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What a great read! The last few years have been a stressful blur. I don't know many people who haven't felt lost and trying to find themselves. This is a great guidebook for self-discovery! I like how the book is especially perfect for the millennial age. It's the first time I've heard of the term "self-loss." 
The book has a great blend of psychology, research, and personal stories by Dr. Kubrick and her patients. It was exactly what I needed to read this year. Especially the last quarter of the year. 
I highly recommend this book! Thank you to the publishers and NetGalley for the opportunity to read it!
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💝This felt like an all inclusive healing my inner child and reparenting guidebook for an ACODF.  It compliments my learning and practice of MSC.  I could have used this wisdom decades earlier but it was published to compliment my healing, reparenting, spiritual training journeys I am traveling on/through. There were suggested assignments and activities throughout this Memoir/Self-Help Guide but having a workbook or website for daily reflection would be quite beneficial IMO.  This was a first for Dr. Kuburic, it was well presented and gave me many AhHa and YEPPERS-THAT IS #DATRUTH moments.  This will be A Book Club Choice for years to come. 💝
#NetGalley #Trauma #HardTruths #Boundaries #Reparenting #SpeakingYourTruth #HealingTheHidden📢
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Lately I’ve been really trying to take my mental health into my own hands and focus on figuring out ways to, not only cope with my mental issues, but to thrive through them. It’s On Me was a book that I wish I had read sooner. It focuses on guiding you through taking charge and responsibility for your life choices. It focuses on the concept of Loss of Self, which was something I hadn’t really considered in depth before. I have a feeling that many of the tools covered in It’s On Me will be tools that I put to work while I continue focusing on my mental health. I would highly recommend this one to anyone struggling!
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This one took me a long time to get through. Overall I did have some good takeaways but it was hard to follow at times with the psychology terminology.
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I didn’t quite know what to expect when I began this book, but what I found was interesting insight and guidance toward finding one’s true self. While I am not an existentialist like the author, I still related to a good bit of the book, and I think her advice is solid. Her section on emotions is one I will want to return to time and time again; she explains truths about emotions that are hard to remember when feeling them.
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Thanks @netgalley for the ARC! I’m not sure if this book was immensely well-written in general or just written in exactly the way I needed to hear it right now, but likely both. So many deep hard truths in this book that aren’t new or unique but are spoken with compassion and understanding and honesty in a way that makes them deeply accessible. I’m already planning my reread of this one.
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If you have been on the road of self-discovery and growth for quite some time now, this book might be just the one for you. If you have noticed that more than half of the books that promise to talk about it do nothing and deliver nothing, then this one is a nice example of a book that has some transformative potential. 
There is guidance, there is encouragement, there is validation, and love.
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A coming-of-age guide for those of us who might be past "coming of age." Easy to digest, written in an accessible, enjoyable style, full of helpful research-backed guidance. 4 Stars.
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I wish this book had existed for my 20-35 year old self and hope that many in that age group find tis book in their hands.  She offers a lot of wisdom in being true to ones' self and the venture of getting to the place of who self really is and how self wants to live. Some great advice within these pages. Young ladies, take heed, never change yourself to fit or make someone like or love you, and being alone means you are in good company! She often personalizes a concept thus making it more relatable. She has had quite an interesting life! The book is easy to read and understand and should be done slowly so you can ponder the content. Not a read this today kind of book. This book would be a great gift for a graduate! 
I was provided an advanced reader copy of this book and was under no obligation to provide a review. The opinions expert are my own. Many thanks to the author, publisher and NetGalley for the opportunity to read this book.
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Fans of the self help book will enjoy this one for the different look at the concept of self and finding one self.  There's a heavy dose of philosophy as well as psychology.  Thanks to netgalley for the ARC.  This isn't my genre so I flipped through it, periodically stopping to read for advice,
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This book was dead-on. Every chapter, the descriptions, and the next steps or actions. The author is a therapist for millennials, and as a millennial who could really use a therapist, I was immediately pulled into the writing style, the thought, the focus, the whole book. 

As the author described things such as setting boundaries, and how people react to certain scenarios, I was able to 100% identify which of the scenarios was me and how I perceive or react to situations. 

I have since began to follow the author on Instagram and look forward to her release date and more content she will post online.
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Sara Kubric, Ph.D.,  an existential psychologist, answers the question of how to find your Self. The book is easy to read and breaks down complex philosophical ideas that are blended into existential psychology. She breaks down the philosophy of what it means to exist and how your brain delves into the issues. Kubric also shares the story of her own self journey showing readers they are not alone and that they can find their Self. 
The actions and strategies to find yourself dosen't really include anything new; the strategies and exercises are typical for psychological well-being. The difference is that these are framed in the concept of finding out who you are.
This is a great book for people who aren’t well-versed in Psychology and are eager to find the Self they have lost in this busy, demanding world.
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I am always up for a self-help book. Self-analysis is something I enjoy. This book can get a little out there for some but for me, it was an enjoyable read that left me thinking.
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I really like the format of this book. It’s accessible, but gets really in depth as you go on. It’s a little hokey sometimes, but I think that’s okay for this type of book. It’s a helpful book and I think there’s a wide appeal, but especially for younger women.
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It's hard to find someone who hasn't felt lost in their life and Sarah Kuburic's "It's On Me" aims to help readers find their true self. 

Why it matters: Many of us feel trapped or like we are simply existing even though we don't have to. The answer? Facing ourselves. 

