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There is no way my review can give this book justice. It's was so addictive. You could see it coming like a train wreck, but not knowing the how, or the fallout kept me hooked. It went so much better than I expected! I absolutely loved this book, the art, the development of the story. I just hate that the ending wrapped up too fast. I wanted so much more than the short epilogue. Please, make sure you read the acknowledgment at the end. It was so touching, so heartbreaking, it just made the book feel that much more significant. I already know that this is one of those books that will stay with me for a while. Yes, parts may be predictable, but reactions and outcomes were not.

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Overall Grade: 4.5 stars

Tropes: single dad; widower; grump/sunshine; workplace romance

My good friend is dying. It’s made it difficult to find words for reviews as of late. You’re probably wondering why I’ve started this review for Winter Renshaw’s You or Someone Like You with these statements, and it has a lot to do with how Renshaw’s story underscores the reality of how people process grief. I could sit in my feelings about my friend as I read her book, and it felt important for me so much so I inhaled this book.

You or Someone Like You holds many of my favorite romance tropes: single dad with two girls (a “girl dad”) who makes you swoon even when he’s emotionally shut off from his heroine; a heroine who breathes life into him and makes him a better man; the impending angst of their separation because there are secrets between them; and a happy ending with the soulfulness of their love that said angst pales in comparison. All of these elements shine in Renshaw’s book. The trials of Sloane and Roman, as they try to avoid falling in love. draw you into their story. Roman’s journey of self-discovery and his willingness to move beyond the stasis of his grief is profound and meaningful. There was so much I loved about this book, but mostly it was the heart Renshaw created as the foundation for this book.

Your or Someone Like You allowed me to feel and cry and laugh and swoon. It’s one of my favorite books from Winter Renshaw.

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Roman & Sloane’s Fake Identity Romance Is A Beautiful Slow Burn! Set In The New York Art Scene, This Touching Story Is About Loss & Grief. It is About Finding The Strength To Move On From True Love & Having The Courage To Love Again. The Couple’s Romance Is Patient & Kind, But There Is Deception On Both Sides That Threatens To Destroy Their Fragile Happiness.

Sloane Sheridan, twenty-seven, loves living in New York. People-watching is a favorite pastime, and she loves long walks to clear her mind. She might hail from a small town in Ohio, but she feels at home in the city. She studied art history at Ohio State before making the move to the Big Apple. As the director of the Westfeldt International Art Gallery in SoHo, she considers herself fortunate to work in the field that she so loves. She’d been doing fantastically in her last position, but three years ago, an angry customer blamed her for an innocent mix-up and cost her job. Sloane is not one to sit back and sulk, though, so she is working hard and doing well in her new position. She hasn’t been in a relationship in years because she is focused on her career and simply doesn’t have the time for it. She has the occasional hookup, but the natural introvert that she is, she is much more inclined to stay at home on a Friday night. In that respect, she is the polar opposite of her identical twin sister Margaux, with whom she shares an apartment.

Margaux majored in marketing and is similarly career-oriented, but Margaux has a bubbly personality and is quick to make friends. She has her eye on a promotion and loves working at Lucerne Product Development. But when her boss Theodora pushes the envelope by trying to set her up on a blind date with her nephew, Margaux caves. She doesn’t want to offend her boss, so she accepts but has every intention of being a very boring date. Margaux knows she has a horrible track record with relationships, so she cannot risk going beyond one date. When she comes down with a case of food poisoning just before her date, she sees an easy fix to her problem: send Sloane in her place. All Sloane needs to do is be boring.

Roman Bellisario, roughly thirty-four, is an elusive figure in the New York art scene. A collector known for his excellent taste, he has a demanding personality. That is his pastime. By day, he is in the international shipping logistics business. He took the helm from his father and is the third generation to run the family business. He was groomed to take over, but if he’d had a choice, he would have gone in a different direction. He once aspired to become an art history professor. He had been an art history major at NYU, but he gave it all up to please his father. Today, his sole joy comes from his daughters. Adeline, five, and Marabel, four, are everything to him since his wife died three years ago. Emma emanated joy and brought a sense of lightness to his life, and his life has felt empty in her absence. His aunt Theodora has been steadfast in her support over the years and dotes on the girls. She says it is time to move on, but Roman just cannot bring himself to let go. She claims her employee, Margaux, is like the daughter she never had and is remarkably similar to Emma, and reluctantly, he gives in just to appease his aunt. Theodora has been so supportive that it is impossible to keep saying no.

