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Rating of 4.5.

The impressive sibling team of Boyd and Beth Morrison return with an epic and compelling sequel to their first impressive novel, The Last True Templar.

Italy, 1351. After their first exciting adventure together, exiled English knight Gerard Fox and his determined companion, Willa, have decided to embark on a journey throughout a Europe still recovering from the ravishes of war and plague. Determined to get married, the two seek a way to escape their complex pasts and move on to a future free of violence and persecution. However, fate has something far more adventurous planned for them.

Arriving in a small village between Florence and Siena, Fox and Willa suddenly find themselves witnesses to a deadly ambush. A band of skilled, masked bandits are targeting Luciana Corosi, the wife of a prominent Sienna businessman, determined to kill her and steal the payment she carries for a lucrative deal. Intervening, Fox and Willa manage to save Luciana’s life, before escorting her home. However, it soon becomes apparent that not everything is as it seems, especially as Luciana’s scheming husband, Riccardo Corosi, is behind the attempts of Luciana’s life.

Escaping from Riccardo’s clutches with Luciana, Fox and Willa soon find themselves embroiled in a complex scheme that reaches all the way back to the fallen Knights Templar. Years ago, Luciana’s father helped the Templars hide their vast treasure from the Church before being betrayed by Riccardo. Determined to save her family’s legacy and finally expose her treacherous husband, Luciana recruits Fox and Willa to her cause and requests their help in solving a series of clues leading to the treasure. But with Riccardo and his men hot on their trail, can Fox and Willa find the legendary treasures of the Knights Templar, or have they finally met their match?

The Last True Templar was an interesting and enjoyable follow-up that captures the heart of the original book while changing some key story aspects and the background setting. The result is a fantastic and exciting read that I had a wonderful time reading and which I managed to power through in a very short amount of time.

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Really enjoyed this latest Willa and Fox novel! I can’t wait for the next book! Boyd and Beth Morrison always takes us on a fast paced adventure

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I was attracted to this book as soon as I noted the cover. The Last True Templar is the perfect example of selling your book from the cover alone.. without a good cover you risk people looking elsewhere.. not with The Last True Templar.

The Last True Templar has a pretty tempting blurb too. I’ve always loved the subject of the Templar Knights and their downfall but what really caught my eye was this story is a historical adventure. I’m used to reading historical fiction but what that can sometimes lack is that adventure aspect, to take the edge off all the facts and detail thrown in.

The story starts strong detailing the harrowing events that occur after the Templar Knights were condemned. Their treasure is missing but there’s some clues to it’s whereabouts.. if only the clues can be found.

We skip ahead and meet Luciana who is on business for her husband when she is attacked. Luckily Fox and Willa come to her aid and in doing so quickly show the talents they hold which sets the excitement level high.

We quickly learn of some major deceit that will knock Luciana’s world off course and set her on a journey to reclaim the Templar Knights treasure.. but she’s not the only one who has the clues and it’s a race against time to get to the finish line.

What I really enjoyed was the relationship dynamic set between Luciana, Fox and Willa, each pivotal in supporting each other in their own way but each have their own story playing out at the same time. Fox and Willa have their own reasons for joining the journey..will it lead them to where they want to be? Time will tell.

My favourite character had to be Armstrong, he’s essentially an armed mercenary set on bringing Fox down as well as the others, but he has real hatred within him for Fox’s character which spurs him on.

The feel of the book for me was like a Indiana Jones kind of vibe.. it’s serious but at the same time has fun moments and exciting escapes. I could easily see myself sitting for 2 hours watching a live action version of this tale.

After reading the book I was keen to learn more about the authors who seemed to work together seamlessly and I noted this is actually book 2 of a series.. but that didn’t cause me any issues, the book works effortlessly as a standalone but does make me excited to read the first book too!

Overall a solid 5* for the historical adventure genre, hitting the right notes and setting the feel of the book so quickly. It was a refreshing change of pace for me and one I very much enjoyed.

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Another cracking instalment following the adventures of Fox and Willa. In this book we follow the duo across northern Italy on a quest to find the lost treasure of the templar order.

I love the way the authors keep the story flowing, full of action keeping you gripped throughout the whole book. There is of course the constant underlying theme of romance between the two main characters which makes you route for them even more, however, they are just very easy to like people, with a higher than life moral compass and a calmness in the face of danger.

