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Shadows at Dusk is one of those books you gobble up in one sitting, at least if you’re not constantly interrupted by life. I genuinely did not want to put this book down.

Goddard provides plenty of twists and turns as Carrie and Trevor seek answers. Those twists and turns then provide the perfect background for Carrie and Trevor’s reluctant relationship. These two hurting hearts have a lot of healing to do, but it was nice seeing them slowly begin to trust each other and work together. That made the romance even more satisfying and enjoyable.

There’s also a nice faith arc about trusting God and leaning on Him. I loved seeing the characters turning to Him for help.

Overall, Shadows at Dusk is a fast-paced suspense with a sweet romantic arc.

(Note: I received a complimentary copy via NetGalley for review. I was not required to post a positive review. All opinions expressed are my own.)
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This is a solid second book in Goddard's "Missing in Alaska" series!

I did find it helpful reading the series in order, as characters (and some events) from book 1 are referenced and come into play here.

The book starts with a bang and is nonstop action until the final page. There will be at least one more book in the series, but thankfully this one didn't end on a cliffhanger!

I think I slightly preferred book 1, but can't really pinpoint why; just a personal preference. They are both great! And, if you've ever traveled to Alaska, you'll definitely enjoy the setting and places referenced. That was great fun, and makes me want to go back!

Fans of Irene Hannon (especially her suspense novels), Colleen Coble, and Susan May Warren will enjoy this book and series.

I received an eARC of the book from the publisher via NetGalley. All opinions are my own.
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This book is a rollercoaster of a ride rolling through the clouds above Alaska down to the caves beneath it. Built on a twisty plot going back ten years into Africa and it kept my attention. The romance is strong and the mystery engaging.
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Shadows at Dusk is a great return to the Alaskan town of Shadow Gap with suspense that keeps you reading! Carrie James is a bush pilot out of Shadow Gap that is living there to hide from people in her past who want her dead. Trevor West comes to Shadow Gap to find his missing sister and teams up with Carrie to do so. Along the way, both of them encounter danger involving the mysteries they are trying to solve.
I enjoyed Shadows at Dusk and the suspense and light romance. I always enjoy sequels as they give us updates on characters we have met in earlier books, and this book does so wonderfully with Shadow Gap Police Chief Autmn Long and those in her life. 
As an Alaskan, I have quit reading books that don't truly portray the way of life in our state. But Elizabeth Goddard does a great job of how flying in a bush plane to get to remote villages is and how different life is here.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book about Alaksa and can't wait for sequel.
I received a complimentary copy of this book thanks to Revell and NetGalley, but all opinions are my own.
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Alaskan bush pilot Carrie James has spent the last ten years building her flight services in the remote town of Shadow Gap, Alaska. Her friend, Police Chief Autumn Long, refers Detective Trevor West to her for help finding his missing sister. Carrie lets him ride along on her regular trip but doesn’t want to get involved in a wild goose chase with few clues.

But when Carrie returns to her hangar and finds Isaac, her business partner and friend, lying in a pool of blood, she knows she’ll need help finding Isaac’s killer. She offers a trade: she’ll help the handsome detective look for his sister if he’ll help her hunt for Isaac’s killer. 

Trevor desperately wants to find his sister—dead or alive (he’d prefer alive), and he’s willing to listen to Carrie’s theory about the death of her partner—even if the local law enforcement isn’t certain of Isaac’s cause of death. But as he searches for clues while Carrie prepares for their journey to follow the clues his sister left, he discovers Carrie must be right. A threatening note in Isaac’s cabin removes all doubt—someone is after Carrie, too.

As the two search for each clue, danger dodges their footsteps. Someone wants to stop their search, and they’ll use any means to do so. Can Carrie and Trevor get ahead of the killers before it’s too late? They must test their survival skills and ingenuity before justice is served. 

