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I didn't get the chance to read this all the way through, but I enjoyed what I did read. I love cats and have not long got my own familiar so this was perfect for me. I intend to buy this book to read it all, thank you for the advance sight of it.

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❥ 4 stars ☆

❝If this book has found its way to you, there may be a feline familiar that is working on your behalf. Perhaps you have been curious about what kind of magick a cat can bring into your life.❞

I’m a cat lover and a cat mama of my silver shaded Persian cat Pika, who is also interested in magic and witchcraft, and that’s why I wanted to read this book.

This book is worth reading if you love cats, even if you are not interested in magic and witchcraft. It tells you the history of cats, along with folklore and myths about them.

I learned some new things that I have written down to save, even if I also knew a lot of the info about cats and witchcraft that was shared. I ignored most of the rituals since they weren’t relevant to me.

You will see many cute illustrated cats throughout the book, and it has a ‘witchy’ look to it. It would definitely be a cute gift for someone who loves cats, witchcraft and/or magic!

❝While it might be said that we domesticated cats, make no mistake, they choose to work alongside us and allow us into their lives.❞

❝According to the Egyptian culture, a cat represents Ra, the Sun god, and the benefits of the Sun for life on Earth. Bast or Bastet is one of the most widely known Egyptian cat deities, and was the goddess of cats themselves, and later took the form of a smaller cat. Domestic cats are seen as a living incarnation of the goddess. She protects the home, women, and children, and ensures that the mice and rats stay away. Mafdet, Sekhmet are two other cat deities.❞

❝India and China also have feline fertility goddesses. In India there is Shashti, and in China there is Li Shou. According to the Chinese creation myth cats were appointed by the gods to oversee everything, ensuring that all things went smoothly.❞

❝There are too many myths, legends, and folklore about felines across the globe to count. The most prevalent include “touch not the cat”. It was believed that misfortune would befall anyone who deliberately harmed a cat. Many folklore stories attribute luck and good fortune to cats.❞

Cats have been linked to gods and goddesses in different cultures for centuries.

❝Cats became linked with witches around the time of the Middle Ages.❞

❝With the sleek and cunning nature of the cat, their ancient connection to goddess energy, the moon, and magick, their ability to peer beyond the veil and be keenly aware of their environment, it is no wonder they became tied to witches and witchcraft.❞

❝The cat is unapologetically independent. Domestic cats are small, yet fierce. They represent curiosity, which was frowned upon during the rise of Christianity.❞

❝There are also significant writings and superstitions stating that witches shape-shift into cats. One such belief says that the reason a cat has nine lives is because of the witch’s ability to turn into a cat eight times but on the ninth, the witch will remain a cat for the duration of her life.❞

❝Cats are a symbol of the wild feminine/Divine Feminine through their association with goddess energy.❞

❝Whether a messenger, guide, or familiar, if a cat graces us with their presence, we should indeed feel honoured and pay close attention to what they have to say.❞

❝Thousands of people across the globe have witnessed their cat get up randomly and stare at nothing. Why is this? Simply put, they are beings that can peer beyond the veil and into other realms. While other animals have the ability to see and feel energies, they do not compare to the cat.❞

❝Our familiars teach us to believe in ourselves, our power, our intuition, and our ability to send and receive messages.❞

❝A feline familiar will also help you (their witch) keep your (their) energetic field clear.❞

❝Cats take protecting their territory seriously, so they do a wonderful job of keeping dark entities or negative spirits away from the home.❞

❝If you are lucky enough to find shed items from your cat, be sure to keep them, as they hold powerful magick.❞

Cats have also been linked to witches, witchcraft and magic for many centuries.

❝Our feline familiars teach us about boundaries, how to set them and how to maintain them. If a cat does not want to be touched, they will let you know. If you continue to try to push their boundaries, they will attack. They teach us that independence is important but that it is also okay to be taken care of and to receive love. Your cat will show you that there is a time for play, a time to hunt, and a need to rest and that a catnap is never a bad thing!❞

Boundaries and consent are so important for cats and for humans! When someone says they don’t like cats... Consider this and what they may actually be telling you.

🐈‍⬛ Black cats: The color black typically corresponds to protection, the night, the occult, and magick. Black cats excel at protection and keeping negative entities and energies away. These cats are known for being “witch cats.” They are powerhouses when it comes to lending energy as a familiar. Because of their black fur, they are masters at blending into the shadows.

🐈 Red/Orange/Yellow Cats: These colors represent vitality and correspond to Sun and Mars energy. Regardless of the sex of the feline, they might exude a more masculine energy because their colouring aligns with the Divine Masculine.

🐈‍⬛ Blue Gray/Smoky Cats: Gray is a variance of silver and, as such, corresponds to the Divine Feminine and goddess energy. Because this color is a mixture, the cats hold the energy of balance. It is also a shadow color and represents the “in between.”

🐈 White Cats: White is the color of healing and a feline of this color excels at it. It also represents purity. White aligns with lunar energies. White cats have long symbolized spiritual enlightenment or rebirth.

