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E-Commerce Growth Strategy

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A really interesting read, some great ideas for someone starting out new.

Thank you NetGalley for my complimentary copy in return for my honest review.

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By Andre Stewart Kunle Campbell's "E-Commerce Growth Strategy" offers a meticulously researched blueprint for building a successful e-commerce business, whether you're starting up or scaling. It's a resource worth savoring and revisiting as you encounter challenges along your e-commerce journey, as the wealth of valuable information can be overwhelming. Approach it with the intent to address key issues in your business rather than binge-reading.

In summary, "E-Commerce Growth Strategy" delivers on its promise, providing strategies and insights to enhance visibility, customer engagement, and conversion rates. It's a transformative resource for your e-commerce venture.

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This book is like a teaching material. Marketed as an all-you'll-need guide; acts as a knowledge bank - it includes most things (if not all things) you'll need to consider in elevating an ecommerce business. Seemingly, combines insights from the author's podcast interviews with other marketing professionals, suggests books for further reading, mentions example brands which appear to have applied the ideas being discussed etc.

It is evident that a lot of work has been carried out to produce this book (e,g. ideas are research-backed, well-written etc).

Note however that the book presents this great deal of information from a strategic (instead of tactical) point of view and so the reader would need to determine the sections applicable to their ecommerce business.

The sheer amount of information provided can be overwhelming to go through from start to finish and so would be best digested in bits. Review and skip sections of the book as relevant.

Regarding practical application -
It may be more beneficial to those who have started/run a business, have prior business knowledge etc and as such have the built-up experience and discernment to know which ideas to apply or not.

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Overall this is a nice book that gives a very good overview on ecommerce strategy. This book suits to read from a startup stage to an established entity because it covers the ecommerce aspect of business from early days to growth stages. There is not much of extremely new information (at least for me) however contests very good and well structured, can be very useful if an individual has not much experience in the area. I generally liked the book for its structure and easy to read feature. I'd recommend it as a refresher on ecommerce to anyone interested and involved.

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E-commerce Growth Strategy is an excellent book that lays the foundations for setting up your own successful online e-commerce. I strongly appreciated reading it as it starts from explaining what e-commerce is, how to do it and why and what to do and what is firmly discouraged. Highly recommended to all those who are beginners in this area.

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