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I read this in about a day because I needed a fun and light read and this was perfect.

Imagine a Ladyship using a super soaker toy gun to spray you with essential oils while throwing Himalayan sea salt at you. Can you even? Yea, this book has some random and hilarious moments.

Lilah saves the life of a witch one day and the witch says this to her “Be quiet and listen: He is cheating on you. The name of your soulmate is Alistair George Arthur Lennox. You will be passed over for the promotion. The winning numbers are 5-8-12-24-39-43. And I’m very sorry to tell you this, but you will die next Sunday.”


So really that’s all the synopsis I needed to start reading it 😂

Thank you to the author and publisher for the advanced copy!

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Lilah Goodluck is such a charming book and every page reminds me why I love Kylie Scott! The quick whit and banter between the main characters is funny and endearing. Lilah is an ordinary girl that through good luck or bad luck, gets a free psychic reading from Good Witch Willow. One of the things GWW tells Lilah is that she will die in 8 days. While Lilah, of course, thinks the premonitions are silliness, it doesn't take long for 1, 2 then 3 of the visions to come true. Suddenly Lilah is worried that her fate is near. With the help of one of her possible fates according to GWW Lilah begins to fulfill a bucket list of sorts, you know, just in case. Alistair is not only very attractive, and possibly royalty of sorts, but he also has the means and the inclination to help Lilah with her list. Despite declaring her "just a friend", Alistair has to work extra hard to control his growing feelings for our sweet Lilah. TLDOLG brings us fun, kindness, royalty, a smart sassy heroine and a hot Scottish hero. What more could we want? Let's just hope it lasts longer than 8 days!

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This may be my favorite book so far this year! Lilah and Alastair were adorable together. They both had a sarcastic sense of humor that I enjoyed and, although the storyline was obviously over a short period of time, the growth of their relationship felt like it was at a good pace.

I also really enjoyed the secondary characters, including a quirky mom (him), supportive parents (her), and great friends (both).

Thanks to NetGalley and Grayson House Books for this ARC in exchange for my honest review. The Last Days of Lilah Goodluck came out yesterday so go check it out!

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After saving Good Witch Willow’s life, Lilah Goodluck (oh, the irony!) is given 5 predictions, whether she wants them or not. Her boyfriend will cheat on her, she’ll be passed over for a promotion at work, she’ll win the lottery (if she can remember the rapid-fire numbers the witch spouts), her soulmate’s name is Alistair George Arthur Lennox, the illegitimate and hot as hell son of the reigning King of England, and she’ll die in 9 days. After the first three come true in a matter of hours, she begins to worry that her days are truly numbered. When a distracted Lilah totals her car to avoid hitting Alistair’s, this serendipitous meet-cute with her own Prince Charming leads to 8 days of checking off items on her bucket list while trying to fight their growing attraction and feelings, lest they discover they’re soulmates and the final prediction of her death becomes inevitable.

I thoroughly enjoyed this first-person POV, light-hearted, instalove, grumpy/sunshine romance featuring a curvy librarian in Los Angeles and a prince with some serious trust issues and a need for control. It reads like a modern-day fairytale a la Pretty Woman, including a Rodeo Drive shopping spree, complete with a fake relationship, parental abandonment by the King, and some pretty steamy scenes given the intense chemistry between the two. I love the witty banter, not just between Lilah and Alistair, but also with Alistair’s free-spirited mother Lady Helena and her everyman Dougal. I really hope they make this into a movie with great actors because it would be a hoot and harken back to the golden age of romantic comedies. If you need a mood lifter and like romances with no third quarter break-up where the MCs have open, honest communication and bring out the best in each other, pick this one up. Highly recommended.

I received a complimentary ARC of this book from Graydon House through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Opinions expressed are completely my own.

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The story, centered on Lilah Goodluck, unfolds after she rescues a witch and is left with five eerie predictions, including a doomed romance with a royal named Alistair Lennox and her own untimely death. The blend of humor and romance against an ominous prophecy was captivating. As the predictions materialize, Lilah's life becomes a whirlwind of emotions and unexpected adventures, especially when she meets Alistair. Their evolving relationship, amidst challenges and public scrutiny, added depth to the story. The novel masterfully mixes whimsy with a poignant exploration of fate and love, making it a compelling read that kept me engaged until the end.

