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I love a finance minded female main character in historical romances! This enemies to lovers does have a lot of banter, and the name calling almost crosses the line for me.

Anthony is my favorite kind of hero. When he falls, he falls hard and will try almost anything to keep her. Especially when he fully admits he was wrong and she was right about how to save the castle.

I really enjoyed the mystery/suspense aspect of this book, and the way we get a redemption of a side character is so satisfying. I absolutely loved how Raya and Anthony shared their love of history, especially history of Arabs, the alphabet and architecture.

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When Anthony’s stepmother dies he learns she has left his family castle to an American Arab niece she has never met. Raya, fed up with her brother not recognizing her worth to the family business, decides to go to England to visit the aunt she has been corresponding with. She is shocked to learn the aunt has died and she now owns a castle. They both do not have enough money to keep the estate a float. Raya comes up with many enterprising ways to make money. Will Anthony listen to her as her brother would not? Will they deny their growing attraction? I received an ARC from NetGalley and Avon and Harper Voyager for my honest review.

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I received an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley and am voluntarily posting a review. All opinions are my own.
The Duke Gets Desperate is the first in Diana Quincy’s new series, Sirens in Silk. There’s a lot of promise here, but some of it gets a bit lost in execution, especially in some of the choices made.
In theory, the characters and the romance are great. I love Quincy’s take on the driven American heiress in Raya, a woman who comes from a factory owning family, who longs to make her mark within her late father’s company, but has found herself being ousted by her much less proficient brother, in spite of solid business acumen. Anthony, meanwhile, is a fairly traditional duke, who is faced with trying to preserve his family legacy, while contending with the idea that his estate will pass out of the family.
The initial battle of wits is a lot of fun: given we know how the aristocracy does implement some of the methods Raya introduces in some capacity, it’s fun to see him bristle at opening the estate up to visitors for profit as a means to save it. And in addition to learning a lot from each other, they have a lot in common in terms of their shared love of enterprise, even if they don’t see things eye to eye at first. It’s complemented by a raging passion that makes it all too convenient for them to marry to solve any lingering issues with the inheritance.
However, while I respect that the plot needs more conflict, I think the way it was added did more harm than good, and said harm wasn’t fully addressed. He lies to her about a major revelation, regarding the inheritance, and she finds out, and then lies some more to play games with him, and then he finds out, and of course it blows up. But she’s inexplicably still sexually attracted to him, in spite of this deception, and the fact that she ended their engagement. This particular plot point shows how flimsy the case for their relationship is, especially when there’s no real emotional weight to back it up, and who’s to say something else won’t come up and make her want to leave again?
While not fully romantic suspense, I did like the incorporation of the mystery elements, and the question of whether Deena did die of an accident, or something more sinister. It complemented the romance plot well, with some suspects coming up throughout, and the reveal was satisfying.
While I didn’t love this one, it’s very much a “me” thing, and I can see why this might work better for others. If you’re looking for a fairly lighthearted historical romance with an Arab heroine, and don’t mind greater emphasis on the sexual tension and relationship, I’d recommend checking it out.

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Interesting conundrum!

Imagine if you will that you’re ready to finally have control of your Ducal lands only to find out things aren’t as you expected. The entail on Tremayne Castle had been allowed to lapse and the castle left to your stepmother.
Now Anthony Carey, Duke of Strickland can’t believe his stepmother had decided to leave the castle to her niece. Deena had assured him it would revert to him.
Raya Dawish can’t believe she’s been left a castle. She leaves New York with nothing to show for her expert handling of the very successful family business. Her role has not been acknowledged. She’s hurting.
Now the castle’s hers and she’s thinking of ways to make it pay, except it seems she only owns the castle and gardens, not the necessary outhouses or animals! Things have to change.
The Duke of Strickland is angry at what his step mother has done, but the more he sees of Raya the more he is attracted to her.
Then there’s the rumor that Raya might have pushed her aunt Deena to her death! What!?
A quirky tale. The attraction between the two reached its climax early on in the relationship. (I guess you’re allowed to be a little wild if you’re from New York, even in those days.)
Still something rang a jarring note. Was it the quick turn around from bitterness to love? Maybe the intimacy of the relationship felt too rushed. Still the title to the series says it all.
An interesting beginning to the Sirens in Silk series that had a fabulous premise but didn’t quite live up to its promise.