What I Loved About This Book

Goddard sends readers on a roller-coaster of suspense with this second installment of the Missing in Alaska series. Readers can enjoy Shadows at Dusk as a standalone novel (characters from book one, Cold Light of Day have cameo appearances). Readers who have experienced betrayal from loved ones will relate to Carrie and Trevor in this second-chance romance. 

Fans of Carrie Stuart Parks and Coleen Coble will enjoy Shadows at Dusk.
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The first book in this series was well written, so I was looking forward to reading this one. It did not disappoint! I enjoyed the fast pace and how there was so much going on. It was interesting to read more about Alaska and it's wilderness.
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Just whose past is coming back to haunt them?

If there's one thing that Elizabeth Goddard knows how to do well it is twists and turns – and that fact is never more in evidence than with her Missing In Alaska series and Shadows At Dusk in particular. What could a missing woman in Alaska and an attempted murder in Africa have to do with each other? Well you are in for one wild ride to find out!

Trust me, I was not kidding when I said Shadows At Dusk is a wild ride. Elizabeth Goddard really packed it in with secrets, betrayal, sabotage, murder, sacrifice, kidnapping, crashes, explosions, gunfire, time deep underground, not to mention the rest of the wild Alaskan landscape – oh, and those trademark romantic sparks. If you thought the first Missing In Alaska book was exciting, this second one more than keeps up with it. 

Shadows At Dusk kept me on the edge of my seat and I enjoyed every minute spent within its pages. The Missing In Alaska series has been quite an adventure so far and I can't wait to see where Elizabeth Goddard will take her characters next...

(I received a copy of this book from the publisher. All opinions are entirely my own.)
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This has got to be one of the best Christian romantic suspense books of the year! The edge-of-your-seat danger never lets up until the satisfying, surprising ending! Alaskan bush pilot Carrie James is devastated when her partner is brutally murdered. Detective Trevor West is focused on discovering details of his missing sister. They form a partnership to help one another that leads straight into great mystery. I even learned more about Alaska, especially how hard it is for law enforcement to respond in such a huge territory. Elizabeth Goddard can be depended upon to always write creative and fantastic books!
I appreciate being able to read this advanced copy of the book. The views expressed are my own.
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The latest installment in Elizabeth Goddard’s Missing in Alaska series is a frantic flight to find a missing sister and stop a murderer before he kills Carrie James (again.) The bush pilot finds herself thrown into Detective Trevor West’s search for his missing sister, even though he is the last thing she needs. Island hopping in southeast Alaska involves spending too much time with this man who makes her feel things she refuses to ever feel again, and it is hard to avoid opening up to someone when you continually find yourself in vulnerable positions with them. Goddard keeps the reader hopping as well, following the whodunnit of multiple transgressions while dodging danger by the most narrow margins. Also appearing in this sequel are several of our friends from the first installment, Cold Light of Day, who help search for the truth amidst the information Carrie and Trevor give and other evidence that turns up. Shadows at Dusk is sure to keep you enthralled from dusk til dawn.

Thank you to the author and publisher for allowing me a copy to read and review. All opinions expressed here are my own and are completely genuine.
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If something happens to me, give this to my brother. 

It's with that premise our thrilling story begins! A year ago Detective Trevor's sister Jennifer disappears somewhere in Alaska and he must find out what happened to her. A decade ago, 
Bush pilot Carrie James survived what should have been certain death & now her closest friend was killed. Trevor hires Carrie to help him solve the mystery of his sister & she wants to track down her friends’ killer. As these two work together, danger lurks at their heels. Can they find answers before it's too late? 