When Roman meets Margaux, he is keen to end the evening and return home to his daughters. There are a few peculiarities from the evening that stick in his mind, however, and soon he cannot get Margaux out of his mind. He wants a do-over. When Margaux guilts Sloane into going on her blind date in her stead, Sloane is reluctant. With Margaux’s potential promotion on the line, though, she concedes. Learning that her date will be none other than the very man that got her fired three years ago, she has a hard time biting her tongue but does so just to keep the peace for Margaux’s sake. She follows Margaux’s orders to be boring and has no expectation of ever seeing Roman Bellisario again. So when he calls back hoping to see her again, she is shocked. But the more she learns about the single father, the more she feels drawn to him in spite of everything. She is supposed to gently push him away, but surprisingly, he keeps asking to see her again. Things get complicated as Sloane is expected to balance Margaux’s career with Roman’s feelings – not to mention her own growing attraction to Roman. The couple eventually finds a happy ending.

Roman and Sloane’s fake identity romance is a beautiful slow burn. Set in the New York art scene, this touching story is about loss and grief. It is about finding the strength to move on from true love and having the courage to love again. Roman is hardened and mysterious, and Sloane isn’t looking to crack his shell. But the attentive single father of two young girls automatically earns a soft spot in her heart as well as a lot of respect. The romance is patient and kind, but there is deception on both sides that threatens to destroy their fragile happiness. There are a few teary scenes, but note that the biggest tears are found in the author’s Afterward – so do not skip it. The story is wonderfully written. The plot is somewhat complex. The characters are three-dimensional and real. The story is told in first person. The POV alternates between Roman and Sloane. I rate this book 4.5 stars.

I received an advance copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review.

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This book was a DNF for me (I got through 55% of it) But based on how much others have enjoyed this book, I'd say it's a "It's not you, it's me, situation." It turns out the twin-swap trope just isn't for me. I can't get beyond the idiocy of it.

Also for me, the main character doesn't seem to have much going on in her life. Halfway through the book she hasn't interacted much with anyone other than her twin sister. She mentions a job but doesn't go to it. This book isn't layered enough to draw me in.

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About the content

Being an identical twin has its perks, but when my sister asked me to sub in for a date with Roman Bellisario, I wasn’t exactly thrilled. Sure, he’s sinfully handsome and successful, but he also got me fired from my dream job three years ago.
This time, my sister’s promotion is riding on this date, so I have to say yes. And as it turns out, we’re strangely perfect for each other. I sell art. He collects it. We’re both obsessed with the same obscure, mysterious artist that most people don’t even know exists.
Roman is guarded, though, and I can understand why. He’s a widowed single dad. But as one date leads to another, he starts to let me in, and I can’t help but fall for him.
The problem is Roman still thinks I’m my sister. Is our twin swap going to be the best thing that ever happened to me and Roman—or the lie that tears us apart?
(Source: NetGalley)

My opinion

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

When Margoux asks Sloane to show up for her as a stand-in on a blind date, she’s anything but thrilled. But it could help her sister with her career, so Sloane gives herself a push: she transforms into her sister and attends the dinner with Roman. In the end, it’s clear to both of them that there will be no repeat. But they get in the way of the organizer of the blind date, who hears from both of them how great they enjoyed it. Sloane’s fondness for art comes through, but that doesn’t really apply to Margoux at all. Sloane’s dislike for Roman turns to feelings as time and dates go on and eventually she wants to end the charade, but Margoux has her very own plans and not to have the secret revealed…only fate gets in Margoux’s way and Solane seems to have lost Roman.
Sloane is the complete opposite of Margoux, loving art and less fancy clothes. She doesn’t care about her appearance for the most part and would never make a fuss about it like her twin sister does. I found Sloane sympathetic and I just felt sorry for her – she falls in love with Roman and knows exactly what she will do to him with „her“ lies.

