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Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for granting me free access to the advanced digital copy of this book.

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Author Dahli Adler give readers a loveable bisexual girl with a big decision to make. After her mom chose Los Angeles over her daughter, Natalya Fox has been living with her father in New York City. She's finally got the nerve to talk to the girl she's been crushing on, when her mother makes an offer to bring Natalya to Los Angeles for the Summer to work as an intern at her mom's firm. Natalya has to choose between repairing her relationship with her mother, or the future in New York she's been planning. She can't find a way to choose, and readers are treated to both summers playing out on alternating timelines. Mara Wilson does an incredible job of narrating the audiobook.

I was just thrilled to get a bisexual character that isn't represented by a serial killer.

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This book. THIS book. THIS BOOK! Wow. I wish I had this book as a baby bi who desperately needed to see this beautiful representation in her books as a teenager. Having this book would have changed my life as a teen (but I am glad that I got to have it change my life as an adult, at least!). The dual timelines were so fun to follow and I found myself torn on which one I liked better throughout the whole read. Natalya is a lovely protagonist and I related to her a lot even though I am currently a decade older than her and in a totally different place in my life now than she is in the book. It was so interesting to learn so much about Jewish traditions in such a seamless way as well. I cannot recommend this book enough and I am dying to get my hands on a physical copy as soon as possible. Thank you SO MUCH to NetGalley for the ebook and audiobook ARCs!

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I am a huge lover of split decisions like this book where it takes you down each path you could've chosen.
The stories for each were really incredibly well done.
I appreciated Natalya's connection to her Jewish heritage coming through for both timelines - that was wonderful to see.
And this book will leave you hungry!
While I felt like the author had a clear favourite choice for who Natalya should've ended up with, it was really great to see that both stories had their happy endings.

The audio was also fantastic, and easy to follow the dual timelines.

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Dahlia Adler is quickly becoming a favourite of mine when it comes to YA books. Adler always presents compelling characters. I fell in love with her writing during Cool for the Summer, and Going Bicoastal also presented a fabulous cast of characters and plot.

Normally, I do not enjoy a sliding doors esque read. This one was a page turner. I really enjoyed seeing where the story would jump to next, and thought it was a unique take on a story style.

Thank you to NetGalley and to the publisher for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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This book, like all of Adler's books, is spectacular. She has a lovely way of writing teens/for teens without being twee or condescending or out of touch. This felt pitch-perfect and fun and real and enjoyable. The narration is incredible! All around awesome!!!!!

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This was a good book! It got a little confusing only because I choose not to read the cover jacket until the end of the book, but in this case, I had to read the jacket once I got confused in the story to find out the main character was playing out two different scenarios. It's the downfall of listening to just the audiobook without the book. However, once the reader figures out what's going on, it's a great read. I love the dual life play out. I almost wish the main character were able to fly back and forth from coast to coast daily just to play out both scenarios in the same timeline.

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What fun!

Dahlia Adler does a marvelous job playing out two scenarios in Going Bicoastal. Cleverly woven chapters show what happens to Natalya when she chooses to spend the summer in LA with her estranged mom, vs. what's different when she stays in NYC with her dad.

It's not just two opposite romances blooming, Natalya's frienships grow as well. And what I enjoyed the most is how her relationships with her folks change over the course of this story.

Mara Wilson does a lovely job narrating the audio edition of Going Bicoastal. Wilson brings this engaging young lady to life. Very nice!

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I loved this audiobook! I loved how we were able to find out how Natalya’s summer was no matter which choice she made.

I loved learning how her decision affected her life either way she went. I always wonder what if someone choose a different path, so it was nice to have that what if already written into the book.

Thank you NetGalley and OrangeSky Audio for a copy of this audiobook. This is my honest voluntary review.

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This book is very clearly meant to be enjoyed in the summer, from the cover, the plot, and the vibes.

The plot splits into two timelines: one where our main character stays in NYC with her dad and one where she visits her mom for the summer in LA.

It was cute. It felt like there wasn't much development in either timeline because they were both the focus, but it was enjoyable.

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I'm in love with this book. a bisexual sex positive book. with a slight choose your own adventure feel about it. I'm sold!!

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If you liked "choose your own adventure" books when you were younger, this book is for you!
Nat must choose to either: A) stay in NYC with her dad for the summer and find work or B) head to LA to spend time with her mom and intern at her mom' company.

The story is told in dual timelines, following Nat's story choosing either option. This book was so fun, and I honestly enjoyed both storylines. The author did a great job.
The romances were both so cute and fun; and the narration was great!
I highly recommend.

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I absolutely loved this book. I thought this was a fun take on a choose your own adventure, in which you get to see how both adventures played out. And I thought it told a perspective on bisexuality that isn’t often seen - exploring both a sapphic relationship and a heteronormative one.

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Going Bicoastal is light, uplifting, and sex positive. Natalya is the right mix of confident and questioning. It is genuinely delightful to watch the similarities of her paths no matter if she stays in New York or adventures over to LA. I genuinely can't decide which partner I like better for her/ Both help Natalya to grow, and she helps them in return. Enjoyable and unwavingly queer.

