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This is a story about four young women who get to participate in the 1st Ball of Versailles to include American women. The stories follows them before, during and after the ball. It shows how there relationships grow due to this once in a lifetime opportunity. There is drama and romance. I throughly enjoyed this book as I do all of danielle Steel’s books! Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the chance to read and ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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I've always loved Danielle Steel novels and this one doesn't disappoint. It was a quick easy read that I thoroughly enjoyed. I've always wanted to visit Versaille and this books provides so much detail I felt like I could have been there. Thank you for the opportunity to read!

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This is the first year that the President of France has decided to host a ball at Versailles for 250 French debutantes and 40 American debutantes to be presented to society. The “cream of the crop” will be invited.

Jane Alexander works at a publishing house in New York City and her daughter is a freshman at Barnard. Jane comes from a good family and is a widow, but she works hard to give Amelia a good life. She receives an invitation for Amelia to be presented at the ball. At first uncertain, Jane finally convinces her daughter that this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and she agrees.

Charlotte and Bailey Smith live in Texas and are very wealthy. They have two daughters, Araminta, spoiled and not interested in attending college. Her younger sister, Felicity, is tall and attends MIT with a goal to earn her doctorate. The two girls do not get along. When Felicity is invited to attend the ball, she is unwilling as she feels awkward. But to please her parents, she agrees.

Caroline Taylor is the daughter of Josh Taylor a producer-director in Los Angeles. Her mother is Betty Wade, a movie star. Caroline is pleased to receive an invitation to the ball, but a devastating incident right before leaving for Paris has upset her.

Robert Talker is a very wealthy man living in New York City with his daughter, Samantha. A tragic accident years ago left him a widower, his son killed, and Samantha injured. He is quite protective of her. She receives an invitation and while hesitant at first finally agrees to attend the ball.

When these four young ladies meet up at the teas and receptions leading up the ball, they form an instant friendship.

Danielle Steel has really outdone herself with this delightful story! I loved the relationships that grew from this very ball. The characters are perfectly created and so real. In addition, the author stayed true to the time this occurred. One of my favorite of her books. Don’t miss this one. It’s fabulous!!

Copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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Excellent Danielle Steel novel. Reminds me of some of her older works and loved the period (1959), young women about to face the world as it was beginning to change. Great diversity between the four families and strong FMC with the Danielle Steel guaranteed HEA!

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Thank you Random House Publishing Group and NetGalley for sharing this story with me. I felt like I was at the The Ball at Versailles! Four college students meet at a dance in Paris and become life long friends.
I have read Danielle Steel for over 40 years and she continues to tell wonderful stories. Reading a Danielle Steel novel is like coming home.
I loved the story and the characters and loved the ending! This was a quick and easy read that I enjoyed quite a bit. Going into a Danielle Steel novel you know it will be an easy light read that can give you a couple of hours of escape. I would recommend this book to others if they enjoy Danielle Steel. She continues to produce sweet good reads!

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Vintage Danielle Steel which I appreciate. Four young women have the Chance to dance the night away at Versailles, set in 1959.
Some of the characters are more developed than others and I had to look up a few items mentioned, like an electric typewriter, to see if they were available in 1959.
I liked the richness the culture and just the ambience of the book.
I tend to just float along with the story when it’s a DS.
Anyone looking for a nostalgic read should pick this one up.

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The Ball at Versailles by Danielle Steel takes us back to 1959 when four young ladies get the opportunity to be presented to Paris Society at a ball to be held for the first time at the Palace of Versailles. It is an invitation only issued to forty American young women. Amelia, Felicity, Caroline, and Samantha are the four young women we get to follow along with their parents (and one mean sister). I was quickly drawn into The Ball of Versailles. I found the story to be easy to read. I liked that each young woman had a different personality and background. It was interesting to get a behind the scenes look at being a debutante at an exclusive event. This ball is happening at a time when women are getting more options. Women no longer need to be presented to society to find themselves a husband who will take care of them. Women can attend college and have a career. The four women experience a special night that will end up changing their futures. A parent or two may end up making a special connection. The author captured the time period. I enjoyed the descriptions of Paris, Versailles, and the clothes. Each lady not only gets a once in a lifetime evening at a gorgeous venue, but they also learn some lessons along the way. This event can bring out the best or the worst in a person. The ladies get to traverse the rocky road of love and heartbreak. I did feel that the story lacked depth, and there is a repetition of details (I got it the first five times). That said, I still enjoyed reading The Ball at Versailles. It is a story that provides a break reality. I have read all of Danielle Steel’s books (been reading them since I was twelve), and I look forward to each new release. The Ball at Versailles is an appealing tale with a distinctive invitation, swanky dresses, a nasty sister, a misunderstood scientist, lifelong friends, and lasting love.

