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Every Man for Himself and God Against All

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An autobiography by this brilliant and unique film-maker and artist. A fan of his work, this really captured my attention. We will be ordering this title for my library, for sure. I think the eye-catching title will also lure readers in when they see it on the shelf.

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By reading "Every Man for Himself and God Against All" you could pretend that you're listening to Herzog tell you stories. His childhood sounded rather extreme, but it also made sense that such a childhood would produce this kind of adult. Some of the stories sound too wild to be real, but does it matter when it's this entertaining? I enjoyed this book but since I kept reading it in Herzog's voice in my head, I wish I held out to review an audiobook if Herzog is reading it himself. (I received a free ARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion.)

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Werner Herzog: the man, the myth, the legend. One of the true joys of my time living in Los Angeles some years ago is that WH would sometimes drop by the movie theater to introduce special screenings of his works, new and old. While I've only seen a handful of his myriad films, I appreciate his spirit of adventure. Once he gets hold of an idea that intrigues him, he holds on and won't let go until he's analyzed it, dissected it, and held it up to the light for all to see. The man is truly fearless.

His memoir is a bit scattershot but if you've seen him speak you know that's how his brain works, leaping from story to story. I do not begrudge this narrative style, especially since every one of his anecdotes is hilarious, offbeat, or poignant - often all three.

You will find no critiques from me. This book was a joy to read and will be an inspiration to young filmmakers and adventurers alike.

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