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The Court at War

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This book was so well written. I was already interested in the subject matter but I had no idea how entertained I would be until I started reading. It is well researched and supported and written in a way that doesn't feel like a boring college textbook. I learned so many new and interesting things that I am going to read it again in a few weeks to make sure I absorbed them all. I highly recommend this as it is sure to be unfamiliar content and subject matter to many yet so important and relevant in our lives!

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A fantastic read on a subject which I’ve never seen addressed in this way. Although the Court’s jurisprudence of this era has been addressed (the wartime decisions regarding saboteurs and internment being most frequently discussed), this is a wonderful companion to later attempts to look at the Court in its entirety during this unique period in the 20th Century. I highly recommend it to anyone who has an interest in the modern history of the Court!

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Anything to do with Franklin Delano Roosevelt and I am all over it.
I had not yet delved deep into some of the landmark Supreme Court decisions during this time.
I had known about the Japanese Internment one.

This book is well researched and at times hard to read.
The chapter on the Vice President was especially difficult to read because the author included a ton of names that glossed my eyes over and I began to drool.

However, the book really showed the connection between FDR and the Justices. The close relationships of the president and the justices would be unheard of today.

Further, the author showed how decisions from this court had ramifications to the present. That was unexpected and I was really happy to see. That is a first rate historian, showing how the past can affect the present.

I also learned about the one legged chicken stealer in Skinner v Oklahoma and how that affects reproductive rights to this day.
I learned about the 8 German saboteurs and how the court mishandled that case.

There was so much to learn and I appreciated it all.

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Very Interesting and well researched, I didn't think I would be half as interested as I ended up being for this section of American history but I think I'll end up looking further into this time period.

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