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The Billionaire’s Shrubbery is an unexpected and fun read! This is my first Danika Bloom read, and definitely will not be my last. Actually this has Christa Lauren vibes throughout the book but unique than them.
Virginia loves plants and living with nature as a plant whisperer. I’ve hard this one for the first time so that was s bonus. Will Power is born into a life he has to lead, following on from his generation to generation.
when he meets Virginia at a Seminar he humiliates her from her dress sense to her view on plants. Can these two people actually make what seems totally impossible actually work and find a hea. We get to know the Power brothers and also see how sometimes having money isn't always the answer. I possibly couldn’t put this book down so I finished this on one sitting.
I loved the twist and turns and the differences that comes with these two. I'm actually hoping we get to read about will's brothers.

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What to say about this book... 5 stars!
A grumpy billionaire with black thumbs meets up with a plant-lover and falls head over heels for her. It kept me entertained so much I read it all in one time. The story is written with a kind of a tongue in cheek style that I associate with Danika's books. You know, you feel that Danika had fun writing this story. It looks it might be the first in the Power family series but I would be scared to read the novels of the brothers for the plot-twist left me laughing and cheering for the leading couple. But how would Danika handle Aiden Power' s story? The love scenes complement the story.

Keywords: grump versus gaia, billionair, family, Power, entertaining, plot-twists, love, laughter, some tears (hey I was finished at 04:00hrs...)

I received an ARC through and I choose to leave this review!

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This is my first book from Danika Bloom , and I wasn't sure what to expect as have never come across her books either, but I enjoyed it a lot so it definitely won't be my last
It was very easy to read, with short chapters from either Will or Virginia's point of view.
It was a fun, lighthearted read that had plenty of romance and more than your fair share of smut too - what's not to like!
Hoping there will be a follow up to this as to what happens next - fingers crossed!

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A delightfully charming and humorous grumpy/sunshine rom-com romp.

She's an eccentric plantswoman determined to grow her business to help plants survive and thrive. Little did she know her toughest plant patient would be a grumpy billionaire trapped in his unsustainable predestined workaholic lifestyle...

The Billionaire's Shrubbery is sprouting with plant puns (I didn't even know people kept those types of plants as houseplants...), billionaire brothers, laughs and mild spice to bring a bit of heat, but some elements: twin-swap, the reinforced we're-from-two-different-worlds, and a host of bodyguards protecting against a mysterious threat all felt a bit forced coming in around the three-quarter mark. Had they been introduced earlier, it wouldn't have felt like the story was being stretched out.

This is my first Danika Bloom book and if there's more from these brothers, I'd definitely be interested in reading more. As it is, I'm going to go add some backlist books to my never ending TBR, starting with First In: Cheeky and with the Fire Chief.

3.5 stars

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A billionaire romance with a leafy twist! Plant extraordinaire Virgina elbows her way into a business motivational conference and after being humiliated by the big man himself Will Powers, she takes matters into her own hands to take a risk and shape her destiny and her business.

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This gem of a book works really well - it's an opposites-attract, dual POV romance with a gorgeous, feisty, (maybe) plus size heroine who loves flowers and plants and has a super smart head on her shoulders. And there's a gorgeous grumpy alpha hero who is captivated by her.

It’s funny, swoony, a l'il bit steamy and so much fun. But It’s also a satirical commentary on the self-help business coaching universe - how hollow this is, and who profits from it. It reflects on the urbanisation of American life and how extreme wealth can trap even the most intelligent and organised billionaire. Its subtle too - I love that eleven espressos a day guy with a sleep disorder. Loved the homage to Edward in Pretty Woman walking on the grass. Loved the sushi restaurant scene (Will Power - billionaire toddler tantrum? Surely not?). I absolutely loved Will Power's character arc as he worked out how to re-do his life - and get the girl.

And it's all really silly too. With ostentatious mansions, middle aged twin swapping, vulva patterned frocks, over-reaching bodyguards, it's all here. The best fun I've had in ages, The Billionaire's Shrubbery is very very clever and I loved it. Thoroughly recommended!

