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A Wedding for the Cornish Girls

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This a the next installment in the charming Cornish Girls series, set in Cornwall during WWII. We’ve gotten to know the characters very well over the previous books, and I liked seeing them get their happiness after the grueling war years. A charming story, 4 stars.

Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed as in this review are completely my own.

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Once again we meet the Cornish girls making their way through the war. Old fashioned in it's characters ways and thoughts, however it seems to be likely that is appropriate for the time this is set. Love the inclusion of the Intelligence training for Alice, the Secret War was not as well known, so makes these books stand out from the rest.. Rich and warm, like a big hug, another enjoyable read

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I'm in love! This was a wonderful read about a diverse group of girls that you will feel a part of as you follow them on their journey of love. So wonderful!

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A brilliant read and one I really enjoyed. The characters are loveable and varied, the plot is one that is engaging and medium paced. I found myself completely drawn into the story and enjoyed the writing style.

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Betty Walker’s Cornish girls are back! This time in A Wedding for the Cornish Girls. The story focuses on three girls: Alice, little sister to Lily from the previous book. But Alice is grown up now. And Penny, one of the land girls out at the farm. And Florence, a widow with another chance at love. All three will discover that life has new adventures for them, if they will just be brave enough to go for it. Lots of fun! I really enjoy these books! Can’t wait for the next.

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The latest in the Cornish Girls saga set during WW2 sees the attention switch to Alice, who is now approaching eighteen & although she has been enjoying working in a school she yearns to do something more useful so when she is summoned to Bude for a job- but one she is not able to tell anyone exactly what it involves she is excited. She suspects it has some connection to her father who, although a German has been working undercover for Britain. Penny is a land girl on the farm, but the other two girls have made her life a misery. She opts to ask for a transfer to Bude & they both end up at Florence's guest house. Florence is a widow with a small child. Her quiet guesthouse becomes a lot more lively with the arrival of an American officer. He is the forerunner of an avalanche of Americans who are preparing for the big push.

This is the fifth in the series. I have read & enjoyed a couple so I was somewhat familiar with the background but it could be read as a stand alone. The characters capture the interest & the research into the times make it feel authentic. Thanks to Netgalley & the publisher for letting me read & review this book.

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Back in Cornwall where once again we meet the girls. Early on in the story a word was used and it was explained as a local word. The word being 'dreckly' I live in Leicestershire, born and bred. I remember well that my Paternal Grandmother born, 1896 often used this word.

Having read all the books so far, in the series for me this was the best. This story is mainly about Alice and Penny, one if the Land Girls. Alice had been offered job at a printers in Bude. Penny had had an argument with the other 2 Land girls and decides to move to Bude with her.

Alice, her 'printing' job is top secret for the war effort and can not tell anyone. Penny works in a shop that sells the produce grown by the farm she is now attached to. They stay in a boarding house, run buy a war widow. Plenty of action. The Americans arrive, The fishing community, go out in dangerous waters.

Another brilliant read ad I have no hesitation in giving 5*

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Another great story about the Cornish Girls. so easy to feenl involved in the stories and the ups and downs of the girls lives. The characters are well described and the storyline realistic. I wonder what happens next!

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The Cornish Girls books are always a joy to read. Betty Walker is such a great storyteller. I was so happy that Alice finally gets her time to shine and I loved Penny and Florence. These brave young women going through the dark days of the war made for great story telling. I hope there is more from this series as I'd love to see how Alice gets on and also get to know Imogen a bit better. I must read for saga lovers.

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Enjoyed this book but felt it fizzled out towards the end. A little too obvious what the final outcome was going to be but still a lovely, easy read. Would like to think there may be more in this series.
Many thanx to NetGalley, the author and the publisher for allowing me to read and review this book

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Another great read from this wonderful series. I've enjoyed all these books and have loved reading about the girls exploits. A really wonderful author and hope she writes more. My thanks to netgalley and the publishers for giving me the opportunity to read this book in return for an honest review.

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Book number 5 in this wonderful series set in WW2, Bude, Cornwall. A lovely saga with the lives and loves of the girls sent there. 5 stars for this great read.

Thanks to Netgalley and publisher for this ARC

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A Wedding for the Cornish Girls is the fifth book in the Cornish Girls series. It can easily be read as a standalone story, but as we catch up with characters from the other books it is especially nice to have read the other books first. Luckily, I have read all the other books and reading this latest instalment was like catching up with family news.

Set in Bude, Cornwall, this book focuses on the lives of Florence, a boarding house owner, Penny, a land girl who has moved there to try her hand at different war work, and Alice who has been requested to take part in 'special' training in Bude. Penny and Alice board at Florence's house.

I don't want to risk giving any spoilers so will just say that reading about the three women, how their lives connect, their work, their romances, and how they cope with the war all made for a captivating read. American army men are also a large part of the story and you just know with Americans on the scene there are going to be some fun and romantic scenes!

I loved this book just as I have loved the entire series and if you enjoy wartime stories then this is a book that I definitely recommend.