It's been a while since I've read a suspense book, but I know Goddard is an expert storyteller so I knew I was in for a treat! First of all, I had to look up some of the places in Alaska she sets the story in. What a beautifully rugged area it is, and now I want to plan a trip there one day to explore all of God's beauty in nature.  I also didn't realize Alaska is made up of several islands, each one with its own beauty and allure. A definite must-see! So it gave me an idea of just how remote of a place it could be for someone to disappear without a trace. That added an extra layer of danger to me and sets the stage for what our characters went through. I really enjoy what I consider missing persons and cold cases, so this was the perfect story to get lost in. I like how the author balances the suspense throughout so you're not always left breathless and on the run constantly from the bad guys. There are plenty of close calls for Trevor & Carrie, of course, but there's also time for them to work out their next move. As they close in to solve both cases, it was a mad race to the end of the book to find out who was behind everything. I had an inkling of whodunit, but never knew for sure. That's what sets an author apart for me, when they can write so well as to hide the villain until the very end! Shadows at Dusk is a thrilling ride, one that kept me on my toes guessing and turning pages with lightning speed! The faith thread is strong in Trevor & Carrie and their romance is a slow burn, never overshadowing the plot-line. Rather it was an added bonus! What a ride. 

I'd recommend this to fans of inspirational romantic suspense and those who enjoy a good book that keeps you up until late into the night! Goddard is an expert writer and it shines in her latest installment of the Missing in Alaska series. 

* I received a complimentary copy from Revell Publishing and was not obligated to leave a review. All opinions expressed here are my own. *
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It's been a year since Montana Detective Trevor West's sister went missing in Alaska. When he received information she had left something for him, he went to Alaska hoping for clues and answers.  What he found left him even more confused. Because he needed help, he hired Carrie James, an experienced bush pilot. She was doubtful she could help him but agreed to try.  What followed no one could have foreseen.
Carrie and Trevor are interesting protagonists. Both had tragedy in their pasts but had managed to have successful careers.  They were competent in their fields and as the story develops it becomes obvious, they will need every skill they have to survive.  Expertly plotted, the story moves along at breakneck speed.  Filled with twists and turns, danger and life-threatening situations, the story keeps readers engrossed from start to finish.  Even with all the tension and danger, a romance develops.  Can they survive long enough to see if they have a future together?
I found this to be an exciting and well-crafted story.  Highly recommended.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Revell through NetGalley.  The opinions expressed in this review are my own.
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This novel contains a good deal of suspense as someone is trying to keep Trevor from finding out what happened to his sister, missing in Alaska. Trevor needs a pilot to help him explore the places he thinks his sister has visited so we are introduced to Carrie. She is a very capable pilot and I liked that Trevor, a Detective from Montana, got a little queasy a few times while flying. Both characters are developed well, especially Carrie who has some past experiences with which to deal. There is a hint of romance that builds as the two face danger together.

I like the setting of Alaska. We learn some about the communities and their inhabitants. I appreciate learning some about flying in the treacherous areas too. 

This is a good novel for readers who like an interesting setting, well developed characters and a good deal of suspense. It is the second in a series but characters from the first novel only help lay the foundation for this one so it reads well on its own.

I received a complimentary egalley of this book from the publisher. My comments are an independent and honest review.
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This story is book 2 in the “Missing in Alaska” series. Wow this book was riveting and full of adventure and drama from beginning to end!!

Detective Trevor and pilot Carrie find themselves working together to find missing people and following clues as to what mysteries are happening in the area. Along the way they run from danger and wondering why someone wants them dead and why.

This story had lots of action, clean suspense and great characters. Highly recommend! I really enjoyed this intriguing storyline and the beautiful Alaska settings.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book. All opinions and views expressed are my own.
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Elizabeth Goddard absolutely knocked it out of the park once again. This book kept me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end. I absolutely cannot wait for the next installment in the Alaska series. 

Thank you to netgalley and the publisher for allowing me to read and review this book. All opinions are my own.
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Shadows at Dusk
November 06, 2023
 What a great book to read in front of a fire!  This book caught me from the very first page.  When I read the first few pages, I thought this is a stay up all night read. Shadows at Dusk is a page turner and has a lot of twist and turns. The characters are well written and likable. 

