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Learn to Draw in 5 Weeks

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Thank you for allowing me the advanced readers copy of this novel! Flipping through this book, I feel pretty confident that I will be able to learn how to draw, I'm not sure if it'll be in 5 weeks, because I'm a bit of a perfectionist, but I can't wait to see how well I can learn this skill!

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"Learn to Draw in 5 Weeks" by Isabel B. Zimmerman (KRITZELPIXEL) is a beginner-friendly workbook designed to help artists of all ages master drawing basics in a short period. Ideal for those aspiring to draw animals, humans, manga, or create their own comic book, this program introduces core techniques such as light, depth, and perspective. With a structured approach, readers develop a new skill each week, incorporating principles that lead to noticeable improvement.

Key features of the book include easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions, offering fundamental drawing concepts through simple definitions, visual examples, and the author's personal anecdotes. QR codes throughout the book provide access to exclusive explanatory videos, enhancing the learning experience. The workbook also includes fun daily exercises and prompts to inspire consistent practice.

Whether you're a complete beginner or returning to drawing after a hiatus, "Learn to Draw in 5 Weeks" serves as a valuable tool to build a strong foundation in drawing. The author's approach combines technical skills with engaging exercises, making it an accessible and effective resource for aspiring artists.

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A wonderful book. Highly recommended. You will enjoy reading it. Written in a very engaging prose. Nowhere would you feel being stuck or bored. Pick it up if you get a chance. A wonderful art book. Thanks to the author for a review copy.

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Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for this eARC.

A wonderful introduction into the principles of drawing, this book literally replaces an introductory course, and gives those of us who had always wished we were artistically inclined the confidence of strong guidance in the basics one needs to know before they can even hope to make a convincing drawing, painting, etc.

I especially love how this book breaks up learning into week long bite-sized pieces, that make the concepts taught easy to learn and practice.

A top-notch book on leaning the basics, and putting what you learned on paper after each lesson, I would highly recommend this wonderful instructional book to anyone (from teen to retiree) who has always wished they had artistic talent (you just might surprise yourself, with help from this amazing book).

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Master drawing basics in just five weeks with this workbook for beginners of all ages!

The bestselling author of Manga Learning to Draw with Fun and Learn to Draw: Day-by-Day, Isabel B. Zimmerman (aka KritzelPixel), brings you a fun, beginner-friendly program to quickly grasp core drawing techniques.

A well done how-to book!

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For all would-be artists, Isabel B. Zimmermann’s (AKA Kritzelpixel on YouTube, etc.) “Learn to Draw in 5 Weeks—A Beginner’s Workbook for All Ages,” is one of the best hands-on drawing tutorials that I’ve found.

She patiently explains how to develop fine motor skills through repetitive practice movements with hand techniques drawing and shading curved patterns. Lessons then progress to three-dimensional shapes—balls, pyramids, boxes; then still life groupings; perspective, vanishing points and dimensions; finally forms, faces, and bodies.

Also included in this easily accessible guide are tips on holding design materials properly (pens, markers, charcoal, pencils, etc.); as well as the extensive range of art supplies available and methods of their use.

JoyReaderGirl1 graciously thanks NetGalley, Author Isabel B. Zimmermann’s (AKA Kritzelpixel), and Publisher Zeitgeist for this advanced reader’s help copy (ARC) for review.

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I really liked this book, simple enough for someone new to drawing to understand but with some good fundamentals for those of us who can 'kinda draw' but need some more structure to our practice!

Have added it to my wishlist to keep as a reference

I received an advance copy for free from NetGalley, on the expectation that I would provide an honest review.

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I really like how this book is set up. Each week the focus is set on a skill building on the previous skills you have learned before. I love the exercises throughout to help you master each technique. A great beginning book for someone just starting out or needing to brush up on their drawing skills.

Thanks to Net Galley and Zeitgeist for the advanced copy.

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Great introduction to drawing, and gives an intentional schedule for readers to follow if they really wish to see improvement in their drawing. Practice is the only way to get better at anything and this book shows it well

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If you're willing to put in the time, you'll have drawing basics at the end of five weeks! (Check the date is 5 weeks from today?)

Pixel starts with materials and how an artist thinks - "How do you draw a line? swiftly and deliberately. Move you arm from ...." She moves the reader to more and move complex shapes through warmups and assignments and practice sheets. She guides the reader through the foundations of drawing what you see and imagine.

Recommended for the next 5 weeks.

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The warm up Zen doodles, dots exercises are fun. the exercises are very practical. Like the book says open up to the would of curves... you start doing that. There are theories about the eye, mouth , how the body behaves, vanishing points, finding the center of gravity of the human body and drawing different poses. Enjoy learning drawing.

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Learn to Draw in 5 Weeks is an accessible and non-intimidating introduction to drawing. Its exercises and equipment recommendations are straightforward, starting with the basics and working onwards from there. It is a workbook, so not ideally suited for ebook users -- I will be buying a paperback copy -- but the instructions are clear and friendly.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the ARC of this book.

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I've seen a lot of books that teach drawing. This one is the easiest and you get the most out of it. Each chapter introduces expanding theory so that by the end of the book you can practice your new knowledge on your drawings.
I really liked the interactivity in the book.

