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I Hope You Fail

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Mrs. Cole's story to and through entrepreneurship provides a feeling of sitting with my girlfriend or big sister. She brings her complete authentic self in a way that has not been given to young women and people of color. Her experiences were honest but also provided lessons she wants to educate to others.

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In I Hope You Fail, Pinky Cole has a goal of helping readers to overcome all of the negative hater and going after our dreams. She shared how she started her multimillion-dollar business during a pandemic. She also tried to help readers in understanding the importance of fire insurance. Her first restaurant location burned down in a grease fire. The State of New York garnish her wages until she was able to pay back the entire $17,000 debt that was due. This heartbreak led her to founding Slutty Vegan. People judged her in naming her restaurant with the term slutty. She refused to give the name and the business she wanted to create around being vegan. She explained how her father was in prison right after she was born. He was sentenced for 30 years. This caused her mother to have to work extra hard to provide for her family. She described what all this taught her growing up. She also clarified how critical it is to deal with your low self-esteem. It can literally kill your business and cause it to fail. We tend to second guess ourselves and what our business has to offer our customers. She compared it to Beyonce and how she doesn’t doubt herself when she is recording and releasing an album that she will sell copies. She also explored the topic of looking at your team and taking inventory. We need to be around people who push us to our maximize potential.

Another powerful chapter was about love and how when we own a business it makes us have to even be more careful about who we enter into a relationship with. She opened up on how she was sued after she opened her restaurant. The guy wasn’t really invested in her dream. He just wanted a quick cash out to become a part of her brand. She helps readers to ask themselves if the person they are currently with filling the vison they have of love. We need to know for a fact that if everything falls apart that they will be there for us. She strongly suggested readers to ask themselves if they have any unmet needs or daddy/mama issues that is affecting our love lives.

I would recommend this awesome book on business and what tools we can use to grow our business. I really liked how she took a sturdier approach to making bold statements about how she hoped readers would fail because it will teach them so much more about life and business. Another impactful teaching is about dealing with negative voices and how we need to consider the source before we listen to what they are saying. I really appreciated the truth found in discovering the lie and applying the truth. This book was very knowledge and covered all the areas of our lives and the advice was all geared towards business lessons.

"I received this book free from the publisher, HarperCollins Leadership for my honest review.”

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