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A Winter in New York

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In this captivating novel, a young chef stumbles upon a hidden family recipe that may hold the key to the love and fulfilment she's been seeking.

When Iris decides to make a fresh start in New York, she quickly discovers that the city is even more vast than the romanticized version she enjoyed in nostalgic movies with her mom. The scale of the Big Apple becomes apparent, but her best friend, Bobby, refuses to see her down. Dragging her to a popular autumn street fair in Little Italy, Bobby leads her to a charming family-run gelateria. Intrigued, Iris wonders if it's the same place from an old photo of her mother's.

Returning the next day, Iris meets Gio, a handsome man who reveals that the gelateria is facing closure because his uncle, the sole guardian of their family's secret gelato recipe, is ill. As Iris samples the last batch, she discovers a remarkable connection between their gelato and her mother's recipe. However, she grapples with how to share this revelation, uncertain of why Gio's uncle entrusted the secret to her mother.

In an attempt to help, Iris offers her culinary expertise to recreate the unique flavour, gradually falling for Gio and his family in the process. Yet, as Gio's uncle's health improves, Iris realises the secrets she's been harbouring threaten to unravel her new reality. The novel skillfully weaves together themes of love, family, and the delicate balance between preserving the past and embracing a hopeful future. It's a comforting and entertaining read, and I really enjoyed it.

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Anyone who has visited New York will realise how implausible the storyline of this book is, however you can’t help but like and enjoy reading it. The characters are easy to empathise with and who can resist a good romance set in a beautiful city?

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This was a good read. I found the pace a little slow, but such great connections to the main characters. I wanted to be a part of their family too.
Great book and will be appropriate for a wide audience.

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New York and Christmas go together to make a super festive read, and Josie brings that little bit of magic too!

Iris arrives in New York wanting to restart her cooking career and recover from a broken heart.

Whilst at a food festival she sees a Gelateria that looks remarkably familiar, upon entering she meets Gio, a very attractive, friendly man, hiding his own crisis, which as fate may have it, Iris can solve but can’t tell him how…

A fabulous tale about letting go of the past, gaining confidence, friendships, family values and great
new beginnings, set in the most magnificent city.

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Josie Silver always writes charming Christmassy novels that make you want to escape and this was no different. I love how she brought the sights and smells of New York to life!

Thanks to the publisher and to Netgalley for the arc in exchange for an honest review

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this book is very heart warming and also one to make you shed a tear or two telling a story of hardship fun joy and happiness in the end for iris and gio when a lovely love story takes place in italy with icecream and noodles to help

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Beautifully written with believable characters . Set in New York, this book attacks all the emotions, great plot and a fantastic read. Recommended
Thank you to Netgalley, Penguin Books and Josie Silver for letting me read this book in exchange for an honest review

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It was inevitable. I would run into a book by Josie Silver that I didn't love. This one is it. The premise, and the lie that is the foundation of the whole story irked me. The fact that the story progresses based on the lie, annoyed me.

Luckily, Silver's writing style is steadily great, which means that regardless of the story. I was happily reading along and I liked learning more about the characters. The romance is good, and the flashbacks to the past are a nice way to intertwine the full narrative.

We follow Iris who follows in her late mother's footsteps and settles down in New York with her best friend Bobby. She meets Gio from the local ice cream shop who doesn't have access to his family's world famous ice cream recipe. Only two people know it. His uncle and his dad who has issues with his memory. Gio does not know that Iris' mother received the recipe years ago and passed it down to her daughter.

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I really enjoyed A Winter in New York, it’s a beautiful story of family, loss, friendship, secrets and love.
The story centres around Iris, a woman who has fled an abusive relationship in back at home in the UK, who is now living in New York.
She sadly lost her beloved mum and hopes to relive some of her mum’s youth with a trip down memory lane in New York where she spent time as a singer in a band.
Iris has a surrogate family in the form of her boss Bobby and his partner.
She works as a chef in Bobby’s noodle restaurant and lives in a small flat above it underneath Bobby and his partner.
During a walk in the city with Bobby Iris recognises a familiar door from a photo from her mum’s collection and thus everything follows.

Geo has a heart of gold, he sadly lost his wife seven years ago and is raising his daughter and trying to save his family’s business.
His Uncle Santo is the only one with the secret family recipe for the famous vanilla gelato that is sold in Belottis, but after a medical episode has lost his memory.
Iris has the very key to unlock the mystery but in doing so could ruin everything as she actually has the recipe written on a napkin given to her late mum.

Somehow she gets roped into trying to help Geo try to recreate the recipe and soon becomes wrapped up in his wonderful family too.
The Belotti’s sound like an amazing family I would love to have dinner at their house and of course gelato for dessert.
There’s some really laugh out loud moments as well as some incredibly raw and tender ones too.
Trigger warning for death and abuse.
It’s a beautiful story that I really enjoyed.
With thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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This was a light-hearted cute romance but i couldn't get into it as much as i would hoped. The storyline was actually well-written, and the characters were cute but nothing very groundbreaking.

