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The Out Side: Trans & Nonbinary Comics

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Thank you so much to Andrews McMeel Publishing for providing me with an eArc of this collection in exchange for my honest review.

I absolutely love anthologies. Especially graphic novel anthologies where you get to meet so many new and unique artists and their styles. And for this to be dedicated to Trans/Nonbinary artists, I knew I would love it so much!

Each comic had its own story to tell. From struggling to identify this feeling you have but can't the right words, to feeling alone in such a cis-built world. This comic shows the ups and downs while also expanding on the beauty of being Trans.

Every artist had a story to tell and I was here for all of them!

For anyone queer who reads this, there will definitely be something that you connect to, and for any allies, maybe by reading this, you will be able to understand a bit more why a cis world is so harmful and difficult to live in.

I genuinely can't pick any favourite comics because they all spoke to me in different ways. I just know that everyone should read this collection!

Before each comic, there is a small blurb and cute illustration of the artist who created the comic and I absolutely adored this addition! It helped me feel more connected to the artist and through that, the comic they wrote.

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Its like stepping onto a rainbow and the further you climb up the more the world seems brighter, feels fluffier and like i am able to discover treasures i otherwise would have missed [imagine a sad cloud face for if i had missed them].

Its not all fluff, which i am glad about, this book represents a rainbow of experiences and artstyles, but even the darkest glimpses feel like they are being cushioned and safe to digest

I am not trans or non-binary....yet, who knows, i still have a lot of life ahead of me. But i have definitely struggles that made me feel that i was outside of life itself. Yet i am sure i would have connected with these amazingly depicted glimpses into each of these artists experiences either way.

I feel like this book needs to be a must in every library and most importantly be in every school library so it can embrace and hold space for everyone interested and or struggling with their self.

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A very beautiful anthology. Lots of different styles, stories and authors from all possible backgrounds. I'm really happy to have been able to read this work and to have discovered all these artists and illustrators.

It's not easy, as a cis person who has never asked themselves these kinds of questions, to understand the process of reflection and transition around the issue of transidentity and non-binarity. I think that if anyone wants to get interested in these issues but doesn't know where to start, this anthology might be a good place to start.

A book that can be bought as a gift and that shows a positive representation of this part of the lgbt+ community.

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The title and cover made me think this book would be about queer outdoors experiences, so I was a tad disappointed it wasn’t. But I did enjoy this anthology featuring a range of stories and art styles!

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Absolutely enchanting and deeply inspiring, every piece within this collection offers a spectacular portrayal of the artist's distinctive journey toward self-discovery. Without a doubt, this compilation is a must-have addition for every bookshelf.

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A collection of short comics created by numerous trans artists about their experience as queer people.
The style greatly differentiates the various oneshots; each person manages to make the story visually unique.
Many of the stories are similar, in that they often talk about the oppression of gender roles and binary society, and then come to a path of awareness and queer joy, but there is always that one graphic element or particular situation that manages to make for interesting reading throughout the volume. So we find the person very attached to his or her cultural roots and trying to reconcile with them, as well as the non-binary person who first tries to conform to a stereotype of "non-binary" and then breaks away from it. So many experiences, all similar but also different, that make you laugh and cry, emote and reflect.

Huge plus point, a short biography is given of all artists, with social media contacts as well: this can be a great way not only to give them visibility, but also to allow transgender people to find community and support.

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First, I wanna say that I find it hard to put a rating on a comic book that's based on real life experiences of trans and non-binary people, the reason behind that simply being that I don't want to rate someone's life and experience on a scale from 1 to 5. Therefore, I am giving 5 stars because I enjoyed reading about how queerness and self-discovery presented itself in 29 different ways for 29 differents persons. I will say that some comics fell short for me and I would have liked those to have a few more pages to really expand their stories (Never Be Loved, I'm looking at you!), but I enjoyed them nonetheless. If you want to learn more about gender identity but don't necessarily feel like reading a long book, this comic is a nice way to do so!

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This collection of short comics from LGBTQIA+ authors is great! It's so important for folks of all ages to continue to read a variety of perspectives about the trans and nonbinary experience so that we don't fall into the danger of a single story. I definitely plan to add this to my classroom library!

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This was such a treat to read! All the amazing perspectives came together wonderfully. I loved getting the chance to get a peak at the unique experiences of so many different individuals!

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A great collection of various trans and non-binary stories! I loved the differing artwork and reading about everyone’s journeys. There were some fun, light stories, but also ones that were more dark and deep. Seeing everyone come to love and accept themselves was really heart warming. The stories felt similar yet uniquely different and it was interesting seeing everyone’s voice through their art. Definitely recommend if you’re looking to explore or read more from trans and non-binary voices!

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"The Out Side: Trans & Nonbinary Comics" might... genuinely be one of my favorite queer graphic novels out there. This anthology made me laugh. It made me cry. It made me feel so incredibly seen and validated. It has even given me some new insights in my own gender.