Thank you so much to NetGalley and Danika Bloom for the ARC!

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A sharp and funny well observed billionaire romcom with a cast of characters you’ll love. I really enjoyed this story and would definitely recommend it!

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I loved this book. Love the couple and the story had me hooked on page one and kept me engrossed till the very end.

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Found me a new author to read. Read this today. you will enjoy it a lot and want more. Read it, read it , read it. Enjoyed it from start to finish.

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

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The Billionaire’s Shrubbery! What a completely unexpected and fun read! This is my first Danika Bloom read, and definitely will not be my last.

While I knew some of the tropes of this book, I prefer to go into books blindly. I’m really glad I did. This story follows Virginia and Will. I loved Virginia so much, I loved her quirky personality, her love for people, plants and colorful clothing. I loved the relationship she has with her sister Georgia,

With Will, I do love a grumpy Billionaire, that becomes a little possessive and ultra loving towards his love interest. Having 3 brothers was a huge plus, there’s something about brother camaraderie that makes me happy and captures my attention.

This story is dual POV, 1st person, present. Which is my favorite way to read. The main characters are in their late 30’s, early 40’s, and I relate immensely to that, being 40 myself. It’s a workplace romance, a grumpy/sunshine and I highly recommend reading it!

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Thanks to Danika Bloom and Netgalley for an ARC of this book. It’s the first time I’ve read a book by this author, but it won’t be the last. I absolutely loved it. It’s lighthearted and funny, but it’s also touching and thought-provoking.

The first time Virginia Beach meets Will Power (awesome names), things do not go well. He humiliates her in front of thousands of people at one of his business coaching seminars. But Virginia is optimistic and persistent, so when she finds a “golden ticket” to personal coaching with his company, she decides to take a chance. She has a degree in botany and wants to grow (pun intended) her business caring for other peoples’ plants. She’s hopeful she won’t run into Will Powers but hopes if she does, he won’t realize she doesn’t belong there.

However, Will has been thinking about her since their meeting, regretful for what he did as he realizes he did it because she made him feel some things he didn’t want to feel. When he sees her, he seizes the opportunity to seize her and get some answers. And he strikes a deal that she will care for the plants in the entire office for a period of time to pay off the cost of the coaching he claims she fraudulently obtained. She’s happy to do this as she can instantly see his plants are in dire need of help. They become friends and the friendship builds into something else. Their interactions are wonderful as Virginia breathes new life into Will and helps him to connect with nature.

Some of the things that made me laugh include when Virginia enters the greenhouse of a new rich client and observes, “It looks more like a plant palliative care unit with a side of morgue than a greenhouse.” As Will fights his growing attraction to Virginia, she tries to explain to him how to care for his plants and he thinks, “Is she seriously using words like bone and moist while asking me to poke my finger in her container?” Meanwhile, Virginia is lusting after Will and thinks, “If eyes could have sex, I’m certain mine are dry-humping his long, thick lashes.”

As Will and Virginia become closer, they share their sad childhood stories of what made them what they are today. After she tells him about hers, he wants to tell her his but warns her she’ll want to walk away after she hears it. She responds, “Ooh, I love a game of who’s got the scariest back story.” When she meets Will’s mother, he explains that her staff live with her and “magically appear when she snaps her fingers.” Virginia seems to believe him so he laughs and says, “No. That would be rude, even for Mom. She rings a bell.”

Will and his three brothers (one of whom is his twin) share a close relationship and they love teasing their mother. This interaction made me laugh:
“Bri-an!” Mother scolds.
“Mo-ther!” We brothers respond as one, just as we have for over thirty years. We are a Borg—pick on one, answer to four.
As the discussion continues…
“Bri—” Mother only says half his name. Her eyes dart to each of us.
“Mo—” Despite the pause, our hive mind allows us to answer in perfect time and tone.

