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*opens book*

🎵 I put a spell on you
And now you’re mine… 🎶

*slaps book shut*

What the…?

*shakes head and re-opens book*

🎶 You can’t stop the things I do… 🎵

*slaps book shut (again!)*

*closes eyes* It’s just your imagination; Winnie Sanderson is not singing every time you open the booOok! *snorts*

This romantasy romcom is packed full of all your favourite romance tropes; older brother’s best friend, once-friends-to-almost-childhood-sweethearts-now-enemies-to-lovers-ish, second chance romance, forced proximity, misbehaving magic, and the pièce de résistance *cue drum 🥁 roll*… only one bed (hallelujah! 🙌🏻).

I was belly laughing thanks to Kay and her misbehaving magic. Pesky emotions have a lot to answer for, eh?! Rather than embracing her gift she views it as a curse, which is a tad understandable given her history.

I think a lot of us can identify with Kay’s inner struggles. We all need to learn to love ourselves for who we are… magic gifts and all *snorts*. I was rooting for Kay to love herself in all her witchy awesomeness and open her heart to all the possibilities including her own HEA thanks to a well-aimed lop-sided grin as Harry had her spellbound years ago.

*whispers* Can I tell you a secret? Harry had me swooning and sighing all over the place. *sighs* See?! *palms face* He is your quintessential golden retriever hero who wears his heart on his sleeve and makes no apologies for it… oh, he’ll apologise when he needs to, but not when it comes to feelings.

He left me breathless during a certain seggsy scene thanks to his gift *winks*. I messaged a friend and said it was one of the hottest scenes I’ve ever read… *stares into space muttering* that tongue! *sighs longingly*

Peeps! I hexing loved everything about Kay and Harry’s story, and I’m witching for more stories about the Biddicote Boo Crew (and beyond!).

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Kay is having problems with her magic and travels to mainland Europe to see someone to help. While there, she runs into Harry who did her family wrong while she was in high school. Kay needs to hurry home for her brother's wedding but the weather has different plans. Harry suggests they team up to make it back to England. Somewhere along the way, Kay realizes that what she thought was true may not be.
I'm a sucker for supernatural books and witch books top my list of "need to read." This book was a fun time reading about the problems between Kay and Harry and the situations they ended up in. I read it during a particularly stressful time in my life and it certainly made me relax and laugh.
Many thanks to Net Galley and to Orion Publishing Group for providing me with an ARC of this book.

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What an interesting world that was build here - complete with witches, magic, mayhem, and mystery!

Kay has been struggling with her magic lately. She took an alternative route in life, not choosing to lean into her magical abilities and instead went into IT. There are oodles of regrets and drama in her hometown that she’d like to avoid, but on a work trip out of the country, she somehow ends up running right into her childhood crush. Said crush ended up stomping on her heart pretty badly, so she doesn’t open right up to him about her own magical troubles. Instead they end up reluctant travel companions, both racing against cancelled flights and huge storms.

At first, I admit, I was anti-Harry (the childhood crush). We slowly peel back the layers that led to their terrible heart-stomping encounter, but with enough time, magic, and good vibes, we eek our way to a HEA. There’s even a big mystery to solve, and a wedding to manage, all rolled into this seemingly “normal” romance (with witches, though). I really enjoyed the introduction to this world and hope we swing back to visit again.

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Such a sweet read! I really loved main character Kay and her relatable woes about her magic being no good, and love interest Harry was charming and adorable (with bonus points for being bi with absolutely nothing made of it!). This has road trips, only one bed, childhood friends-to-enemies-to-lovers, and more - a trope-filled joy that still manages to be really emotionally investing. Really lovely.

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Road trip romantasy - yes, please. Katy bumps into an old flame while away trying to find some answers, and then they both need to get back to the UK to make her brother's wedding. Queue all the issues and travel problems in the whole world. Not only are the travelling back to the UK the both seem to learn more about each other and themselves. This book made me feel all the feelings and it was exactly what I wanted.

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Romantasy is a newish genre in general and fairly new to me, and I know this is Emma's first foray into it so we are all coming at this story fresh. But what better time to read a book about sexual tension between witches than in the run up to Halloween?

This book is entertaining, clever, sexy and full of fun and imagination. I think it always comes through in a novel when an author is excited by what they are writing and this really comes through in this book. You can feel the joy and creativity flowing from every page of this novel. The pure pleasure Emma had creating this book buzzes through the storyline like her own magical gift (you'll have to read the book if you want to understand the reference) and that thrill translates easily to the reader and fairly whips you through the story like a surfer on a wave of pure reading pleasure.

