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The Four Horeseman Series by Laura Thalassa is such a fun unique genre-bending ride.  It's a dystopian apocalyptipc paranormal spicy romance that skirts lightly religion for the frame work (managing to be a respectful and true to tradition), but spares no punches. While you can read them individually as quite a bit of time passes between each book, they meld together into an overarching story cherishing love and respect as central to each relationship.

Because they work so well together and when you finish one you will need to delve right into the next one I'm going to give you the four book run down.  They are each similar in that you'll see an enemies to lovers arc.  However, each woman and horsemen is unique in their background and worldview.  We travel the world with them crossing continents and cultures.  

The first to arrive is Pestilence and he is out to ravage the land.

Following is War, and it starts in Jerusalem.  Appropriate.  This couple is definitely different but I think I liked them even better than the first two.

After, Thalassa definitely mixes things up with Famine.  In fact, it begins in a most unexpected way with a most unexpected character in South America.

Finally, Death. This one is probably best read after you've read the first three as the band does get back together to do some end of the world stuff.  But, again, this book stands on its own as not only has Death come but he has found the one person who won't stay dead.

This series is completely additcting! Expect each book to be devoured in one sitting.
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I loved this book so much! Has to be one of my top 10 books this year! 

Once I picked it up—I couldn’t put it down!!

Cannot wait to read the rest in the series 🖤
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A wonderful next installment for this series. I think I loved War more than Famine. I'm really looking forward to the next book though I'm worried about leaving this universe with these men behind.
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The four horsemen!
Everyone I know that had read this series has absolutely adored it and I can only agree.
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This was an emotional roller coaster!

At first I wasn’t too thrilled about it, but, as the story progressed, I found myself very entertained.
They were not my favorite couple. What I loved here was the scenario. I tend to enjoy more books that take me to a place I’ve never been before, and War did that.
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War (The Four Horsemen, #2) ♦ Laura Thalassa | Review

It's a really thrilling and emotional read, and I wish I could give Laura Thalassa's War more than four stars. The storyline of the story keeps getting better and better as it explores more of the horsemen's fascinating world and lives.

War ♦ Laura Thalassa


There’s no denying Thalassa’s storytelling prowess. Every chapter reveals the emotions and challenges of the well-developed characters. This novel keeps you turning pages because of the tension between the main characters — Miriam and War —, their nuanced relationship, and the detailed world-building.

The reader is kept interested without being overly overwhelmed by the perfect pace. The right amount of romance, adventure, and supernatural elements are included. You’re constantly on the edge of your seat, turning the pages to see what will happen next because of the tensions and twists.

Thalassa deserves particular praise for her ability to build a world that is completely original and recognizable at the same time. Her skill as a writer is demonstrated by the way she skillfully combines the apocalyptic scenario with romance.


All things considered, War is an excellent series continuation that makes you want more. This book is a must-read if you love paranormal romance and dark romance stories, as well as fantastic apocalyptic fiction!

I received an advance review copy for free from SOURCEBOOKS Bloom Books, through NetGalley, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

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This was my first read from this author and I really enjoyed it! I will be read the others in the series! I thought the story was so fun! I enjoyed War and our heroine together. I loved that they were fated mates with War as a  villain type hero! So good! I highly recommend this book and series!
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Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for this eARC of War.
War, the second horseman, walks on earth. He spreads war and destruction. And then he meets Miriam. His wife. They start to spend time together, as Miriam has to travel with War's war band. But she doesn't surrender to War's ways. She keeps defying him. And he might or might not like that.
I have to say that I really enjoyed reading this book. It was fast-paced and I really liked the author's writing, It was captivating and I couldn't wait to see what's going to happen next. See you in Famine.
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I really enjoy the concept of these books, with the apocalypse you don't generally get a personality and story with each of the individual horsemen.  Personifying them and creating a love story is such a different aspect of the end of the world.
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❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ out of 5
I have to admit I’m a big sucker for post-apocalyptic romances. I’m in it as much for the world-building of after life as we now know it as the romance. I’m always keen to read about different authors’ takes on what happens to humanity after the apocalypse happens. The apocalypse in this series being the 4 horseman turn up to Earth.

Our heroine is running for her life being chased by the second horseman of the apocalypse, War, when he catches her and then claims that she is his wife. She is then dragged from city to city with War and his army killing everyone they come across. How can she fall for someone who is actively destroying her world?

I LOVED this book! I love the whole idea of fated mates as well as a villainous hero, so this book was basically catnip for me. I was worried that going from town to town that the storyline would get boring but it absolutely doesn’t due to the amazing development of personality and the 2 MC’s relationship. Oh and let’s not forget how 🔥🔥🔥 this book is.
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𝑹𝒆𝒂𝒅 𝒊𝒇 𝒚𝒐𝒖 𝒍𝒊𝒌𝒆: 
☆ He falls first 
☆ Enemies to lovers
☆ Strong FMC 
☆ Post-apocalyptic 
☆ Hurt her and die 

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. The setting and circumstances are unique, and with each page, the graphic description makes it feel like you're there in the trenches.