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The Ball at Versailles by Danielle Steel is another one of her captivating and enchanting stand-alone novel. The story begins in the summer of 1959, where the Palace of Versailles will host a historic first dusk-to-dawn debutante ball, for international and royalty. Invitations were sent to a select group of French and American debutantes to attend the ball. The story revolves around four young American women, who are offered a lifetime opportunity, with some anxious to attend, and some being pushed by family; but the trip will open the door that will change their lives forever, as well as a wonderful friendship. We will meet Amelia, Felicity, Caroline and Samantha, as well as their family.

Amelia Alexander is planning on going to law school, and sees this invitation as something she feels is not her style. But Amelia is very close to her mother, Jane, who is widowed, recently lost her job as an executive publisher; but Jane is determined for Amelia to have a chance to go to Paris and attend the Ball. Amelia at first hesitates, but decides to accept the invitation to the Ball a Versailles.

Felicity Smith, who comes from a wealthy Dallas family, is uncertain about attending the ball. Her older sister constantly torments her, especially since she is a bit overweight. Her mother and father are thrilled about the invitation, and Felicity decides to accept, in order to get out of her sister’s shadow. She is also hoping to find someone, who will like her as she is.

Caroline Taylor is the daughter of two Hollywood legends, and immediately accepts the opportunity to attend the Ball. A short time before she needs to leave, her boyfriend (an actor) dumps her for a younger girl, breaking her heart and putting a cloud on the event. She keeps this a secret from her parents, and together they attend the Ball. Unfortunately, Caroline gets sick, and has a hard time preparing for the ball, which turns out she may be pregnant.

Samantha Walker, lives with her overprotective father, having lost her mother and young brother years ago. She convinces her father that they should go to Paris, a chance to visit Europe, and enjoy the Ball. Sam wants to make her father proud of her; and together they look forward to the trip.

What follows is the 4 girls will meet each other and over time become friends. Three of the ladies will find someone meant to be for each, having met them as escorts at the ball. I really like the girls, who’s life will change, mostly for the better. I also enjoyed Jane (Amelia’s mother) and Robert (Sam’s father), who found love along the way. The boys who entered the lives of three ladies, Quentin, Willie, Rapheal were also very likeable to their designated women. Carolline, who suffered a bit at the ball, became close friends with the others, and eventually will find the love she deserved.

The Ball at Versailles was a captivating, engaging historical romance story line, with each girl finding love after it was over. I did like how Steel gives us wonderful descriptions, fantastic gowns and decorations. The Ball at Versailles once again is written so very well by Danielle Steel. This was an enjoyable and fun read.

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Whenever I read Danielle Steel, I think of the old Dragnet show and the "Just the facts, ma'am". That's pretty much her style of writing, and it makes the reading quicker and easier. Four young ladies (older teens) in different parts of the country were honored to be selected to take part in the coveted Ball at Versailles. However, not all of them went willingly. The delightful story involved, some love stories as well as some life-long friendships.

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The Ball at Versailles by Danielle Steel is a great historical fiction.
This is a fascinating story that was impossible to put down.
Steel really made these characters come to life and you really feel for them.
I enjoyed how well rounded this story is and kept me glued to the pages.
This book was character driven, with a storyline that sucks you in almost immediately.
She delivers yet again!

I would like to thank NetGalley and Random House, Ballantine & Delacorte Press for the opportunity to read this ahead of its publication date in return for my honest review.

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Beautiful people, beautiful setting what could go wrong! In an era, where a seen and be seen is the phrase of the day this book does not disappoint. Ms still captures the ups and downs of the debutante world as we follow for young ladies and their families as they traverse this time honored tradition but in Paris. Do I have to go? I don’t want to go! Why do I need to go when I’ve already been presented? I don’t even speak French! Are the common threads which these young ladies find themselves contemplating. The hustle and bustle of preparing, brings out different reactions and for one even trauma. The Ball At Versailles is an engaging before, during and after look at the human story and how quickly life can change. I gave it 4 stars.

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I have received an advance copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Danielle Steele is a very successful author. I have seen her books in libraries and shops all my life. Her commercial appeal cannot be denied, so I decided to read one of her novels. I am very grateful that I was allowed to read this ARC.

I won't lie, the cover is what sucked me in. It is gorgeous, and being a big fan of debutantes and midcentury glamour, I hoped this would be my entrance into a fandom spanning decades of readers before me.


I'd like to see the author get away with trying to publish a book with this first chapter as an unknown. Ladies and gents, we are in 3rd person POV and 5% into the book before we hit a single line of dialogue. We are subjected to pages on pages of infodumping via "this happened, and then this happened, and then this happened". The old writer's adage of "show, don't tell" appears to not apply here. Despite the dramatic events that were being related, it just got BORING.