Margoux is a bitch. She uses her sister and Roman like pieces on the playing field. The main thing is that she succeeds, no matter how many sacrifices it will cost along the way. She doesn’t care about her sister’s feelings and I couldn’t understand why Sloane let her do that for so long.

Roman is a widower and he loves his two little girls more than anything, but after the death of his beloved wife the world has become gray for him. But always by his side: his aunt, who also takes the girls from him once a week so that he has time for himself at home. Actually, he doesn’t feel like dating at all, especially blind dates, but for his aunt he makes an exception and is pleased that both of them end up having no real interest in each other. Because of his aunt, they continue to spend time together and eventually Roman notices how his world becomes more colorful and friendly again with every word and every minute spent together. But then Sloane becomes more and more distant and desperately wants to meet with him, so he decides to visit her at work. Disaster takes its course…
Roman is not a particularly sympathetic character at first, as he is anything but approachable. But that’s not surprising if you know his story. Gradually, however, he thaws out with Sloane and in the end I also found him sympathetic.

The writing style is kept simple and easy, so that you can read the story without comprehension difficulties. The story is dual POV (Sloane and Roman), which gives a good insight into the respective emotional and mental world.

I enjoyed „You or Someone Like You“ partly because Sloane and Roman’s love story develops slowly. They get to know each other better and better through their dates and messages, and you can tell when each other is falling in love.

3.5 stars

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The big reveal and climax in this book had me shooketh. And the ending was swoon worthy and loving!! I loved it

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I really enjoyed this well written story. I couldn't put it down after I started it. Sloane and Margaux are identical twins. When Margaux is ill and can't go on her blind date, she talks Sloane into going on the date for her. Gives her the instructions of don't try to hard, I don't want him to like me.
Roman is a still grieving widower who lost his wife three years ago and is being pressured by his aunt to go out on the date. He finally agrees just to satisfy his aunt. The date doesn't go well at all, but after an unexpected walk to escort her home gives him some signs that he believes his wife is telling him to move on.
Sloane has found out how much they have in common and really has started to fall for him but doesn't know how to break it to him that she is not Margaux. Roman has finally found hope in his and his daughters' future and is he is starting to be happy. Until he finds out accidently about the switch.
I loved the character of Sloane that she is sensitive, good hearted and empathetic to Roman, totally different than self absorbed Margaux. I just would have liked a little more of them, like when she was introduced to his daughters, and a little more detail of their lives. This is 4 stars

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As with every Winter book, the angst in this book is on point. Roman and Sloane are perfect for each other. Sloane has the biggest heart and will do anything to please everyone else. Not going to lie, low key kind of really didn't like the sister. She was very selfish to put it nicely. Its been a while since I've been able to read a Winter Renshaw book and this one reminded me why I love her so much. Truly enjoyed this book.

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It's hard for me to review this story. On the one hand, Roman is a loving father of two girls who touch your heart and Sloane takes her duty as sister to the extreme. After a disastrous and awkward first date, they agree to another try and from there the relationship grows as they realize just how much in common they have. On the other hand, the wrong-twin deception lurks under all of the antics and charm and really takes away from the romance. I enjoyed the journey, the getting to know you activities and the time spent together, but the lengthy deception and the rapid resolution of the betrayal jarred the flow.

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Instantly i was intrigued with this story. The connection they had always left you wanting more from them and acting on it but i felt the secret was dragged on too long and much a slow burn i that put me off

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This story will grab your heart and squeeze it like crazy! It was fun and frustrating, sweet and just overall a big awwww!