An Avon ARC via NetGalley.
Many thanks to the author and publisher.
(Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.)

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When American Raya inherits her cousin's English castle, she clashes with Anthony, Duke of Strickland, who believes the manor house is rightfully his. Facing financial ruin, they must collaborate. Their initial disdain turns to fiery attraction. But when question arise about Raya's cousin's death, Raya wonders whether Strick truly wants her—or just her castle.

I love how Raya stands up to Strick, unintimidated by his arrogant dukely presence. She forces him to come to terms with the realities of their situation, and he soon comes to value her unique talents. The passion between them is strong. The mystery about the cousin's death kept me guessing.

Thanks, NetGalley, for the ARC I received. This is my honest and voluntary review.

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This was my first Diana Quincy, and it certainly won't be the last!

Raya is Arab-American and arrives in England to visit a cousin she has never met but has been corresponding with, only to find out that her cousin is dead, and she has inherited a castle. Raya was pushed out of the family business in New York by her brother despite having been responsible for growing the business. She has a fantastic mind for business and now takes on the task of making her newly inherited castle profitable.

The Duke of Strickland has once again been denied the right to own the castle that has been in his family for generations. What is a penniless Duke to do? Strickland finds himself drawn to the Arab-American stranger who is upending his entire life. I loved that he did not fight the attraction, that he cared about Raya above all else, and wanted to learn everything about her, including her Arab traditions,

Raya's obsession with money was a bit overplayed, but it did make sense, given her financial situation. The plot moves so quickly in this story, which I tend to like, but here, that fast pacing felt a bit off. While I did not guess the resolution to the mystery, that element did not feel all that necessary.

Overall, this was a very cute and fun story, even if a bit too fast-paced.

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Diana Quincy novels are the best way to get out of a reading slump.

The Duke Gets Desperate is a fantastic romance with great characters and mystery at the center of it. I loved Raya and Strick's connection - the two are a wildfire from the moment that they meet. Raya's character especially jumps off the page, and her deep love of business and her family never once feels like a conflict that doesn't pull her in two completely different directions. Strick is also a lot of fun, let's face it, the man is kind of a nerd about antiquities and it's so endearing.

The overarching mystery plays out very well and kept me guessing throughout the book. While I thought I had figured it out, there's another little curveball that I definitely wasn't expecting. But what I most enjoyed was reading Raya and Strick figure out how best to save Castle Tremayne and how they both came to love the place so much. There's a real heart to both of these characters that beats for the business they share and I loved it.

I can't wait to read what I assume are going to be Guy and Hawk's stories in future books!

ARC provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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The banter and tension between Anthony and Raya was dynamite!

Raya comes from Arab-American ancestry and was raised in trade and business. She has a keen business acumen and is enterprising in the lengths she will go to to save her unexpected inheritance, which also happens to be Anthony, the Duke of Strickland's, family castle.

Anthony has had a bitter experience with his father and stepmother (Raya's cousin), due to their spendthrift ways and his father's slight in only leaving the lands to him, and not the castle. Anthony is determined to win his castle back, and if he has to let a beautiful termagant take the reigns to save what is his, then he will do whatever it takes.

There were so many tenuous external situations and a few internal strife's that threatened to shove Raya and Anthony's growing fondness off track. I enjoyed watching these two grow in their comradery and affection with a good balance of hope and doubt.

In trying to keep a balanced review I will say that the mystery was very easy to solve and some of the dialogue and actions on Anthony's behalf pulled me out of the story. Anthony does not feel as fleshed out in his characterization as Raya, but I took what little I knew about him and filled in the blanks myself to make his actions plausible. I also was not entirely convinced of the stride from attraction and respect to love, but I enjoyed the story so I just took the mental leap in order to be satisfied with the ending.

I would recommend this story to readers who enjoy a historical romance that has wonderful tension, banter, and attraction between the main protagonists. And if you are seeking a heroine who is extremely competent, Raya is the heroine for you!


Thank you Avon and Harper Voyager via NetGalley for allowing me to respond to this DRC with my honest opinions.

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What I always always love about a Quincy heroine is that she has a vocation and she is not the least bit interested in marrying into the aristocracy and all these lords and dukes have to beg for their attention. And this was maybe my fave installment of that??

