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100 fresh, modern Polish vegetarian recipes—from new takes on traditional favourites to fusions from around the world
Michał Korkosz’s first book, Fresh from Poland —a Booklist Top 10 Cookbook of 2020 hailed as “a vegetable wonderland” by The Washington Post —brought a Polish vegetarian cookbook to American readers for the first time. Now, he moves from celebrating Poland’s history with vegetarian versions of traditional recipes to exploring Polish cooking’s rich present with 100 exciting recipes.
Polish’d includes both typical Polish favourites made vegetarian, like Kakory (Potato Empanadas) Filled with Roasted Vegetables and Cheese, and new flavours brought to Poland through immigration and cultural exchange, like Miso Żurek with Mashed Potatoes, Roasted Mushrooms, and Dill. Its recipes showcase fresh vegetables, grains, and herbs, but there’s also plenty of buttery, sugary, and cheesy comfort food goodness to be found. Readers will see, and taste, Polish food in a new way as they enjoy dishes Korkosz was the winner of the 2017 Saveur Blog Award for best food blog photography, and his gorgeous photos make these offerings even more mouthwatering. His love for his home country’s culinary tradition and innovation is at the heart of each recipe. With its unique take on this oft-ignored cuisine, Polish’d will please readers with Polish heritage, vegetarian fans of Eastern European food, and anyone looking for creative ways to enjoy the plant-based fare.

My former Polish MIL would rather die than serve vegetarian food as a lack of beef or pig would send her spinning. Imagine how she felt about me being allergic to pork and having a distinct love of vegetarian food. She actually yelled at me for serving her blessed son tofu after he raided my fridge...he deserved eating what he found in there despite not hearing the end of it from either of them for MONTHS. I was just gobsmacked that he ate leftovers!!) ...oh, there are so many reasons that he is my ex.
These recipes are yummy and fresh and will delight any vegetarian or vegan looking for a new country to cook their way through. You can easily add meat to many of the recipes to satisfy those who insist on having it in their meals...I am actually making those mushrooms with dill for dinner tonight. A great idea for anyone who is bored with their current plant-based meals.

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