first time reading a Diana Quincy book, and she has definitely gained another fan. This book was a lot of fun, very spicy, and just an absolute joy to read! I highly recommend reading this book!

Thank you Avon and NetGalley for this e-ARC.

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“This attraction between us is a curse.”

I loved Quincy’s previous series, so it’s no surprise that this book hit all the right notes!

Arab-American businesswoman Raya unexpectedly inherits a a run-down castle in the English countryside—to the equal surprise of the Duke of Strickland, who was supposed to inherit it. Raya starts using her American business savvy to improve the castle. Strick is very British and very mad about this. Sparks fly. Arguments lead to kissing. Raya’s aunt insults everyone in Arabic and is also one of the best characters. Also there’s a murder mystery?

Y’all know that scene in the iconic work of cinematography, The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement, where they yell how much they loathe each other and she smacks him with her fan and then they kiss aggressively before falling in a fountain?? Those are the vibes. Like, almost exactly the vibes.

They hate each other so much. But they’re also *very* into each other. And they hate it. But they also can’t resist each other. And when they eventually stop fighting/kissing/fighting, it turns out they might just be perfect for each other…

CW: sexual content, racism, sexism, death, murder

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Raya is an Arab-American recently arrived in England to visit a cousin she’s never met but has been corresponding with. Sadly, when she arrives she is shocked to learn her cousin has died. Even more shocking, she learns said cousin left her a castle and that the step-son of her cousin, the Duke of Strickland, aka Strick, expected to inherit the very same castle.

Needless to say, these two don’t start out as the best of friends.

In this novel we get opposites attract, enemies to lovers, forced proximity, and other tropes I think Quincy is a master of:

* Outsiders: Raya is an inventive American woman of color with her own mind, forced to become part of a society* clinging to its (misogynistic and xenophobic) past and traditions.
* Mystery: there are some missing valuables and even questions about the late duchess’s death, including whether Strick was involved.
* Working women: Raya is a creative businesswoman and when she learns the ducal estate isn’t exactly solvent, her profitable ideas shock nearly everyone. But eventually, even Strick’s mind is changed. He realllllllyyyyy likes when she talks business.

Quincy writes the hell out of forward thinking heroines and this novel is no exception!

* this is not to see that the country and society she came from isn’t similarly misogynistic and xenophobic but this one has PEERS 😂

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Advanced Reader Copy kindly provided through NetGalley by Avon and Harper Voyager though all opinions are my own.

Diana Quincy never ceases to let me down. She loves to write strong women, and i love to read them! Raya is an Arab-American who inherits a castle from a long lost cousin. the Duke of Stickland is pretty irritated by this because the castle should be his! These two, bicker and fight like elementary kids and sometimes are at odds with each other just to rile each other up. Neither of them hold back. The book is heavily dialogue based so you get a lot of this great banter between an amazing entrepreneur woman who wants to see the castle make some money and a Duke who doesn't want her to. I would say this is more like an irritating to lovers type romance and quite a spicy one at that. The hero is blunt and vulgar and the heroine LOVES it. There is some miscommunication/misinterpretation plot points in this that are somewhat irritating and at some point the hero just straight up withholds information which is annoying but i forgive it because i really liked these characters.

If you love banter and lots of dialog this book is for you. Diana Quincy delivers an entertaining tale here and I'll forever be a fan.

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