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I couldn't get into this book at all, it was a bit strange and everyone seemed childish for me. This was more of a YA than a thriller for me.


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Ich weiß ehrlich gesagt nicht, wie ich dieses Buch bewerten soll, da ich es aufgrund relativ kurzer Ausleihdauer (ohne Verlängerung) nicht lesen konnte.

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A smart, pacey thriiller with a fun techno angle.

I'm a sucker for books about twisted games, and this was no exception. The virtual reality version of Tag was fun and cleverly used, and even though there were a lot of characters, Foxfield did a great job of keeping it clear who was who.

Very grateful to Netgalley and the publisher for the arc! Would recommend to fans of YA mysteries, games gone wrong, and tech/slight futuristic elements.

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This was an interesting and unique mystery/thriller.

I received an e-ARC of the book from the publisher.

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I lived Tag, You’re Dead right up until the last 20 percent . Then it had unnecessary foul language, and the wrap up seemed really rushed. Four stars.

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I’ve read and seen this type of plot before, so it’s nothing new. I will say that these characters had more interesting and intriguing motives for winning than in other media, but this book was kind of boring and slogged around.

Thank you, Netgalley, for the ARC!

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this was such an incredible book! i am so thankful to netgalley for letting me read it early. it was just a pure delight and i think everyone should read this one!!!

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Tag, You're Dead is a gripping thriller that introduces readers to the world of Anton Frazer, a teen social media influencer who stages a citywide game of Tag with a deadly twist. In this high-stakes competition, the prize is the chance to become one of Anton's live-in personal assistants, and his fans eagerly join the live-streamed event.

Equipped with body cams, GPS trackers, and pressure sensors to monitor disqualifications, the contestants are divided into Chasers and Runners, released into the night-covered urban jungle to hunt each other down while the whole world watches. The tension rises as the game unfolds, with unexpected twists and turns that keep participants and viewers on the edge of their seats.

Amid the thrill of the game, four contestants harbour secret motives for joining—ranging from the pursuit of money, obsession, and fame, to revenge. As the night progresses, these hidden agendas come to light, revealing that for some, winning is not just a desire but a necessity. One of them is determined to emerge as the ultimate victor, regardless of the risks, turning the adrenaline- and fear-fueled night into a battle for survival.

Perfect for fans of intense psychological thrillers, "Tag, You're Dead" promises knife-edged tension, unpredictable twists, and a cast of contestants willing to do anything to win—even if it means facing something deadly.

It delivers a pulse-pounding thriller that grabs readers from the first page and doesn't let go. The concept of a citywide game of Tag with deadly consequences is both unique and chilling, setting the stage for a suspenseful and unpredictable narrative. The storytelling prowess shines as she weaves a tale of high-stakes competition, where social media, obsession, and the desire for revenge converge in a dangerous game. The use of technology, including body cams and GPS trackers, adds a modern and ominous layer to the story, amplifying the sense of urgency and danger.

The characters, each with their secret motives, add depth to the narrative, keeping readers guessing about their true intentions. The pacing is relentless, creating a tension-filled atmosphere that escalates as the night unfolds. The twists and turns are masterfully executed, with revelations that will leave readers questioning everything they thought they knew. It is perfect for fans of psychological thrillers will find themselves engrossed in this heart-pounding tale of survival and deception.

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This was such a huge disappointment for me.

The premise sounded AMAZING and even the first chapter was great - really pulled me into the story and then I read the rest of the book.

So boring - not enough intrigue with lots of down times in the story. This could have been so good.

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This was a fun mystery/thriller book. I really enjoyed reading it and couldn't put it down.

Thank you to the publisher and the author for this ARC

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Review will be posted January 7th

Sometimes, a book is simply not meant for you. This was the case with Tag You're Dead. I really struggled with the book, and I ended up DNF-ing it, as I just couldn't get into the story.
One of the things that I often struggle with is multiple POVs, and this book had just too many for me. I managed to read about half of the book before giving up, because I just knew this book was not mean for me, and I would just struggle through the second half.
Still, I think it is a book that had a lot of potential, and I think many readers will enjoy it. And I would be curious to read another book from Kathryn Foxfield.

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This had everything that I was looking for from a thriller novel, I enjoyed the social media influencer elements. It had a great collection of twists and the tension was everything that I was hoping for. The characters felt like they were meant to be in the story and worked well. Kathryn Foxfield has a great writing style and I enjoyed what I read.

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I really enjoyed this! It's fast paced and has interesting characters. I would recommend this! Special Thank You to Kathryn FoxField, SOURCEBOOKS Fire and NetGalley for allowing me to read a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.

