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After reading the first book in this series, I was very, very excited to eventually read Sloane and Lucian's story. Even from book one their chemistry and tension were delicious - getting a full book about their love story? Hell yeah I gobbled this one up!  
Sloane and Lucian have officially tied Knox and Naomi as my favorite Knockemout couple! Their push and pull dynamic was electric - even when they hated each other, their physical chemistry was off the charts. I loved getting both of their POVs - getting to read about them becoming more and more obsessed with each other while also being in denial about their feelings was just too fun.   
It was also super gratifying to finally find out the source of Lucian and Sloane's animosity to each other - getting to the root of their tension really helped to develop not only who they were as characters, but also really raised the stakes of their romance. They had extensive, dramatic history - history that took them a long time to work through together, but the payoff really felt worth the wait.  
Altogether, I really loved not only the story of Lucian and Sloane but also how the stories of the previous main couples wrapped up. I'm so bummed that this series has come to an end - I really love these characters and the town of Knockemout. Fortunately, Lucy Score has an extensive backlist of books - and I can't wait to read more of her stories!

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Easily my favorite of the series, I love our main characters and their hard heads! This is the first of the trilogy that didn’t feel like it was almost 600 pages. Constantly something going on, very cliche but in the best way, I really enjoyed this. This is romance at its wildest, it’s so great! Lucy Score really knows how to pull all the big cliches and tropes and twist it into something fun and actually romantic.

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An absolutely perfect end to one of my favorite series. I loved Lucian from book one and couldn’t wait to get the back story and see where this story went. I was over the moon, crying, screaming and laughing until the very end. GO READ THIS BOOK!

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I loved Lucian and Sloane’s grump-sunshine, enemies to lovers, second chance, benefits only, “we have a secret feud that we won’t talk about” romance. The book has a perfect blend of hilarity, sweet moments, difficult real life issues, danger, and steam. There was a lot of facing ugly truths and past pain with plenty of snort worthy laughs thrown in. This love story is not a twenty something’s flowers, mood lighting, tweeting birds and traditional romantic gestures insta-love story. This is the gritty, messy kind of love with dark painful places in between the light joyful ones. Sloane is the head librarian in small town Knockemout. At the beginning of the story, her dad just died of cancer and she realizes she put the needs of her career ahead of having a husband and children. She is determined to do that now. Lucian grew up next door to Sloane but had a very different childhood. Hers was loving and nurturing and his was full of violence. Sloane and Lucian had a long ago past though only they know what it was or what happened. They only interact when mutual friends force them together at social events. To get to their HEA will require the perfect storm of events, examination of long suppressed feelings, embracing their fears, healing, and of course trying to bring down a mob boss. Lucian and Sloane are portrayed as real, relatable people who have flaws and loads of baggage, but are really just trying to do their best as messy fallible humans. I have a soft spot for the people who are a bit uncomfortable in their skin because they don’t feel like they fit in or are worthy, like Lucian. So I love when they finally see their truth and they get swoon worthy HEAs because they really deserve them. This is not an enemies to lovers story that tips into meanness or abuse. The MCs are clearly just emotionally wounded ones. At the beginning of the book, they have been “on a never-ending roller coaster of insults, sexual awareness, bitterness, and flirtation.” The character growth and development journey was done beautifully for both of them. The story was well written and included witty dialogue, three dimensional characters who grow, and an engaging storyline and will give you all the feels - laughing, crying, swooning, cringing, teeth gritting, and cheering with sweet moments, steamy scenes, laughs, supportive friends, messy families, painful pasts, danger, and all the heart squeezing love. This was a great book to end this phenomenal series.

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This was the one. This was the couple I have been waiting for, Sloane and Lucian. There had been hints in the first 2 books about their past, but this is where it’s all laid out for us. How they are next door neighbors, become friends and when promises are broken the friendship ends. They have been at each other for so long that their friends just except it.
Score has shown that she knows how to draw her readers into the worlds she creates. And it is no different with Knockemout. Her characters are complex and lovable. That family isn’t always blood, but people who are there for you. They except you for who you are while calling you out for your attitude.
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As always! Lucy did not disappoint! I absolutely fell in love with the characters and will always be in love with Lucian. Lucy put the perfect amount of suspense and “enemies to lovers”. So sad this series is over.

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I must say, this book exceeded my expectations! Undoubtedly, it stands out as the highlight of the series, even though I thoroughly enjoyed the first two installments.

I've eagerly awaited Lucian and Sloane's story since the first book, and I'm delighted to share that it truly lived up to my hopes!

Lucy Score's writing style resonates with me, and her knack for portraying a tight-knit group of characters as a family is unparalleled, something I particularly adore.

The witty exchanges and undeniable chemistry between the characters sizzle throughout the book. Moreover, the epilogue, along with the extended one, felt like a beautifully wrapped gift for those of us who have been devoted to this series from the very beginning.