A great read that makes you feel like you are on a quest through Italy yourself. 5/5

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I'm usually quite wary when I read the world "Templar" in a title of blurb. This was an excellent adventure that kept entertained and hooked.
Loved it
Highly recommended.
Many thanks to the publisher for this ARC, all opinions are mine

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Yet again this sibling duo has brought the Middle Ages to life. I loved going on another adventure with Willa and Fox, and this time with a Davinci Code-esque scavenger hunt of clues and symbolism! A real test for any history buff on ancient Mediterranean history. The story was exciting, well plotted, and had a satisfying conclusion. The characters are colorful and lively, they capture the attention as you learn more through the story.

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Middle Ages Mediterranean Adventure. One of the interesting things for me when reading this book is that David Wood released his book Baal just a couple of weeks before this one came out, and both books are rather similar at the highest of levels - in that both are adventure books touring the Mediterranean Sea region in search of lost treasures. Separated by a few hundred years and thus with completely different specifics as far as character motivations, transportation, weapons used, cultures, etc. And to be clear, with Beth Morrison - an apparently renowned Medieval period scholar - as coauthor here, the actual historical aspects - from the various factions involved to the different cultures of the various Italian cities to even exactly how different things worked and who would have what skillsets, are apparently spot-on, so best as I could tell anyway. Paired with her brother Boyd's action story sensibilities, once again the two create a spectacular historical fiction tale that anyone interested in any modern action/ adventure tale can also love - and showing those who "only" read historical fiction that modern tales can also be just as great. Overall truly an outstanding book, and I hope these siblings can continue to work together for many more books to come. Very much recommended.

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Second book of The Tales of the Lawless Land from sibling team of Boyd and Beth Morrison.
Having read the 1st I wanted to see the further adventures of Sir Gerald Fox and Willa and it was just as entertaining.
Mixing their story with some historical fact, this time The Knights Templar, makes it all the more enjoyable. As Sir Gerald and Willa were now in Italy I managed to read the book while I was vacationing in that country which made it a little extra special.
I’m sure their story is not complete so looking forward to more. Thank you Netgalley and Aries publishing for the copy.

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In reading the synopsis of this book, it promised the swashbuckling action that took me back to the movies of Errol Flynn. Boyd and Beth Morrison delivered on that promise. Excommunicated knight Gerald Fox and his companion Willa come upon an attack against Lady Luciana Corosi as she completes a financial deal. When they save her and return her to her home in Florence another attempt is made on her life. Luciana’s father was responsible for the Templar’s treasure. When they were betrayed and hunted he hid the treasure. Clues were left in two separate letters that must be combined to be deciphered. It was Luciana’s husband Riccardo who planned the attacks. If he can find the treasure it would make him the most powerful banker in Italy. It is a race through Florence, Siena, Venice and finally an encounter in Rhodes with Riccardo and his soldiers that is filled with fights, betrayals and secrets.

Gerard’s excommunication was unjust. He and Willa have been on a quest to have it reversed so that they can be married. She was a former maid who is a capable healer and proficient with a bow and arrow. They are both dedicated to helping those in need and refuse to leave Luciana until the treasure is found and she is safe. In his quest for riches and power, Riccardo has made enemies who would relish his downfall and willingly offer assistance to Luciana. The Last True Templar has a cinematic feel. It is easy to visualize the battles and the scenic piazzas of medieval Italy, making this a treat for historical adventure fans. I would like to thank NetGalley and Aria & Aries Publishers for providing this book for my review.

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‘A Perilous Quest. A Deadly Legacy’ - cover tag line.

My thanks to Head of Zeus Aria & Aries for an eARC via NetGalley of ‘The Last True Templar’ by Boyd and Beth Morrison.

This is Book 2 in their Tales of the Lawless Land series that follows the adventures of disgraced knight, Gerald Fox, and his companion Lady Willa. Seeking a future together, they have been travelling across war-torn Europe.

October, 1351. In a small village between Florence and Siena, Fox and Willa are caught up in a deadly ambush. After rescuing the enigmatic Luciana Corosi they take refuge in her opulent villa. They learn her heartbreaking story and agree to assist her in a perilous quest to save her family's legacy and solve a mystery that will point the way to the fabled lost treasure of the Knights Templar.