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"Learn to Draw in 5 Weeks" by KRITZELPIXEL is a fantastic workbook for all ages. It's easy to follow, and it really helps with creative blocks. You'll be surprised by how much progress you can make in just a short time. I enjoyed every step of the journey and felt a sense of accomplishment as my skills improved. Whether you're a beginner or struggling with creativity, this book is a must-try!

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I’ve always wanted to learn how to draw something with dimensions. Everything I create is very “flat”. This instructional guide is fantastic! It breaks drawing down into the basics. First, there is a focus on fine motor skills with practice drawing lines, arcs, and circles. Then, there is a focus on shapes and how to look for shapes in the subject matter being drawn. There is a section all about perspective and how to accomplish creating dimensions. Additional lessons are on drawing people (proportion, center of gravity, capturing movement), and shading.

Each chapter has written instructions along with areas in the book to complete the exercises. Tools needed for each exercise are explained and things are kept simple. At the end of the book are sites for additional resources and contact information for the author.

This is the best drawing resource I have found. Thank you to #NetGalley for an eARC of #LearntoDrawin5Weeks by #KRITZELPIXEL in exchange for honest feedback. I will be purchasing this book so that I have it as a reference and workbook. - 5 stars

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Learn to Draw in 5 Weeks is a great textbook for young and old artists who want to learn drawing basics quickly. This beautiful and beginner-friendly book by Isabel B. Zimmermann, commonly known as KritzelPixel, teaches basic drawing skills.

Each week in the book covers a new ability. KritzelPixel teaches light, depth, and perspective in simple steps. Visual examples and the author's own tales boost learning and make it a fun read.

QR codes allow access to author-created explanation videos, making this book unique. These videos help readers see and comprehend the drawing classes.

Learn to Draw in 5 Weeks' workbook approach is commendable. Readers practise and grow with enjoyable daily activities and easy suggestions. The book inspires young artists to write from the start.

This guide gives you the technical ability to draw animals, humans, manga, or even your own comic book. It welcomes beginners and reentrants.

Finally, KRITZELPIXEL's Learn to Draw in 5 Weeks is a great resource for drawing beginners. Isabel B. Zimmermann's skill and interesting instruction make this workbook helpful. This book is a must-have for artists who want to improve.

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"Drawing is supposed to be fun! You don't need to be talented; anyone can learn to draw, and we each progress at our own pace."

This book contains the following five weeks of drawing lessons;

Week 1 - Fine Motor Skills
Week 2 - Dimension
Week 3 - Shapes
Week 4 - Shadows
Week 5 - Craft

This book does a good job of explaining and illustrating the basic skills needed for drawing. The book provides a list of drawing materials in chapter one. Chapter one is my favorite part of this book because it consists of warm-up exercises that anyone can enjoy.

Chapters Two through Five include more advanced techniques that will be a challenge to beginners. I think a person with limited drawing experience would need to be extremely motivated and determined to finish all the lessons in five weeks.

I agree with the author that anyone can learn to draw. I think a person who is committed to learning the skills in this book will be successful if they are willing to practice, practice and practice some more.

The author provides links to access video tutorials. These videos should be very valuable in mastering the skills.

MY RATING: 4 Stars Out Of 5

Thank you to NetGalley for an excellent reading experience.

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Learn to draw in 5 weeks is a useful, easy, and practical approach for how to lay the groundwork for any aspiring artist.
Many people try to rush through the art learning process, aiming for high detail pieces and complex skills right off the bat, and feel dejected when it doesn't work out to their standards. I myself have been guilty of this! However, by taking the time to properly establish your understanding and mastery of form, depth, and line control, one can take the steps to art improvement smoothly and steadily, without the same struggles as those who neglected mastering the basics. This guide gives a straightforward and friendly approach to learning, complete with a skill schedule to keep your momentum going and your skills growing.

(My file of this arc was formatted incorrectly, and unfortunately it overlapped much of the text and examples! I made it through alright, but hopefully it is corrected for others. Cheers!)

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Learn to Draw in 5 Weeks is a comprehensive guide to teach even those struggling with stick figures the basics of drawing. Broken down into a section per week, the book has the reader focussing on:
* Fine Motor Skills
* Dimensions
* Shapes
* Shadows
and finally, Crafting it all together

I will add a caveat here that I had some formatting issues with my arc, so I wasn't able to review all of the text as well as I would have liked. However I was still able to read a good amount of it, and the illustrations and exercises were quite clear.

The book goes riiight back to basics, including how to hold a pen and how to move when drawing for maximum efficiency and clarity of lines. There are some detailed pieces of theory on each topic, followed by practical exercises to do for the week. Towards the end of week 2 and into week 3 we start to look at figures and how to break down what you see into shapes you can draw, exploring 3d shapes and faces, which seems like a big leap until look further at the exercises.

The end goal is to be able to draw people, and the last section is all about balance and movement and scale and perspective and finding your own style. This book is primarily about the *technique* of drawing so while there is a section on aesthetics and composition, there is more focus on figures and individual elements rather than the bigger picture.

A useful resource for drawing and illustration theory and techniques, with some good practice exercises in there, too.

~Many thanks to NetGalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review~

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This is a great book for beginners!

I'm a complete amateur when it comes to drawing and I loved that this book starts off with the basics: a variety of training and practice exercises and details about pens, pencils and paper and sources for reference photos.

I had fun with this book.

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