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This is the 3rd of this series that I've read.....& thoroughly enjoyed! I like everything about the series....the Yorkshire setting, delving into the private life & attitudes of the continuing police team/unit, the old timey feel of the 'closed door/locked room' type mystery. Ellis is consistently delivering a good 'ol rewarding 'who dunnit', sans any overt sex or bad language....I guess you don't have to have those in a murder mystery to have a great read! I'm going to read all of these Yorkshire Murder Mysteries......the series is that good!
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"Steeped in a history of award-winning Yorkshire ale, the town of Markham boasts not one but two breweries. Richard Foster runs one; his sister, Emily, along with her partner, Janice, runs the other. And not without some resentment. The unwelcome return of the town’s former bad boy, Brendan Scholes, threatens to ignite the sibling rivalry further. Scholes claims to have found the long-lost secret recipe to the beer that made Richard and Emily’s father famous, and he wants money. But it isn’t long before Scholes’ body is found floating in a fermentation tank at one of the breweries, his head caved in by a hammer. DCI Oldroyd and Andy Carter are called in to investigate the murder, and there’s no shortage of suspects. As rumours of the possible existence of a recipe for the famous beer spread against a backdrop of growing homophobia and misogyny, tempers run high. With Markham’s beer industry at stake, a killer on the loose and the town’s residents out for blood, Oldroyd needs to solve the murder before someone else is killed."
Crazy to find a body floating in a fermentation tank, question is how did it get there? Will have to read the story to find out. I give this book 4 stars. 
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Published Sept 28th, 2023
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I really enjoyed this book. The author did a wonderful job with the characters, especially Oldroyd and his wife. The ending was a complete surprise and I love when I can't figure it out. I look forward to reading more works by this author.
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An award winning beer recipe has gone missing, presumed lost forever with the death of the owner of the brewery, until it seems it is not really lost just hidden.

The setting of a small Yorkshire town of Markham, two competing breweries which support almost the entire town and a very traditional history of brewing which goes back decades. The two breweries are owned by siblings - and the one managed by the sister is run almost totally by women. The owner is openly gay, lives and manages the brewery with her partner. In a conservative community, they get more than their fair share of misogyny and hate.

When two people are murdered, and an attempted murder on the owner of one of the breweries takes place, Detective Ockroyd knows that things will have to be sorted as the entire area is full of tension and suspicion. Taking a step at a time the Detectives use the media judiciously to flush out their murderer.

The background and setting to the story was charming, the characters were spot on and fitted in seamlessly. The introductions of snippets of various beers produced in Yorkshire, along with bits of history added enormous interest.
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This is the 9th of the series Yorkshire Murder Mysteries. This time DCI Oldroyd it looking at a murder at a brewery. Even though he enjoys a good glass he would rather not have to investigate a murder at the same time.
There is murders and family rivalry.
Thanks to NetGalley for the ARC and to the publisher Thomas & Mercer.
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The town of Markham was famous for its beer. The recipe for their prize winning brew was lost when the owner died & his two children were unable to work together. His daughter went on to start another brewery with Janice her partner. Women running a brewery is a lot for many Yorkshiremen to take- especially gay women! When bad boy Brendan Scoles returns to the area he proclaims he has the precious recipe. However when he is found in one of the brewing vats, the police are keen to find out who killed him.

