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This book has a really interesting plot with characters that do not disappoint. I appreciated the authors attention to detail.

I appreciated that she included a map in the beginning and it was useful to flip back to during the story.

I love history and especially ancient history, so this was the perfect read for me!

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I love her stories. If you haven’t read one you must!!! The book is well written. The characters we well developed and her books are page turners for me.
Thanks for the advanced copy.

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We do not know what to do, but our eyes are on you. A trust in God gave a freedom that no one could rob.

Powerful words of the bible and goes so well with the story. Taken from the time of Daniel and how God used a Cyrus whom he mentioned by name to set His people free. It is a love story of a different kind. A story between two people who are thrown together in a difficult situation and the love story of God for His people whom he still working to bring a people to Himself. Jemma came from a family that loved well. Her mother worked as a scribe and her parents encouraged education. Jemma knew only one fear and it was a fear that she could not control. When her mother is kidnapped, her sister and her take a journey to find her. Rescuing her mother in prison along with another prisoner, she is forced to face those fears with a complete stranger. Asher who has his own fears but is focused on thing. Avenging his mother who was forgotten by his father.

Asher and Jemma have a short time to save the kingdom that will lead to the freedom of the Jewish people and fulfill prophecy. It is amazing like all prophecy, how God uses people at given times to fulfill his purpose. A thread that is woven with precision. Not only is this a great read of historical fiction, but a great study of the bible and God. As always, Tessa takes historical fact and makes it come alive with faith and awe of a good God.

A special thank you to Tyndale House Publishing and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest revie

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This was my first book by Tessa Afshar. It won't be my last. This is biblical fiction set during the Judean exile to Babylon as the Medes and Persians come to power. The story is very interesting, filled with political intrigue, betrayal, crippling fear, and sacrifice. As biblical fiction, it is also filled with faith, prayer, and love. The book is well-researched and stays true to the time period. Jemmah is relatable, likeable but not perfect. Asher is an ancient version of The Scarlet Pimpernel.

I enjoyed this book and would recommend it to all readers.

Family friendly. Note - there are scenes of war but nothing graphic.

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"Her mother’s faith, like her father’s, had been shaped in a furnace of trials. Somewhere over the years, they had learned to rely on God’s provision beyond what could be reasonably expected from hard work or mental and physical acumen. They had come to believe in God’s intervention in their lives, come to expect the miraculous when the ordinary simply proved insufficient. Jemmah had yet to learn that kind of faith."

While the bulk of this story was good, and had some interesting elements, there was particular parts of the story that dropped this rating lower for me and was a major bummer in general.

Jemmah and a male character around her age travel together (just the two of them) on a couple different quests for the empire. Jem's parents are ok with this, but this was honestly reckless of them as parents regardless of how good one's intentions are.

Then and now, it makes you look like someone with loose morals to travel overnight or longer with someone of the opposite gender.

The main thing though is a scene where a married couple is shown in their bedroom (clothed) talking and the bride is mentioned wearing ".. a white robe of some fabric so sheer it left little to the imagination."

Ok, why? Why would you want to paint that mental picture for male or female readers?
Up until this point, the story had been awesome. This scene was unnecessary, and made for an awkward and uncomfortable ending.

Thank you to Tyndale House Publishers for the complimentary e-book I recieved to review though Netgalley. I was not required to write a positive review and the thoughts above are my own.

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This was a wonderful book by Tessa Ashfar. The Peasant King is excellent read. This book is about Jemmah and her family., how they all support each other and help each other. The characters are great. You be cheering and laughing and on the edge of your seat to find out what happens. I could hardly put this book down. Mrs. Ashfar is an amazing Biblical Fiction author. I wax given copy of this book by the publisher. All thoughts are my own.

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I absolutely loved this story full of faith, determination, loyalty, and spies. The Persian empire has been at war for years. When the Persian king's senior scribe is kidnapped, a party is sent to rescue her accompanied by the scribe's two daughters. In the unlikeliest of circumstances, she is recovered, but not alone. Now they must survive the grueling trek to safety. This is a great Biblical suspense book that is also filled with romance and spies. I highly recommend this book.

"'Perhaps it is not so much how high your position or how great your influence,' Jemmah said slowly. 'Perhaps what matters is whether you are a perfect fit in God's plan. A lowly profession can hide an exalted ability.'"

I received an eARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley. All opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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Readers are taken on an exciting and unforgettable journey by this author as Jemma and her group confront honorable warriors, face the unthinkable, and save loved ones.

