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Psalms of Wonder

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Psalms of Wonder includes poems inspired by specific Psalms of the Bible by Carey Wallace paired with gorgeous landscapes and skyscapes by Khoa Le. In the introduction it says that the poetry was meant to have the rhythm of songs to remind us that the Psalms were meant to be sung. I did not get that from reading the poetry but I am pretty clueless musically, so that may be just me. The poetry however is beautiful, different but with same power and grace found in the Psalms. A sampling of Psalms to represent different emotions or needs including wonder, courage, comfort, joy, protection and love. I'd reccomend this book for maybe about 2nd grade and up. It's a book that will stay with readers for many years and they will appreciate it more as their understanding grows.

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Stunning illustrations that capture the essence of wonder, splendor, and breathtaking beauty of the Psalms!

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This beautifully illustrated picture book features beloved psalms from the Bible. The author provides historical and cultural context for the psalms at the beginning of the book, and also emphasizes the beautiful examples the psalms set of being totally open and honest about your feelings with God.

The vocabulary here is still elegant and exalted, befitting the literary nature of the psalms, but this is simplified for children. The rephrased psalms capture the message and spirit of traditional translations, and whenever the author only includes part of a selected psalm, this is clearly noted. The psalms are also nicely organized by theme. I am impressed with this book overall, and would definitely recommend it.

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Illustrations and paraphrasing of psalms are beautifully rendered. I question the age group designation considering the reading level for the psalms. The savvy adult reader will adapt how they engage with children with whom they share the stories. I received a free E-galley of this book from Netgalley. My review is honest and freely given. I want to add kudos to the publisher and Presbyterian Church (USA) for offering sets of free copies to churches and other groups.

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Great Spiritual Insight

This is a book of few pages, but of great Insight. The author has grouped together some of the more widely spoken Psalms into the six categories listed below:
1. Psalms of Wonder
2. Psalms of Courage
3. Psalms of Comfort
4. Psalms of Joy
5. Psalms of Protection
6. Psalms of Love

I have to say, the author's choice is very understandable. For under each of the above listed categories, the author provides selected Psalms or poems as stated in the book. She states that the poems in this book were written to help us remember that the Psalms are songs, and that these songs show us how many different ways there are to talk to God.

This book is great for parents to use to introduce their younger child to God.

I love it, and I highly recommend this book.

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I received an electronic ARC from Flyaway Books through NetGalley.
Poems that introduce the Psalms for younger readers or those who appreciate a fresh view. Wallace bases each poem a different Psalm and groups them by emotions. Readers can read this straight through or find comfort in poems that match their mood/need. The artwork is lovely and enhance the poems. A terrific family read together. This would be a welcome addition to church libraries.

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This gorgeous edition of some of the Psalms is perhaps directed toward kids (see the cover illustration) but, as an adult, I also liked it. This book is well designed and gorgeously illustrated. The entries are organized by type; these include songs of Love, Courage, Comfort,Joy, Protection and again, Love.

The book begins with a helpful introduction. Readers are reminded of how broadly the psalms are known, and in how many languages. They are advised that the psalms began as songs (to be sung in community) that gave voice to a wide range of emotions.

Familiar with the psalms already? Looking for an entry to them? Either way, this book can be enjoyed.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Flyaway Books for this title. All opinions are my own.

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