This series of books features the likeable old school DI Oldroyd & his team. Although this is a series it is not necessary to read them in order. The setting of the Yorkshire Dales seems part of the narrative making it part of the complete picture. Thanks to Netgalley & the publisher for letting me read & review this enjoyable read.
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An entertaining, gripping and well plotted mystery that I thoroughly enjoyed. A solid mystery that kept me guessing
Many thanks to the publisher for this ARC, all opinions are mine
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Another triumph for J.R. Ellis! I first got introduced to this series due to a search for my birth place of Yorkshire. Although I grew up in Australia, I adore all of the dialect and typically Yorkshire words and phrases,  it makes me feel right at home. I enjoy the fact that it is written as if it is being said for some characters. 
The main characters never fail to disappoint and I really love the fact that they aren't killed off in every book or have monstrous things happen. We didn't see much of Steph in this book but she is definitely there in the wings.
The book covers the topics of relationships,  addiction and Secrets, in all manner of speaking.
I appreciate the thorough research that has gone onto drinking at breweries in preparation for this book(!) and really loved reading about them in the first part of every chapter.
Sign me up for the next one please! 
Thanks to Netgalley and the author and publisher for a temporary copy in exchange for an honest review.
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In the small town of Markham, estranged brother and sister Richard & Emily Foster run rival breweries. The original brewery was run by their father, who along with their grandfather, developed a recipe for a special beer that was very popular. The recipe was a secret know only to those two and was fiercely guarded. So much so, that when their dad died the recipe was thought to have died with him because he didn't want to pass it on to his feuding offspring.
One morning, a body is discovered in one of the beer tanks at Richard's brewery. The body was that of Brendan Scholes, a man who claims that he has found the recipe and tried to sell it to both Richard & Emily. Neither sibling believed his claims, stating that the recipe was lost forever.
DI Oldroyd and his team are called in to solve they crime. Did one of the siblings kill him or was something else going on?
As with all the books in the Yorkshire series, it is well written, and fast paced. I can't wait for the next one.
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An award-winning beer worth killing for. Can DCI Oldroyd find the killer before last orders? The Brewery Murders is the 9th book in the Yorkshire Murders. There are two breweries run my competing brother and sister. Brendan Scholes offers the recipe of a beer made by the father and grandfather of Richard Foster and his sister, Emily. The award-winning recipe seems to have died along with the Foster family relatives long ago. Brendan Scholes is the first murdered victim. The plot is one that has some good twists and turns but kept me reading until the very surprising ending. The characters of DCI Oldroyd and Andy Carter are called in to investigate the murders. The suspects are plenty but soon the murderer is narrowed down. I would highly recommend this book to those who enjoy suspense with their thriller. An excellent addition to the series!
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Addiction, the brewing industry, and family tensions lie at the heart of the crimes committed in this ninth entry in the Yorkshire Murder Mystery series featuring DCI Oldroyd and his team. A clever and twisty plot, along with the continuing development of the  personal and professional lives of the police officers make this a great series.
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The Brewery Murders is the ninth book in the Yorkshire Murder Mysteries, but this was my first taste of the series and I didn’t feel like I had missed out by not reading any of the previous books.

There are 2 breweries in town of Markham, Yorkshire, with each managed by  a rival brother and sister.  When their father, Richard Foster passed away, so did his recipe for his award-winning beer.   However, when local bad boy Brendan Scholes returns to the town claiming to have the secret recipe which he offers to the rival siblings for a price, it's not long before Scholes' dead body is found in one of the  breweries.  With a killer on the loose, it’s up to DCI Oldroyd is find the murdered.

I really enjoyed this book, it was well written and the storyline kept me hooked right up until the very end.  I now want to read the previous books..

I received my copy via NetGalley, and am leaving this review voluntarily.
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DCI Oldroyd is back for the latest instalment of the Yorkshire Murder Mysteries .
This book involves the town of Markham which has two breweries run by a brother and sister Richard and Emily Foster ,who have had a parting of the ways due to their differing ideas.
A body is found in  a vat in the brewery run by Richard Foster and Oldroyd and his team begin an investigation.
The book highlights addiction and the problems that accompany it .
There is also a sprinkling of misogyny and homophobia so there’s plenty to make the reader stop and think .
I have enjoyed all the books in the series and this one doesn’t disappoint.
An enjoyable and entertaining read.
Thanks to NetGalley and Amazon Publishing UK.
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The Brewery Murders by J.R. Ellis
I have enjoyed other books in this series, especially the previous one but this one did not work for me. Too much harping on about alcoholism and gambling addiction. This series has been a bit hit or miss for me and this one was definitely a miss. Will try another book in this series in future though.
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Steeped in a history of award-winning Yorkshire ale, the town of Markham boasts not one but two breweries. Richard Foster runs one; his sister, Emily, along with her partner, Janice, runs the other. So there’s some rivalry. The unwelcome return of the town’s former bad boy, Brendan Scholes, threatens to ignite the sibling rivalry further. Scholes claims to have found the long-lost secret recipe to the beer that made Richard and Emily’s father famous, and he wants money. Then Scholes’ body is found floating in a fermentation tank at one of the breweries. DCI Jim Oldroyd and Andy Carter are called in to investigate the murder.
The ninth book in the series & it’s easily read on its own. I’m really enjoying the series & love how the author keeps you on the edge of your seat as the suspense is maintained throughout the book.  We also get to know a bit about some of the suspects lives which added to my enjoyment. There are, of course, twists, turns & red herrings as the suspects all have secrets. I was left guessing until all was revealed. A thoroughly enjoyable cosy mystery
My review is for a special copy I voluntarily read
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As anyone who follows my reviews is aware, I love a good mystery!

