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Aurora and Russ's one-night stand becomes an embarrassing secret as they find themselves working at the same summer camp. As they get to know one another, their relationship grows in unexpected ways.

The characters in Wildfire are so real that they leap off the page. They are both wonderfully flawed in ways that work and make them fit. I would love to read more by Hannah Grace.

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I thought it would be hard for this book to live up to Icebreaker, but I loved it even more!

The book varies from the ice rink setting of the first book, now taking place during the summer at a children's camp. However, the characters are just as lovable and the communication between the two leads that made the first book stand out continues. The book also had a forbidden romance aspect since both characters were camp councilors with a strict no fraternization policy.

Russ was one of the most lovable heroes ever, having a total golden retriever vibe (while also having adorable puppies following him around for the majority of the novel)! Aurora also felt very unique, almost having a grumpy/sunshine personality all on her own. Add in cute kids as side characters and some of the friends we met in the first book, and the story has tons of people to like.

Overall, I loved the book and can't wait to see what Hannah Grace does next!

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This is the second book in the Maple Hills series, but it can be read as a standalone (I love interconnected standalone series)

I don't remember much from Icebreaker, but this book was really different from the first book in the series. Icebreaker was a hockey romance and this was set in a summer camp. The way that Russ starts off as a really shy boy and fakes his confidence to ask out the girl he likes?? 🥰 This book got me kicking and screaming a lot of the times, I had to get up to walk around. I usually dislike the miscommunication trope but the miscommunication at the beginning lowkey made me laugh, I'm glad they resolved it and they don't have any other miscommunications afterwards (not even a third act breakup!). The thing I like about this book is that there wasn't a third act breakup at the end; at the part where it seemed like Russ is pushing Aurora away, she was really dead set on talking it out with him. Xander and Jenna will be scarred for life (if ykyk)

💌 thank you simon and schuster for sending me the e-arc in exchange for an honest review!

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Wildfire is a camp counsellor summer romance featuring the forced proximity and forbidden romance tropes. Trigger warnings include gambling, absentee parents, and drunk driving. Themes present include found family, addiction, abandonment, communication or lack there of, confidence, appearance versus reality, fame, and wealth. I would recommend Wildfire to fans of contemporary romances like Good Girl Complex by Elle Kennedy, The Fine Print by Lauren Asher, Hook, Line, and Sinker by Tessa Bailey, Always Only You by Chloe Liese, or Play With Me by Becka Mack.

Overall, I was a tad disappointed with this book; even though I enjoyed Wildfire, I personally didn’t think it was as good as Icebreaker, which is one of my current favourites. Furthermore, I was expecting Wildfire to be a college sports romance like Icebreaker, and I was disappointed that the majority of Wildfire is set at Honey Acres summer camp instead of Maple Hills (even though Russ and Aurora are both students there). Additionally, there was very little mention of the hockey team. Even though they made some appearances, I really wish that the Icebreaker characters were more a part of Russ and Aurora’s storyline; beloved characters like Stassie, Nate, JJ, and Henry are only side characters in Wildfire. Not really a third act break-up but Wildfire does have some short-lived instances of miscommunication, which I’m not a fan of.

The summer camp atmosphere at Honey Acres, where Russ and Aurora work, was definitely fun and summery; I feel like it will be nostalgic for those who use to attend or have worked at summer camps. My favourite parts of the book involved the camp golden retriever “Fish” and her puppies, who frequently follow and cuddle Russ; these moments were so cute and swoon-worthy (talk about a literal golden retriever boyfriend lol)! Russ and Aurora’s relationship was engaging as it involved a lot of sneaking around (since camp counsellors aren’t allowed to date each other) and spicy hook-ups. I enjoyed how Russ and Aurora are both bookworms, they even go on a date to the bookstore, and I think that fellow readers will appreciate this as well. Henry’s story was alluded to a bit in Wildfire so I’m hopeful that we will possibly get his story next!

Wildfire was an engaging and fun read that’s perfect for fans of summer romances! I can’t wait to read the next installment in the Maple Hills series.

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I may have loved this one even more than the first! 👏🏻🥰🔥🥹❤️ Aurora & Russ were great! I loved getting to see them both discover more about themselves & overcome their own battles 🥰 and the camp setting was spot on! Loved it!!

What to love:
✨forced proximity
✨forbidden romance
✨summer camp setting
✨interconnected series
✨cameos from Icebreaker characters
✨college age

I really enjoyed this story! I did find it to be longer than needed, but loved the characters, and there wasn't as much 'fluff' as the first one ❤️ If you're looking for a fun read, summer vibes story, keep your eyes open for this one!

Thank you so much @simonschusterca for the early copy of WILDFIRE 💕 it hits shelves October 3rd, 2023!!!

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After reading Icebreaker I knew I was going to have to read Wildfire by Hannah Grace !!