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3.75-4 stars. This was a cute book! The Last Days of Lilah Goodluck is a standalone book by Kylie Scott. It is Lilah and Alistair's story. Lilah goes to her friend's bachelorette party, where there is a hired fortune teller. She is too busy having fun with her friends to have her fortune read and doesn't put much stock in it anyway. However, on her way walking home, the fortune teller, an older women, nearly gets hit by a car and Lilah saves her from disaster. As a repayment, the fortune teller tells her this, “Be quiet and listen: He is cheating on you. The name of your soulmate is Alistair George Arthur Lennox. You will be passed over for the promotion. The winning numbers are 5-8-12-24-39-43. And I’m very sorry to tell you this, but you will die next Sunday.” Lilah thinks it's silly ramblings, but she gets home to find her live-in boyfriend cheating on her. Then she happens to run in to Alistair in public. Alistair is the illegitimate son of the King of England. His life is tabloid fodder and he is constantly in the news. So Lilah knows who he is. And the other premonitions also start to come true. She decides to create a bucket list of sorts of things she wants to experience, just in case she only has days to live. She tells Alistair of the fortune teller's predictions and though he doesn't believe them, he wants to help her. They become friends and then more as they spend the week together leading up to Sunday. But will that truly be the date Lilah dies?

This book was charming, unique and whimsical. I really liked Lilah and Alistair. The book took place over a week, but their romance seemed slow burn with plenty of time to get to know each other and fall in love. Alistair was the grumpy, silent type at first until he lets his guard down with Lilah. She herself was a charming librarian who spoke her mind. She was just what Alistair needed in his life.

Overall, this book had the perfect recipe for romance. It was sweet, sexy and witty with a touch of magic. I enjoyed it and look forward to more from Kylie Scott in the future!

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Lilah Goodluck works as a librarian, and on a night out celebrating her best friend's birthday she saves the life of a fortune teller named Good Witch Willow. In exchange she is given 5 predictions, the winning lottery numbers, her boyfriend is cheating on her, she will be passed up for a promotion at work, her soulmate is a famous man named Alistair George Arthur Lennox, and she will die next Sunday.

She is skeptical about these predictions until the next day she gets passed up for the promotion, gets home and catches her boyfriend cheating on her, and she crashed her car into the one and only illegitimate son to the King of Britain Alistair George Arthur Lennox. She shares her woes with him at a bar and he is still not convinced but they strike up a friendship in the meantime. Lilah starts compiling a bucketlist of things to do before she dies and Alister helps her. Neither can fight fate and destiny and friendship quickly turns into feelings, but there time together is running out.

I want to scream at the top of my lungs about how much I love this one. The romance in this one was beautiful. Alister was so swoon worthy, and he treated Lilah so well. The characters were so well rounded, they had their flaws, but they also brought out the best in each other. The steamy scenes were so well written, and sexy in all the best ways. The pretty woman shopping scene was probably my favourite. The exploration of the family dynamics was really interesting and the only aspect I wish we had more of. It was truly such a wonderful story.

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I wish Kylie Scott wrote a little quicker because I swear, her novels do not disappoint. More similar in style to her last book End of Story than to her rock star or alpha male romances, a little more sweet than salty, but just as good. Lilah has led a pretty safe life as a librarian until she starts to believe the good witches predictions when she branches out to try new things. Leaving any fears behind, she sasses her supposed soulmate and starts trying new experiences and realizes that she is actually enjoying life. It doesn’t hurt that Alistair is drop dead gorgeous, has a Scottish accent, and doesn’t seem to want to leave her alone in case the prediction about her death were to come true. This totally unique premise had me hooked from the start and riding along on their reluctant relationship satisfied my need for something different. It didn’t hurt that the book was just too dang good to put down.

I can’t think of a single thing I didn’t like about this book. The pace was great and Lilah’s bucket list items kept the book moving along. Alistair was a hunky hero with a dramatic backstory which added an interesting twist to their romance, and the side characters were quirky and interesting. Honestly, the more I think about this one, the more I realized how much I really liked it!

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I am so grateful that NetGalley let me read the ARC of The Last Days of Lilah Goodluck by Kylie Scott. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I read the synopsis but it was impossible not to immediately fall in love with Lilah.

When Lilah meets Good Witch Willow and is told - along with other predictions that ultimately come true- that she will fall in love with royalty and die within the week, Lilah is highly doubtful. But when she meets Alistair and they start to connect, she is forced to accept the possibility that she may be living her final days. Lilah decides to fulfill as many of her dreams as she can in the short span of a week, and a huge perk is that Alistair comes along for the ride.