Asher is informed about Cyrus in the Bible by the prophet Daniel during this time. For years, Keren and Jared talked about God with Cyrus in the hopes that he might get rid of his idols. According to scripture, God set His people free via Cyrus. I enjoyed the manner in which the author wrote this tale. I had the feeling that I was traveling with them.

This story builds faith and restores hope in the God who rules all nations. This author’s writing is absorbing and pulled me in from the start. If you haven’t read this author before, make sure you put her on your TBL for 2024.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I requested and received a copy of this book by the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

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This is my second read by this author. I love how she keeps close to whatever biblical era she writes about. I can’t wait to read more.

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Once again Tessa Afshar brings biblical times to life with engaging characters, a fascinating plot, and her endless research of all things related to that time period (and place, food, clothing - everything!). She truly amazes me at how well she brings it all together, in a story that keeps you on your toes, keeps you up late at night so you can get just one more chapter, and makes it a true joy to read. The Peasant King isn't a book that you need to sit here and read reviews for. It's a book you need to just read and experience for yourself.

Historical fiction and biblical fiction fans alike will no doubt fall in love with the entire cast of characters, the pacing of the plot, the suspense and the romance. Afshar combines them perfectly, leaving you wanting more when you reach the end. Might we be able to tempt her into penning another perhaps? (hint, hint) I highly recommend The Peasant King, and its predecessor The Hidden Prince.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. I was not required to write a favorable review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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The Peasant King
Intrigue, fast action, adventure, betrayal, romance…The Peasant King had it all. It was a book I found hard to put down. I think I’ve read all of Tessa’s books to date and am loving the experiencing Bible stories as they might have been. “I received a free ARC copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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I always love reading books about historical fiction during Biblical times. Author Tessa Afshar writes excellent books in this genre and The Peasant King was one such book! This storyline took place during the Persian rule of Cyrus the Great. The two main characters are Jemmah and Asher. Jemmah's mother is the chief scribe for Cyrus.

During the time there is a war taking place. Jemmah's mother is kidnapped while traveling for the King. Jemmah and her sister set out to rescue her, but must journey through enemy territory in dangerous terrain. Asher is another main character that crosses paths with Jemmah. He is a weapons designer and manufacturer. Jemmah and Asher begin to develop a relationship and their adventures come alive as they work together to rescue Jemmah's mother. How does Asher play a role in aiding the king?

They must trust God's provision and their faith grows throughout the story because of this. I love how the characters build and the excitement of the plot itself. There is action, romance, faith, suspense, and love. I recommend this book and look forward to reading another of her books!!

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Afshar has done it again, in her latest biblical era book, which is sure to captivate her readers. Afshars books are well researched and leaves the reader feeling the Bible is all that more real and personal to them. Instead of stories of old, they are coming alive in a way you can sympathize and visualize instead of just mere words on a page. This is definitely a must read book!

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The Peasant King was a really great book. I have been in the hospital and when I got home was feeling very down. I picked up my Kindle and started reading The Peasant King and was so pleasantly greeted with this great story. This book was good from the beginning and captured my attention right away. It made me laugh and made me cry. I have told my friends about it and they now want to buy a copy of it. The storyline is believeable, the characters are great. I just couldn't put it down. Thank you, I really enjoyed it!

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I did not think I would love this book as much as its predecessor because I just loved Keren and Jared so much, but I was wrong. Asher and Jemma’s story is different, but it is just as good. They are both such layered characters.
Jemma is a sweet and caring young woman, but has the heart of a warrior. She endured an extremely traumatic event as a child, but she doesn’t let it stop her from doing anything she can to help others and bring about justice. Her sister may be the outward soldier, but Jemmah is the quiet one.
Asher is layers upon layers. Is he the vain courtier, the violent mercenary, or the poor nomad? His rough life has created all of his personas and very few meaningful relationships. Seeing him open up to, and fall hard for Jemmah we come to love him too. Despite his best efforts, he falls in love with Jemmah early on. He keeps his affection for her a secret because he knows their separate goals in life and his unpleasant background make him the most unworthy to court her. Even though it took awhile for Asher to confess his true feelings for Jemmah, it was a necessary wait. He didn’t want to confess his love when he thought it wouldn’t work out for them to be together and I respect that. I loved their relationship and all the adventures they shared. I loved how they rescued each other in so many ways. This is another wonderful story by this super-talented author and I recommend it wholeheartedly. It can be read as a stand-alone, but I think it will be enjoyed more after reading the previous book, The Hidden Prince.