The two main characters here are attractive, complex and thoroughly charming, all you need to fully invest in their complicated relationship. Kay is a woman at odds with herself, a situation many of us will recognise, but to add to the normal angst of individual uncertainty is the effect this is having on her ability to control her magic. And you thought you had problems! Add to this the reappearance of her childhood crush who broke her heart, make him the last person she wants to see and the one person whose help she needs and you have the recipe for the perfect romance with a spicy, magical twist. I fell completely in love with Harry over the course of this book, probably more than Kay ever did!

This book is a dose of pure escapist pleasure that makes for perfect seasonal reading. There was not a missed step or a dull moment throughout the whole story, it flows wonderfully and delivers conflict, romance, sexiness and real emotion all the way through. I had a tear in my eye and a lump in my throat by the end (although I am in a highly emotional state at the moment,) it was everything I could possibly be looking for in a book in this genre and I absolutely loved it. Add it to your TBR immediately.

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Kay's magic is acting all funky and she's worried that she'll wreck her brothers wedding. She decides to mix magic and business and visit a magical "fixer" which in Prague for work. She doesn't exactly get the answer she was looking for but she does bump into Harry. The same Harry who broke her teenage heart.

Harry's magic is influencing through imagery but his secondary talent is being a "magical compass". He doesn't always know why he has to be in certain places but he goes where his magic tells him to. Bumping into Kay in Prague seems to be fate's way of getting him to apologise for the way he treated her. However, they both have to get home in time for her brothers wedding. Pity the weather seems to be as wonky as Kay's magic!

I love a good road trip book! These two have to traverse Europe on their way home to Surrey. I think they use just about every mode of transport to get home except helicopter and hovercraft! The weather is certainly giving them enough time to hash out all their problems and a freak accident with the fold out bed from he{{ puts them in some close proximity.

This relationship has been evolving for years, even when Kay and Harry weren't in contact, so the quicker route to a HEA is to be expected. Magical intervention is also putting them on fast forward! I loved the way that there was no big splash or shock over Harry's past and sexual orientation. It's just his past, we all have them. Thoroughly enjoyable witchy, spooky season romantic read!

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I love a book that has magic sprinkled throughout it so this charming book was a lovely read for me.
A few of my favourite romance tropes are covered in here, including forced contact, second chance of love and enemies to lovers so I was very entertained throughout this riveting story.
Kay was an interesting character and I was intrigued to see if she would overcome her magical issues and become happy with her gifts.
Harry was super sweet and I loved his caring nature and the support he gives Kay.
A delightfully fun and quirky story that was adorable to read and had a few magical steamy moments too!
A perfect pre Halloween read and I loved the use of magical words/festivals when they were surprised or thankful! A nice (magical) touch!

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If you’ve been loving the current trend of modernised witchy romances like I have, you’ll definitely enjoy this. Witch You Weren’t Here is a textbook romantasy — it’s sweet, a little sexy and a bit silly. It takes your favourite tropes (enemies to lovers, hot ex-boyfriend, stranded together) and gives them a playful, magical twist that made something so fun to read.

The romance was so exciting, with a darcy-esque brooding love interest and a simmering tension that was palpable and would’ve definitely made you uncomfortable if you were in the room with them. Kay and Harry were both great leading characters, bringing some great comedic wit and humour but also some real tender and heartfelt moments of emotion and growth which were just heartwarming.

A light, fun and cosy story perfect for the autumn months coming up.

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Kay is a witch whose magic is on the fritz. Harry is her childhood crush turned enemy after a series of unfortunate events including a tragic smiley face. As Kay works to get home in time for her brother’s wedding despite a massive storm, she gains an unexpected travel partner, Harry.

During their trip, Kay learns more about herself, her powers, and what really happened with Harry. Overall it was a classic witchy romance. Some cute/funny scenes but nothing that really stood out to me that made this story different from other witch romances out there.

Happy Reading!
-Bookish Bay

All thoughts and opinions expressed in the above review are my own. Thank you to Emma Jackson and Orion Publishing Group for the opportunity to read and review this book before its publication.

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A gorgeous witchy read with a second chance romance... perfect for Autumn!

This was exactly what I needed to read - a nice and easy, but heartfelt story of a witch that has lost faith in her powers. When a hurricane hits Europe, Kay has to get back to the UK for her brothers wedding but nothing seems to go her way... even as far as bumping into her childhood crush.

There was a lot to unpack in this book with the feelings and fears of the characters being portrayed well without labouring on them and taking away from the story itself.