Following a series of enigmatic clues from city to city, they are closely pursued by Luciana’s husband, Riccardo Corosi, and his minions. As Florence’s preeminent banker, Riccardo is determined to get his hands on the treasure.

I am always drawn to novels that feature the Knights Templar given their tragic history and various mysteries surrounding them.

While mainly following the quest in 1351, some chapters are flashbacks to past events including the Corosi’s family history and key events of the journey that Fox and Willa had undertaken since the end of the first book.

Beth Morrison is an expert medievalist and brings her knowledge of this period of European history to this collaboration with her brother, Boyd, a bestselling writer of thrillers. Her Afterword provides insight into the research that they undertook in Italy to portray the various stages of the quest.

Overall, I felt that ‘The Last True Templar’ was a brilliant adventure that built on the setting and characters introduced in ‘The Lawless Land’. It certainly left me wanting more and I was very pleased that the closing scene teased further adventures. I can hardly wait.

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The Last True Templar is a thrilling journey through fourteenth-century Italy, taking our two heroes to Siena, Florence and Venice (and somewhere else, but spoilers) as they attempt to assist Luciana in her bid to finally solve the mystery of her father’s last letter, sent to her over forty years ago, and which it’s believed, will lead to the lost Templar treasure.

And they’re not alone, for as with all good thrillers, there is another side to this story, and someone else wants to get their hands on the Templar treasure just as much as they do: Luciana’s ruthless husband.

This is an Italy in recovery following the devastation of the Black Death, where few, it seems, have been left unscathed. Ironically, two Englishmen, Gerard and Armstrong, are most involved in the hustle and bustle of the quest, with the aid of some quick-witted and intelligent women.

This story is well-grounded in the historical architecture of the time, as our characters race to solve clues, riding from city to city, some loyal to Luciana’s husband and some to Luciana, all needing to look at or visit various important buildings – many of the well-known ones still being built, or heavily renovated. There is intrigue aplenty. Those characters trying to stop Gerard, Willa, and Luciana are ruthless and ambitious, and all this while Gerard and Willa are trying to determine their future.

Throughout the narrative, there’s quite a bit of to-ing and fro-ing in time. I’d prefer the flashbacks to occur before the characters reveal what happened, as they are somewhat irrelevant.

This is book 2 in the series – I haven’t read book 1 – I don’t necessarily think you need to read the first book to enjoy this one, as we’re given snippets of what’s happened before, but this is very much an isolated ‘quest’. And I did enjoy it. The Last True Templar is very much in the mould of a Dan Brown thriller, only set in the distant past, with an eye to what the cityscapes would have looked like in 1351, and with three feisty women to ensure the narrative never gets bogged down in more purely violent bouts between our two sides.

A rollercoaster of a journey, it’s sure to appeal to fans of historical fiction, historical mysteries and old-fashioned action and adventure stories- (as well as to fans of The Curse of Oak Island:))

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THE LAST TRUE TEMPLAR is the second book in the Tales of the Lawless Land series that kicked off last year. The sibling authors Beth and Boyd Morrison take readers through a mighty quest in the year 1351. We meet Gerald and Willa not long after the events of the previous book, and as fate should have it, they get caught up in trouble for saving a woman from certain death because, you know, that’s what knights-errant do.

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The Last True Templar is the fantastic story of Luciana Corosi and her friends Lady Willa and Sir Gerard from England and their dual quests that they are pursuing simultaneously from Florence.

When it comes to Luciana, she is on a quest to see where clues left to her my her father, the last Templar knight, Domenico Ramberti, lead her to while being chased by her husband, Riccardo Corosi. When it comes to Lady Willa and Sir Gerard - their quest is in deciding what to do with their lives after ending up near Florence from England.

The three characters - Luciana, Lady Willa, and Sir Gerard are all taking part in Luciana's quest, which is full of action and adventure, as well as surprises at every twist and turn. However, while on this quest, Lady Willa and Sir Gerard have not forgotten their own quest! Discussions are had on the way!

There are both good and evil sides in this story and such people are trying to involve themselves in the aforementioned quests. Are the quests completed? Are the outcomes positive? Who wins? All these questions are answered, but you must read the book!