The Duke of Strickland is excited to finally inherit the family’s ducal castle after his Arab American stepmother passes (in slightly sketchy circumstances) only to find at the reading of the will that she left it to her Arab American cousin from a family of linen textile business peeps *who she never actually met*. Raya shows up to this castle that Strick is very upset is hers and is like, “this dilapidated old thing? Omg you aristos don’t know how to make money and actually fix your homes” and sets about coming up with ways to make money that will keep the estate alive for years to come. And she’s so good at it! And of course everyone in England is like Omg this brown American woman is so crass, she talks about money! And the duke is like I hate her, but wait a sec, I think I love her, let me convince her to love me back. I really enjoyed the setting of time when these big estates are failing but also don’t know how to modernize and stay relevant. But American Raya knows what to do! Also there’s so mysteries around the inheritance and her cousin’s death and we must figure them out! I always always figure out things in advance but this one had me guessing, which is saying something. But maybe my fave scene was dukey Strick shirtless in the forge forging some metal things, because that’s his hobby???? More please.


The Duke Gets Desperate is out September 26 and you should be adding it to your list.

Thank you to Avon and Harper Collins for an advanced copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. More Palestinian heroines please. Thank you.


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Rated 4.5 Stars

The Duke Gets Desperate was good. It's a fun, sexy and steamy interracial romance between an Arab woman and an Englishman. I loved watching them fall for each other and get over their preconceived notions of the other. Their journey was fraught with misunderstanding but it was enjoyable nonetheless. I adored the way Arab culture was littered throughout the story. I love learning about different cultures so this aspect was a real treat for me. I also loved the way the mystery was laced into story. It added an extra oomph. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and can't wait to read the other books in the series. Do I recommend this book? Most definitely.

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Anthony thinks he will finally get possession back of the family castle after his stepmother tragically passes away, but it turns out she left the castle to her cousin who has just arrived to visit from America. Raya doesn’t want or need a castle and is more than willing to sell it the Anthony at fair market value, but he also doesn’t have any money. These two argue their way to a truce while also ogling each other and trying to resist their simmering attraction. Add in the mystery of what has happened to Anthony’s missing relics and the suspicious nature of his stepmother’s death, and we’ve got plenty of plot to keep your attention on this book. I liked the overall set-up of the book, since I love a good property dispute trope, and I also liked the way that Anthony appreciated Raya’s financial competence. Both characters were extremely stubborn and there was maybe one too many instances of miscommunication in this story, when they should have just directly confronted the other person. Still, this was a steamy read with a nice set up of Anthony’s friends (who I’m hoping we will see in future books).

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Genre: Historical romance
Yorkshire, England, 1886

Anthony Carey, Duke of Strickland is shocked when his stepmother dies and he isn’t the one to inherit his family holding, Castle Tremayne. But he may not be as shocked as the American daughter of an Arab Merchant, Raya Darwish, niece of the late Duchess, who had never met her aunt, but was bequeathed the large castle. For Raya, it’s a lifeline and a chance to start over after her brother shut her out of the family textile business in New York. She’s got a head for business and a heart for finances, which turns out to be a blessing for Castle Tremayne as the turn of the century grows nearer and aristocrats are finding it harder to live off the income from their land. Her ingenious business scheme for the castle is bound to turn heads, but none as hard as Strick’s, whose love for the castle in which he grew up can only be matched by the passion he begins to feel for this brazen Arab American woman who has turned his life upside down.

The Duke Gets Desperate has a bit of mystery, too, as it seems the death of the late Duchess may not have been accidental. Everyone seems to point fingers at the Duke who stood to gain more than nearly anyone, assuming he’d get the castle back. But he denies it, and Raya tries to believe him. And then there are the other things that have gone missing, some of which may have been sold to fund the late duchess’s lifestyle, while others may have simply been stolen.

I always love a business-oriented female main character, and Diana Quincy does a spectacular job infusing them with a passion for their profession. Raya lives and breathes looking for creative ways to make money out of limited resources, from recognizing that the goats on the estate can produce a usable fiber for weaving to opening up the grounds of the castle for paid tours. Everything she sees, she understands how to make better, which is a lifeline for the British aristocracy so set in their ways they refuse to talk about money, much less try to make it. But gone is the era of the life of leisure, and the idea Raya can bring are worthy. It takes Strick some time to see that, since he’s very ducal about social propriety, but he soon realizes that Raya’s intelligence is worth as much as her beauty.