Who doesn't love summer camp and dogs?! I really enjoyed Russ and Aurora and watching their relationship develop into something truly amazing. Get to adventure off into a book that switches between Russ and Aurora. Get to learn about these two young adults in their early twenties discovering themselves as individuals and as a pair.

I highly recommend this book to everyone who loves Icebreaker. I really enjoyed being back in Maple Hills ♡
Thanks to Net Galley and the publisher for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.
Pub Date: Oct. 3, 2023

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This book was better than I thought it was going to be, if I’m being completely honest. I really loved the relationship we got to see build between Aurora and Russ. The “sneaking around at camp” plot line had me chuckling every time. Who knew that a party hook-up could turn into your co-camp counselor? I also loved the fact that we as the readers knew more than they did, especially about the camp conundrum.

There were a lot of comedic moments throughout this book, but there were also some pretty deep ones too. The fact that both Aurora and Russ have such intense daddy-issues could have been unrealistic and too far-fetched, but I found that it worked in this situation. I do love the way that they supported one another in dealing with each of their issues.

The friends they have both at home and at camp absolutely made the story! I love well written side characters and all of the ones in this book are no exception. They added pretty heavily to the story.

Overall, this book was a fun summer romance to read through! The epilogue had me absolutely grinning like an idiot because, come on! It was so cute!

⚠️TW: emotional abuse, alcohol, addiction, car accident

🤍 Thank you so much to the publisher @simonschusterca & @netgalley for this physical advanced reader copy!

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Well this was adorable. I haven’t read Icebreaker (I know, I know I have already got it loaded and ready to go on my Kindle) and didn’t realize when this was sent to me they are part of the same world.

I really enjoyed Russ and Aurora and watching their relationship develop. I absolutely loved the summer camp setting, especially the doggos!

The conflict and ending felt a *little* rushed but overall I really enjoyed this one and can’t wait to go start Icebreaker.

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Thank you Simon and Schuster Canada and netgalley for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

IVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS BOOK!!!!! I was so excited to read it after loving icebreaker and it did not disappointed. I will say this book isn't very sports romance. Yes it involves Russ and the other characters from the hockey team, but it was not sports orientated. Regardless, I still ate it up! Russ and Aurora are best described as two broken individuals, with difficult upbringings, who manage to find their missing pieces within each other. Their love is beautiful. I also loved the setting of this book. I've never read a book that takes place at a summer sleepover camp, I really enjoyed the atmosphere.

I highly recommend this book to everyone who loved Icebreaker. I really enjoyed being back in Maple Hills ♡

Pub date: October 3, 2023 - PREORDER YOURS NOW!!

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A charming romance that surpasses Icebreaker. A one night stand turned miscommunication forbidden romance.
Both Rory and Russ have issues with their families that build into the story, even the side characters are fleshed out enough to make this feel like a complete world.
Russ is unrealistically perfect Mr. nice guy, but this is a romance novel, and my one big issue with Hannah Grace;s writing in Icebreaker (writing a hockey romance without understanding hockey well enough) is completely absent from this book. Since Wildfire takes place over the summer, the only hockey involved is knowing that Russ is tall and fit.

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Wildfire follows two summer camp counsellors who reconnect after a steamy one-night stand.

I wasn't the biggest fan of the first book in this series, Icebreaker, but Wildfire managed to steal my heart with the amazing chemistry between the leads, Aurora and Russ. I found their relationship to be very endearing, and I appreciated their improved, open communication. The summer camp setting was a lot of fun too!

I'd recommend this book to fans of Emily Henry and Tessa Bailey!

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Wildfire is the second book in the Maple Hills companion series following the Maple Hills Titan hockey team as they fall head over skates (get it? lol) in love. Though I thoroughly enjoyed the previous novel, Icebreaker, I think that Wildfire is an improvement.

Russ is more reserved and would be classified as shy while Aurora is boisterous and outgoing. Their personalities complement each other and give their interactions a push and pull feeling. To put it bluntly, Russ and Aurora both have daddy issues. They’re both trying to deal with their conflicting feelings for their fathers and families. Both Russ and Aurora have complicated relationships with their families so it was interesting to see Grace manage these relationships throughout the novel while giving readers tension and angst.

Speaking of tension and angst, Russ and Aurora gravitate to each other effortlessly. The tension between the characters is palpable as they attempt to fight it but inevitably succumb to it.

Overall, Wildfire, like its predecessor, addresses a more serious topic while giving readers a romance full of delicious tension and angst.

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Oh, let me spill the tea on this one! You know how sometimes romance novels leave you scratching your head over how the sparks even fly? Well, Aurora and Russ are here to change that game!

Picture this: a chance meeting at a party leads to a sizzling one-night stand. Classic, right? But wait for it... Aurora sneaks out before Russ can even whisper goodbye, and they both figure that's that. Surprise, surprise – destiny has its own playbook!