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Set in WW11 A Wedding For The Cornish Girls is book five in this wonderful heartwarming series.
I love a really good series that entertains & keeps you coming back for more.
You can get to know & love the characters as the author weaves her magic of bringing the book to life.
In this one the story is centred around Alice & Penny as now of age they need to do some form of war work .
Alice has been around since book one and now lives with her aunt Violet & uncle Joe.
Alice has been approached by a Mr George Cotterill to see if she would consider moving to Bude.
He thinks she is the right person for a special unit they are putting together & wants her to train there.
Penny who is a land girl on the farm & is in need of a change.
One of the girls is making her life miserable so she asks to be moved & ends up in Bude with Alice.
A lovely new character is also introduced by the name of Florence.
She runs the local boarding house where the girls stay.
Having lost her husband in the war, she struggles to move forward as she looks after her young son as well as the running of the boarding house.
Excellent well developed characters with plenty of twists & turns it was really good to catch up with this lovely series again.
This is the sort of book you can cosy on down to & lose yourself for a few hours.

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The fifth book in the Cornish Girls series. They do all standalone, but I would advise reading them in order if you can, to see the development of the characters and story.

This book focuses on 18 year old Alice, who has been targeted for specialised war work, and Land Girl Penny, who has had enough of her fellow workers and asks for a transfer. The girls both head off to Bude, a new location for these stories. We also meet new characters, the main one of these being boarding house owner Florence. When US Rangers arrive in the town, how will they affect the lives of the women?

I liked the change in character focus for this book, and the new location was good. The author always manages to set the scene well, and this book was no different.

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This series is getting better and better with each book. We begin at Joe's farm again with Vi, Alice and Sheila. There are three Land Girls working there also but Penny is getting bullied by one of the others and is unhappy. Alice, who is now eighteen, gets recruited for secret war work and her life changes completely. She moves to Bude and Penny, having asked for a transfer, goes with her. The main part of the story then takes place in Bude.
Here we meet Florence, a widow, who runs the boarding house where Alice and Penny stay. The US Rangers come to Bude to help with the war effort and two of them are also staying at Flo's, as she's known. Her sister, Imogen, turns up to stay and she's bad news.
We have a real mix of characters, including some downright nasty people. There are love affairs and marriages, some unexpected but welcome ones.
Florence was my favourite character in this story. She's independent, loving and a great friend. She's almost central to this book.
There are a few improbable happenings but it doesn't detract from the story. I'd recommend it to fans of historical fiction. They can be read as stand alone novels but it's far more enjoyable if read in order.

Thanks to Avon Books UK and NetGalley for an early copy of this book to read.

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The Cornish Girls #5

Summer 1943, Bude, Cornwall. Alice, eighteen, receives a mysterious war work summons to report to a special unit in Bude, a popular seaside resort in North Cornwall, but she's not allowed to discuss it. Terrified but excited, she launches herself into training for the most important job she's ever had.

Meanwhile Penny 'Pickles' - a land girl from the farm - also goes to Bude with Alice to work at a dairy. Dreaming of finding love but terminally shy, can Penny pick up the confidence to speak to a charming local fisherman and possibly find what she's most looking for.

Evelyn, a young widow who runs the boarding house where Alice and Penny are staying, has her hands full with a small child to take care for and a tearaway younger sister. When two American troops are billeted to her house, Evely is frustrated and butts' heads with one of them, but it isn't long before sparks begin to fly.

Set in Cornwall during WWII, we follow the lives of characters old and new. The story focuses on the arrival of the Americans and Alices mysterious war work which she wasn't allowed to speak about. And there just might be a wedding or two. This well written book held my attention throughout. The characters are well rounded and likeable.

I would like to thank #NetGalley #AvonBooksUK and the author #BettyWalker for my ARC of #AWeddingForTheCornishGirls in exchange for an honest review.

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A heartwarming and well plotted series. I like the characters and want to know more about them and their future
Many thanks to the publisher for this ARC, all opinions are mine

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Plenty of twists in this story of Alice, Penny and Florence. It explores true friendship, comradeship, women pulling together at a time of war.

The characters are heartwarming with their grit and resilience. A really enjoyable read and looking forward to what’s next .

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Thanks to the Publisher and Netgalley for an early review copy.

I’’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading this series. Although it can be read as a standalone, I recommend reading in order as you’ll get a better understanding of characters and events.

In this book, we a taken to a new setting, Buddy, as well as meet new characters. We’ve met Alice since the first book, but we’ve not read much about how her character has grown since then.

We see her character being taken into a new direction, one which sees her grow and was interesting. Penny, one of the land girls also heads to Bude with Alice, as she feels that maybe it’s time to do something different. She’s much happier, but her life also has its ups and downs.

The guest house where Alice and Penny stay is owned by Florence, who has a little boy named Billy. Along with them, there’s US soldiers. With so much to do and cope with, Florence’s sister arrives to stay with her too.

There’s wedding bells for some of the characters, and it was nice to read about happy times, as well as what was happening in the war.

I highly recommend this book.

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