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The Last Days of Lilah Goodluck

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Did I read this book pretty quick? Yes.
Did I love the plus size rep? Always.
Did it make me feel weird about myself? No. It’s done positively.
Did I enjoy seeing the heroine as a librarian? Yes.
Would I mind if the rich, gorgeous hero came knocking at my door? Please, do.
Did I enjoy reading this book? Yes.
What would I change? Make it dual POV.
Am I already looking forward to the next Kylie Scott book? Always.

I voluntarily read an early copy.

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This was great!! I'd never read this author before, and I was a little hesitant at the premise, since the whole story hinges on the main character thinking she's going to die in a week. That said, from the very first chapter, this book was SO readable and fun. The spice was a slow burn but when we got there it was worth it. Definitely enjoyed this!

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I read everything Kylie Scott so I’ll admit that I only gave a passing glance to the synopsis before jumping in. I had a vague notion of the heroine getting a prediction of death and that’s it. So every part of the book felt like a pleasant surprise, I kept going, “oh! This is fun!” There was something delightful and light about the whole story even while navigating emotional depths and possible impending doom.

Lilah is definitely a character fave. I loved her sass and couldn’t get enough of her. Then, the push and pull, clash and banter, and attraction between Lilah and Alistair is entertaining. I love that we get to experience their growing relationship in so many different settings. There was a lot to play against and enhance the characters as well as just different places for the reader to enjoy. Plus there were fun secondary characters that I wish we got even more of ‘cause they were all so engaging.

My only significant criticism is that it ended too abruptly. The way it played out and wrapped up was too quick. I needed to stretch it out and just have more.

Overall, though, I loved this book and zipped through it. A refreshing romantic adventure that left me happy.

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Fantastic Book! I was sucked in from the first minute, and cancelled all activities to finish the book the same day! Lilah saves the life of a witch/fortune teller, who tells her a whole bunch of info, including that she would die in just over a week! As the other predictions start coming true, Lilah starts getting worried about her pending death. However, one of the other predictions was that her soulmate was the illegitimate son of the King of England. When Lilah actually runs into him and they hit it off, she becomes that much more worried about it! However, Lilah and Alistar quickly make the most of her potential last week by helping her fulfill her wish list of activities to do before she dies. It's a romance so we know we are getting an HEA, but I was on the edge of my seat to see if and how she would "die" and it would get resolved for our HEA. The ending didn't disappoint (I mean slightly impractical,but so is a witch so we roll with it) and the book was enjoyable from start to finish. The year has only just begun, but I think it will remain one of my favorite books of the year!

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I haven't read Kylie Scott in a hot minute, and I thoroughly enjoyed her newest book. It's fun and silly, and even though it was pretty insta-love, I enjoyed it. Royalty falling for commoners is always a good time. The premise of the book is really interesting. Overall, a light, fun read.

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I received a DIGITAL Advance Reader Copy of this book from #NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

This was a very fast read and was very cute. As I was reading it I didn't even realize that I was basically halfway through the book already. Lilah and Alistair are a good couple with great chemistry and it was fun to see them do some of her wish list things together.

Lady Helena stole the whole thing for me, her character was hysterical. I could probably read a whole book with her.

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Would you want to know the exact day you will die?
I'm a hard NO.
But if you find out nevertheless, what would you do?
Cry endlessly. (that's a yes from me)
Or make the most of your time left?
As the title suggests, the latter is what this book's heroine, Lilah Goodluck decides to do.

Part of Lilah's embrace of this short timeline is that she isn't entirely sure the prophecy, of sorts, is real. It was just some crazy witch lady rambling. However, she makes the most of her time tackling some of her bucket list items - like learning to skateboard, eating Michelin star restaurant food, and having great sex.

The last one is a bit tricky since she is recently single. But an odd meet cute has her thinking big.
To be clear, there isn't a love at first sight moment in this book, but Lilah's connection with a certain royal seems far from casual. I loved how much he stepped up to help Lilah with her list, and in the process, the connection blossomed.

This book is full of popular tropes to appeal to almost any romance lover. And despite the looming end date, was a fun and enjoyable read overall with two easily likable main characters.