Sick with food poisoning, Margaux can't make the blind date that her boss set her up on with her nephew. She needs this so bad so she can keep in good graces to get the promotion she's gunning for. She enlists her identical twin to make the date for her, with strict instructions to be boring so nothing further comes of it. Good twin Sloane, doing what identicals do, agrees to take her place for one date only. The twins are identical on the outside but completely opposite on the inside. We're not talking good vs. evil but more like selfish vs. selfless. Sloane isn't a doormat but she's just always looking out for her high maintenance twin.
Sloane becomes Margaux and heads out for her date with Roman. It needs to be boring and vague but not rude and definitely needs to be short. Neither of them want to be there anyway.
Days later Roman feels bad about the painfully awkward dinner they shared and wanted to offer a do-over. When he and "Margaux" realize they have so much in common, the trouble begins. How to get out of it seems increasingly impossible as each day passes.

I loved this book! I was left with a long sweet sigh and heart eyes!!

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One of the better story when twins switch their identities. The story is well written, with the characters greatly developed and the story develops in unexpected ways. I really enjoyed reading it.
I volunteered to review an ARC of this book for Netgelly

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You or Someone Like You
by Winter Renshaw (Goodreads Author)
Minna's reviewJul 16, 2023 · edit
really liked it
bookshelves: 4-stars, contemporary-romance, netgalley

Thank you to NetGalley, Montlake, and Ms. Renshaw for the opportunity to read an ARC of this title. An honest review was requested but not required.

I haven't read anything by Ms. Renshaw before but after this book I think that will change. I was pleasantly surprised by the organic love story happening between two straightforward adults. The female MC, Sloane, is standing in for her identical twin sister, who is being pressured by her boss to go on a date with the boss's nephew. Twin-swapping is a trope I typically don't much care for and while I could understand *exactly* why Margaux didn't want to go but felt she had to, I'm not sure why Sloan had to do it other than Margaux was lazy and avoiding a difficult situation. The female MC, Roman, is a grieving widower with two young children, ALSO a trope I usually dislike. AND it took place in New York city, which I'm not really into as a reader. And yet, the story felt so natural, despite the extremely contrived situation. Sloane and Roman seemed so serendipitous together and so easy to root for.

Plot-wise, I didn't feel that there was much (if any) unnecessary drama. Sloane's choice to conceal her identity and her failure to come clean in a reasonable amount of time provided all the drama you could want. Normally I get irritated by the third-stage breakup but here it was completely warranted. I mean, the girl did LIE. Repeatedly. Frankly I thought she should've worked harder to make amends. And I'm surprised to admit this (because I don't usually love kids in romance novels), but I was actually disappointed that Roman didn't introduce Sloane to his girls at any point in the story proper. I guess things worked out happily for all concerned in the end and that's all we need to know, right? Anyways. I most appreciated the relative maturity of the two main characters, despite Sloan's initial ethical failure, and the positive way in which the author handled Roman's grief and grieving. I highly recommend reading the author's note at the end.

Overall I really did enjoy this a lot and would recommend it. I'll certainly be seeking out more by this author.

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Such a beautiful message of love and making each and every moment count.

This story carries such a wonderful sentiment which hits even harder when you read the authors afterword.

With some easily likeable characters and also a character it takes some effort to like, I found myself really hoping that Sloane and Roman could find their way to each other. Of course I read a lot of this story from behind a cushion as you just know everything has to go wrong before it can even start to go right….but that’s the nature of this particular storyline!! We’ve all read enough of these kinds of tropes to know to expect an aching chest at some point during the story!!

A great summer read with some gentle humour and who doesn’t love a wonderful single dad with two small girls…I mean hello melting heart!!

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I throughly enjoyed reading this book!! Why wasn’t I born a twin?! This was literally my first thought after reading the first chapter. As I progressed I realized if I were a twin, I wouldn’t want her to be anything like Margaux. Roman and Sloan are relationship goals. Everything always works itself out. Such is life.

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Winter Renshaw is now my must read author. This book just hit my soul at all the right places. I swear she is a magician with her words. She created the most beautiful and heartaching and heartwarming feels in You or Someone Like You. My heart is so full and forgive me if I sound messed up..because I am! At the end, I was smiling with tears in my eyes. I am overwhelmed with all the sweet raw feels in the best possible way. I do not want to leave Roman and Sloane..can I live in their story forever?