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This was a really good book! It’s part of a series but seems to stand alone. It’s full of action and suspense. It has a mystery to solve and really becomes a page turner towards the end. Definitely looking forward to the next one
Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for the early copy

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I have been really looking forward to the arrival of this, the second book in this series. Seems that I built my hopes up too high. The Last True Templar should have been even better than The Lawless Land which did such a great job of giving the series a strong foundation but it seemed not to have quite the same buzz. Still a good read but I could not offer it another 4 stars, just 3 and a half.

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WOW, WOW. I absolutely loved this book. As I noticed it was book 2 I had to read book 1 first but that’s me I hate reading books out of order and on this one I am really glad I did. However, this can be read as a stand-alone novel, but for me getting to know the characters Sir Gerard Fox and Willa and how they met etc made book two so much better because you learn how they met and more back ground to them although book 2 does reference some of the things.

The story will keep you literally on the edge of your seat from start to finish. Full of adventure, battles. Fox and Willa are in Italy, when they come across a group of marauders robbing a lady and attacking her. Fox immediately comes to her rescue as does Willa. Once they manage to escape they insist on seeing the lady home. She is Luciana Corosi she is married to a man who is one of the wealthiest and unscrupulous bankers there are. When his wife arrives safely home he makes a show of being relieved that she had been rescued. But is that what he really wanted?

Gradually you learn more about Luciana’s life, her father, her first love and how she became married to the man she is with. They had lost their son to Pestilence. But Luciana has secrets she has kept for years her father was the last knight Templar, and he had buried the treasure. He had sent two lots of clues one had been sent to Luciana and the other to the man she was supposed to marry. With both sets of clues they have to follow each to guide them to where the treasure is. But it’s not just Luciana who is looking, her husband also has the clues and wants to get there first and wants his wife dead. This story is full of action, adventure, As they race across Italy to find the hidden clues and solve them to get to the next clue, but who will get there first?

I absolutely loved this book and look forward to book three I hope. This is such a fast paced read, it keeps you completely engrossed I was reading until 4.30 am as I didn’t want to put the book down. Everything seemed so real, like watching a movie in your head as the places are described the action is believable and you are really rooting for Fox, Willa and Luciana. I very highly recommend this book to anyone who likes a fast paced story with great characters that you will love.

I would like to thank #negalley for an eARC of this and @HofZ_Books for an ARC of this book all opinions are my own and have not been influenced in any way.

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Unfortunately I was unable to read this book on my mobile phone. What a pity!!!
I wish you lots of luck with the book.

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I am a huge fan of books about Templar's and this one certainly didn't disappoint. Fox and Willa make this book and I love there traumas, their difficulties and their strength.

This book has it all. There is drama, mystery, suspense, secrets, history, action and even a bit of travel. I love the settings and the way the book draws you in. Once I got into it I just couldn't put it down. Fast passed, well written, intense, dark and even a bit twisted this is a book that takes you on a journey. And it is one you are unlikely to forget.

Loved it and now have to find the first book (as I hear there is one that I missed!).

Thank you NetGalley and Aria & Aries, Head of Zeus for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book.

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This is a fast-paced treasure hunt and race through medieval Europe. The reader is along for the ride with excommunicated English knight Gerard Fox and his capable companion and love, Willa, after they rescue a noblewoman from bandits in a small village in Tuscany. When they all return to Lady Luciana Corosi's castle, her husband's plot to kill her is revealed and all three are forced to escape. We soon find out that not only is Luciana's life in jeopardy, so is the fate of a vast fortune hidden by the Knights Templar before their demise. Luciana's husband will use it to wield unbeatable economic power, unless Fox, Willa and Luciana find it first.

I was completely charmed by the accurate and detailed portrayal of life in medieval Italy and France. Happily, the authors' storytelling chops ensure that all that detail does not bog down the characters or the plot, which keeps marching along at quick pace. I sometimes take a couple of weeks to get through a novel. But I devoured this in a few days. Recommended.

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This is my first exposure to these authors and I was not disappointed. The Morrisons have delivered a fast paced and deliciously wicked tale. The characters are well rounded and come across as believable, whether you love them or hate them. This provocative, somewhat dark and twisted story grabs you from the first page and keeps you guessing until the very end where the authors insert a deliciously wicked twist.

Thank you to NetGalley and Macmillan Aria & Aries who provided me with a copy of this book. I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.

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