Once Raya and Strick admit interest in one another, and the passion heats up, the book gets even more fun. Strick loves dirty talk - and Raya finds that she does too. But honestly, I love that the best turn-on for Strick is when Raya starts talking about business. He can’t get enough of it!

I love the uncompromising passion Diana Quincy gives to her female main characters and the delight her male main characters express in discovering how smart their love interests are.

Thank you to @avonbooks and NetGalley for an eARC for review. The Duke Gets Desperate is out 9/26/23!

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Raya and Strickland absolutely hate each other but are aggressively horny for each other.

class difference + competency kink + down bad hero = happily ever after

I loved the premise and the characters had really interesting set-ups, but I wish they’d been fleshed out a little more. I think the only thing this book was really missing was a supporting cast — I would have loved to get more of Strickland’s friends and maybe Raya’s sister to even out the tedium of the back and forth between the main characters.

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Content Warnings: Racism, sexual content, sexism, classism, and toxic relationships.
Mention of: murder, death, and death of loved ones.

***I received an ARC, via Netgalley, from Harper part of their influencer program.***

Diana is one of my FAVORITE historical romance authors. Between the POC rep and the ease in which one can start her books...I just adore the characters she writes.

Raya seeks financial independence and is stunned to learn her cousin has left her a castle. Seeing that the castle has seen better financial days she starts to formulate plans to bring money back in and make sure the castle prospers. She WILL show her family how valuable her financial opinions are and that they were wrong to force her out of the family business.

Strickland always believed he would inherit the family castle and was devastated when his father's will stated he passed the family seat to Strick's stepmother. Having been promised by his stepmother he would inherit once she passed...he's infuriated when he learns that she willed the family home to a cousin...a cousin she's never even me in person!

Watching these two, extremely stubborn, people clash while also fighting their mutual attraction... *chefs kiss*

I cannot wait to see, and devour, the other books Diana writes into this series!

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Anthony Carey, the Duke of Strickland, is overwhelmed to have inherited his title from his spendthrift father but is eager to begin the process of restoring the family’s ancestral castle to its former splendor. Unfortunately, at the reading of the will it becomes apparent that his father has broken the entail and left the castle to his wife, Anthony’s American stepmother. It is known that there is no love lost between Anthony and his stepmother, so when she dies ugly rumors abound.

Raya Darwish was merely on her way to the English countryside to visit her aunt and is shocked upon her arrival to learn the lady has passed and left her a castle. Of course, Raya clashes with the handsome young duke who insists the castle should be his by rights. With the estate nearing bankruptcy, Raya and Anthony must work together as his inheritance of the grounds surrounding the castle means that neither can function fully without the other.

Raya and Anthony cannot stand one another, but the antipathy between them soon gives way to a different sort of passion, though Raya also cannot help but wonder if that passion is just due to his desperation to reclaim his castle.

I wanted to love this book way more than I did, though I thankfully did wind up pleased with the ending overall. Glancing over other reviews, it seems most everyone was annoyed by Anthony, but Raya was the issue here for me. I found Anthony’s valuing heritage and longing to keep the place that was home to his family for generations to be understandable, relatable, and noble. It was hard not to view Raya as an interloper, especially given her terrible attitude. Much of her behavior was just unaccountably rude toward Anthony and I was left wondering several times why he kept coming back for more. She was very annoyingly snappish with him and unwilling to concede even an inch. She just seemed like yet another who didn’t really see him as a person. Their enemies to lovers passion was on point, but I did think she took it a bit too far. Raya was also very quick to assert her rights to the castle but appeared to have zero concept of or respect for Anthony’s claims to everything else. He definitely handled her presumption far better than I would have. There were several times when she just completely missed the fact that he was a human too. For instance, she was upset that he could be hot and cold with her, yet she was somehow unable to see that she was treating him much worse than merely being hot and cold. I found myself wishing to see him with his best friend’s sister instead, definitely feeling that Raya didn’t deserve him and unsure of why he was so obsessed with her.