Sloane Sheridan agrees to go on a date pretending to be her twin sister because her sister's boss wants her sister to date her widowed nephew. It turns out that that nephew is Roman Basillero, the most famous and elusive art collector in New York, who got her fired once from the gallery she was working at. He is still grieving his wife and the date was a favor to his aunt. It was supposed to be a one time thing. But something clicks and Sloane finds herself getting tangled in the web of lies with a man she has no business falling for. What will happen when the secrets come out?

It starts with one awkward date between two reluctant people..Sloane standing in for her twin sister and Roman giving in to his aunt's demand. Art was the passion that really opened up their hearts. Roman found himself seeking company of the simple, witty and introspective woman who is nothing like women in the rich people's world. He found her to be refreshing and her passion for art reignited the spark he was missing from life. Sloane had to keep on the charade for her selfish and narcissistic sister’s sake but she was feeling so much guilt. She wanted to hate the man who disrupted her career over a simple mistake but as she comes to know his pain and his loss..she realises he is an extraordinary man with emotional baggage. I loved how this story solely focused on the couple and their growth and evolution. Roman made me swoon so hard! A billionaire single father finding love for life and art again with the most unlikely but deserving woman..all the stars. He is a bit grumpy and brooding and closed off at the beginning but Sloane uncovered the charming man inside who can love so deeply! I was mesmerized as they came closer and closer with every their chemistry reached an epic their hearts got entangled..and then how the heartbreak and angst happened. I am so happy about the way the drama was handled. It was not dragged or complicated but still added to the angst. I am obsessed with this story and Winter Renshaw's writing.

PS Let me know if you guessed who Halcyon is! I DID!


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When Sloane has to sub in for a date with Roman Bellisario at her twin sister’s request, she was not thrilled since he got her fired from her job three years ago. Yet, as her sister’s job relies on the date, she agrees and is surprised when they actually connect. Soon Sloane finds herself falling in love with the widowed single dad but has still to reveal that she is not her sister Margaux.
A sweet romance that manages to incorporate Roman’s status as a widower in a well-balanced manner. I would have like to have seen the issue of Sloane pretending to be her sister, revealed earlier but overall, it did work. Overall, Sloan and Roman were two likeable characters, whose relationship is well explored as the deception is revealed.
I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book from NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Roman and Sloane's love story was absolute perfection. This story was angsty and passionate and the connection between them could not be denied. Bravo! This is another amazing story by Winter Renshaw!

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You or Someone Like You is a romance full of heart and a big dollop of sweetness.

As single dad Roman still grieving the loss of his beloved wife Emma is convinced by his Aunt Theodora to go on a blind date. With a member of her staff Margaux who she thinks is perfect for him.

But Margaux has suspected food poisoning. So she begs her twin sister Sloane to go in her place and to be as dull and undateable as possible.

And it works.

Until Roman bumps into Sloane whilst walking home and finds out she not only lives where his wife did when she first came to New York. But she's a huge fan of an elusive artist called Halcyon and now Roman wants to see her again.

Much to the real Margaux's despair and Sloanes shock.

But one conversation later it becomes clear why he wants to see her again. Although Roman makes it clear he's not looking to date.

Yet, time spent with Sloane soon has him ready to move on from Emma and Sloane soon starts falling for him too.

If only she hadn't lied.

And with a few emotional moments, sweetness, likable characters and some not so likable characters. Yes, I'm talking about the real Margaux. This was really easy and engaging read. That had me invested from start to finish and I'd happily recommend it to others. 😊

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T he is was a more difficult book to rate for me. I actually liked the characters, Sloan and Roman. I thought they were inherently good people. It a fan of Margeaux to be honest because her selfishness was off-putting. I did, however, find the romantic connection between Sloan and Roman missing- I mean he was so not over his wife and she was pretending to be her sister. These two aspects carried on for too long (especially the pretense) and that made this story very difficult for me. I can’t believe how quickly things were resolved even though the lies were prevalent for the majority of the book.

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