There were so many moments like this. The banter between the various characters was perfect, like when Will sees Virginia in her Georgia O’Keefe-inspired dress and calls it her vulva dress. And this exchange with his brother, Aiden was priceless. Will reaches for a box of condoms and finds this note inside: “These expired two months ago. I’ll take my chances. You’re welcome. A.” In response, Will calls Aiden: “I don’t care what time it is. If you don’t have a condom—no, a box of condoms at my door within three minutes, you won’t be able to use one for at least a month.” The soul-deep conversations between Will and Virginia were emotional and thought-provoking, demonstrating a degree of bonding not always seen in romances. All of this drew me in and made me want to spend more time with these people. I absolutely loved my time in the Powers’ world. I recommend everyone visit.

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I wanted a quick and fun read, and this came up at just the right time! Characters that make you root for them, band of brothers that make you curious about their stories, a feel-good story overall.

Thank you to the publisher and author for the ARC via Netgalley. All opinions are my own.

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Not gonna lie - I decided to read this purely due to the title.

Was it a throwback to Monty Python? Is the shrubbery being interviewed? I had to know!

The title may have been what lured me in, but the witty banter and steamy scenes kept me invested. Virginia Beach (yes, the name is explained) is a plant whisperer who's ready to hit the big time. She enrolls in a business coaching seminar run by Will Powers (yes, this name is also explained) to set her business up for success.

When he calls her up on stage, she expects tough love. She does NOT expect him to humiliate her in front of thousands of people.

Armed with a healthy grudge and his suit coat (I LOVE how Will gave it to her), Virginia is set on proving him wrong. She's gifted the chance when she finds a golden ticket in a hidden pocket. This is literally her ticket to success, and she's not about to squander it.

The duel POV really helped get inside Will's head. He's put in a terrible position with his job and family and suffers from a unique disorder. The reader wouldn't have been able to feel the stress and anxiety as well without reading his thoughts.

Enemies to lovers. Small town romance-adjacent. Grumpy/sunshine. Bosshole. Twin swap. Billionaire boss. This book has ALL the tropes AND heart. Will wears his heart on his sleeve, and he doesn't hesitate to embrace nature when Virginia decides to explore her kinky side. His level of dedication makes the swoony and steamy steamy that much more intense!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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The Billionaire's Shrubbery by Danika Bloom is a delightful and entertaining romantic comedy that will leave readers with a smile on their face. Set in Virginia Beach, the story follows a feisty houseplant expert named Willa, who finds herself clashing with the charming yet grumpy billionaire, Will Power.

When Will Power brings his seminar to town, Willa sees it as an opportunity to improve her struggling business. However, an embarrassing incident on stage leaves her determined to prove herself. A stroke of luck lands her a coveted ticket to the exclusive Power Broker Program, but there's a catch—she must work her magic on the plants at Will Power & Bros. while being supervised by none other than the enigmatic Will Power himself.

Bloom's writing is witty and light-hearted, with a delightful blend of humour and romance. The chemistry between Willa and Will is palpable, and their banter keeps the pages turning. Willa's determination and resilience make her a relatable and endearing protagonist, while Will's gradual transformation from grumpy to smitten adds depth to his character.

The Billionaire's Shrubbery is a delightful escape into a world of plant-filled charm and swoon-worthy romance. It explores themes of personal growth, taking chances, and finding unexpected love in unexpected places. Bloom's vivid descriptions of plants and the horticultural world add a unique and refreshing backdrop to the story.

If you're in the mood for a heart-warming and fun-filled romantic comedy, The Billionaire's Shrubbery is the perfect choice. It's a light and enjoyable read that will make you root for love to blossom amidst the witty banter and blooming shrubbery.

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Virginia is a business owner who wants to grow her greens business. She meets a grumpy billionaire Will and they butt heads. A love/hate, sunshine/grumpy enemies to lovers story. I love both characters and their banter. Really enjoy the story.

Thanks to the publisher for the arc.

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