I highly recommend Shadows at Dusk! It has it all you want in a book!

I received this complimentary copy from the publisher through Netgalley. All thoughts and opinions are mine and mine alone
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The story really starts off with a bang. I was engrossed right from the first page.
Alaska, it's crisp, clean, and beautiful with tons of snow but it can also be a place you could get lost or hide and stay hidden. I loved the description of Alaska, I felt pulled in by the mystery. A Montana detective travels to Alaska to search for his missing sister. Missing for over a year she left him photos as clues to her whereabouts. No point in sightseeing or hanging out with the locals, Trevor is all business as he hires local bush pilot Carrie James. No one knows the local area like she does. The mystery kept me intrigued and reading. I'll be looking forward to the next book in the series.

I was given a complimentary copy of this book.
All opinions expressed are my own.
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I’m not going to lie I didn’t like Shadows at Dusk as much as the first one in the series. Mainly because I didn’t really like Carrie for the first half of the book. And the bit of romance between her and Trevor felt rushed. But I did like Trevor.

I also liked the Alaskan setting and the two mysteries in the story. Wanting to find out about Trevor’s sister and solving the murder is what kept me turning the pages. And I did enjoy learning more about the Alaskan wilderness. I am looking forward to the third book in the series.



I received a copy of this book from the publisher through netgalley. I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are mine alone.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher as part of a blog tour  I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are mine alone.
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This was an exciting story from beginning to end.  I was amazed at Carrie's resilience.  I loved the bond between her and Isaac.  They had a beautiful life of service until danger came knocking.  Enter detective Trevor West who has his own mystery to solve.  Carrie strikes a deal that benefits them both. 

It's fascinating learning about life in Alaska and what people need to do in order to survive without a corner grocery store or pharmacy. I thought it was interesting that Alaska attracts people who want to get lost or to hide from the world.  I hadn't really thought about that before.  

I liked the twists and turns this story took.  It had great suspense and pace.  It was full of danger.  It was a fun read.  
Thank you to Revell for providing me with a free copy of this book.  All opinions are my own.
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Shadows at Dusk  
Elizabeth Goddard 

Detective Trevor West is looking for answers about the disappearance of his sister who went missing over a year ago in Alaska. With nothing but a few photographs to guide his search, Trevor takes the advice of Police Chief Autumn Long and hires an experienced bush pilot to help scan the area for clues. 

Carrie James agrees to help Trevor, but has her own agenda. The unexpected death of her closest friend leaves Carrie with unanswered questions of her own. Carrie agrees to help Trevor find his sister if he will help her track down her friend's killer.

This was the second book in Goddard’s Missing In Alaska series. We enjoyed revisiting a few characters amid Carrie and Trevor’s story. This was definitely a suspenseful story with fast-paced action. The storyline was complex without being confusing and we liked the added challenge of connecting all the pieces. 

While Carrie and Trevor were drawn to each other with a budding romance, this book was more focused on uncovering the mysterious happenings and knowing whom to trust. Each character had been deeply hurt in the past and had grown accustomed to relying solely on themselves. However, they both learn God did not create us to live solitary lives. As we trust our God in daily situations, we must also make connections with those He places in our lives and be His hands and feet. 

We received an advance copy from the publisher.  This is our honest review.
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“She just wanted to close her eyes and sleep for a year and then wake up from this awful, horrid dream.”
In the dedication, the authors tells the reader to hold on tight and believe me I did. I really enjoyed the first book in this series so I knew this one would be just as excellent as the first. I read the beginning of this book when I finished Cold Light of Day and reading it again was just as exciting. This is hands down, another stunning book from Elizabeth Goddard. How she writes the amazing action packed, suspenseful scenes, all while giving you fantastic characters (Trevor and Carrie were great!) amazes me. I couldn’t have asked for more from this book. 
Thank you to the publisher for the Netgalley link. I also received a paperback copy. All views and opinions expressed are my own.
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