This is a laugh out loud, heartwarming book about an “ordinary”, lovable woman who is thrust into an extraordinary situation. I loved every minute of Lilah’’s story.

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Lilah attends her friend's birthday party where Willow the Witch is in attendance. She doesn't really have any interest in Willow telling the future to her. She winds up having an interaction with Willow afterwards and Willow bestows upon her some insights into her life. Lilah thinks that Willow is not all there in the head and starts to go on about her life. When things that Willow told her start to come to fruition, Lilah starts to figure out what the odds of Willow being correct are. She meets Alistair and really starts to wonder what is going on. She does explain to him what Willow said and he is dubious at best. Their relationship does not start out with roses and sunshine. He is aloof and she is struggling with her mortality. They both regroup several times to get their heads on straight with each other. I did like their story and found myself really enjoying their journey. I had hoped for a bit more of an epilogue. I received an ARC from NetGalley for my honest review.

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This is such a fun book with a novel premise. Lyla saves a good witch, who then gives her predictions, including one that her life will end soon. Lyla then runs into Alistair, the illegitimate son of the British king and there is a connection with the Playboy prince. It’s really fun to see how Lyla uses the predictions in a way to restart her life in a way that would make her happy. I love the chemistry between Lyla and Alastair, and the story kept me engaged from start to finish.

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First 5🌟 of 2024

After months of slumpiness, I finally found the joy of reading again thanks to Lilah and Ali(stair) 🥺🤧

"The name of your soulmate is Alistair George Arthur Lennox. What a mouthful."

To thank Lilah for saving her life, Good Witch Willow gives Lilah five predictions about her future, two of which are her soulmate's name (who happens to be an illegitimate British prince with a Scottish brogue)... and that she'll die in 10 days.

"Don't believe everything you see on the gossip sites."
"Like I follow you online. Come back when you're Beyoncé."

This book is HILARIOUS. If I wasn't laughing out loud, I was smirking or smiling. THE BANTER, PEEPS! *chef's kiss* If you love (blunt) sarcasm, you’ll love Lilah’s humor and relatability as well as how the characters interact with each other. Special mention for Ali's mom whose dramatics almost made me choke on my tea 😂

"Do not misuse my number."
"As if I would misuse your number. What am I to do, Ali, text you pictures of my feet?"

And the romance... SWOON! Alistair is such a caring protector (my kryptonite). He is so in tune with Lilah’s feelings, always checking in when he catches her overthinking. He arranges to take her on dates (effort = hot!), and stocks up on things he thinks she might like. His take-charge attitude swept me (and Lilah) off my feet so many times. And then he hit us with *THE NICKNAME* 🥵 and the dirty talk 🥵 and the spice 🥵🥵

"I don't like the idea of someone going through my things."
"I'm going through your things."
"That's different."

Alistair was such a goner for her (he falls first and hard, imo!) but had the hardest time with vulnerability and communicating his feelings, which made him come across as a royal äss at times. I loved how Lilah handled those fights. She stayed true to herself and her boundaries. Their relationship built up so naturally that it didn’t feel like instalove at all, despite them knowing each other for only a week.

On top of all that, this book is a love letter to books and readers. Honestly, I could fangirl about Lilah and the book all day, but I’ll just go nurse my book hangover now. Go buy yourself a copy; thank me later 😉

Thank you to Graydon House for granting me an advance reading copy through Netgalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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This book was the definition of fun! The characters were amazing, their banter so fun. It was entertaining. It was frustrating. It was adorable. It was a fast passed fun read. I loved the story line and how it unfolded. Totally unrealistic but 100% amazing. A breath of fresh air - a wonderful, lighthearted read!

When Lilah saves a life, she is rewarded with 5 predictions about her life. When they start coming true, she begins to worry that the final one, her premature death, will come true. When she runs into bad boy, royal, Alistar, who helps her with her bucket list, she finds it more and more difficult to deny his charm. Will they be able to remain just friends? And will all 5 predictions come true?

Thank you NetGalley for this advanced reader copy.

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The Last Days of Lilah Goodluck

Year Pub/Re Pub: 2/6/24, Read 2/4/24

Format: eBook, 283 pages.

🙏🏾Thanks to NetGalley and Graydon for this ARC! I voluntarily give my honest review and all opinions expressed are my own.

Setting: LA

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Adult Fic ,Women's Fic

Tropes: destined to be, witches, royal romance

HEA/HFN ending: HEA


Synopsis/Plot Summary: Lilah saves a witch from doom and she predicts several things that actually come true for her.