🐈‍⬛ Brown Cats: Solid brown cats are more rare than other colourings. Brown represents Earth energy.

🐈 Color Point (Siamese) Cats: These cats are considered “royal cats” by many. They represent luxury (wealth and prosperity), power, and wise leadership.

🐈‍⬛ Persian Cats: Like Siamese cats, Persian cats represent wealth and prosperity. They also hold the energy of comfort, good luck, and good fortune. They have been known to be popular cats around business for this reason.

🐈 Calico (Tricolor) Cats: The traditional colouring of white, red, and black represents the three aspects of the goddess: the maiden (white), the mother (red for blood), and the crone (black for wisdom and magick). These cats hold the energy of all three colors. They are known to be powerful and highly intuitive. They make excellent messengers of the goddess.

🐈‍⬛ Two-Tone or Tuxedo Cats: This cat color is all about balance, as it holds both black and white cat energies. These cats also carry a little bit of mischief, urging us to keep the work/play balance in our lives.

🐈 Tortoiseshell Cats: Because this color pattern is (almost) only inherited by females, tortoiseshell cats are all about women’s magick. They are the goddess, the Divine Feminine. They are highly clairvoyant and are protectors of children.

🐈‍⬛ Tabby Cats: These cats tend to be social and adventurous. Indigenous Peoples believe that tabby cats are the keepers of the Universe’s secrets and hold great wisdom. They also hold the energy of change and transformation.

It’s very fun to know about different cats’ colours and breeds, and what they can mean and represent. I already knew some of this, for example about Persians since I have one myself.

Persians are also seen as royal cats and French royals had Persians back in the day because it was their favourite cat, and it later also became popular for the British royal family. It’s no surprise to me why they would be seen as royal cats as Persians have a very special look, and they have a very calm temperament so it would suit them to lounge around in a palace all day and they wouldn’t make a mess anywhere.

❝Our little balls of fur have plenty of medicine to offer all on their own. They are the ultimate Zen masters. They live utterly in the moment, eating when they’re hungry, sleeping when they’re tired, and playing whenever the urge arises.❞

❝Cats know when their human needs healing. How often have you had a rough day at work and once you’re home, your cat is winding around your leg and acting extra needy? They are acknowledging that they feel your stress. This simple touch is the cat sharing their auric field with you. Once you sit down and try to relax, they climb onto your chest and start to purr. They are now sharing the stress-relieving and healing vibrations that a cat’s purr holds.❞

❝A cat’s purr ranges from 25 to 150 Hertz, a frequency range that has been shown to improve bone density, promote muscle and tissue health, and boost overall healing. This frequency is also known to help heal broken bones, improve joint health, and facilitate wound healing. If you experience dyspnoea or shortness of breath, a cat’s purr may help with this.❞

❝Studies also show that a cat’s purr effectively reduce blood pressure and stress. Because the healing frequency can help repair tissue damage and lower blood pressure, otherwise healthy cat adoptees have a 40 percent less risk of heart attack than those without a cat.❞
[ ]

❝The cat’s purr is a natural anti-anxiety pill.❞

❝The simple act of petting a cat releases oxytocin, which is the “feel good” hormone. The release of oxytocin reduces stress and anxiety.❞

Cats are such beautiful and wonderful creatures, and as if they aren’t already amazing enough, they are also so healthy for us! 🥹💖

Excuse all quotes, I included all the quotes I want to remember and save.
━━━━━━━━━━━ ♡ ━━━━━━━━━━━

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Cat Magick was a delightfully magical book filled with all sorts of fun and witchy things about cats! The art work is absolutely gorgeous!

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Right off this is beautifully illustrated and completely visually stunning. As a huge fan of cats, I loved delving into the importance cats have had throughout history and around the globe. Discover important feline deities in Egypt and the roles cats played in China and Wales. This thorough and fascinating guide uses felines as the basis for this particular type of magick where you can see their god-like importance as well as the superstitions that they were plagued with such as the myths that haunt black cats. This book focuses on cats specifically in roles as messengers, guides, and familiars with the guide breaking down the differences between these types and how to invoke these in your own life. There's also the inclusion of the healing power of the house cats who are the ultimate zen masters. I should know since I have a cat myself. I highly recommend this to beginners exploring this form of magic, animal lovers, and cat lovers.

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I received an advance reader copy of this book to read in exchange for an honest review via netgalley and the publishers.

Cat Magick is a fun, informative and beautifully illustrated book perfect for anyone interested in magic and cats especially. I found so much of this book interesting and couldn't get enough of the artwork! It's truly stunning throughout! The book starts out explaining how humans began worshipping and loving cats and how God's and goddesses in cat form were brought to be. The book helps you channel your felines and magic within your life and in such a fun and beautiful way. This would make such a gorgeous present for any cat lover! Definitely worth a read.

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My thanks to Quarto Publishing Group – Rock Point for a temporary digital review copy of ‘Cat Magick’ by Rieka Moonsong.

The subtitle of this book is: ‘Harness the Powers of Felines through History, Behaviors, and Familiars’. It is aimed at readers with an interest in performing spells and rituals focused on cats.

