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A gorgeousness woven nautical fantasy! The magic system was definitely my favourite thing about this! The plot was well crafted and full of twists!
I overall really enjoyed this book!

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It's one of the well written fantasies I've ever read. I so much love it when the writing compells me at the start of the story. It gives more volume towards the enjoyment overall at the end.

Let me tell you how beautifully the writing is done here 👌 the pacing, construction of the sequence of events, the setting, and the world building so vividly expressed. I WAS DRAWN TO EVERYTHING. The pirate adventure was just good, reminds of Pirates of the Caribbean in some instances.

The characters were just equally well written as well. So attached with my precious Mary and the crew. Charles Grant, which honestly finds myself so endeared DESPITE HIM DOING THAT, I still like him. Still emotional after that.

Not forgetting Sam, Fisher, Demery, Anne, Lirr, and the others, which obviously I am so attached as well. Most specifically towards Lirr, like this guy is so intriguing, I think I kind of not like how it ended up for him, wasn't fun of it, to be honest.

Speaking of Lirr, I truly want another instalment of Demery, Anne, and the Bretton crew or past.

Although there wasn't a romance in it, I definitely felt that pinning of Samuel. Honestly, I feel pity for the guy. The 2nd book will definitely give us romance, hopefully?

Overall, this was amazing. I can't wait for the 2nd book. There might be some twist and romance finally cooking there and more pirate adventure 🤚🏽 4.5⭐️

~Thank you to Titan Books and Netgalley for the e-arc~

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I really wanted to like this because pirates! But I ended up not finishing it, found it boring and never got into the characters or action.

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The beginning gave me Pirates vibes and I was hooked! A unique fantasy! If you are looking for a solid fantasy read, this book deserves to be talked about more! Thank you to the publisher and to NetGalley for the opportunity to read in exchange for a review!

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This is a nautical themed fantasy following the adventures of Mary Firth. Mary is no ordinary protagonist as she possess the ability to stormsing.  I will leave you as the reader to discover the lush world and lore in which Mary finds herself. I found the lore and world building to be highly inventive and original, which made for a unique reading experience as I was on the edge of my seat. Needless to say, I am very excited for the rest of the series and would like to extend a thank you to Titan Books for my copy. All opinions and views are however my own. I do hope this review has inspired you to join Mary on what is sure to be a grand adventure. I cannot wait to continue with book 2. I cannot wait for more of this fantastic world and Mary. Absolutely amazing.

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Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the e-ARC! I am very grateful and happy to explore everything this author will write in the future as well!

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I forgot to leave a review for this, but I really enjoyed it! It's been out for ages, so I won't say much more than I need to for my star rating. <3

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"Dark Water Daughter" offers a promising premise for a pirate fantasy novel, but unfortunately, it falls short.

The abrupt and chaotic start to the story may be off-putting to some readers, as it throws them into the thick of the action without providing adequate context or character development. This frenetic pacing persists throughout the book, detracting from the overall enjoyment and making it difficult to fully invest in the characters' journeys.

Ultimately, while "Dark Water Daughter" boasts an intriguing premise and a diverse cast of characters, it fails to deliver on its potential, leaving readers feeling underwhelmed and longing for a more fulfilling reading experience.

I will still recommend this title to people interested in swashbuckling romantasy!

Thank you to H.M. Long, NetGalley, and Titan Books for sending me the eARC in exchange for an honest review.

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I’ve been wanting to get back to H.M. Long’s books for a while now, and even had this mentally slotted as one to review last summer when it came out. Obviously, that didn’t happen. But better late than never! And as the sequel is scheduled to drop this coming July, I can even say I’m getting this review out of the way several months in advance! We’ll see if I can be timely about getting to that one! Though, given how much I enjoyed this book, I think think the chances are high!

I feel like there was a very brief blip where pirate fantasy stories were trending, around when Adrienne Young wrote her “Fable” duology. But it didn’t quite take off in the same way we’ve seen with other incredibly popular trends (the vampire one currently is a good example, where every third book you see will be a vampire book in some way or another). It’s too bad though, as I think that pirate stories or even just sea-fairing adventure stories are a perfect match for a lot of classic fantasy fiction. They both often involve quests of some sort that move from location to location; there are often larger parties of characters who all have their own motivations and loyalties; and, of course, lots of fight scenes! Long was able to hone in on all of these elements perfectly in this book.