All told, Raya made way too many assumptions and got her feelings hurt a bit too easily. Even when she finally connected with Anthony on a deeper level, she was also still pushing him away, so the emotional development just wasn’t there in the way I wanted it to be. This issue also made the pacing feel weird. Anthony and Raya kept having essentially the same arguments because even when he gave a little, she was unwilling to bend at all to meet him. This was a recurring theme and felt like a missed opportunity for her to grow a little. Any time she thought he had done something wrong, she resorted to childish games instead of just talking to him, so I was once again left longing for open communication. Then she accused him of having nefarious motives for wanting to marry her, despite the fact that her reasoning was proven faulty over and over again because he’d been trying to marry her all along. He even told her that he already was devoted to her and considered himself her husband, but it was like she refused to listen to anything he said. Sure, he did keep something from her, but he did so to protect her. She had no sure kind motives for her actions. I found her all or nothing attitude infuriating when he just wanted her to pick him over business and she just wouldn’t do it. At this point their relationship felt very transactional and this kind of killed the romance for me.

In another instance of odd pacing, the resolution came very quickly and mostly off page, much to my frustration. In the end, I still never got the deep emotional connection this needed for me to be fully happy with it. It seemed Anthony had grown and broadened his horizons, but I’m not sure Raya had done so enough to ensure their lasting happiness, especially not with how much she still kept trying to guarantee herself the upper hand. I would’ve much rather seen them establish a true partnership and work through challenges together. Though I do think the ending overall was satisfying, this is a story that could’ve perhaps benefited from a brief epilogue.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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I really loved this one! It was almost a perfect read for me, but then the ending got a bit repetitive.

I loved the premise. Woman who inherits a castle with a duke is always a classic and it provides the most excellent tension here. Raya and Anthony are forced to cohabitate the land, but they don't like each other and I thought the enemies to lovers was done very well here. They are both very attracted to each other but they hate the attraction between them bc they are annoyed by the other. This is always a fun time.

Raya being Arabic also American was so interesting bc not only is she a foreigner, but she is also not white passing which caused some conflict. There is also a lot of discussion on contributions of Arab people in history which was nice to see. I also appreciated how Strict collects historical artifacts and it is very clear that they are Anglo Saxon artifacts.

I will say the ending conflict was a miss for me. He kept keeping secrets bc he didn't think they were a bit deal and she was assuming the worst once she found out bc dude, they were a big deal!! I also hate when conflict is solved too easily with SO MUCH SET UP. [ here she decides to leave even though neither really wants it and then she just decides not to go after he almost dies? Which is fine just the build up made me want to see a more complicated resolution (hide spoiler)]

Overall, I really loved this one. It's a very quick read (which historicals are not always) and I read it in basically two sittings. I can't wait to read more from Diana Quincy bc this was so good!

My petty complaint is she looks way older than 26 on the cover!! but I do think this cover is gorgeous and it looks like a painting which I LOVE.

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I always get a little worried with books where the premise is based on the characters have such opposing desires, but Diana Quincy proved I had no reason to doubt! The Duke Gets Desperate was absolutely wonderful and I'll be recommending to all my historical romance readers!

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4.5/5. Releases 9/26/2023.

Vibes: business bitch heroines, "art historian in streets, pussy historian in the sheets" heroes, LOTS of dirty talk, and a story that feels like classic historical romance while moving the genre forward.

Anthony (or Strick), the Duke of Strickland, is thrilled to finally get Castle Tremayne, the property his father had removed from the entail and gave to his stepmother. Except... his stepmother left it to her cousin--American businesswoman Raya Darwish. Raya doesn't like Strick--never mind the rumors that he killed her cousin. But neither of them have the income to maintain Castle Tremayne, and neither is ready to give up: so they might have to actually work together... among other things.

Such a fun, sparkly book with a bit of fun mystery and a chemistry-filled dynamic between the leads. I was ABOUT IT.

Quick Takes:

--If you like that "constantly bickering, sniping, snarking" enemies to lovers vibe (not "pistols at dawn" but "I will kick you in the balls at the first chance") you have to read this. To me, this book has the exact vibe a certain show was going for when it did enemies to lovers... But, instead of lingering on the characters breathing in each other's faces, it had them just... go for it. The chemistry between Raya and Strick is on fire, and they fully can't stand each other for about half the book. But they begin acting on their feelings well before then, and you can see why. Even if you hated the person, if you were that physically attracted to someone... it would be hard for anyone to resist.