You'll want to read this if: 
• You're interested in analyzing yourself through an existential psychology lens 
• You're looking for ways to feel more connected to yourself and those around you
• You're wondering how to figure out who you are

The bottom line: There's good information here, although the most practical bits tend to come in waves. The beginning is heavy on philosophy -- self-reflection lists and client stories that help explain various concepts are not included as often as it seems they should. Kuburic's personal experiences are frequent throughout. 

Thank you to Random House for providing an advanced copy via NetGalley.
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I'd like to thank Netgalley & Random House for the ARC of this book!

This was a VERY in-depth book on personal growth and development. It is heavy on the research and psychology teachings that the author uses on her own patients and herself. So just have a very open mind to that and know that its backed by tons of research. I loved that she interwove her own personal stories & also small side stories about her own patients when explaining certain practices or chapters. She ended each chapter with a "hard truth" page and those were immediately highlighted as they were super insightful and "bite sized" enough to hold onto. My only reason for knocking one star off is sometimes the principles / research tidbits she added seemed a little excessive for me, it seemed to distract more than add to her points or what she was trying to convey. and the * at the end of each chapter confused me. Otherwise, this was a wonderful "self help" style book and it was interesting to learn from a physiotherapist!
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My thanks to both NetGalley and the publisher Random House Publishing Group- Random House for an advance copy of this self-help guide that offers new tools and new ways of thinking to help people negotiate this modern world.

One of the most confusing things about being alive today is trying to figure out if the world is messed up of is it just myself. People seem unintelligible and bask in being unintelligent. Customers seem ruder, people seem to have given up in record numbers. People without fear what is going to happen to them, and people with so much seem upset because all the money and opportunity they have is not making them feel better. Stuff means nothing anymore. Security means nothing. Every thing that people have been told since youth, does not seem to equal happiness, or fulfillment or fill any of the many holes that make the days so long. Nothing seems possible, and the rules that government, family, religion, seem to be failing. Our self, our real Self is lost, in what others demand, expect and in many cases mindlessly follow. We have lost what we want, the point of living, in some cases many of us have no idea what we are even here for. It's On Me: Accept Hard Truths, Discover Your Self, and Change Your Life, by Sara Kuburic, Phd., discusses these thoughts and the many others that are keeping people trapped, in a book that asks us to try to claim back the life we had, one that no one thought or even saw that was being lost.

Sara Kuburic was having dinner with a friend when a simple question changed her life. "Are you Happy?", Kuburic was asked. This question set off such an emotional and physical shock in Kuburic that Kuburic first broke down in a bathroom, than had a panic attack on a plane, causeing her to miss her flight. Kuburic was anything but happy. Married, but not happily, trapped by her religion not to think of herself, working on a degree she didn't believe in, and also while dealing with trauma from growing up in a war zone. Kuburic stepped back and looked at herself, and came to the realization that she was the only one who could get herself out of this situation. Kuburic needed to acknowledge that Kuburic was living for others and not for her, that her Self, who she was and wanted to be, was being held down. That she was suffering from a Self-loss, and had to get out of this spiral. Slowly Kuburic did, and the ideas from this time, and her own work with others form the basis of the book. 

The book is very well written with many good ideas, and tools for approaching the world, and finding your own way in it. The book is marketed at millennials, but that is just the publishing world. The ideas, strategies and plans will help anyone, since almost all of us have these problems, not just youngins. There is a certain repetition of themes, which I saw another reviewer mention, but I think that is part of the stratagem. One sometimes has to read and see something a few times before it sinks in. The anecdotes used as examples for behavior I thought was quite interesting ,and well chosen, and fit with the theme. All in all a helpful book that might change a few lives. 

Change is hard, and changing the whole way one views themselves and the world is going to take work. There is no magic bullet or supercure, just work, acceptances, and the knowledge that a person has to face a lot of unhappy thoughts to get through. I do appreciate that Kuburic admits that it will get darker for a time, especially as one has to address trust, trauma and family pain. But that dawn might be one of the most amazing days of a person's life when they get through it. I hope this book helps people.
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Thank you NetGalley and Random House for this eARC in exchange for an honest review.

I am familiar with and resonate with the Buddhist concept of "no self". This book, written for millenials (which drew me to it), is quite the opposite of that belief. Yet, I found that the two concepts intersected a bit as I read.

I appreciated this book and was glad for the opportunity to read it and see another theory of the "self", though I resonate much more with the concept of no self, as it leaves more room for unrestricted growth instead of "searching" for one's whole, rigid "self" as this book emphasizes. Intersection occured in the parts where the author spoke about authenticity and the self, and how the self is not like a rock (unmaleable, breakable) but more like water (ever-changing and resistant to outside influence).

The writing itself was predominantly easy to understand, but at times became wordy and puzzling. The chapters felt very repetitive and were monotonous to get through.

I thought a lot of points made outside the discussion (read: obsession) with the self were helpful. The book definitely had some good information.
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Thank you NetGalley for this ARC in exchange for an honest review. 
This is one of the best self-help/self-discover/self-reflection books that I’ve ever read. I will be purchasing several copies of this book to give to friends for birthday and Christmas gifts. 
The thing I love most about this book is that that it doesn’t come off as cliche when presenting deep insights. This is the type of book where you read, reread, and then immediately want to talk to someone about what you just read. I appreciate you, Sara Kuburic! Please write more and send me all of your ARCs :)
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"It's On Me" by Sara Kuburic is a remarkable and introspective read. With profound insights and practical advice, Kuburic empowers readers to take ownership of their lives and emotional well-being. Her compassionate approach, combined with personal anecdotes and relatable examples, makes this book a valuable resource for self-discovery and growth.
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