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4.5 ⭐️

Thank you to Simon and Schuster Canada for an e-ARC!

Let me start off by saying this was one of my most anticipated reads of the year since I loved Icebreaker so much and it did NOT disappoint! I didn’t love it as much as Icebreaker but I still loved it.

This book follows Russ and Aurora after they have a one night stand then go to work at the same summer camp together where there’s a no fraternization rule. This book is fun, quirky, and full of exciting adventures between the two of them. I loved these characters and the plot was really enjoyable, especially cause I love books that take place at a summer camp! I really enjoyed Russ and his character development throughout the book as well.

I definitely think this book should go through another edit before release as there were song grammatical errors throughout (for example the wrong form of your) I but overall it’s really well done!

I will definitely be purchasing the physical book when it’s out and I do recommend this one!

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I adored Icebreaker and was thrilled to jump into this sequel. I really enjoyed this relationship and setting. Plus, THE ANIMALS ❤️

However, I may have been expecting more from this than I should have after reading the first. Some of the things I loved about the first book were lacking in this one. I missed the therapy rep and really think this book could have used that.

I still had a fun time and ended up giving the book 4 stars!

**Read an ARC from Netgalley Rating : 4 Stars

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I had the same problem with this that I did with Icebreaker — there’s no plot! Romance books still need plot to move them forward! They can’t just be hookups and feelings!!!! Pleaseeeee for a book this long it just felt like nothing was actually happening, just like Icebreaker. Too much filler, no actual substance.

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Rating: 4.25⭐️

Having grown up going to summer camp and then working as a councillor at the same camp made this book extremely relatable. I really loved this one!
Russ and Aurora are extremely relatable characters with their flaws and anxieties. The open communication between the two of them was fantastic to see.
I really loved the side characters and the found family that was created through the story. It was full of humour and anxiety, but that’s what makes the story so fun.
I loved Russ so much. His anxiety with self-confidence was portrayed well and I really liked the way he hyped himself up throughout the book. His shyness and love of reading was so freaking adorable! And seeing his confidence grow was amazing. Aurora’s struggles were also very relatable. And I liked seeing her growth alongside Russ and learning to love herself and be there for herself while not fully relying on others. Their chemistry was great and their family struggles really helped them bond. The friends to lovers trope was done well in this one, especially with the healthy communication between Russ and Aurora.

Arc provided by the publisher but I read the finished copy.

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This was a fantastic romance. I liked the plot and the characters were a lot of fun. Very much recommend this book.

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Wildfire by @hannahgraceauthor

Thank you so much to @netgalley and @simonschusterca for this eARC!

This is the second book in the Maple Hills series and now I need to go back and read the first one, Icebreaker! The summer camp setting was fun and I enjoyed the college romance between Russ and Aurora.

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4/5 ⭐️

I’m not a huge fan of one night stands so I was hesitant going into this. I also didn’t love Icebreaker BUT I ended up really enjoying it. The one night stand was just the start and afterwards it felt like a slow burn again instead of them automatically being together.

This was such a cute and romantic book. Russ is such a sweetheart but with a dirty mouth, if you know what I mean. He gave off major golden retriever vibes and I loved it. It was cute because they were both so awkward with each other.

It was such a fun read! I love how they spent the summer working at a summer camp together. It did get slightly slow at some parts which is why I rated it lower but overall I really enjoyed it!

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3.0 stars

overall okay
i feel as though Wildfire didn’t quite have a plot; it had more of a plot than the debut, but still not much at all, and so i didn't feel as invested or interested in the book as i was reading through it.

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Another book that I am absolutely giving infinite stars to are we surprised?

This book was one of my most anticipated reads of the year so when I found out I was one of the lucky ones to have recieved an ARC , I was over the moon!

I was expecting nothing less than what this book gave, I'm obsessed with whatever Hannah writes and I will absolutely eat it up every single time

Russ was like the perfect golden retriever boyfriend you can imagine, which is so fitting for his character and how the puppies seemed to love him as well LOL. He was shy, kind, affectionate, his constant words of praise for Aurora, literally every single thing about him made him one of my fav characters to read about.

Aurora was so fun, I literally loved her! She was carefree, living life to the fullest, so caring, and literally the perfect person for Russ. I think her personality complimented Russ so well, and I love them together so much

I love the summer camp setting of this book too, I think as someone who never got to attend as a child and always dreamed about it as a kid, this books are so full circle to me. Give me a summer camp plot with characters I love, written by an author I love? I am DEVOURING IT.