War was savage, but it was his purpose right, so I felt like you couldn't fault him for it. Even though there were times when you just wanted to slap sense into him.

He also had some sweet moments, "for your soft heart" wrecked me. 

Miriam was such a badass. Her smart mouth and defiant actions definitely got her into more trouble than it was worth. But, it made for some entertaining twists and repercussions. *stinky bodyguards*

I adored the friendships she made too. It gave some light to all the dark. 

This story was perfect for these two. Even if the story was nerve-wracking and at times a little gross, I couldn't have asked for a better ending. 


All the thank you's to Laura Thalassa, Net Galley, and the publisher for my copy of this arc ♡
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I really loved this book. All of these books are so interesting, and the post-apocalyptic is done really well, especially considering the books focus is more on the romance aspect. And talk about a good enemies to lovers! Definitely recommend these books.
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thank you to netgalley for the advanced reading copy. I really enjoyed this and will be getting copies for my shop.
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Thanks to NetGalley for the ARC - these opinions are my own!
This is Book 2 of the Four Horseman Series:

- Plot: main characters ride from town to town so the Horseman can eradicate humanity one settlement at a time.
- Enemies-to-lovers dynamic where the FMC is a fighter who tries to kill the MMC.
- The Horseman thinks he sees some kind of “divine sign” from God yet spares the FMC.
- Slow burn where the (anti-) hero falls first while the heroine takes convincing before she falls, too.

- Each horseman has been sent to earth for a different divine purpose, in this case War is going to battle/destroy each area he encounters
- This one takes place overseas and not in the United States 

This is certainly a unique series with a dark villian love trope 

If I were to give my most honest wish about this series - I'd wish these four books were ONE book - edit them down a bit and then we could read all at the same time.
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War feels just as brutal and bittersweet as it's predecessor, Pestilence. The most human of Thalassa's four horseman, War is still extremely inhuman and brutal. I loved every second of this book and the way that Thalassa explores humanity's desperation to live and take advantage of any situation. The ending STRESSED me out. I can't recommend this series enough.
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I had the same issues with this book as the first one. I didn't find Miriam nearly as annoying as I found Sara but she still went back and forth with loving War too many times. I feel like the book could have been shorter as we didn't need as many back and forth with War and Miriam. I'm also not a huge fan of the pregnancy but that's just a me thing. I overall still enjoyed the book and will continue with the next one.

Thank you NetGalley for the ARC!
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War is very much a tale of hope and hopelessness and what ordinary humans will do to survive. This was my favorite novel in this quartet so far. 

I had a love/hate relationship with Miriam. I loved her tenacity, compassion, and empathy; but she was stuck in this mind frame of just trying to escape from War at whatever cost, even though he had proved to her that he was willing to change. War was a BAMF and I just loved the grit he brought to the story. 

I don't know what I was expecting of the ending, but it wasn't that. I applaud the author for that last-second plot twist! 

Overall, definitely pick this one up if you like enemies to lovers and dystopian struggles to survive.
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I must say I didnt LOVE pestilence but War woke up and the world changed once more. This book takes place about 20 years after Pestilence (i presume with the context we are given) . And the second he landed he decided to be the horsemans version of a book boyfriend. He is toxic, dangerous, addictive.. and a man who knows what he wants. 

Let's just not talk about how he travels with a pack of army men hell bent on destruction and if you somewho survive the wake you will not survive the zombies. 

This story was developed in a more realistic way to allow the romance aspect to work
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I liked this book way more than Pestilence.

There where a lot of the same components: fighter tries to kill the horseman, going from town to town, slow burn but there where better parts like this villain did not hurt the heroine.

War meets Miriam and decides she is his wife. Takes her back to his camp.

Miriam fights and holds her grounds for her morals throughout the book.

He keeps her with him, does not touch without consent and protects her from threats.

The book could have been shorter as it is practically the same story as the first one in my opinion. Over 500 pages.
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This is the second book in the horsemen series!

The first and second books have similarities but they are definitely their own stories! I enjoyed War and Miriam just as much as Pestilence & Sara! 

Check your triggers! Deaths happen alot. 

He falls first, enemies to lovers, touch her and die, spice, banter, etc. So many great things!

"For your soft heart"

"Fuck it, I want a divorce" (I laughed OUT LOUD at this)

I'm loving the story line & can't wait to see how it ends! On to the next one, Famine! ☠️

I want to say thank you to Sourcebooks Bloom Books & Laura Thalassa, & Netgallery for this opportunity! 🖤
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