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I definitely like Entirely the most out of the series as it shows that the relationship between Quinn and Jonathan matured, in this one in the first place we have emotions not corporeality of characters. So this was a really good improvement in Ms. Blaine's book.
I do not know till the later part of the story if I would cheer for them in the end as there were some issues for me like Octavia's part in all of this, why another male character was introduced, and how the male lead allowed himself to behave... not fan of it, which made me drop star rating, but in the end I think I liked this story best from the whole series and it shows how the author is improving, which I always like to appriciate.

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thank you to netgalley for the advanced reading copy of entirely this was wonderful and i ordered it for my store although i did not know it was a book three before i downloaded it

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This is the 3rd book of Transformation series, You need to read previous book (Silently and Secretly) to understand the story. I curious about Jonathan and Quinn story, in book 2 they tried to be exclusive. So hot in here, the feeling, the action and the sex so hot here. I love how Jonathan reaction to Quinn even when he angry but omg did he overreact on Charles secret? Me i can understan Quinn position. I love how Quinn change, from book one through the last. Leigh annoy me, why can she support Quinn. I really enjoy this series.

Thank you to NetGalley for provide this book, it is pleasure to review this book.

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Entirely is the 3rd part in the Transformation series. It's as tender as it is steamy, as frustrating as it is heart-warming, with a wonderful solution and an ending that could be seen as a the beginning of a happy ever after. Yet there are enough loose ends and side characters with their own stories to be told that I have hopes we'll meet up with Quinn and Jonathan again!

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