In the Yorkshire town of Markham there are not one, but two breweries each managed by rival siblings. Their father, Richard Foster, brewed an award-winning beer during his time at the helm and it's always been thought that it died with him. However, the return of local bad boy Brendan Scholes brings claims that the secret recipe has been found; however, it's not long before Scholes' dead body is found in one brewery and rumours abound. With a killer on the loose and misogyny and homophobia on the increase, DCI Oldroyd is determined to get to the bottom of things before it all gets out of hand.

I have to say I really enjoyed this one. Plenty going on in a busy community, great characterisation and a strong story line througout kept me hooked to the very end. I wish I had come across this series sooner but the good news is that there is no harking back to previous novels so I can catch up at my leisure. Well-written, enigmatic and a pleasure to read. For me 5* and my recommendation.

My thanks to the publisher for my copy via NetGalley; this is - as always - my honest, original and unbiased review.
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A reliably enjoyable series (it does help if you live in the area, it adds to the experience !). J.R. Ellis can be relied upon to produce a very readable book each time. Husband more interested in this one than me (he has a lifelong interest on beer) but we both enjoyed the tale.
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The Brewery Murders, by J.R. Ellis is a clean, beer filled murder mystery. If you have an interest in the history of breweries and like a mystery, you'll likely enjoy this book. Each of the chapters starts with some interesting history about different breweries around England. I had a hard time getting into the story, itself and found it slow going. This one was just ok for me.
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DS Andy Carter and his boss DCI Olroyd are back in their ninth mystery investigating a murder in a Yorkshire brewery. Owned by Richard Foster, the brewery was once famous for it’s award winning beer made famous by Richard’s father. Unfortunately the recipe was lost when he died and didn’t pass it on to Richard or his sister Emily, also owner of a brewery with her partner Janice, staffed solely by women. When Brenda Scholes, a former worker in the brewery turns up in town claiming to have the recipe and offering to sell it to Richard or Emily, they are both sceptical that it exists. Before they can find out more Brendan’s body is found with hois head bashed in, floating in a tank of beer at Richard’s brewery.

There are a number of suspects to investigate which Olroyd goes about in his usual methodical old style approach. However, before they can solve the case there will be other murders to muddy the waters. It’s an engrossing mystery with some twists and turns to keep it interesting and keep the reader guessing. The brewing siblings with their two competitive breweries along with a homophobic campaign against Emily also adds an another dimension to the personal lives of the main characters. Overall an enjoyable and interesting addition to the series.
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The brewery murders is another episode in the DCI Oldroyd series, set in the Yorkshire Dales. Together with his loyal co-worker Andy DCI Oldroyd investigates a murder in a brewery in Markham. 
Almost from the start it is clear that there is bad blood between the two brewery's in town that are owned by two siblings that have fallen out over the search for a very successful beer recipe that has gone missing.

Apart from the interesting protagonists what I like most about this series is that in addition to the main story, there is always a side theme on a current topic. In this episode it is misogyny and homophobia. Fortunately, humanity triumphs in the end. The plot is always very well developed in this series, the stories are well written, the main characters are pleasant and well developed in terms of character and their experiences.

So, full marks for this book. Looking forward to the next book.
Thank you Netgalley for providing me with an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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