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This was a great finsish to the Knockemout Trilogy. I enjoyed getting to know all of the characters. I know that everything always works out in rom-coms but that didn't detract from the story because it was easy to connect with each character.

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Just as good as book one and two, it was a nice ending!I still feel like book one was my favorite. This one was probably my least favorite. I have been anticipating Lucian and Sloanes story since book 1 and I am so happy to report that it really delivered for me! Lucy Score just does it for me, I love her writing style, her humor and no one does found family like her, which is one of my favorite things ever and this book was no exception. The banter and the chemistry was hot as hell. The epilogue and the extended epilogue was like a present wrapped up in a bow for those of us that have followed this series from the beginning. The found family-My favorite part of this series! Everyone is there, although I wanted more Waylay bc my girl is just the best, but we got more of Stef and Jeremiah which made my heart so happy bc I love them so much. And we got some new characters but most importantly we got all the CLOSURE with everyone's story that really wrapped up this series so perfectly. I'm actually kind of sad bc this is it for these characters and I am going to miss them and this sweet little town so much!

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Heat Factor: Enemies to Lovers hanky panky just hits different doesn’t it?

Character Chemistry: Their chemistry was easy to clock in the first book and honestly I feel like we’ve all been waiting for this matchup ever since.

Plot: Lucian and Sloane were best friends, neighbors, and sweethearts until one night ruined everything. Now they’re sworn enemies—except that Sloane is kind of in trouble and Lucian can’t help himself, and next thing you know…

Overall: This is a pretty classic contemporary with a friend squad, a trio of ridiculously hot men, and life and death intrigue—and it slaps.

This is the third (and last) in Lucy Score’s Knockemout series, and since it was clear from the first book that Sloane and Lucian were going to be enemies to lovers it should be a surprise to no one that I’ve been sort of patiently waiting for this one.

Lucian deals in information. He makes and takes down power makers in DC, and is (of course) ridiculously wealthy. Everyone from his past kind of assumes he’s involved in some dirty dealings, and it becomes pretty clear he’s a “grey area” guy.

Sloane is Knockemout’s town librarian, and as often happens with town librarians, she’s also part of the glue that holds the town together. The book opens with Sloane and her family dealing with the loss of her father. She’s living in the house she grew up in, which just so happens to be next door to Lucian’s childhood home. Lucian wasn’t just Sloane’s best friend, he was also very close with her parents—and ultimately, Sloane’s parents saved Lucian from a terrible future.

Soon, Sloane is digging into one of her father’s old cases and looking into freeing an innocent woman from prison. Lucian is trying to dig into the mystery that’s been unfolding throughout the series. To my utter delight, Lucian and Sloane HATE each other. They fight like cats and dogs. So many insults. It’s fantastic.

And then suddenly, Lucian and Sloane are no longer cats and dogs and are suddenly rabbits. Lucian can’t stop, and Sloane doesn’t want to. It’s SO GOOD.

Of course, half the allure of a Lucy Score series is that there’s a squad, and tight-knit community, and heavy intrigue, and this series follows that trend. Is it a bit “cookie cutter”? Maybe. But it’s really tender and well-developed, all the characters have time to shine. The relationships established in previous books continue to develop. I like that the author doesn’t shy away from real life—some characters end up with fertility issues, some have significant trauma and require therapy, beloved people are lost. Honestly, I understand that this might not be a series for those who struggle with triggers, but it felt more real to me, and I liked that.

One complaint I have is that in all the relationship development that happens in this series, one relationship is so juicy and so ever-present it deserves a book of its own and doesn’t get one. And I’m trying not to think that it’s because it’s between two men, but considering the “squad” consists of three women and one gay man, and the gatherings include those four regularly, but we only get books for the women…I just kind of wonder. One of these days it would be nice to see a major author include a book for the “funny gay best friend”.

I would have liked to see more of the mystery, and I would have traded a little of the sex, but I have a feeling a lot of readers would fight me on that.

On the whole, if you like men who act like meatheads but think like leaders, love hard, and fight bad guys, you’ll like this series. If you like a warm community, a fierce “squad”, and women who stand up for themselves, you’ll like this series. And if you like feeling like everything is wrapping up in a neat bow only to discover the author is going yank you right into a high speed chase and a gunfight…you’ll like this series.

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"I remember every second of us."

I have been waiting for Lucian and Sloane's book since I encountered them in Things We Never Got Over. I think Things We Left Behind was heartfelt, emotional, and funny. Though it was a little long for the content. I definitely think the story could have been summed up more quickly, we didn't need a 600 page book.