In its pages Moonsong presents a wealth of information about the history, myths, and folklore of cats, including those surrounding black cats. Aside from domestic cats she also suggests how to undertake magical work with big cats, such as tigers, lions, and leopards.

The spells and rituals included are well presented in terms of equipment and the use of actions and words to achieve the intended result.

Rieka Moonsong’s words are accompanied by stunning cat illustrations by award winning artist Maggie Vandewalle. I especially enjoyed her depictions of winged black cats.

Overall, I found ‘Cat Magick’ an informative guide to the lore and magic of our feline companions.

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Cats and magic, what's not to love! Definitely one to buy as a real book though as I don't think a kindle edition does justice to the beautiful artwork and illustrations. I really enjoyed reading this book - thanks to the author, publisher and Netgalley for the advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.

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A must read for cats lovers!
All of us who own cats know that there is a magical quality to them. In this book we find a guide to explore that magic and identify and attract a feline familiar.

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I loved it! This was a fun and whimsical book about how to tap into feline energy. As a cat mom and a lover of big cats since childhood, this book was right up my alley. I used to pretend to be a black panther as a child, acting like a cat all through my teenage years. So this book truly resonated with my soul. It was beautifully written and the imagery was out of this world. The spells were excellent and I've already begun to utilize some of them. I highly recommend this book! I voluntarily read this book via NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion.

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This is a guide to cat familiars, the history of the practice and how to connect with your familiar. It also provides a history of cats, the myths revolving around these and the folklore, especially that involving black cats.

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While this had some really great wisdom and helpful tips, I was disappointed that the author didn’t include more, like how to actually “cast a circle.” It was mentioned multiple times in the instructions on how to perform spells or incantations, but there were no actual instructions on how to do it.
I also would’ve enjoyed more stories of real-life witches and their cats/familiars/animal guides/protectors. How has this magic helped real witches?
Otherwise a beautiful, informative and enjoyable read.

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WOW, I loved this book. From the moment I picked it up I fell in love with the artwork and how well written the book is. If I could give it more stars I would have.

If you love cats then this book is for you, even if you aren't as interested in the Magick, its full of the history of cats with lots of fokelore and myths. Some I had heard of before but lots of it was new to me.

The book has so much packed into it. Its easy to read and not full of mumbo jumbo like some magick books. I read it quite quickly so its not a heavy read. I would love to get it in hardback instead of as a digital copy as the artwork is outstanding.

Thanks to Netgalley and Quatro Publishing for the ARC Copy. This review is my own opinion.

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The first thing about this ebook is it's beautifully formatted. The second thing is not only is the cover spectacular, but the artwork is a true joy to look at. The third is that it is a wonderful read. As a witch, and cat lover, this book spoke to me on many levels. I loved the invocation to the goddess Bastet and the invocation to Freya's battle cats. While the artwork alone is reason to get this book, the invocations and rituals are sound and charming. The book also contains a great deal of solid information on the history of cats in spirituality. While I'm glad to have experienced the ebook, this is definitely one you might want in paperback or hardcover, and it would make a great coffee table book as well and a great gift for the cat-loving witches (or even the spiritually open-minded cat lovers) in your life. . It has enough information to help beginners, and enough information to delight the more experienced witch, as well. Overall, just a fun and insightful book in how to incorporate your feline friends into your everyday magickal life.

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As a cat lover, I always enjoy reading about the magic and spirituality that surround them. This book is an interesting piece written by a Wiccan high priestess. It's filled with tons of informations, beautiful illustrations, and incantations/spells, knowledge about nature, stones, candles etc. if that's what you're into. Even if you aren't interested in practising magic, I found this book fascinating when it comes to learning how to better nurture our relationships with our feline companions.

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Arc netgalley review

All the stars and more! The book of my little cat whispers witches heart could ask for. This book was filled with old things I knew and new thing I didn’t, which was so refreshing. The author also held her own with showing life experience as well research references of her own. Easy to follow for almost anyone, I would even recommend it for young teens. The art work was breathe taking for a book in this genre.
This is an instant buy if you see it on the shelves!
I can’t wait to get my hand on this book!

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I am a cat lover, so this book obviously calls to me. It is a very informative book. I love the backstories about cats but I am not too sure about the spells, etc.

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This was such a fun read! The pages are sooo beautiful and the artwork is wonderfully detailed! I read this one within a day but I know I will be continuing to come back to it, because I absolutely loved the stories, history and
information within these pages!

I am obsessed with my two cats and I loved the guidance and insight this book brought. I specifically liked the "animal guide" chapter and felt so much more love for my babies after reading it!

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A book for cat lovers and witches alike!
In Cat Magick we learn about the history of human's love and worship for cats, different cat goddess's and gods, and how to incorporate feline magic into your life.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, as someone who loves cats and has one who she considers her partner in crime, I recommend this book to anyone who wants to feel even more in touch with themselves and their furry friend.
And I can't forget to mention the wonderful artwork displayed throughout this book, it's enchanting and beautiful.

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