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I received a copy of this book by NetGalley for an honest review.
I was excited to get this book. I so enjoy a good Kylie Scott read. This was different but I was intrigued by this story. I like the beginning and how Lilah finds out her fate. There were great parts to this book and then there were some ok parts.
Willow gives Lilah the information everyone wants to know about their fate when Lilah saves Willow. She doesn’t believe Willows predictions until things start to go the way the Good Witch Willow says. Then Lilah starts to freakout a bit. Lilah almost takes out the one and only Alistair Lennox the same man Good Witch Willow says is Lilah’s soulmate. I have to say the chemistry between Alistair and Lilah is great. Along the way Lilah finds Alistair is a kind loving amazing guy. I enjoyed reading and seeing Lilah complete things on her bucket list and seeing all Alistair does to help.
This was an enjoyable read. I did find it easy to set down but my curiosity of what would happen next had me picking it back up. If you are a fan of Kylie Scott's works you should not overlook this one.

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i love a good witchy prediction moment and this provided! it was so cute and fun and it was a good read

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If you're looking for a light, whimsical romance with just the right amount of spice, this book is for you. As usual Kylie Scott doesn't disappoint on the banter!

Thank you to NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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Though her last name is Goodluck, Lilah did not see herself as being lucky when she saved a witch’s life. The witch then gave her news about her future that made her rethink her, apparently, about to be short life. She gets involved with a famous man and they go through her bucket list as they try to stop the inevitable. I received an ARC from NetGalley and Graydon House for my honest review.

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Lilah Goodluck's life irrevocably changes with one, unsolicited psychic prediction. Her boyfriend is cheating on her, she will be passed over for a promotion at work, the winning lotto numbers, her soulmate is the famous Alastair George Arthur Lennox... oh, and she will be dead by Sunday...


The Last Days of Lilah Goodluck was a hilarious and highly entertaining, friends to lovers, romance read! Lilah and Alistair have an impossible chance meeting the day after her disastrous psychic reading. And even though Lilah can't deny her attraction to the beyond-sexy, Scot... there is no way the son of a king could ever be her soulmate...

Lilah was a normal girl with a lackluster life, and then every single far-fetched psychic prediction given to her starts to come true. So when she realizes that her life may indeed be ending, sooner than later, Lilah sets out to do a fast-paced bucket list, to live her last few days to their fullest. But what she didn't count on, was having company on her quest...

Alastair may be famous for being the illegitimate son of a king, but he prefers living his life completely out of the spotlight. With a mother that is impossible to disregard and a father who has never acknowledged his existence, Alistair is extremely guarded with who he accepts into his life. Meeting Lilah may be a stroke of luck that he was never looking for, but there's something about her that keeps drawing him back to her side...

I absolutely loved this refreshing and hilarious, slow burn romance, with a twist! Lilah and Alastair's relationship was super sexy, and sweet, with some lively banter and hijinks mixed in! I really enjoyed the trajectory their romantic relationship followed, from starting out as complete strangers, their love was anything but instant, but the connection they shared was tightly intertwined between them from the very first moment they met...

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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This was my last read of 2023 and what a wonderful way to end a year of reading! The concept of this book was too fun to put down - a run in with a lady who claims to be a which who gives you a run down of predictions that seem to keep coming true sounds great when it’s the winning lottery numbers, but not great when one of them is that you are going to die in 9 days. The romance in this story is quick which is to be expected when the romance has to be condensed to 9 high stake days of will she live or not. I think that this works for this story!

I really enjoyed all the characters and how big their personalities were.

Overall this was a fun quirky read that I really enjoyed!

Thanks to NetGalley, Harlequin Trade Publishing and the author Kylie Scott for providing me with an ARC in exchange for my honest review.

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"The Last Days of Lilah Goodluck" by Kylie Scott is a unique and engaging story that blends elements of romance, fate, and a touch of royal intrigue. Lilah Goodluck's life takes an unexpected turn when she saves the life of Good Witch Willow and receives a set of predictions as a reward. As the predictions start coming true, Lilah finds herself entangled in a web of fate, love, and royalty.

