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"10 Hours to Go" by Keely Parrack presents an intriguing premise with a diverse ensemble cast of characters, each with their own motivations and secrets. Set against the backdrop of a high-stakes countdown to a life-changing event, Parrack attempts to create a tense and atmospheric setting that keeps readers on the edge of their seats. However, while the characters are initially intriguing, their development feels somewhat shallow, lacking the depth needed to fully engage readers in their struggles and conflicts.

Parrack's writing style is clear and straightforward, making for an easy read, but lacks the depth and complexity needed to fully immerse readers in the story. The plot of "10 Hours to Go" offers moments of intrigue and suspense as the countdown unfolds, but ultimately falls short in delivering truly gripping twists and turns. While the logic behind the characters' relationships and decisions is generally sound, there are instances where the narrative veers into implausibility, detracting from the overall enjoyment of the novel. Overall, "10 Hours to Go" is a moderately entertaining read that may appeal to fans of fast-paced thrillers, but ultimately fails to leave a lasting impression.

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Enjoyable YA book about teens holding grudges, and making bad choices on a drive home during fire season. Some good twists, and I did enjoy the ending.

Thank you Netgalley and Sourcebooks Fire for the ARC!

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This was the most frustrating thing I’ve ever read. And I've read a lot of books. Every single moment was spent with the main characters arguing and putting themselves into life threatening situations. So much could have been avoided if they hadn’t tried to strand Lily in the woods with a literal wildfire as a backdrop. Why would anyone do this as a joke in the middle of fire season??? Also why did Lily take the offer of a car ride in the first place??? Natasha literally didn’t even want to do it, and both her and Elke had massive grudges against Lily so the situation was dangerous from the beginning.

It’s great that there was so much tension between characters, but I just didn’t like any of them and the constant arguing became unbearable for me. I understand that the plot was mostly tension, but the entire argument revolved around the exact same plot point that happened years ago.

If it wasn’t such a quick and easy read, I probably would have stopped it early on in the book. However, the book did get much better towards the end once Natasha left and Elke and Lily started arguing a lot less.

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This is my first Keely Parrack book and although it was well written and extremely realistic it wasn’t one of my favorites. The book detailed the journey of three former friends through a devastating forest fire.

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Ten Hours to Go is a young adult thriller in which a wildfire interferes with Lily's plans to get home, forcing her to rely on her ex-best friend Natasha and the girl she got expelled, Elke, for a ride. Past conflicts resurface as they navigate the dangers of the wildfire and try to get home. From the beginning, I found the characters and their backstories interesting. It was nice to see how Lily, Natasha, and Elke's relationship developed throughout the book. The story keeps you engaged with its unpredictable twists. Thank you to Sourcebooks Fire and NetGalley for this ARC.

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Book Review: 10 Hours to Go by Keely Parrack - A Disappointing Ride

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Upon picking up "10 Hours to Go" by Keely Parrack, I was intrigued by the promising premise of a thrilling journey filled with suspense and unexpected twists. However, as I delved into the story, I found myself sorely disappointed by what unfolded.

The narrative follows Lily, who finds herself in a precarious situation of relying on her ex-best friend Natasha and their mutual acquaintance Elke for a ride home amidst a backdrop of looming danger from wildfires. What could have been a gripping tale of survival and redemption instead devolved into a monotonous and tiresome account of three characters bickering incessantly.

The characters, far from being compelling or relatable, came across as shallow and unlikable, constantly rehashing past grievances with no real growth or development throughout the book. The tension promised by the synopsis felt forced and contrived, lacking the depth and nuance needed to engage the reader.

As the pages turned, I found myself increasingly frustrated by the lack of substance and meaningful plot progression. The repetitive nature of the interactions between Lily, Natasha, and Elke only served to further diminish any potential intrigue the story might have held.

In conclusion, "10 Hours to Go" failed to deliver on its initial promise, leaving me underwhelmed and dissatisfied. Regrettably, I cannot in good conscience recommend this book to those seeking a captivating and immersive reading experience.

⚠️This review was written based on personal opinions and experiences with the book. Individual preferences may vary⚠️

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Thank you NetGalley for the eArc in exchange for an honest review.

I’ll start this review off by saying I had no idea what to expect from the book. I didn’t do a ton of research beforehand, and I was definitely expecting a murder mystery rather than a contemporary fiction.

I originally enjoyed this book for its short chapters and mysterious background, but I just don’t think it was for me. It felt aimed toward the younger side of the YA genre, and sometimes felt immature. Our character kept saying “WTF” (exactly like that) which was a bit of a put off for me, and the character “history” boiled down to a misunderstanding that happened when our characters were 12. Moreover, I feel like there wasn’t much character development, and all three of our MC’s weren’t very likable, but that also could have been intentional.

I enjoyed the action and high stakes that our characters faced in the last few chapters, but even the pacing felt weird as there was no real action in the first half of the book and it all came crashing down in the latter half. Unfortunately, I didn’t like this book as much as I had originally hoped, but it still had some entertaining qualities.

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This was an interesting story but just wasn't for me.

Right from the beginning, it just felt odd. I had a hard time believing the car ride and why anyone would stay in there. I found the girls' conversations tough to read and just not believable. Since I wasn't invested, the rest of the story just felt long and I felt disconnected. I wish I'd liked this one more.

A huge thank you to the author and publisher for providing an e-ARC via Netgalley. This does not affect my opinion regarding the book.

