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On an Ebbing Seafoam Tide

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"Im busy crossing the street and shes busy crossing my mind— where all roads meet, and all lights are green and all signs her."
Beautiful prose and poetry !!!
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This was an okay read for me. Although it's finely written, some of the poetry didn't appeal to me. Some of them seemed a little out of place.
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Poetry is maybe one of the hardest works of literature to rate for me because it feels quite subjective so here are my thoughts on On an Ebbing Seafoam Tide. 

The "objective" aspects language, structure, flow/rhythym and format are very solid. I would like to see a more polished use of words but  that might just be because this is an ARC. 

What I do wish was done better was the order and cohesiveness of the collection.
Some poems felt very out of place which made the collection feel messy. The first part is quite cohesive and follows one topic - love and home. But then it kind of lost me as poems started to address abuse, one random poem about gun violence and then the last part went back to the original topic of love and home.
The middle part about abuse should be in a separate collection and I don't even know where I would put the one about gun violence. 

There are some true gems in there but the randomness of the collection as a whole made it difficult for me to love this work.
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I'm unsure what the author was going for with the juxtaposition of the two halves or so of this book, honestly. Both halves are solid, well flowing poetry; but the one half is focused on a queer love story and the other half is a reckoning with abuse the author dealt with. Not saying that this wasn't valid for the author to tackle; just that maybe there should've been a bit more thought as to releasing these as two separate books, or if they really fit together as a collection.
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Thanks to NetGalley for the ARC of this book. I generally liked this a lot, and saved a few absolutely stunning lines. It felt a bit too meandering and maybe unfinished. I also really loved the illustrations. I think their next book is going to be fire.
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Alannah Radburn explores queer love, loss, feminism, and witchcraft through the lens of millennial life in this poetry collection. Comparing life to the shifting tides of the sea and ocean, Radburn seeks to impart some of her hard-earned wisdom.
I really love the formatting of Radburn's poetry. I've always been a fan of the connecting lines leading up to a bang of an ending, which I feel like she does beautifully in individual pieces. This is my first collection by her, and it's full of queerness and queer imagery in the beginning which also made me incredibly happy!

A small complaint is I really didn't like the foreword in this book. I felt, though complementary to the poet and collection, it talked down about other poets and collections that might be "recycled" or "affirmative" and my opinion is that if these "basic" collections introduce poetry or reading to someone who feels seen by it, then there is absolutely nothing wrong with them. I wish this foreword hadn't left a bad taste in my mouth before I read the collection.

Overall, while this is a beautiful collection full of incredible imagery and prose, it didn't connect with me. I feel like I might revisit it at a later date, maybe in hopes something will connect this time, but in the current moment it just doesn't. I also wish that the ending had been slightly more cohesive to the start, or those poems included in another collection, as many of them felt disconnected to the wider concept.

Thank you to NetGalley and Central Avenue Publishing for providing me a copy of this book for an honest review.
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Rating: 3.75 

<i>I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review; thank you NetGalley and Alannah Radburn for the opportunity to read and review this novel. This in no way sways my review or opinion of the novel.</i>

Radburn's cottagecore and naturecore poetry in "On an Ebbing Seafoam Tide" is the perfect summer read for poetry and non poetry lovers alike. With a balance of both coziness and empowerment, Radburn explores the highs and lows of love, queerness and life.

I absolutely adored the tranquil imageries depicting the simple joys of life. A warm drink while gazing out the window, quiet days in, listening to the sounds of nature … Radburn brings to light how one can find delight in the mundane, allowing yourself to find some ease and peace during the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

There is, however, a lot of exploration on heavy and intense emotions through simple yet meaningful statements to comparisons in nature imagery. Queer love, intimacy, self love, feminism, mental health, past trauma, and abuse (physical, psychological, sexual) are just some of the many topics Radburn's poetry examines.

The focus on feminism and queer love were my favourites, especially as someone who bloomed later in life when it came to understanding her own sexuality and sexual orientation. Discussing how the world still views women empowerment and queerness as "sinful" and a "taboo", Radburn demonstrates the difficulties women and the LGBTQAI+ community continue to face. But she also shows the strength we all have, allowing a safe space in her words to feel valued and understood … that being a woman and loving who we love is not a sin … it's something beautiful, something for us to cherish.