The premise of the story is intriguing, and Kylie Scott sets the stage for an unconventional romance with a dash of supernatural elements. Lilah's disbelief and panic as the predictions unfold create a relatable and humorous backdrop to the narrative. The initial meeting between Lilah and Alistair Lennox, the illegitimate son of the British king, adds an element of surprise and sets the stage for the unfolding romance.

While the romance between Lilah and Alistair is cute, the chemistry between them may feel a bit lacking at times. The rushed moments in the story might contribute to this feeling, as the pacing appears to accelerate in certain parts. Despite this, the overall storyline is enjoyable, offering a fresh take on soulmates, predictions, and the challenges of romance amid paparazzi and royal disapproval.

The character of Lilah is well-crafted, and her reactions to the unexpected predictions and her evolving relationship with Alistair add depth to the narrative. Alistair's charm and royal status bring an interesting dynamic to the story, and the tension between love and the constraints of royalty adds an extra layer of complexity.

Kylie Scott's writing style shines through, blending humor, romance, and a touch of whimsy. The plot unfolds with unexpected twists, and the author's ability to create engaging characters keeps the reader invested in Lilah and Alistair's journey. The story explores themes of fate, love, and the unpredictability of life, offering a mix of lighthearted moments and deeper reflections.

Overall, "The Last Days of Lilah Goodluck" is a delightful read that offers a fresh and entertaining take on romance and fate. Kylie Scott's fans and readers looking for a unique and charming story will find this book to be an enjoyable addition to their reading list.

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This book was so much fun. The premise sounded absolutely ridiculous and so I had to give it a shot. The side characters were hilarious, Lilah's self-deprecation was quite relatable, and the storyline was questionable, I mean...that's what makes a story fun. Does she really only have a couple of days to live? That's for you to find out.

The sex scenes were a little off for me. Almost like it didn't fit the characters, so I cringed a wee bit, but it didn't really take away from the story and I had a lot of fun reading the book. A quick, enjoyable read all around.

I received an advanced copy of this book. All opinions are my own.

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Very skilled writer, great prose and voice, but the storytelling was subjectively for me. I'm sure this will be perfect for others.

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I was given this book by Netgalley for an honest review.
I have to say I am a reader of all Kylie’s books. I will be honest when I say some just wrap me up in a happy bubble for days. While other books are easy to put down and come back to later. I was really excited for the premise because I have never heard of a story like this. So I was hoping for the first vs other book.
When the book started, I was all in. I loved the way Lilah and Willow met and her reaction to what Willow tells her. I mean I would have freaked out too right?? ANYONE would have. Because when you get that information, anyone would ignore it but also kindddda wonder. When things started to go like Willow said, Lilah FREAKED OUT as I would have. I mean you meet your soulmate like willow said you would.
The story of Lilah and Alistair’s romance was cute but at times I felt like the chemistry was a little lacking. There were spots when I felt the story was rushing which is also why maybe I felt the lack of the love/chemistry.
Overall, I did like the story and would tell a fan of her writing to grab the book.

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Unfortunately, this book was not for me. I found it to be very boring, with little chemistry between the main couple. The pacing was also very off; the fake dating not being a thing until the very end of the story (and honestly not necessary to the plot at all) was a little strange.

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Kylie Scott has written two of my favorite romances ever, so I know she can write compelling and sexy stories.

This just didn't do it for me. There was no chemistry between the two leads. Very little heat and no particular logic to their love story. I could buy them as two people who were acquaintances fast on their way to becoming friends, but not soulmates.

The overall plot was predictable, even if some events were a bit outlandish. And nothing of emotional heft really happens here. Pleasant reading for sure, but ultimately forgettable.

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This was a fun read. I did anticipate the plot twist, but I didn't mind because Kylie Scott took me on a fun ride to get there. The banter between the characters was enjoyable, as was the illegitimate prince subplot.

Anyone who's a fan of funny - and spicy - fairytale romance will enjoy this one.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the chance to read a digital ARC in advance of publication.

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