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A Need for Violence

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I've been a Dusty Richards fan since he was writing the Ralph Compton "Trail" books back in the day. This is the second of a great series, and I'm thrilled with it!

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After wintering with the Shoshone people and adding twins to the Harrigan clan after a fierce battle and Megan and Finch getting kidnapped the family packs up despite finches regret and remorse and set out for the west. Max Uncles letters are the only clues he has that he even has family in California but while heading west Mac learns his family would rather roam the open range then settle anywhere but Mac hopes they change their mind. Since reading the first book in this series I have read other books by the author in love how he brings other characters back and it seems so flawless and happens like every day life I truly enjoy Dusty Richards books and I’m so glad I found them because there’s a lot I haven’t read by him so have so many to look forward to as for this one I think the series is just getting better and although this is just The second book an there is action packed happenings in the book like the brutal fight in the beginning and the ultimate kidnapping after andfinches dedication to the Shoshonie way which is funny and adorable and also I love grave foot and Mr. Jones so much! They have great characters great action in Mac is such a good man I really enjoyed these books. There is so much for this family to get into and the ending of this book gave promise to another adventure in Watts Corner and I cannot wait to see what happens. I want to thank Kensington books and Net galley for my free arc copy please forgive any mistakes as I am blind and dictate my review.

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The second in The Battling Harrigans series pulls readers straight into a brutal attack on the Shoshone tribe’s wintering grounds, where the Harrigan family is sheltering on their way to a new life in California. Traveling alone across America by wagon, Mack and Elle Harrigan and their children would likely be dead without the protection of the Shoshone. As it is, two of their children are abducted during the attack, along with several other children from the tribe, and Mack must assist in a daring rescue.

Not having read the first book, I would have liked a little more introduction to the Harrigans and their lives before the mayhem takes over, because that mayhem lasts a full third of the novel. After the family moves on, they are beset by adventures which keep the plot at a fast pace. A few incidents do not feel realistic, but the novel is peppered with eclectic characters of all sorts, as one might expect, and is a short, diverting read. Readers of mid-19th-century frontier fiction will enjoy this novel.

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+This book follows teh continuing travels of the Harrigan clan as they make their way westward looking for Uncle Zeke. But this is not just a simple travel adventure; it is about living with friendly Shoshone tribe members who had previously saved lives...and being involved with them fighting off marauding members form another tribe. Throw in a kidnapping and taking in the wilderness and you might think you have an adventure.

You would but not enough in this story. The Harrigans move on and one or another gets involved in mining towns, wagon drivers, mountain men, rendezvous, and grizzly bear. Oh not to forget English royalty.

Wrap this altogether and you have a wonderful story. A most enjoyable read.

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Dusty Richards wrote a great Western novel in A Need for Violence. It had what I enjoyed from other books from the author. The characters felt like they belonged in the story and I was never bored when reading this.

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