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Dark Water Daughter

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I'd like to thank NetGalley, author and publisher for allowing me a chance at reading this story.

I have a weakness for pirate stories. When I read through the summary, I thought it looked pretty good. As I started reading it, I realized this was just the story I was looking for.

You have a world in which a girl was born with the ability to control the weather. Like an amplified harpy. Her kind exist and are an asset to the military / navy. There are others that can do various things and that is the fun joy behind this world that H.M. Long has created. Honestly, the story reminded me a lot of how Robin Hobb's stories began each chapter with a insight about the bigger world. I also like that the ships sort of come to life, too. (Part o the story, you have to read. Though, when you find out the path they take / what the author has planned it s a lot darker in tone of what happened to Liveships in Hobbs world.)

Mary is an awesome character. She is part of an interesting group of heroes, villains, and neither friend or foes. Book 1 ends with some paths drawn out and others completed.

I want more, and I am so excited to see this is gong to be a series. I can't wait to see Mary build up her powers and new dangers against lurking threats and adventures.

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Dark Water Daughter languidly draws you into its depths, depicting a world full of fractured heroes and villains, and an unthinkable plot to reset the drawing board. Magic runs deep with an assortment of stormsingers, sooths, and mages drawn into service on the seas. H.M Long assembles a tumultuous narrative of pirates and magic that sears the skin like salt on a wound. With a kernel of romance and a treasured cast of characters, this is a sensational new fantasy series!

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