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Our Eternal Existence

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This book delves into metaphysical concepts not typically explored by religious or scientific institutions. It offers thought-provoking ideas about the universe, the power of thoughts, out of body experiences, dreams, and the afterlife. Readers seeking answers to life's mysteries will find inspiration and insight within its pages.

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I have always been interesting in spirituality and this book really gives answers to my questions. I haven't read anything like this before so it was interesting and new.

It was an interesting read and I'd like to read more.

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I have read many books on sprituality and I have to rate this as among the best. It answers very clearly many questions about the other realms/dimensions. It is very much in line with my ways of thinking. It makes more sense of why we are here and the best ways to live our life. Having just finished this I am going to go straight back to the beginning and read again. A must read for anyone seeking the truth about our consciousness and existence.

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**Book Review: Unraveling Life's Big Questions with "Our Eternal Existence"**

So, I just read "Our Eternal Existence," and I wanted to share what I thought about it. If you're into stuff like science, religion, and thinking about why we're here, this book is for you. It tries to answer the big questions like who we are, where we are, and why we're here. And it's not just about finding answers – it also talks about how we should live better lives.

If you're open to new ideas and curious about things like metaphysics (that's like the study of reality and existence), you're gonna find this book super interesting. It doesn't stick to the usual stuff that religious groups or scientists talk about. It's all about exploring stuff that goes beyond our regular thinking. It's for people who wonder why we exist and how we can become better people.

Now, don't get me wrong – this book isn't super long, but it's not a quick read either. There's a lot to think about. The author explains things about the universe that can blow your mind. It talks about thoughts being powerful, dreams, experiences that are out of this world, and even what could happen after we die. Plus, there are these cool quotes that make you think even more.

What I liked most about this book is that it's okay with not having all the answers. It's like saying, "Hey, we all wonder about stuff, and that's cool. Let's explore together." It talks about how everyone has their own ideas about spirituality and life's meaning. And yeah, religions have different views, but the book is all about considering different perspectives and not just sticking to one.

So, if you're into thinking deeply and wondering about life's big mysteries, "Our Eternal Existence" could be a cool book to check out. It's like a journey into understanding ourselves and our place in the universe. Just know that it's not a quick read – there's a lot to chew on. But if you're up for it, it can be a pretty mind-opening experience.

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This is a fascinating book for those with an open mind and interested in tuning into the world of metaphysics. It offers mind-boggling concepts that aren’t taught by religious groups or scientists. It’s for those that are searching for answers and curious about why we are here and what we need to do to progress in life.

It’s not a long book but it takes time to digest the words as there’s a great deal to think about. He explains the mysterious universe in a way that is comprehensible. Readers learn more about the power of thoughts, out of body experiences, dreams and the afterlife. The author shares several inspiring quotes.

For years, I have followed the metaphysical perspectives starting with Lobsang Rampa in the 60’s to Edgar Cayce, Jane Roberts, Delores Cannon, Robert Monroe and so many more. For me, much of the book was a comforting review. However, there was additional material I found to be captivating. This is a book to be read again and again filled with intelligent thoughts.

My thanks to 6Th Books and NetGalley for allowing me to read this advanced copy with an expected release date of December 1, 2023.

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Our Eternal Existence by David Gaggin is an interesting deep dive into the nature of consciousness, and our spiritual existence. I liked that this book breaks down important metaphysical concepts in a variety of ways, and I enjoyed the author's exploration.

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Great book. There are a lot of questions that we (or at least I) have regarding the meaning of life and spirituality. I believe that we all have to seek answers in a way that resonates with us. The concerning thing about religion is that each has its own perspective. I believe we all are connected and considering alternatives from various alternatives is so beneficial.

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The purpose of this wel written and well researched book is 1) to challenge your ideas about the nature of reLigy. 2) to help people who are struggling with various aspects of ther lives; 3) provide a basis for an ethical conduct that is based on the inherent beliefs of selfidentity; 4) to help people realize all is one. Views the world from a metaphysical viewpoint, as opposed to scientific or religious viewpoint. Notes. Bibliography. Glossary. Index.

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