For the fantasy elements, I really liked the world we have here. Not only is Mary’s weather singing ability super interesting on its own, but I enjoyed the way this kind of ability was worked into the organization of this society and the history behind how Stormsingers have historically been treated. Especially for a very nautical group of countries, we can easily see how Stormsingers would be in the sort of demand they are, as well as how their abilities could be exploited by those around them. Beyond the Stormsinging, however, there were a lot of other excellent fantasy elements. I feel like we only scratched the surface of Samuel’s own abilities, with some big swings coming towards the end of the book (I’m especially excited to see where his story goes in the next book). And on top of all of this, we have the ghistlings. These beings felt like a bit of an after thought in both the book summary and in the beginning of the story, but man, that was a bait and switch! There were some truly shocking twists and turns in this arena throughout the book.

I also really enjoyed Mary and Samuel as characters. Each had a rich and compelling back story that was slowly revealed, and I particularly enjoyed the extreme slow burn of their growing relationship. We’re talking slooooowww. After reading a bunch of romantasy books recently, I very much appreciated the return to fantasy where there is a romance, but it is definitely a subplot to not only the greater plot but also to the individual character arcs. As an aside, I had a moment reading this book where I realized I may have been reading a bit too much romantasy recently when the villain was first introduced and I found myself wondering if he was being introduced as a second spoke in a developing love triangle (there is a bare whiff of a love triangle, to be fair, but not with this character.) Sometimes villains are just villains, Serena! Once I re-oriented myself to the real world of most fantasy fiction, I appreciated just how villainous this character really was, and how clearly everyone around him saw this fact.

I also really enjoyed the many various side characters we met. There were several different ships with their own crews and captains that wove in and out of this story, and I enjoyed how all of these moving parts worked together to build to the ultimate show-down. There were some great twists and turns with these side characters as well, with swapping loyalties and a shifting scope of who were the good guys and bad guys at any given moment. It all felt very “Pirates of the Caribbean” in the best way.

I loved this book! It managed to balance so many things all at once without dropping a single plate. There was action, there was danger, there was loyalty and betrayal, love and friendship, and, of course, a large dose of magic in a creative secondary world. After reading this book, I can fairly confidently move Long into my “must read” category for fantasy authors currently writing. If you enjoy fantasy adventures, and especially pirate stories, definitely check this one out!

Rating 9: A perfect combination of a high stakes pirate adventure and a fantasy-fueled quest of discovery. I couldn’t put it down!

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Give me more pirate fantasy books, immediately! What a find this book was. Wow.

H.M Long's "Dark Water Daughter" is a fantastic new addition to the genre. As someone who was obsessed with Justin Somper's 'Vampirates' novels when I was a teenager, this book conjures up some of the same magic for me, with a more adult, and darker tone. It's a semi-historical, fantasy novel set during the 'Golden Age' of piracy, which I loved. Imagine PoTC, but with more supernatural weirdness to it, and you've got a sense of what this book is like.

It's a rich and atmospheric read, and part one of what promises to be a really intriguing series - and I'm so glad it's a series, because oh gosh, the ending of this book had me writing down so many questions. I feel like that characters - particularly Mary and Samuel - have so much more to reveal, and I can't wait to see how their powers and relationship progress.

"Dark Water Daughter" is a neatly-paced story, with a terrifying villain and oodles of deep world lore I'm keen to find out more about. There's some really clever lore about Ghistings - tree spirits who say with their wood and become the soul of the ship - which I think was my favourite part of the book.

Keen to read more of this series. Thoroughly enjoyed this first book. It filled a genre gap in my soul I never knew was missing.

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I found Dark Water Daughter to be an okay read. I have been enjoying the new trends in fantasy, especially pirate stories, but I think my expectations were too high for this one. I received an ARC from NetGalley but did not get the chance to read it. Instead, I got an audiobook version to listen to. It's been months since I read it, and I don't remember anything particularly noteworthy about the characters. However, I did enjoy the world-building and the atmosphere. At some points during the audio, I found myself engaged, but around the middle of the book, it started to drag, causing me to lose interest in the story.