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A game of Tag for money, what could go wrong? Liars, schemers and revenge seekers come out to play.
I love this idea and the cover of this book. It takes something that’s seen as harmless and injects the sense of doom right to its center.
Overall this book for sure was pretty solid who dun it? A lot of the character could have used more work in shaping them into believable people. The plot was interesting to say the least but the ending was a little bit of a let down. I would give this book 2.5 stars cause it wasn’t the best and not really the worst but unfortunately forgettable.
Thanks to the folks at NetGalley for a copy of this book. My review is a honest reflection of my feelings towards this book.

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Grayson, Charlotte, and Erin are all competing in massive influencer Anton Frazer’s latest stunt: a city-wide game of tag, complete with VR supplements and a prize of meeting Frazer himself. But these three contestants have higher stakes than that—and they get even higher when bodies start turning up.

This was a fun, eerie, bizarre read, a thriller toeing the line of science fiction. I truly enjoyed Grayson’s and Erin’s POV’s, and though I connected less with Charlotte, it was still a well-done perspective. The concept was creative, and the plot ramped up nicely to a star-striking, absolutely gorgeous reveal.

I was, personally, sad that the game was less about an actual nitty-gritty game of tag and more about VR, and I had to suspend disbelief more than usual for the technological aspects. I also thought the climax, while thrilling, felt a bit overdone, and it would have been so exciting if it leaned more toward poetic than shocking, but overall, it was a good time, and I’d recommend it to fans of quirky, quick thrillers.

CW: Violence, gore, language

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Tag, You're Dead is a futuristic-feeling YA Thriller with a strong gaming element. Unfortunately, as great as the overall concept is, I wasn't crazy about the execution.

This story features a live-streamed, city-wide game of tag hosted by a well-known, oft-controversial, teenage social media influencer, Anton Frazer. The prize is to become one of his assistants. The teen's fans are eager to compete, but what about his enemies? Certainly someone as famous and potentially contentious as Anton has many. What would they do for the opportunity to get close to him?

We follow a few different perspectives, all participants in the game. Through their POVs we also are given background into their various connections to Anton, as well as their motivations for wanting to play the game. The contestants are outfitted with super high-tech gear that tracks them through the city over the course of the game. Everyone takes turn, being randomly selected and notified through their gear, of being Chasers and Runners.

I felt like the idea of the game was so much fun. I was really looking forward to getting into this one and seeing how the game would ultimately play out. For me though, I felt this story was imbalanced. I'm not sure if I am wording that correctly, but I'll try to explain my feelings as best I can.

Some of the perspectives I found really interesting, for example a mother-daughter duo with majorly toxic vibes. Then there were other perspectives that I loathed every minute reading from; mainly, Charlotte. Also, there were moments the game felt intense and fun, but just when I would start to become truly invested, it would switch perspectives and maybe be about something other than the game, that would take me out of it.

I also had a difficult time picturing some of the scenes, particularly any involving action. There was a lot of interpersonal drama going on amongst the characters, but the setting was less well developed, in my opinion.
I am first and foremost an atmosphere girlie, so I could have used a bit more work in that aspect. This could have been set anywhere, although I believe it is supposed to be London.

Overall, I found this to be an intriguing concept that sadly, fell short in its execution. In spite of it being a mixed bag for me though, I would definitely read from this author again.

Thank you so much to the publisher, SOURCEBOOKS Fire, for providing me with a copy to read and review. I appreciate it!

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stop this book was very fun!! very fun and interesting read!! very fast paced and interesting!! go read it!!!

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3.5/5 ⭐️

Three teens join a rich influencer’s game of virtual tag only for it to turn deadly. Grayson, Erin, and Charlotte each have their own reason for wanting to win and the game and meet Anton, the creator of the game. However, people start ending up dead and someone hijacks the game to get revenge for a murdered girl.

I thought this one was pretty fast-paced. I think the whodunit behind who was ghost Rose was pretty obvious but the twist of who killed Rose was more surprising. The very end confused me though. It didn’t super resolve in a satisfactory way. I think an epilogue would’ve been good here.

I received my copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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How I love a good mystery--especially one penned by Kathryn Foxfield. The stakes are always high, the premise always feels so high stakes and the thrills never stop coming. I was very happy with this book and loved the idea of a deadly mass game of "tag". Very fresh concept that was executed iin a excellent way.

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When teen social media influencer Anton Frazer stages a live-streamed, citywide game of Tag where the prize is to become one of his live-in personal assistants, his fans go wild.

This was a perfectly fine little Y.A. horror/thriller. I wanted to like it more than I did but I chalk that up to me not really connecting with any of the characters. They felt a little flat to me and some were even bordering on annoying. But I liked the ideas and the writing was well done.

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