"The Out Side: Trans & Nonbinary Comics" is a stunning celebration of transness that is so desperately needed in the wake of all the hate, vitriol, and anti-trans legislation that our community is currently experiencing.

Furthermore, this anthology has been contributed by many people of different genders, races and ethnicities, ages and cultural backgrounds. The amount of time, love, and effort put into this project shows. I cannot wait for the proper release of this book so that I can purchase it immediately.

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This anthology is comprised of a multitude of autobiographical comics by trans and nonbinary artists.

I feel like it's difficult to rate and review something so personal to so many. I thoroughly enjoyed this collection, and I feel like I've learned a lot. I know these comics will resonate with so many LGBTQ+ people out there.

I didn't keep a thorough list of trigger and content warnings, but obviously this includes transphobia and body dysphoria. But also acceptance and body euphoria.

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I feel like this will be very good for all members of the LGBTQIA+ to read and people that love and support them. I think what everyone put into this book will help a lot of people well not alone on a journey they take that they need comfort in.

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3.5 stars. This is a lovely collection, but it felt rather hampered by the lengths of the stories-- some were only 1 page, none (that I found, when I remembered to count) were over 6 pages. On the one hand, it was wonderful to see such a wide range of authors-- which was, I'm sure, the point. But very few of the individual comics felt complete, most felt hurried.

A very nice variety of artistic styles, something for everyone. Hopefully queer readers will find at least a story or two that resonates closely with their own. Recommended for library collections to increase representation. Hot-button content: no intercourse is depicted; there is one story with illustrations of female/pre-reduction breasts but many stories with flat post-surgery chests (with scars); maybe some mild swearing? I don't remember it standing out as awkward, for shock-value, or over-used-- any "bad words" fit the context.

eARC from NetGalley.

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“Regardless of who the world said I was supposed to be, I was always going to be who I am.”

The Out Side is a beautiful anthology of trans and nonbinary comics created by a diverse group of artists. It includes 29 creators’ tales of growing up, accepting themselves, and learning to love themselves as they are. It’s a great collection of different stories portraying trans/nonbinary experiences.

Since this is an anthology of different stories, all the comics are short and to the point, and the illustration styles vary greatly. It was definitely enlightening to see how these people have faced the world and to note the different ways in which they have embraced themselves. In some cases I wished that the stories had been a bit longer, but overall this is a great insight into other people’s circumstances that made me think about gender in a whole new way. This one is absolutely worth a read for anyone who wants to understand more about trans/nonbinary experiences.

Rounding off with this lovely quote from one of the comics:

“I accept myself as we are. One body, two souls.”

Thanks Netgalley and Andrews McMeel Publishing for letting me read an early copy of this book. The Out Side comes out on September 26th.

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It can be really hard to accurately rate an anthology, especially a comic anthology. But overall I really liked these very short vignettes/memoirs of the stories people wanted to tell about their gender journey, expression, and identity. I saw myself reflected in a lot of these, and I really loved the art style of many of the artists!

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Thank you to NetGalley and Kai Studios for an Arc in exchange for an honest review of this comic collection.

The Out Side: Trans & Nonbinary Comics was a really nice short comic collection by various trans and nonbinary creators. As a trans nonbinary person myself I always enjoy reading about other trans people’s experiences. The breath of different experiences was wonderful to read and I enjoyed seeing all of them. Reading about the life experiences of these creators both similar and different to my own journey was a joy. Similarly, I really loved seeing all the different art styles and really appreciated that you were given ways to find more of their art on other platforms. My only negative was that I wish the comics were a bit longer and more in depth. However, this is no huge problem as I am easily able to find more of their other work due to the links in each creators bio. I am really happy I read this and I hope to read a lot more comics about trans people’s journeys in the future

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I honestly really adored this, and just how many queer voices were featured in one short comic. I always get worried when an anthology contains so many short stories, as it can sometimes feel a bit too shallow or short, but it really worked this time. I felt like each artist did a great job picking a story or thought/feeling to fit into the few pages they had, and it made some stories hit really hard (even with only a few pages to do so!) I also found a lot of fantastic new artists to follow online, as there were so many fantastic art styles and storytelling styles contained here. It's also a comic that gives such a strong sense of community, and highlights how different we all are yet how we're still all there for each other, and this community. While there were so many heartbreaking stories (that I and many others can relate to), it also just felt like a warm hug overall.

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I absolutely love this collection of stories! As a queer person myself I feel so seen. I really loved the diversity within the stories, because not only did I get to feel seen but with so many different intersectionalities within the book, I feel like so many other people will feel seen too. The queer experience isn't one size fits all and I love that this book gives insight to the many different queer experiences out there. I hope that this books winds up in schools and libraries so that everyone has access to it.

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3.5, rounded up

I overall really enjoyed this series of comics. The thing is that I didn’t like all of them equally, some I would have easily give 5 stars, others I didn’t like that much. I know this is a personal experience, cause it mostly has stuff to do with the art style. I loved that all stories where different, but in the end all of them give a message of hope.

Overall I would recommend the book if you are looking for an interesting and touching stories of trans and non-binary lives.

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