Three chapters worth of new characters were introduced in this manner, with a few token lines of throwaway dialogue at the end of each scene-cum-narrative flashback. There was more dialogue as the book progressed, but it was of a kind with the narration...bland. The characters did not have any uniqueness in their voices or motivations.

Beyond my issues with the writing style, the plot was a grade-A, number-one clunker. The ball didn't really effect each character's trajectory in life. Nobody changed what they would have done AFTER the ball from what they would have done BEFORE (with the possible exception of Felicity). Nobody had an arc. Nobody learned anything new. They all got married and lived happily ever after, and if they didn't, it was from events before the ball, not anything that happened in France. You can argue "but they met the guys in France"...
Yeah, and if they hadn't, it was 1959 and they'd still be getting married to some other guys.

I'm so sorry. This was a good idea, terrible execution. It needs to be sent back for a reworking. I'm so disappointed. What a waste of a beautiful cover.

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Danielle Steel books always feel like a present at Christmas! The anticipation and never disappointed! I love this lovely story of three young ladies coming out a at ball at Versailles. They all have unique stories and personalities and reasons for attending It is a magical night that exceeds their expectations.. The blending of these four girls whose lives will never be the same! I could not put it down! It was such a lovely book! I would love to see a movie of this story!! Thanks #Netgalley for this amazing and magical ARC!

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The Ball at Versailles is Danielle Steel's latest romance. Set in 1959, the book follows four young women on the cusp of adulthood who get selected to participate in a coming out ceremony at the French chateau. The first young woman, Amelia, is the daughter of an overprotective mother who convinces her to participate in what Amelia feels is an old-fashioned tradition. Felicity is an overweight teenager who has lived her life in the shadow of her mean-girl older sister and is looking to shift the tide. Caroline is the child of Hollywood stars who persuade her to participate in the ball. And finally, Samantha, an art history major with an overly zealous father, is a young woman trying to escape a dark past.

In typical Steel fashion, the story skims the surface of the characters' lives without asking very much from the reader. This is a light read, short enough to consume in a few hours. If you're interested in old-fashioned romances, this book might appeal to you. But if you want something deep, you might want to give this one a pass.

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4 1/2 STARS!

Danielle Steel can always be counted on to weave a captivating tale as she wraps characters around her reader's heart! THE BALL AT VERSAILLES quickly hooks us on four main families as their debutante daughters converge in Paris for the ball of the century. The story covers a few months in time but is fairly fast paced with each main character having ample time for drama, romance and various family obligations. I was highly entertained and didn't want to put the book down until they each reached a high point.

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Four American debutantes are invited to a debutante ball at Versailles. They go and meet each other and become fast friends. They also meet interesting men with whom they continue to stay in touch with. All in all, a very nice story.

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Amelia, Felicity, Samantha and Caroline- four young women on the cusp who meet at a debutante ball held in Versailles in 1959. They come from and are going different places but they are united on that one night. Remember that this is set in 1959 and reflects attitudes of the period and that these characters are very privileged. That said, it's interesting to see what happens to them a year later- and no spoilers as to how things turn out. I might have liked to check back in five years later but so be it. It's an easy read typical of Steel's work. Thanks to netgalley for the ARC. For her fans.

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The Ball at Versailles by Danielle Steel ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Another great historical fiction by Danielle, whom never disappoints.

4 young different women from the USA journey across the sea to the Versailles in Paris for their coming out. The “coming out” of a young woman represented a change in her status from child to adult and her “introduction” to society. Up to the point of their coming of age of seventeen or eighteen, so the formalization of the event helped insure that she would meet young men who were deemed suitable by her parents.

The event itself was quite short, but was formal and conducted with a certain amount of “pomp and ceremony”. Once introduced, the debutante emerged as an adult and it marked the beginning of her first social season, although if she did not get married or engaged, the coming out was often repeated.

It a great learning experience for me to read about this. Bringing me to the event with thoughts and reasoning s of each young adult. Hope you will pre-order your copy today to read for yourself about the coming out to society. I highly recommend this book.

I received an advanced copy of this book from NetGalley

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Taking us back to the 50’s, 4 young women from different American cities accept an invitation to the coming out ball in Versailles. 4 very different girls with very different reasons for going come together as friends. What I liked most was the step back in time and reading about what it was like to come out into society. Danielle Steel writes best when she writes historical fiction, in my opinion. I enjoyed this book!

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Danielle Steel novels never disappoint. “The Ball at Versailles” follows four debutantes from the United States in late 1950’s. Each debutante is presented alongside French debutantes at the first ball hosted in The Versailles Palace. Easy and enjoyable read.

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