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You or Someone Like You by Winter Renshaw is a sweet and enjoyable romance to read.
I admit I didn't read the whole synopsis, just the first line, and I said to myself, okay I want to read it.
I thought it was going to be a fun sa read, two twins switching places, a romantic encounter.
Well, it was anything but fun.
Actually the romance is about a swapping of roles, yes, but also about loss and finding each other. It deals with love and disappointment. It deals with sisterhood and selfishness (well, one of the twins is very selfish).

Honestly, romances that excite me lately are few, but You or Someone Like You does not fall into that bracket.
Although short, the story does not unfold quickly at all, but is a crescendo of knowledge and emotions.
I highly recommend it.

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Another fantastic romance from Winter. I read this in one sitting. Her stories draw you in immediately and hook you from start to finish. The premise of twin swapping sounded unrealistic but really worked in context of this story.

Sloane agrees to go on a blind date in place of her twin sister Margoax and what is supposed to be a one time date turns into more. However, even though they share a lot of the same interests, there is still a lie between them as Sloane must maintain the ruse of being her sister to help Margoax get a promotion at work.

Roman is a widower of two young girls and I loved seeing his softer side come out. Over the last thtee years he had not been able to move past his wife's passing and even though he does not realise it, fate may have stepped in and placed Sloane in his path. This was such a great read, I honestly enjoyed every minute.

I received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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Winter Renshaw does an excellent job of creating complex and relatable characters that readers can't help but root for. The dialogue is witty and charming, and the pacing of the story keeps the reader engaged throughout. You or Someone Like You is a must-read for anyone who loves a good romance with a unique twist.

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I absolutely DEVOURED this book! I was so into the fact we had a single dad and I simply could not put it down!

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I love both Sloan and Roman and can relate to that awkward first date. I also l really enjoyed the artist and art history backsplash, as I am an artist myself and found this enjoyable. I love the Radiohead reference also. I love when authors add in bits of culture like that.

The book tackles some deep topics in a light hearted way- death and loss and overcoming family toxicity. I liked these themes intertwined in this story.

Spice level 2-3/5. Not much, but enough to fit the book. Book is more plot focused, which is my preference. The spice was appropriate for the storyline. I did think it was odd how the word “sex” was used in some scenes- almost in place of vagina. Just found that weird.

Cover- I thought this book was going to be too spicy for me given the cover. I feel like a different cover would have been more appropriate for the book and may have drawn me to it more initially if so.

All around, excellent story and book. Thanks for the read.

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I really wanted to like this, but i just didn't buy the whole thing everything felt a little rushed or not very flushed out as it should have been.

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Loved reading the awesome, amazing, and engaging romance story. When Sloane's twin sister asks her to fill in as her on a blind date with Roman, a widower with two children, Sloane agrees to help out her sister and follows her advice to be boring, but on the way home Roman notices her Halcyon keychain and later invites her to a personal tour of Halcyon's studio. Read the highly recommended, wonderfully written, and a must read riveting love story.

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Cute story. Interesting premise, but a bit predictable. Margeaux is horrible and never gets better. The single dad thing is usually not my thing and I didn't love it, but the story overall is pretty good. Give it a chance.

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I usually love anything by Winter Renshaw and this one was no exception.
I breezed through You or Someone Like you in a day. It was a fast paced romantic comedy and a lighthearted read that held my attention.
I enjoyed both MC's characters and thought they were mature and perfect for each other. I especially loved the tropes, widowed single dad, age gap, the art element and the mysterious anonymous artist like Banksy.

I swooned when they finally started opening up with one another.
Who knew I could love reading about hand holding in a grocery store but these two did it for me.

I despised Sloane's identical twin sister Margaux since the beginning and kind of wished Sloane realized how selfish she was and grew more of a backbone earlier on when dealing with her sister.

Overall, this was a fun and enjoyable read that kept me entertained, if you like beautifully written romantic comedies this one is worth a read.

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You or Someone Like You by W. Renshaw, published by Montlake is a fast paced romantic comedy. Excellent written, full of twists and unexpected turns tells the author the story of Sloane and Roman.
Sloane was asked by her twin to sub in for a date and the art broker can't sa no to her.
Even when Roman nearly got her fired a few years ago. The handome, successful businessman is a single dad of two adorable girls and dating is far from his mind. And there it is, my fav trope, single dad with tragic past - Yay - sign me up. WR is one of my very few one-click authors and with YOSLY she did it again. A masterpiece, unputdownable, outstanding, excellent.

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I usually like anything that Winter Renshaw writes, and this is no exception. Sloane and Roman meet on a blind date, where she is impersonating her twin sister. The expected happens, where the truth is revealed and the dominoes fall. However, Roman's back story is the most interesting to me, and the ending does not disappoint.

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You or Someone like You is a really lovely story which I throughly enjoyed.
Sloane and Margaux are identical twins although very different in personality. Margaux is rather selfish and self centred and a high flyer at work, Sloane is quieter and very much into art and works at an art gallery in New York. When Margaux is requested by her boss to go on a date with her widowed nephew Roman, she agrees as she’s in line for a promotion and want to impress her boss as much as she can. Becoming ill on the night of the blind date she persuades Sloane to take her place, reluctantly she does so. A particularly unsuccessful date, Roman is still grieving the loss of his wife and has come just to pacify his aunt, Sloane just feels very uncomfortable lying to Roman. Something happens at the end of the evening that makes Roman feel he has had a sign off his dead wife so he contacts Sloane for a second date.
The developing relationship between these two is a joy to read and you are cheering them on hoping for the best though Sloane feels awful that she is deceiving him and knows Roman would hate her for it.
I loved the epilogue it rounded everything thing off satisfyingly, I urge you to read the authors notes at the end of the book I found it heartbreaking and felt it really added to the story, you’ll understand when you read it.
My thanks to net galley and publisher for the opportunity to review this book honestly.