M/F-M/M-M/M/F-etc: M/F


Lilah Goodluck-librarian

Allistair George Arthur Lennox- British prince

Goodwitch Willow-predicts Lilah's death


OW/OM/Exes: Lilah's ex bf-caught cheating on her


Kylie Scott-1st time author for me


Overall Rating: 4 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Do You Recommend This Book: yes

Will You Re-read This Book: yes

Would You Read More Books by this Author: yes

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Thanks to netgalley for the eARC of this book. 3.5 stars. I don't know if this genre is for me. Had to suspend a little but of disbelief. Loved the quick pace and dialogue, plus size MC. Always enjoy a real person/ famous person romance. However this romantic connection was a little quick. Book is enjoyable but I wanted a bit more.

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I really enjoyed this fun and light royal romance! It felt like a fairytale. I started reading this author's rock star romance series and she has been a must read for me ever since!

After saving the Good Witch Willow, Lilah is given a variety of predictions about her life including the same of her soul mate, winning lottery numbers, and the shocking news that her life may be coming to an end extremely soon. At first, Lilah is suspicious of the predictions but things start coming true.

Alistair (Lilah's predicted soul mate) literally crashes into Lilah's life. The two instantly connect. I loved their chemistry and banter. I loved how Alistair helped Lilah with her bucket list and the spice was hot!

I really enjoyed this book and definitely recommend it.

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En bref, j'ai beaucoup aimé l'histoire de Lilah, impossible de poser ce roman avant d'en connaitre les tenants et les aboutissants et j'ai adoré les personnages, la façon dont ils vont se rencontrer, apprendre à se connaitre et à s'apprécier. Les prédictions de Good Witch Willow se réalisant les unes après les autres, Lilah est convaincue qu'elle va mourir dans moins de 8 jours... sauf qu'Alistair est de plus en plus déterminé à l'empêcher et à savourer ces quelques jours qu'ils ont ensemble si ça devait se produire. Le final est pour le moins drôle et intense, j'ai adoré ce que l'autrice fait vivre à ses personnages et la manière dont le tout se termine. Une belle lecture en bonne compagnie !!

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When Lilah Goodluck saves the life of Good Witch Willow as they’re crossing a busy L.A. street, the last thing she expects is five unwanted predictions as a reward. Who gives someone the winning lotto numbers then tells them they’ve only got a week to live? And who believes in that nonsense anyway?

To be honest, I was very skeptical going into this book because I had absolutely disliked one of the other books by the author. But it's safe to say that this was unique and enjoyable!

When Lilah gets a timeline of her death, she is petrified and finds ways to prevent or at least be okay with it. Enter Alistair, the illegitimate son of the Bristish king. Honestly, I didn't think the psychic aspect could blend this well with the Royal plotline, but surprisingly, it did a pretty good job of blending in.

I really enjoyed Alistair & Lilah's banter, especially the meet-cute and few other unexpected encounters after that. Also, I was glad the prophecy wasn't useless in this plot as it was in of the author's previous ones.

<i>Thank you, Netgalley, and Publisher for the arc in exchange for an honest review.<i>

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"The Last Days of Lilah Goodluck" is an adorable yet steamy contemporary rom-com with a (very small) touch of the paranormal and a lot of funny and snarky banter. I don't normally love the instalove trope, especially in contemporary romance, but here it worked. Kylie Scott manages to have Lilah and Alistair's connection build over the course of their nine day romance versus having it start out as an end all be all thing, and that allows it to work for me.

Lilah is witty and practical, Alistair tries ever so hard to be aloof, but he simply doesn't know what to make of Lilah. I love that there is honesty between them from the start - even if he thinks her story of Good Witch Willow is ridiculous at first. There is no third act break-up, which is always a refreshing change. And Scott does a wonderful job of integrating the secondary characters. I especially loved Lady Helena and her touch of the wacky.

Overall, a really good read. 4.5 stars, rounded up to 5. Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for a complimentary ARC of this book. The opinions herein are my own.

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I absolutely loved this book! Read it in one sitting, it kept me laughing so much!

Lilah saves a palm reader from being hit by a car and in return she's given 5 things that will happen. After the first two things happen, she buys a lotto ticket. She meets Prince Charming and sets the final two in process.
The characters have an amazing banter that is sweet and spicy. This is a super fun book to read and I just really enjoyed it. The crazy storyline, the spice, the crazy families and vulnerabilities.

Thank you to NetGalley, the author and publisher for a temporary, digital ARC in return for my review.

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