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The world-building and atmospheric elements showcased in this book are fantastic The author skillfully crafts a rich and immersive environment.

The characters, portrayed with depth, include the honorable yet wrongly disgraced Sam Rosser on a mission to capture the pirate lord, Lirr. Alongside him is Mary Firth, a thralled Stormsinger, navigating the challenges of reclaiming her freedom, mastering her powers, and seeking closure regarding her legendary Stormsinger mother. The dialogue is not only fantastic but also infused with humor.

The author seamlessly incorporates bestiary-style details, offering insights into the original creature lore. From the gallows to the final showdown, the story kept me hooked, and the well-executed setup at the end only heightened my anticipation for the next book. This is a great adult fantasy with fantastic pacing, endearing characters, a captivating storyline, and a profound atmospheric experience.

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Dark Water Daughter by H.M. Long is one of my favorite books of the year. The premise sounded really interesting and I won an annotated ARC copy of this book so I was really looking forward to it. It blew my expectations out of the water. I was able to listen to the audiobook and loved the narrators. They did an excellent job.

The world this story was set in was a lot more intricate than I expected. It was so atmospheric for me. I loved both the main and the supporting characters. While some were more developed than others, they all enhanced the story in different ways. I enjoyed all of the POVs and varying storylines, and every time I thought I knew what was going on, something else was introduced that made the story even more intriguing to me. I can see how the amount of storylines/POVs can be too much for some readers but I personally really enjoyed it and I’m very excited to continue with the series.

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Dark Water Daughter is the first book in the Winter Sea series by HM Long. I have read Long's other series and always find her writing to be extremely immersive and atmosphere and this was no different.
We are thrown into adventure and action from the beginning with our main character, Mary Firth, escaping the gallows. Like her mother, Mary is a Stormsinger, who can control the weather with the power of her voice.
The tale that follows includes Pirates, Hunters, Magic and the high seas - It has a good pace and complex interesting characters within a rich fantasy world.
I did lose track a bit with the different ships and ghistings but I think it has been set up well to progress to the sequel and I hope we get to know the side characters a bit more.
Overall I would definitely recommend, My thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the e-arc.

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H. M. Long's "The Winter Sea" is a gripping novel that weaves together a complex narrative, blending suspense, family drama, and a touch of the supernatural.

Long's writing is atmospheric, creating a palpable sense of tension that keeps the reader on edge throughout. One of the novel's strengths lies in its well-developed characters. Each individual is fleshed out with distinct personalities and motivations. The author explores the complexities of family dynamics and the impact of long-buried secrets, adding depth to the overall narrative.

While the supernatural elements add a unique flavor to the story, some readers may find them slightly challenging to reconcile with the otherwise grounded narrative. However, this aspect contributes to the novel's distinctive atmosphere and may appeal to those who enjoy a touch of the paranormal in their mysteries.

In conclusion, H. M. Long's "The Winter Sea" is a captivating novel that combines intricate storytelling, well-crafted characters, and a dash of the supernatural. Fans of the genre will appreciate the novel's ability to keep them guessing until the very end, making it a compelling and enjoyable read.

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I pick up any books by Long because the writing is so immersive. This one in particular grabbed me from the beginning and totally swept me off my feet. I recommend it to anyone that likes wintery books and sea adventures any time they ask for recommendations.

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Not my usual type of book but I really enjoyed this, the character development stood out for me but the world building was also amazing, I was hooked from the first chapter, vivid decsriptions

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A great YA pirate fantasy book!!! I wish there had been a tiny bit more romance added to the story… but overall it was a fun adventure

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This is an epic fantasy and so much more!
Love the pirate vibes and how the setting/backdrop really stood out! Characterization was a little flat in terms of personality [thru conversations] nevertheless, the twists and the actions more than made up for it

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I really wanted to love this book but after a few attempts I still couldn't manage to get into it and it unfortunately ended up being a DNF

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