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I really enjoyed this, I’m new to romance and only recently found my way into this genre because I like the witchy/paranormal bits. I’d have liked more on Biddi’s history, the village and the Council which would have given this a bit more depth, I feel like a lot was skirted over and I’d have appreciated more to understand the pressures and expectations on Harry and why Kay struggles with her magic so much. Having said that, I whizzed through this. It was a nice, pacy, light read with a HEA and a cast of interesting characters, I liked both Harry and Kay and the spicy bits were well written.

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Thank you NetGalley and the publisher for an e-ARC in exchange for my honest review

3.5 rounded up to 4

This was a fun and easy witchy romance read, which I finished pretty quickly. It felt familiar to a lot of the witchy romcom books that have come out in recent years, so if you loved books like Not The Witch You Wed, The Ex Hex and A Witch's Guide to Fake Dating a Demon then this should be right up your street.

It fell short just a little for me as I think I'm burned out by all these witchy romcoms which end up blending into each other at times, and the writing didn't wow me. That being said, it was a fun and enjoyable read, easy to digest with likeable characters and a cute romance.

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Witches, road trips and romance.
What a fun mix to create a fantastic read!
Kay is a witch, born to a witching family from the heart of an established witching town.
However, she isn't feeling the witchiness. Unable to control her magic, she takes the opportunity to visit a specialist in these magic malfunctions in Prague while on a work trip there.
She didn't expect to be held up there in a huge storm threatening all of Europe while trying to get back to England ASAP to attend her brother's wedding.
Oh, and then there's the matter of her unexpected companion for the journey back, an old friend and childhood crush, Harry, a fellow witch.
The story is set over a couple of days, as they battle all manner of obstacles to reach the wedding.
What can I say? I truly loved this whole story. I bet we all wish for a little magic in our lives. Oh, to cast a little spell to make the weather more favourable, get certain chores done, or even get that person to like you... But reading about Kay and Harry's difficulties, despite having these powers, made me think that nothing is ever that simple.
Their momentous journey back to the UK is evidence that no amount of magic can solve every problem!
The evolving relationship of Kay and Harry that is set over a couple of days actually spans years, dating back to their youth, when Kay had a bit of an unrequited crush on her brother's mate... and certain situations left her feeling rather raw, and a bit of a failure. This unexpected meeting brings all manner of feelings back to the surface, spiced with faulty magic!
And that's only from Kay's side! Who knows if Harry is even interested?
A thoroughly enjoyable witchy read!
Many thanks to NetGalley and Orion Publishing for an ARC.

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Book Review 📚
Witch You Weren't Here by Emma Jackson - 4.5/5 ⭐

What a beautiful written romance with a hint of magic! I absolutely adored this story, it's well worth the read and completely worth the 4.5 ⭐ if you enjoy a well thought out plot with a hint of witchy magic, then it's definitely for you.

Kay and Harry are the best characters! The description of both of them set them amazingly in my mind and they were so easy to visualise. Jackson done a phenomenal job in their descriptions and with the whole demeanor. I absolutely adored both of their characters and the development was spot on.

As for the plot - it's such a typical romance story line but better! The romance mixed in with magic made the story pop. It was usual but not boring by any means. I actually couldn't put it down until I finished it. I found myself smiling like a Cheshire cat on various occasions. It was so refreshing!

Thank you to NetGalley and Orion Publishing Group for allowing me to read this ARC - this is an HONEST review from my own personal opinion.

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Absolutely wonderful, I love this version of magic! Great story with characters that jump off the page, I really hope there is another book.

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Witchy perfection! So witchy books are my weakness and I cannot resist anything that has magic, cute romances and witches. This book did not disappoint, I cannot express how much I enjoyed this book, I will not spoil it but trust me, you need to read it ASAP!

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This was sweet and silly and I really loved that the witchy aspect brought so much to the character/plot development instead of being a strange afterthought. I loved Kay's perspective and the wacky situations that she was thrown into. The chemistry with Harry was slow and sexy and felt great to watch develop. The ending was quite cheesy but overall worked well with the book. A perfect happy ending.

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Such a fun witchy romantic road trip! Kay has issues with her magic but sparks still fly when she meets Harry who they share a turbulent past. Full of witchy imagination, chemistry stormy weather and secrets this romance is ideal Halloween reading.

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Brilliant romance, built around a world wide witchy magical community, and the Non-Magics that surround them. No, it's totally different to Harry Potter, so despite the comparison to wizards and muggles, put that right out of your mind.
Fabulous characters: I fell in love with Harry (no, not that Harry) (I mean, no not THAT Harry either...) with his lovely floppy hair and bluebell eyes.
If you like magic, and like things coming right, then this is for y ou. Totally recommended.

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