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Dahlia Adler’s latest is such a great read. Natalya has two choices for the summer: stay with her dad in NYC or go across the country to LA with her mom who she hardly knows. Her dad leaves the choice up to her but tells her that he hopes that no matter what she chooses, she’ll branch out a little, make some new friends, and maybe talk to the cute girl that he’s heard her telling her friends about. A summer with her mom means that she’ll intern at her mom’s marketing company. Instead of making the choice, Adler tells both stories. In one, she stays with her dad, meets the cute girl and hits it off, and has a memorable summer. She even grows closer to her mom with weekly phone calls and a book club for two. In the other, she moves to LA, and falls for the cute guy whose desk she shares at her internship. She gets folded into his group of friends and grows closer to her mom, while staying connected to her dad. Her Jewish faith is very much a part of both storylines and I loved seeing how it played a role in both versions of her life. This is an imaginative and wonderful story.

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Going BiCoastal was a fun YA romance that had excellent Jewish and bisexual representation (along with other gender and sexuality identities). I really enjoyed the conversations about Judaism and the different ways that can look for many different people, even if they all consider themselves Jewish. I also loved how it alternated chapters between NY and LA. I expected to be confused or forget who was who when it switched chapters but it was somehow seamless. I really enjoyed the moments that crossed over and the way that regardless of which city she spent the summer in, Nat was going to be okay and find love, happiness, and her path. The parallel timelines of choosing NY / LA was something I never read before and I loved seeing how both played out fully. I was so impressed that I loved both love interests and didn't prefer one over the other -- I thought I'd for sure have a clear favorite. I will definitely be adding this to my library!

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I love novels where the protagonist is Bi and out to everyone in the first chapter. All the struggles and drama and uncertainty can be focused elsewhere. The representation I need, as a Bi man, is people living their lives—not questioning their identity.

I read another book of hers, Cool for the Summer, shortly after I came out as Bi and appreciated it.

When I was 10-years old, my sick day comfort movie was Sliding Doors. So I was so excited to have these worlds combine.

The conceit, two separate timelines, is a great way to show bisexuality (which often gets hidden by the gender of a current partner). The only other way that works as well is the Zoe Kravitz High Fidelity/Scott Pilgrim structure where someone encounters their exes of different genders.

I found myself reading in two chapter bursts.

I did not do this, but the structure makes it possible to read each timeline separately. I think that would be an interesting (and probably less effective) way to read this.

There was great dialogue and I was equally invested in both plot lines.

I highly recommend.

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I loved how unique this book was! Natalya must make a decision: spend the summer in Los Angeles doing an internship with her estranged mother or stay in New York with her dad and finally try to talk to the redhead she's been pining over but never talked to. Going Bicoastal switches back and forth between both stories, showing us the two potential summers Natalya would have. There's a f/f romance in the NY storyline and m/f romance in the LA storyline. I'll admit that I found the California storyline a little more compelling. Adam's backstory and the complex mother/daughter relationship were a little more interesting to me. But I really enjoyed this two-in-one story with great Jewish and bisexual rep!

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Thank you to OrangeSky Audio and Netgalley for the audiobook ARC in exchange for a truthful review!

A bisexual romance that's fun, low-stakes, AND Mara Wilson is reading it?! Hell yes.
Although I do feel like I'm a little old for the intended audience, as the 'I'm trying to figure out what I want from life' coming of age story is quite a bit in my past. But the MC and characters often feel like they're early 20's to me, not 17, so it doesn't often feel like I'm listening to the story of teenage lovers.
The two love interests (Elly and Adam) are very different, as are their worlds of NYC and LA. I certainly prefer one of the storylines over the other, but that's down to my personal love language quirks. Since it IS an audiobook, I had a bit of a hard time catching on to the 'every other chapter is the other POV' once the storyline splits. But, I got there after a few jumps back and forth on the two coasts. Hint - the MC's nicknames are different in the timelines (Tal versus Nat).
It was definitely a fun listen and LGBTQIA+ rep was awesome, but I don't think it's something I would come back to in the future.

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When I was a kid I used to read a lot of Encyclopedia Brown books where I was able to interact with the story and guess the Whodunit. I also used to read some books where I got to choose the end. But I was a weird kid because I didn’t ever want to pick. I always just wanted to read both. So imagine my surprise where I found a book that would do just that at my grown age lol

Obviously that was my favorite part of the book. I LOVED the feeling of being in charge of the narrative and I’m sure others will too. And what makes this even better, the timelines are near exact, but you don’t have to read both if you don’t want to. Like you can make the decision at her very first big decision. And then from there you can decide if you want to read the story separate or together. Adler essecntially wrote the same story twice and made them both 5 star reads.

The romances were cuteeeee! And the best part is your ship will sail no matter who you’ve picked. And Adler made sure to make both of them cute. Whether its about the red head or about the brother, I was enthralled in both of them. I loved that she had the cutest story about going all those places and seeinngred head or how she really thought the brother was a dick at sometimes throughout the other time line. It was amazing trying to keep track of the two of them. And the coolest part is, they both are different enough that you won’t get the m confused.

I know I sound like a broken record with all the ways the separate timelines made this book a masterpiece, but it really did make all difference. It was cool to feel like I was in the book and that I controlled it, even though I had the easy part with just deciding if I wanted to use it in one way or the other. This was a fun one and I really hope y’all get your hands on it!

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