This book comes out in a week and thought modt people have gotten an early start reading it, if you haven't then please read it ASAP, I'm telling you you'll be obsessed

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There was something about this book that caused me rush through it just to finish it. I cannot put my finger on it but I personally think it was not for me. I’m sure others would like it more than me.

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I kind of adored Wildfire by @hannahgraceauthor When I requested to read it from @simonschusterca I had no idea that it was a sequel to Icebreaker. I then went into panic mode as to whether I needed to read book 1 first. I ended up not reading it and it all worked out fine. Would you know more back story? Absolutely, but Hannah did a great job of filling in those gaps through out this book.

The Good:
The setting of summer camp has to be one of my all time favourites. There’s endless possibilities for shenanigans and summer always holds a special place for me. I definitely enjoyed the chemistry between our two MC’s. Russ and Aurora have this flame that just can’t be put out and it’s so cute watching them try to. The banter is hilarious and had me laughing out loud.

The Bad:
I really don’t have anything bad to say about this book. I understand why these books are so popular.

The Mentionable:
All right, so aside from the trigger warnings, which I’ll mention, this book is an Open Door romance. Like wide open. Actually there is no door. And it jumps into it pretty quickly. So please be aware. Trigger warnings for this book are: Emotional abuse, addiction, strained parent/child relationships, language, car accident, alcohol use, sexual content, abandonment and toxic relationships.

All in all I thought it was a super cute read, and I immediately went out and bought book 1. I can’t wait to see whose story is next and where things go for the Maple Hills bunch.

So grateful to @simonschusterca for the gifted e-book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Thank you to Simon & Schuester Canada and Atria Books for an eARC of Wildfire ✨

I’m always hesitant to pick up an author’s second big book because I never know which way it’ll go - will it be a disappointment? Will it be on par? Or will it be better? Wildfire is definitely wonderful enough to live up to (and possibly pass) the hype of Icebreaker.

Russ and Aurora were so much fun. I love their story, I love the camp, I love their friends (Xander you have my heart). Wildfire is written so emotionally - it’s impossible not to care about these characters. On top of the sweet and spicy romance, Aurora and Russ tackle real issues - and they ACTUALLY work through stuff. They put in the work to see if their relationship can work. They put in the work to grow as healthy individuals, apart from each other.

Wildfire is a refreshing book. Its so much more then a romance. I am so excited to see what Hannah Grace does next. She is 100% here to stay.

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I am not a fan of this author's writing style. I gave it a chance with Icebreaker and was let down, but figured I would try Wildfire in case it changed my mind. It did not. A lot of the plot was convoluted. I didn't find myself rooting for the characters because I wasn't particularly attached to them. Overall, a weak romance for me.

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Oh Russ, you might just be the sweetest boy ever. Seriously, this was the cutest book ever and Hannah Grace will always be consistent in writing male characters you so badly wish were real and it was no different this time. Russ was everything in an MC I could want. His little shy quirks when it came to Aurora and girls in general was adorable and everything.

I liked how Aurora and Russ are connected by similar challenges and, in some ways, work together to help each other grow. The summer camp setting was enjoyable and something I hadn't really read before, and the side characters and their banter made the story stand out to me (especially Xander, someone who I desperately want a book on). If you're searching for a fun, spicy summer read for your next trip or want to be transported back in to the summer vibes, this is the book for you! I am extremely excited for the 3rd book.

Thank you to Netgalley, Simon & Schuster Canada and Atria Books for an arc of this book!

(4 stars)

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Did you ever have those hopes that the super cute person you were interested in would ask you out? Maybe it was in school, an after school activity, or maybe during the summer at a camp? Maybe it was that super cool sports player and maybe it was a camp counsellor. Maybe it was both?

Wildfire is an incredibly fun and cute romance about two people who meet on the last day of the school year and have a harmless one night stand... and then discover that they are actually both working as camp counsellors for the summer. Not something you expect when you are finishing a semester at university and are planning to return to your old favourite camp or upcoming job.

I actually read this book without reading the previous book which wasn't actually a required book since each one is essentially its own standalone story, just with previous characters appearing and side plots being occasionally mentioned. There were some things that were mentioned that I'm pretty sure were from the first book so I was a little lost on those, but I knew that would happen anyways so I just kind of took note of them all and accepted that I'll know the full context when I read Icebreaker.