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I enjoyed this book and found the plot intriguing. The storyline grabbed and held my attention well and I found the main characters quite likable. Definitely a book worth reading.

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Listen, I know I've ranted about predictability before but sometimes things just work perfectly. Case in point. We have a twin-swapped plot with a single dad trying to move on. Oh la la. Maturity? What is that? I have none.

I'm sure some of your biggest worries is that how much of a presence (or absence?) is the dead wife in this one. Does this book give the 'second-best-to-first-wife' vibe that plagues us all whenever we see a widower hero tag? Honestly, in my opinion, this book handled it well. I didn't get that sick dreadful feeling in my stomach nor having that urge to scream at the heroine to run away. In fact, I think the author addressed that issue pretty level-headedly, showing the life he had with his previous wife without comparing it with his current love interest.

In fact, except for the switched-up drama, it was pretty lowkey a sweet and comforting read. I enjoyed the hell out of it. One thing that could make it a little bit better would be if we could get scenes where the heroine interacted with the hero's kids. But given the length of the book, and the brief time they fell in love, I guess it made sense.

Anyhow, it's a quick and comfort read for me. Love love love!

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How selfish can someone be?!?!!

Asking your twin sister to stand in for you during a blind date arranged by your boss, so you stand a better chance for a promotion than your rival at work? Sure, I could possibly accept this as a ONE OFF, but not for Margaux to expect her twin Sloane to continue seeing Roman, still pretending to be Margaux and to be boring... Neither can I understand how the (female) boss thought this was acceptable to even suggest!

Ignoring all of this, Renshaw has created a beautiful story between Roman and Sloane, which was extremely enjoyable to read. I loved the art element of the story, including the little twist. The way Roman protected his daughters was believable and added to his character. The romance developing between Sloane and Roman was captivating too.

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4.5 stars: This is my first book by Winter Renshaw and it’s safe to say I am utterly hooked. I loved the premise and the way she executed the tropes but my favorite part were the characters she crafted. A twin-swap for a blind date with a grumpy but softie-at-heart hero? Cue Adele’s “Someone Like You” because I loved this! The hero is a single dad to two adorable little girls who is still grieving his former partner and I loved the way Renshaw explored the concepts of grief and acceptance. While you wouldn’t expect him to share many things with the art-loving heroine, it was beautiful to watch them slowly connect in such a deep manner.

Of course, we have the twin-swap deception to grapple with and that is where my qualms enter. I do wish Renshaw explored this conflict a little deeper because I just did not believe why this deception had to last so long when their love was built on such a beautiful foundation. Without trust however, it wouldn’t be built to last, and I wish there was a stronger reason than our heroine’s selfish sister, to withstand that brutal third-act. With that said, Renshaw’s writing has made a fan out of me and I’m looking forward to what she’s got next in store for us!

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I love this author and 'You or Someone Like You' didn't disappoint. It was utterly beautiful.

What to expect: age gap, single dad, widower, second chance at love, Banksy-like artist

I don't want to give any spoilers but the Author's Note at the end of the book had me ugly crying.

Thanks to NetGalley for the chance to read the ARC. 10/10 recommend.

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You or Someone Like You is my first read by Winter Renshaw and I’ll tell you, I’m about to go binge read all her romance books.
The MMC is a single father to two sweet girls and a widow who is still grieving, our FMC is a an art loving romantic at heart, until her twin sister asks her to go on a blind date in her place and act “dull” and “boring” in hopes of getting the MMC to not be interested. Easy to say, plan backfired!
I loved getting to read Roman and Sloanes love story! Their shared love for art and Roman including art into their dates made me so giddy. The character development for Sloane was perfect, I’m so proud of her for learning to stand up to her sister!!
Also, Roman’s little girls are so adorable !!! I’m so happy Roman Sloane got there happy ever after.
Now, please excuse me while I go read all of Winter’s other books..

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"You or Someone Like You" is a delightful contemporary romance that provides a refreshing break from emotionally intense reads. Although I usually gravitate towards angsty romances, this straightforward love story captivated me from start to finish. I found myself so invested in the story that I finished the book in just two days.

The characters of Sloane and Roman are well-crafted and relatable. As adults, they make decisions that are realistic and understandable. I enjoyed how the author took the time to develop their relationship gradually, allowing them to get to know each other before diving into a romantic involvement. Roman is a wonderful single dad, and his love for his late wife and his daughters shines through in his character. Sloane is a supportive and understanding partner who complements Roman perfectly.

Surprisingly, the third-act breakup didn't bother me, and the resolution felt authentic and satisfying. Overall, "You or Someone Like You" is a light and fun contemporary romance that readers will breeze through in no time. I highly recommend this book to fellow romance lovers..

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It was my first book by this author and I was enchanted by her sweet, genuine writing voice! The story is a poignant tale of love after loss, a chance never meant to be. The main characters a so lovable, the story is full of heart and unexpected beauty.
This story has filled me with so much love for the art described in this book. It too is full of heart, longing and love.
This book highlights how our lives are a mere fleeting moment… and fills you with desire to live every fleeting moment to its fullest.
I enjoyed this author’s writing. This couple gave me butterflies and a sweet feeling of happiness after finishing this book in mere 1 day!

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