"On an Ebbing Seafoam Tide" was an amazing reading experience; I've already added numerous other books by Radburn to my TBR and plan to by a physical copy of this so I can re-read it again while adding my own thoughts during my experience. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, and find some comfort in Radburn's words.
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this book felt like something out of a dream, with evocative language, ethereal imagery, and incredibly raw and genuine expressions of emotions.

though I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, I do wish it had been a bit longer and perhaps better organized. instead of being a collection of many shorter poems, it is essentially three very long poems that twist and turn as they move through different topics. in a way, this was enjoyable and unique, however, it could also be difficult to follow, as topics changed without much warning or transition.

that being said, the professions of love in this book are so moving and beautiful, it’s hard not to envy the recipient. figurative language is stunning, evoking images of oceanic masterpieces and sun-kissed sea waves. the blend of nature, humanity, and dreamy metaphors is unforgettable and a delight to read. highly recommend.
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'when was the last time you gifted yourself freedom? have you ever adorned yourself in opportunity?'

Thank you so much to the publishers for providing me with this eArc in exchange for my honest review.

This collection is filled with stunning poetry and shocking messages. I found that the messages of patriarchy sank in much greater in poetry form, especially since as the poet writes,

'the truth is much less frightening in a poem.'

But while less frightening, it is more powerful, the images and realisations are more open and set in stone.

This poetry collection was nothing more than beautiful. I am so grateful to have read it!
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I'll start by saying I requested this book because of the beautiful cover and the title intrigued me. Great job on the cover design, I think it fits the tone of the book really well and I'd definitely pick this up in a bookshop because of it. Who said you shouldn't judge a book by its cover?!

'On an Ebbing Seafoam Tide' is a beautifully crafted and curated collection of poems. I love that queer voices are being heard and amplified, more of this please! The poems themselves are charming and soft without being saccharine. With poetry, I generally find it either really resonates with me or not at all, and whilst I did enjoy the experience, overall the collection didn't resonate with me particularly deeply. That being said, I feel like it will for a lot of people and would definitely buy this for poetry loving friends. 

Thank you to Netgalley and Central Avenue Publishing for the eARC in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.
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This collection of poetry seemed to find me at the WRONG time in my life. While it’s beautifully crafted in flowery prose and stunning imagery I didn’t find myself appreciating it as much as it deserves. Younger me would’ve ate this up but present me’s head space couldn’t seem to treasure it as much. Even though I wasn’t able to connect with the writing in the moment it’s definitely something I would revisit if I felt in need of the message and would absolutely still recommend it to others!
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“I once found myself lost at Sea,/ but what I discovered out there was as reassuring, as a city, loan, jackpine, centered on a glittering Canadian landscape: life’s oceans are full of strong, ebbing, seafoam tides; and they will always pull me home.” (Radburn, 126)
“On an Ebbing Seafoam Tide” feels as though one has wandered from the seas shore. Salt sprays in your eyes as the world you’ve always known to look for but have never had to feel engulfs. You are trapped im the waves of betrayal, of love, of searching for the end where you can open you eyes and find yourself at the shore. 
The poetry collection walks you through this experience, having to experience life and love, regret and finding peace, being pulled through the waves. For one day, surely, you will be pulled from the waves, and what you will find is a peace immeasurable, something that only comes when one has faced the storms. 
One sparkling structure within the collection is how the poetry seems to grow as the timeline advance, as we near the end. The poems from the beginning present themselves as hesitant, young, holding language but not knowing yet how it interacts with the world. The poems at the end, though, become fluid, sure, gorgeously crafted like waves sparkling as they hit the shore. They are able to capture the epitome of hope, leaving readers to know that while the tempests of storms arise, and pull you under, you will always find a place to call home. 
It was beyond a pleasure to read this collection of poems, and I look forward to Radburn’s future work.
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Wow, I... really liked this.  I get down on myself because I don't "understand" poetry, but maybe I just  need a very niche type of poetry.  I have exclusive tastes!  That feels like a kinder interpretation.  :)

The experience of reading this wasn't so much a close reading line by line, but more of running my eyes over the page and taking in a broad impression.  Like, I did read every line, words in order and everything, but this experience was more: using the entire text to create a feeling, a state of mind.  This book is, and I apologize to the author for making such a hash of this, what you'd get if you wanted to read a book that made you feel in your bones the definition of "cottagecore."  This book is the emotional equivalent of looking out the window at the rain, mushrooms by the pathway, kitchen-witch ambitions.

I don't know what to do with that or who to give this to; I guess: to other people who don't "get" poetry but who do get nature.  It's like taking a forest bath, somehow, in book form.
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Thank you to Central Avenue Publishing and NetGalley for providing me with an eARC of this book!

I've never been a huge poetry reader but the cover and description of this book drew me in immediately. A lot of the poems, particularly about grief and loss, hit me hard and that's rare for me from poetry. This is also the first time I've read poetry relating to queer/WLW love and it was incredible. I could feel how much of herself the author put into these poems and knowing that made the experience of reading them all the more lovely.