The cast was a lot of fun and I loved the jokes that were featured in the book. The story had such a good balance of humour, fun, romance, and drama. I thought the more emotional and deep topics were done well and carried gently. I really liked seeing the characters bond over their family life and help each other through their struggles.

I was extremely worried that a plot point/conflict trope that's used a lot in romance books would be used, but it wasn't and I loved that fact. I really liked what was done instead and had an even more enjoyable time because of that.

The book goes by really quickly but it felt like it took longer than I was expecting it to, although I'm not sure if that's because of all the things I was doing during that time and also reading another book after having read the first 4 chapters of this book. So I think that's just a problem with the way that I read it.

I haven't really read sports romances before and when I think of sports romances I usually first think of movies like Ice Princess or Cloud 9 so I don't really have anything to compare it to in regards to the genre. I really liked the book though and would say it's more of a summer camp genre if that's really a thing, and less of a sports romance. So maybe if you are starting to get into sports romances, but aren't really interested in the sports, this could be really helpful and fun to start with.

If I were to rate this book, it would be somewhere between a 4.5 and a 5. I'm not entirely sure if it's a 5 star, but that's only because when I think 5 star I think of books that leave me screaming at the end and this didn't leave me screaming but left me feeling content and happy with this book. It might be more of a silent scream that I don't entirely notice because of so many books that I would consider to be a 5 star (most are also fantasy based as well). I'm listing this an a 5 star though because it was an incredible read that I greatly enjoyed all around.

I was able to read this book thanks to being sent an e-arc by Simon & Schuster and Netgalley for an honest review. I enjoyed this book all around and would definitely recommend it, especially if you love romance novels.

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Wildire by Hannah Grace
4 stars

- one night stand
- "no staff fraternizing" rule
- healing toxic relationships

Aurora and Russ reconnect at their summer jobs as camp counselors after having a one-night-stand at a party. With a strict "no staff fraternization" rule in place, they try to keep their distance from each other.

I wasn't expecting to like this as much as I did, after seeing mixed reviews. I loved how Russ and Aurora's relationship blossomed, the safe place they created for each other in the bedroom, and the side characters in this series are top-tier. This book had me laughing out loud to myself.

One negative I will note is that the spicier scenes seemed a bit repetitive and a bit of a "filler", which is one of the things that stopped me from giving this a full 5 stars.

TW: toxic parent/child relationships, addiction, gambling

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Dare I say I loved this more than Icebreaker?? I felt like I connected to the characters more and the summer vibe was so different than what every other romance author of this sort is doing. She also gave Russ a deep backstory that made him unlike any other sports romance character I've come across.

Can't wait for book 3 (please come out soon)

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I really loved this book. I liked that it was set in the same world as Icebreaker and got to see familiar characters. I thought the setting of the story was fun and was perfect for character development. Aurora and Russ were likeable and relatable characters. I loved their individual character development but also their relationship development. I love when characters grow by themselves but love it even more when they help each other see the light and complete each other so well like in this case. The story was funny and cute. The spice was hot even though there was not as much as Icebreaker. It was a quick and very enjoyable read and I loved the epilogue we got at then end. Now I can’t wait for Henry’s book.

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Did you love Icebreaker? Then I'm pretty sure you'll love this too! Hannah Grace is great at writing these romances.

While I was not the biggest Icebreaker fan, I can see why everyone loves it. I also think it's why I liked this romance within the camp setting more - I related to it and felt a bit more connected to the characters. One main theme: both characters overcoming and bonding over daddy issues.

Honestly, Russ and Rory are cute together and I get why this book has been hyped since its release! For me, there wasn't a very significant plot and everything felt pretty predictable. Didn't measure up to a lot of my other amazing and memorable reads this year. I'd say that if you wanted a floofy romance that does involve working through some relationship issues, then this is a good one to pick up.

Thank you to Hannah Grace, Simon & Schuester Canada, and NetGalley for the ARC. 3.5/5 stars.

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sadie's had a really bad year: she was fired from her job, broke up with her boyfriend, and lost her apartment. when at a new year's party, she is given the opportunity to redo that year of her life, she jumps at the chance. but maybe seeing the year from a fresh perspective makes her realize everything happens for a reason, and that better things come to those who deserve them. this was so fun & i flew thru it. i love a time travel trope, and seeing sadie's personal development, as well as her romantic developments, was great. highly recommend!

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