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A slow burning romance that makes you want to eat creamy vanilla ice cream, visit New York in Winter and visit a little family run gelato parlour.
Iris is British and is very much alone in the world after her mother passes away. Her mother in her younger years was a singer and very much a free spirit and when Iris finds herself needing to escape her abusive ex-boyfriend, travels to New York and lands lucky finding a new job, somewhere to live and a very friendly gay landlord and friend. Whilst out with her friend, she has some Deja vu except that she’s never been here before. The object in question is an old photo of a door and a secret vanilla recipe. Iris is aware of the secret recipe and has never divulged it but was not aware of where it had come from. Unfortunately she is torn between divulging this secret or the shop closing forever as the only person who currently knows the recipe has had a stroke and can’t remember. Loyalty to her mother stops her from telling all she knows and instead Iris decides to gradually ‘hint’ at the recipe to help the family out. With regular visits, Iris finds herself in the midst of a large loud and loving Italian family. and widowed Gio.
A true romance develops but not all is plain sailing when you embark on a new relationship with huge secrets.
Get the ice cream out and a blanket as this book takes you on a journey.

With thanks to #NetGalley Penguin General UK, Hamish Hamilton, Viking, Penguin Life, Penguin Business for this preview read of #AWinterinNewYork.

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I was hooked by this book right from the very start! I loved Iris and Gio, they were the cutest couple made even more so by the winter in New York.

There were so many great characters in the book. I especially liked Bobby and his husband Robin. The Belotti’s were all lovely too.

All the mention of gelato in the book was making me hungry and again now writing the review. 😂

If you want a book giving you all the cosy and heartwarming feels, I definitely recommend this one. I’m looking forward to reading more book s by this author.

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Ice cream at Christmas? Sounds strange, but after reading A Winter in New York I'm fully on board...

This light-hearted read has a fun premise, relatable/lovable characters, and a great setting - New York City at Christmas! The story revolves around Iris and Gio, both from very different backgrounds, but both dealing with their respective dysfunctional families. The book went deeper into these issues than I'd expect, but I enjoyed reading about it more than I expected. I feel like Christmas contains a lot of pathos anyway, and this books captured that bittersweet feeling well. I especially loved all the foodie descriptions!

A lovely read that works for the holidays - I'll definitely be revisiting this and recommending it next year!

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4.5 stars
What a beautiful, lovely, & engaging story! I did not want to put this down, and though it looked like a train wreck waiting to happen at times (the secrets, the lies, the half-truths could have made this a complete mess if not a despicable plot & heroine/protagonist), but it all happened organically in the tale, and I was nodding along to the reasoning, even if it felt flawed at times, because it was so very human, too.
This is one book that swept me in and took me along with its tides, in the midst of a magical winter in New York, in the arms and bosom of a lovely family everyone would kill to have, with people with such hearts of gold, yet also people who are intensely flawed and real, too.
Iris as the heroine had my heart wrenching with hers many a time; Gio as the hero had me falling helplessly in love with him; the Belottis were the dream family I wish could've been mine in any lifetime; Bobby & Robin the older siblings in your corner 200% of the time. The only ones that irked me were Vivien & Santo, for the things they've done and then keep on doing, especially to Iris.
All in all, the ending felt a little rushed - I would've preferred it to happen with a slower pace and with a bit 'more' than just the action taking place... But all in all, the entire ride that was this book was just perfect. Lovely, lovely story. Gonna be on the lookout for more Josie Silver now, for sure!

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⭐️ 4 ⭐️

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the eARC, in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.

I really enjoyed A Winter in New York, with the city providing a magical backdrop to the story.

It’s a heartwarming, uplifting read, beautifully written with a fabulous cast of characters. A brilliant, entertaining festive read.

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First time reading a book from Josie and it won’t be my last! Absolutely adored every second of this book from start to finish and it was the perfect Christmassy read. It’s so much more then romance it talks about family and loss and grief and I think Josie did a fantastic job with this book.

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A wonderful wintery Romance set in New York.

This was well written and found it hard to put it down, once I started reading it. The characters were extremely believable.

The story is written around the hustle and bustle of a Gelateria. Definitely got me wanting to try the ice cream. Iris arrives in New York, trying to put the past behind her. However, it doesn’t seem that she can.
A beautiful story of love, hope and dreams. Congratulations Josie Silver on a fantastic novel. I highly recommend you put this on your TBR list. You will not be disappointed.

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I was really excited to start reading this but it wasn't really what I expected it to be.
From the outset, I just didn't get those festive vibes that I was looking for.
While the plot sounded somewhat interesting and I did quite like the chemistry between the two main characters, the amount of lying and miscommunication really soured this for me.
I really don't like the miscommunication trope at all and this had way too much of it.
You're also just waiting for the secret to be revealed and expecting the third act breakup to come (which it does).
I did enjoy Josie Silver's writing, as always and do look forward to what she does next. But this wasn't my favourite by her.
Thank you to Netgalley for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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I'm a big fan of Josie Silver and this book did not disappoint. Heartfelt and funny, at times I wanted to reach in and shake some sense into Iris, other times I was laughing or crying with her. Love the development of her relationship with Gio and his big, loud Italian family. 10/10 would recommend

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I want to thank NetGalley for approving me for an ARC of this book. I am a big fan of Josie Silver and was excited to see what this one had in store!

🔥Slow Burn
💗Found Family
🌍Starting Over

If these themes/tropes appeal to you, I suggest you pick this one up. Josie Silver creates characters to get lost in, that keep you entertained from cover to cover. A highly entertaining and heart-warming read.


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