I think for me the one downside was the shift in tone. The poems took a jarring (for me) turn from being about love and being in love to being about anger, grief, and loss. I absolutely related to these poems more because grief and anger are much much more recent for me than love has been, but the tonal shift kind of threw me. Like I said, I don't generally read a lot of poetry so it's entirely possible there was a thematic reason behind the tone shift that completely flew over my head. Overall, as someone who isn't well-versed in reading poetry though, this collection was incredible and I'm very glad I took a chance on it.
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Thank you to the author for providing me with an arc in exchange for an honest review!

So, I've never really been into poetry, but I've always liked the idea. Therefore I was delighted when Alannah Radburn DM'ed me on instagram, asking if I wanted an ARC. The poems were beautiful, I could see that, but, unfortunately, I didn't enjoy them as much as I thought I would. Even though I did like the focus on queer relationships, feminism and the likes, it felt repetitive at times. The last line being separated and in cursive sometimes worked really well, and sometimes just felt kind of random and off.

Overall the poems were separated well, but the one about school shooting came out of nowhere. It was good and definitely hit me right in the feels, but it would've fit better in at the end, or in another collection.

The problem was not the poems themselves, but the fact that I prefer a different style. Though I'm certain people with a preference for this exact style will enjoy them a lot and I highly encourage poetry lovers to go check out this collection. We need more poems with focus on queerness and all it's beauty, and I applaud Alannah Radburn for writing just that.
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In this poetry collection, Alannah Radburn writes about love, growth, comfort, fear, and abuse. With many nature similies and metaphors she opens a world in which being in love and being angry can exist alongside each other, where the cruelness of some people doesn't erase the gentleness of others and vice versa.
The way she writes about being in love and loving someone made me smile in recognition, but she's also capable of writing about anger about violence that's been done to you with the same depth and familiarity. I enjoyed this collection a lot, but maybe would have arranged the poems a bit differently, although this just comes down to personal taste. Would definitely gift this to a loved one!
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If the title catches you, this book is absolutely for you. An achingly beautiful, tender, ocean-deep, & delicate depiction of sapphic love, lust. & longing. Never have I met a book whose title perfectly captures the feel of the contents inside. This book is for the Swifties, the Emily Dickinson readers, the Anne of Green Gables girlies, who whole-heartedly appreciate the moment a string of perfectly-tied-together words saturates your soul. I am immediately purchasing a physical copy of this to mark up with my own words and tears. When I was young I devoured poetry but it's been a while since I consumed it regularly. This beautiful book was the beacon that called me home. I was enchanted.
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Thank you NetGalley and Central Avenue Publishing for letting me read this book early!

This is a beautiful poetry collection, lots of gorgeous imagery, a lot of it to do with the ocean, which I loved.

I’ve bookmarked several poems in my digital copy, as there were so many relatable experiences shared, written in beautiful language.

“Don’t tell me words are not
The most powerful thing in this world;
They’ve doubtlessly completed the most beheadings.”

“There’s a certain beauty in unravelling;
You’re left with ample loose thread
To stitch new opportunities.”

“Nothing can harbour this sadness.
She is too big a ship.”

Releasing in just 4 days, I definitely recommend picking this book up!
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on an ebbing seafoam tide by alannah radburn is a poetry book that evokes a range of emotions. some of the poems resonated with me, capturing poignant moments and painting vivid images in my mind. i appreciated the rawness and vulnerability conveyed through the words.
however, it's worth mentioning that not all the poems struck a chord with me. there were a few pieces that didn't quite connect or resonate as strongly. 
despite the mixed bag, on an ebbing seafoam tide is a good collection that showcases glimpses of the author's talent and ability to evoke emotions through poetry. i especially loved the constant imagery of the sea in each poem the most and felt deeply connected with it.
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I always find it difficult to rate and review poetry because it is such a deeply personal medium of art, usually born from trauma and/or pain. However, this collection was an easy 5 stars. Maybe it's the richness in the imagery or the emotions I could palpably feel from the page. Maybe it's the references to all the natural and mystical wonders of the world - something I find myself drawn towards in all art forms - or maybe it's the feeling of hope and healing that comes from completing this little, but powerful, book.

Is this a perfect poetry collection? No. But am I rating it 5 stars? Yes.
Because what is perfection? Especially in terms of poetry? Especially in terms of pain?

I do not know the answer to these questions, but what I do know is that this author has struggled and suffered and brought these poems to life from the suffocating brambles growing tightly around her heart. With all this emotion, all this expression, and all these beautiful words and metaphors that I love, how could I not rate it 5 stars?
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