Fast forward to a summer camp where they both end up working – but hold up, there's a strict "no fraternization" rule. So, what do they do? They practically dance through a minefield, trying not to combust with their chemistry!

Russ is falling for Aurora in record time, but trust issues, courtesy of his rocky relationship with his dad, play tag with his heart. On the flip side, Aurora's head is in a spin over Russ. When they're together, it's like the world doesn't even matter. Except, her own self-worth dance is tangled with her dad's issues. Let's just say daddy drama is real in this one!

Their journey? It's like watching a flower bloom in fast motion. Well, Aurora might not exactly ease into things – she more like word-vomits around Russ (adorably, I might add). But here's the kicker: their patience and genuine care for each other's growth is like a heartwarming symphony.

Get ready for a heart-tugging moment: Russ always watches Aurora disappear into her cabin, flipping the script on her own abandonment issues. It's like a movie scene that makes you clutch the book to your chest, just to hold onto that magic.

Oh, and did I mention the sizzling scenes? 🔥 Let's just say, the heat level? Through the roof!

So, if you're up for a romance that's not only the real deal but also sprinkled with summer camp vibes, daddy drama, and heart-fluttering connections, don't miss out. It's like a rom-com you'll wanna binge-watch!

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I wasn't a huge fan of Icebreaker, so I was a bit apprehensive about this one but I ended up loving it, and enjoying it so much more than the first book in the Maple Hills series. Russ is such a sweetheart; quiet, studious, loves to read, but has some confidence issues that made him endearing. Both main characters have difficult relationships with their parents, and I liked the way their issues were portrayed realistically; the epilogue felt a bit rushed though, with a significant time jump. A good sports romance, with lots of puppies and sweet moments, definitely recommend!

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Wildfire starts off at an on campus end of year party where Russ and Aurora end up hooking up. Rory sneaks out the next morning expecting to never see Russ again. Turns out they are both camp counsellors at the same summer camp. Which has a no staff dating rule, and Rory was never one to follow rules.

I absolutely adored this book, somehow I loved it even more than Icebreaker. Im a huge fan of Dirty Dancing and it definitely has those vibes! I love the relationship and banter Rory and Russ share. Bonus points for cute dogs. And that epilogue left me with goose bumps! I need more books in this friend group!

A huge thanks to Simon and Schuster for the ebook!

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I’m not generally one to follow authors (unless it's to continue a series I stumbled upon), but after reading Wildfire, I am officially a Hannah Grace stan! I will definitely be going back to read Icebreaker with the hopes that it’s half as good as Wildfire!

After a one-night stand between outwardly confident, but very much praise seeker, Aurora and awkward, rule-following UCMH hockey goalie, Russ, both head off for their summer plans. You can imagine the surprise then when those plans happen to be the same and now the two of them are forced into the same group of summer camp counsellors for the next two months. Important to note, the cardinal rule for Honey Acres counsellors is no fraternization between staff.

Wildfire is hilarious and heartwarming. Both main characters are dealing with their own messed up family situations while navigating the relationship developing between the two of them. The banter is *chef's kiss*. Russ is super sweet and the PRAISE, ugh. He knows exactly what he is doing. Rory is the perfect amount of bumbling and confident. I liked both characters from the beginning and the side characters (especially Xander) were all worthy additions to the story.

I would HIGHLY recommend reading this book if you’re looking for the perfect steamy rom-com!


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Thank you for the ARC :)
I was excited to read this but it ended up just not being for me. The beginning was really confusing for someone who didn't read her other books and felt overwhelmed by all the characters and then the rest just kind of felt flat. That being said, there were still cute moments, it just wasn't my favorite.

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3.75 stars— thank you S&S Canada and NetGalley for this eArc! I enjoyed Icebreaker (4 stars) by the same author and was interested in this follow-up book. If you’re a fan of the fluffy romance content of Hannah Grace, this one delivers just that. I only ranked it slightly lower than her first book just because I thought Russ and Aurora’s relationship was almost too sweet with their instant attraction. I preferred the banter from Nate and Stasis in Icebreaker. I thought that the first half was great but by the second half, I started to lose interest in the characters. There’s the interesting factor of the forbidden romance and forced proximity tropes, but I felt like as individual characters, I wasn’t that invested in them. Rory definitely shined brighter for me though. The end felt a bit rushed with some forced conflict between the two but I liked how the family conflicts wrapped up by the end. I felt like I spotted one or two grammatical errors or missing words but other than that, I liked that there were many characters in the friend group of different races and sexual orientations/ communities I was apart of!

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This was fun! Icebreaker was such a fun and fluffy read and I totally expected this to be the same and it definitely delivered. I really liked the characters in this, as well as the cute camp setting. Everything felt intentional and really sweet. I loved the romance within and how multi-dimensional the characters felt.

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I hate when spicy reads have adorable and innocent looking covers. I didn’t get very far before this became too much

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