--Diana Quincy if of Arab descent, and I love how she's woven that background and experience into her historicals. It's a breath of fresh air to have a historical heroine interested in running a practical business and just wanting to make some cash--add to it the fact that the heroine is an Arab woman who lives in New York? Practically unheard of in historical romance.

The history and cultural shift illustrated in this novel is so fucking interesting, and reflective of the progression the genre is going through, the grappling with these classic duke heroes. Strick puts a lot of stock in his dukehood and his connection the estate... But he doesn't have a deep meaning for it, aside from loving the land. Otherwise, it really is just this thing he thinks he's owed because of this title. He's actually broke (because the tenants landowners like him used to rely on are moving to the city), and he never really considers working a normal job or trying super hard to get the money to buy Castle Tremayne himself. One of his main independent ideas is marrying for money, something he's personally against, but like--what is he gonna do? Get a job?

And of course, so much of the book does surround Raya's very sensible idea--hosting paid tours through the castle--is abhorrent to Strick because like... He's a spoiled, privileged duke who can't imagine being as crass as to CHARGE for a GUIDED TOUR. And he has to grow.

--Raya's background is woven into the narrative as naturally as you can expect from a Diana Quincy novel. You have Raya's overbearing auntie as her literal connection to home throughout the book, and listen.... bless that auntie, because she was determined to push these two together at a point and I appreciated the support.

--There's a lot of DRAAAAMAAAA here, but not in a particularly angsty way (though there is angst). Did Strick kill Raya's cousin? Will Raya stay in England or return to America? Is that late game secret going to rock our couple? It keeps the story rolling, and it all feels very fast-paced, which I personally love.

The Sex Stuff:

These two are INTO each other, and dirty talk is a huge part of the story (and arguably the hottest part). They mutter about how much they hate each other while groping one another; Strick is very fond of telling Raya about all the things he cannot wait for ("I cannot wait to be inside you" is a line that appears several times, and I appreciate it). And the sex scenes are quite good, as Quincy sex scenes are. There's a solid amount of foreplay, and several explicit full-on scenes after. I will say--there were a couple of scenes that felt like they cut oddly short. It felt like she'd written a longer scene, and then deleted some words. It didn't ruin the experience at all, but it was noticeable.

Overall, I had a great time with this boundary-pushing, fun, and hot historical romance. If you like reading books about truly incompetent men who mostly just know how to fuck and the competent women who sort of love them... This is a book for you.

Thanks to Netgalley and Avon for providing a cop of the book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Where to start?! I was thoroughly ENTHRALLED by this book. Great characters, interesting plot and the sex scenes are truly fantastic! Also I loved the pace, it moved at a fast clip but I never felt like I was missing something important. The author has created a true enemies to lovers romance that sizzles with barbed banter and an undercurrent of desire that bubbles over in the most satisfying ways. They come together, have regrets, miscommunicate and then come clean. I was rooting for them from the moment they spoke to each other. Raya's Brooklyn Arab American family and heritage is a nice bonus - if anything I wanted more. In fact that's the only drawback, there could've been more discussion of her heritage and traditions and more emphasis on her Aunt. Still I loved it! Really spectacular.

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When Arab-American Raya Darwish travels to England to meet her cousin, the last thing she expects is to inherit a castle! Anthony Cary, Duke of Strickland, is blindsided by the reading of the will, thinking the house would finally be reunited with the land. The estate is practically bankrupt, and both their lives are now entwined. Raya and Anthony immediately clash, but mutual frustration soon gives way to desire.

This is the first book in the Sirens in Silk series. Readers are introduced to two of Strickland's friends, however it's not clear if they will be the protagonist heroes or if perhaps the connection might come from Raya's family in New York. Possibly both...?

This is a fun story, and I thought the enemies-to-lovers relationship was Goldilocks "just right." Strick and Raya had conflict that was believable, but never crossed into pure nastiness. It helped to fuel their chemistry and made Raya's changes at the castle more interesting. I also thought the background intrigue with Deena's death and the stolen items played perfectly, with plenty of suspicious characters that kept me guessing. 4.5 stars rounded to 5.

Tropes: Class Difference, Unexpected Inheritance, Enemies to Lovers, Forced Proximity

Steam: 3 (three full, but shorter, scenes and some interrupted scenes)

* I received an ARC and this is my honest review.

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