This is my honest opinion based on the complimentary review copy sent by NetGalley and the publisher (Although I actually preordered this book well before I got the ARC). I was not required to give a favorable review.

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I did not realize that this was a book in a series. However, under the description it states that it can be read in the series or a as a standalone book. I went ahead and read this as a standalone book.

I will start by saying that I wish I had read the first book, The Hidden Prince, prior to this one. I think that there was enough information in this book that it was ok to read by itself, but I believe that it would have been better if I had read book 1 then 2.

But about this book specifically, Tessa is a great author. She blends Christianity, romance, faith, and some adventure into this book. I have always been a fan of biblical fiction but because I love the Bible I am extremely picky with how authors write biblical fiction. Tessa did a good job of researching the Bible and biblical times. The story follows Jemmah and Asher during the rule of King Cyrus of Persia. I really enjoyed both characters and feel like they were developed well.

Thank you NetGalley for introducing me to Tessa Afshar and giving me the opportunity to read her book.

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When Jemmah, the daughter of the Persian king's scribe, and Asher, a weaponsmith, cross paths, they embark on a life-changing journey that has the potential to save a nation. This exhilarating story captured me from the first chapter. The attention to detail and historical accuracy added so much to Jemmah and Asher's fast-paced adventure. I appreciated how the flaws of these two charming characters helped teach deep spiritual lessons to the reader. I enjoyed reuniting with two other beloved characters from Afshar's previous novel, "The Hidden Prince." Being able to see their continued story lent a pleasant richness and depth to "The Peasant King."

One of the thought-provoking quotes of the book is "One thing I have seen with my own eyes over the past few months is the sheer complexity of God's plans on earth. His Majesty at work as He weaves a thousand different strands together. Each one of us was a tiny strand in His hands. Insignificant in ourselves. And yet He used the insignificant in order to bring about His glory."

I received a free ARC copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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The Peasant King is another beautifully written story by Tessa Afshar. I absolutely loved the Hidden Prince so I was excited to read about Keren and Jared’s daughter, Jemmah.

When Keren goes missing, Jemmah sets out to find her. This turns into an adventure that was unexpected and so fun to read! I loved both Asher and Jemmah and how their relationship developed. I also loved getting to see how characters from the previous story were doing. As usual with a Tessa Afshar story, I was completely immersed the entire time!

I’d love to have another story in this series! Highly recommended! 4 stars!

I received a complimentary copy of this book. All opinions are my own.

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Another great book from Tessa Afshar featuring the mysterious and enigmatic King Cyrus the Great, a Persian Prince and strong women. They all come together at a fascinating point in ancient history. If you don't know much about the political background of the ancient Babylonian and Persian Empires, this is perhaps the book for you. It doesn't just feature politics though: there's also romance and danger.
This book is a follow-up to The Hidden Prince and features a couple of the same characters, but can be read on its own.

Thanks to Tyndale House Publishers who approved me for a PDF. This did not influence my review, and all opinions expressed are my own.

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Tessa Afshar’s unique heritage, education, and experience give her powerful insights into the people, lands, and events of the Bible. I've read and enjoyed ALL of Tessa's books. Her research is stellar, her writing top-notch, and her newest couplet of books, The Hidden Prince and The Peasant King, have been my ABSOLUTE FAVORITES of any she's written!

Not often does an author write an even more powerful sequel to an already significant story like The Hidden Prince (which is a Christy finalist), but Tessa Afshar did it! The Peasant King delivers even more intrigue, romance, humor, and history by weaving together fictional Jewish characters with King Cyrus's fulfillment of Isaiah's prophecy. She does it by bringing to life plausible narrative with vivid details informed by her Middle Eastern heritage.

This novel seamlessly introduces necessary relationships early in the book that later play key roles. The mastery with which the plot evolves is testimony to the author's skill but also--I believe--some Divine help. How else could she so clearly have explained the way God moved in men's hearts, preserving their ability to choose right and wrong, while also displaying God's sovereign power to fulfill His plan for rulers and nations set in place centuries before?

During a time when our world is rocked by fear and confusion, this book builds faith and restores hope in the God who rules all nations. I highly recommend The Peasant King to everyone that enjoys historical and biblical fiction.
You need not read the prequel to enjoy The Peasant King, you will, of course, enjoy Jemmah's story more if you realize the foundation of her parent's love story that was built in The Hidden Prince. (Already posted on Goodreads, Amazon, and social media. Thanks for the privilege of reading this book!)

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