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Awesome story! A roadtrip gone wrong, due to a series of unfortunate decisions, a wild history, frenemies, and oregon wildfires. This story was thrilling from beginning to end, yet so beautiful too! The character developement is done really well. Absolute recommend!

Thank you to netgalley and the author for sending me the book in exchange for an honest review

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I've read several books with similar plot lines. While 10 Hours To Go did have a few twists that made it stand out from the others, the story over all was not what I expected. It's a good book, just not a great one.

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Wildfires terrify me but I love survival thrillers so I thought I would give this a try. The author does a great job of capturing the angst of having to ride with people you don’t really like, and then the added anxiety of the wildfires closing in, as well as the annoying ways of teenagers (the this or that game was getting on my nerves before the wildfires started). There were a lot of TSTL situations that they put themselves in mixed in with some pretty brave moves that somewhat redeemed them but holding onto past transgressions for that long and plotting revenge when you can just drop someone off and get rid of them just doesn’t make sense to me (but I’m too lazy for revenge scenarios). Not sure how accurate the wildfire scenes were (and I hope I never find out) but it made for a thrilling backdrop for a story.

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This book is described as a mystery thriller. And personally, I didn't really get that vibe much at all across the scope of the book. There were definitely elements that leant that way, but for the most part I wouldn't have said it was a thriller.
I enjoyed the plot and the characters, though the amount of times that past events and mistakes were brought up, even after everyone has forgiven each other felt a bit weird to me. It felt as though despite them saying they'd forgiven each other, they were still holding grudges.
The ending felt kind of off to me. It felt like a bit of a let down after the excitement and the stakes of the rest of the book. Maybe that's just me though. Overall, it was a good book, and I enjoyed it, but I just wish it might've leant into the thriller aspect a bit more.

Thank you to NetGalley for sending me an ARC copy of this book.

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Ugh sadly this one was a swing and a miss for me. I had really high hopes for this one and thought I would have connected more with. Being from Oregon and having friends who fled the Beachie Creek fires and survived

But right off the bat it just wasn't very believable for the characters. Why would anyone agree to a 10 hour car ride with their two bullies. Who still were completely awful to her. The amount of times I read friendemies when they are running from literal fire.

I thought the atmosphere was the best part of the book. Although confusing and disorientating at times.

Thank you to NetGalley and Sourcebooks Fire for this advanced reader copy. My review is voluntarily my own.

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I received a complimentary copy of this book via Netgalley. Opinions expressed in this review are my own

This was a harder book to get through for me. The concept interested me and I was excited to jump in. The story was OK I just wasn't excited to pick it back up.

I am not the target audience for 10 Hours to Go and that could be why. I rated reflecting that

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Thank you to Sourcebooks Fire and NetGalley for allowing me to read an eARC of this title.

Another nail-biting survival story from Keely Parrack. Lily just wants to get home to find out the results of her Mom's tests. but after her train was cancelled due to a wildfire, she accepts a ride from a former friend.

Natasha only agreed to drive Lily home so she could finally get revenge for the incident that ended their friendship. She brings along Elke, who was also involved in the incident 4 years ago, to help in her revenge plot.

The trip is supposed to last 10 hours, but there are delays due to the wildfire.
Natasha & Elke decide to leave the main highway, hoping to go around the delays, but instead they get lost

Now, with the wildfire closing in, the three of them must depend on each other to survive, but can Lily trust the others?

Lots of twists & surprises in this one. I will definitely be purchasing this one for my students.

Content Warnings/possible triggers - Bullying, wildfires. language, death.

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Really enjoyed the book from start to finish. Author wrote this with great pace. This book is now one of my top books of the year for sure. Loved every second of this book

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While I thought this book was pretty good and liked the character develop especially between Elke and Lilly I felt like it dragged a little especially in the middle. The part going through the woods felt long. I did enjoy the climax with them running from the fire and it did a good job describing the feel of the fire.

Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for this ARC.

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My opinion of this book might be colored by the fact that it is not in my usual YA wheelhouse. I don't usually read suspense novels and so what I think of as "too much description" might be necessary for the genre.

We were in that forest for just too long. I understand that it served to heighten the threat both from the characters to each other and the wildfires to everything, but it just took so long to describe every tree, rock and path in addition to every flash of lightening that I wanted to skip ahead. I knew that would definitely ruin the whole suspense aspect of the book but at times I just wanted to move on and get to where something really happened. I do have to commend the author for making me really understand the power and malevolence of a wildfire. The part in the book between the forest and the emergency rendezvous area was absolutely breath taking, especially when the group was trapped in the school as the fire went over them.

The characters were well developed enough that I managed to almost universally dislike them - Lily and Elke were interesting and had some redeeming qualities but Natasha just grated on me and Darius was simply there to advance the plot.

I know that the back story of the girls' was important to their actions and to the plot but for me it was only that. What I loved about the book was really the last 25-30% when they were out of the hunt/hunted phase and moving on with the story. I would definitely recommend this book to people, but it didn't make me want to read more suspense.

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Thank you Netgalley, Keely Parrack, and Sourcebooks Fire for the advanced reader ebook! This book had me on the edge of my seat until the very end! A thrilling read!

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Thanks to Netgalley and SOURCEBOOKS Fire for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

This book just fell short for me. I can't see anyone getting in a car for a road trip with girls that you didn't get a long with in school. The revenge prank they played on Lily was pretty juvenile. The premise of the book sounded amazing but I just couldn't get drawn in. I do think if I were younger that this book would have appealed to me. So I would suggest it for a younger audience. I did enjoy the authors notes at the end and how she came up with this story though.

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