Lucian and Sloane are both incredibly closed off, they are bitter towards each other, and perpetually single. I have been intrigued by their past since book one and truth behind it was a sad but at the same time frustrating. They were petty towards each other for 25 years over something so stupid that could have easily been talked through, and I hate it. Miscommunication at its absolute worst. 25 years??? Dear lord, why.

I did really enjoy the flashbacks to when they were younger, and learning about why Lucian was essentially made of stone. He had a hard life and it really makes you feel so many emotions. Suite Daddy and his pixie were indeed the best couple in the series, and I would have rated it higher if the story didn't drag so much.

Overall, this was a decent series and I enjoyed this book as well as the others!

- childhood friends to enemies to lovers
- morally grey mmc
- messy drama
- 'touch her and you die' vibes
- good banter
- miscommunication
- found family
- small town romance w/ mystery element added in

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I was soooo excited to start this one and was so thankful that NG gifted me an arc in exchange for an honest review. My opinion, least favorite of the series…

Sloane and her neighbor Lucian hate each other. And I mean HATE each other, and have for decades. However they can’t stay away from each other either. (that's it. That's the plot)

I loved Sloane in the first two books and was sooo ready for her story but even before it began I was so confused on how Lucian who so CLEARLY hates this woman is actually in love with her… to me, this book had characters with 0 personality, hated each other (not in a fun cutesy way) and the *spice* wasn’t even that great. It was just not the best note to end the series on, I found myself wanting to skip/fast forward parts (no romance needs to be 500+ pages people) and was overall very bored throughout. It did make me laugh and I did like the end so for that I give it…

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Was very excited to finish this series. I am a Librarian so I've absolutely had a vested interest in Sloane's happiness throughout this book. Lucian was my least favorite "book boyfriend" of the trilogy and I disliked how quickly he went from rude and brooding to absolutely head over heels obsessed boyfriend; although, I will say that I enjoyed the flashbacks to young Lucian and Sloane. The suspense part of the series was interesting and a fun element to break it up from a traditional rom-com.

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Wow. I’m blown away. This is Lucy’s best. I’ll come back to write a more thorough review. LUCIFER FOREVER 💜

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I loved this book. Even though it’s the third book in a series and I didn’t read the first two, everything still made sense. The chemistry between the main characters was amazing. I especially loved the flirtatious texts.

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Thank you to Bloom Books and Netgalley for my gifted copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

I am so sad to see the Knockemout Series come to a close. But I will say, out of the three books this will remain my favorite. I really enjoyed the back story between Lucien and Sloane and witnessing their growth was a joy. Coming in at over 500 pages, it certainly did not feel long. Lucy Score has a way of building characters and communities that stick with you and have you caring for them as if they were your own.

This is a fabulous series. Filled with romance, hardships, trauma, and grief yet you will find yourself laughing through the tears. I guess all good things must come to an end and knowing when that end is, is so important. Leave them wanting more, they say, and Score did just that!

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I needed this book. I waited for this book. I wanted this book. I LOVED this book.

Lucian and Sloan’s story is my favorite by far out of the entire Knockemout series, and that’s saying A LOT!
Definitely one of my top books I’ve read all year!!

Lucian grows up in the house next door to Sloan. Her family is everything his isn’t. As years pass, they become enemies to lovers. He believes he is broken though and can never give Sloan the life she wants. Their chemistry was off the charts. Lucian Rollins is officially my new book boyfriend.

The character development was so great. This book is heartbreaking, heartwarming, and just perfection! I can’t even describe how much I love this book. The spice was 👩‍🍳💋 I couldn’t put it down and stayed up wayyyy too late reading it. Worth it though! I can’t wait to reread this book!
This was hands down my favorite Lucy Score book to date!! She will forever be an auto buy for me ❤️

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🗓️: September 5, 2023

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"Lucian Rollins, a relentless and powerful mogul, harbors a seething vengeance, one he's hell-bent on achieving while keeping Sloane Walton, a tenacious small-town librarian, at arm's length. Their mutual disdain fuels fiery encounters, leading to a passionate one-night stand. Yet, with Sloane's desire for a family and Lucian's aversion to commitment, they face a profound impasse. But when threats loom, Lucian learns that leaving Sloane leaves her vulnerable. Will he make amends, or is this game of push and pull a lost cause? A gripping romance exploring past secrets, unlikely love, and the unrelenting fear of breaking one another."

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Thank you to the publisher for a gifted copy of this book.

This may be my favorite out of the series! The enemies to lovers trope always adds a wonderful level of banter that's just right up my alley. I couldn't put it down and the bonus epilogues added the perfect ending to a perfect series.

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WOW. Lucy Score delivered on all the anticipation built up in this series! The depth of Sloane and Lucian's history and relationship was so well done and absolutely heartbreaking. Saying anything feels like spoiling everything, so just know that "Things We Left Behind" is a winner.

Thank you to NetGalley & the publisher for providing an eARC for review.

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