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This was a delightful and steamy end to this series. I thoroughly enjoyed the story of Lucian and Sloan. The enemies to lovers trope is a good one and the book deals with some difficult issues well. Lucian's possessiveness of Sloan was a bit over the top, but I still enjoyed it.

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I was provided a free advanced copy of this from @netgalley in exchange for my honest review.
My request for this was accepted a few days before publication, and I hadn't read the second book 🫣, so I was definitely not able to get this one done before publication date, but this was so good!!
It is the third and final book in the Knockemout series and I think it is the best yet! I loved Lucian and Sloane's relationship. Throughout the first two books we see the tension between the two, but don't learn why until this one.
We once again have some great dialogue/banter between the characters, lots of spice, and some tense situations with the mystery finally coming to a conclusion!
You definitely need to read the series in order, but I would recommend them all. They are long, but I flew through them as you really feel like part of this tight friend/family group!
This one was published earlier this month, so you can get all three now!
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THINGS WE LEFT BEHIND Knockemout Book 3 by Lucy Score
I have absolutely loved this story!! Lucy Score has done an exemplary job with Knockemout and its residents. I have enjoyed the comaraderie between all the characters so much. I am definitely not ready to see the series end. Hey Lucy, how about Waylay getting a story too?! Since this one ends with grandchildren, it would work out...
Lucian Rollins and Sloane Walton are the focus of this book and it is filled with plenty of angst, steam, and so much witty banter. They are my favorite Knockemout couple.
I bought the audio book and Sebastian York and Lila Winters have done a wonderful job with the voices. This is a definite 5 stars.

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Things We Left Behind by Lucy Score is book three in the Knockemount Series. This is the story of Lucien and Sloane. This is a interconnecting series so it does had to your enjoyment if you have read the previous books. But, this can be a standalone book. If you have read the previous books then you have been waiting too to get Sloane and Lucien's story. They had been young and in love but something happened that neither could move past. So several years later their feelings came to the forefront and not to be ignored. Loved this author!!

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Sloane and Lucian's story is the one we 've all been waiting for! These two have been bickering for 2 decades now but you can tell they are really into each other and wanting things to be different. We finally get to learn all about the history that they have between them.

Knockemout has been a fun series and while I still loved it, I did feel like it was a bit longer than necessary. Usually I breeze through my books pretty fast but this one took me a whole week to read!

Great conclusion to this series.

Thank you Netgalley for the opportunity to read and review. All opinions are my own.

Publication date: 5 September 2023.

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I have never read a Lucy Score book before, and I heard great things about her, so I was excited to start this book. I loved that the writing was emotionally charged and felt that both Sloan and Lucien were witty, honest, and emotional, and they had great chemistry with each other. Their shared traumatic past helped them become closer. I enjoyed getting to know their background and them as individuals. My only complaint is that no rom-com should be 600+ pages. This book could have easily been accomplished in 200-300 pages. I struggled to stay interested quite a bit, and it was quite a long journey to get a resolution between Sloan and Lucien

Thank you to NetGallery and to Sourcebooks Bloom Books for a copy of the book.

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I read my 1st from this author this year: I reissue of Pretend You're Mine. Just like this book, it is long. Maybe even unnecessarily long, but I remember really liking it and thinking how I totally understood why this author had a Goodreads Choice Nominee for Best Romance in 2022.

Fast forward to this moment. Welp, this is also a long book – that’s ok! I’m sure it’s all about quality – and then… Nope, this book isn’t very good.

I’ll take some ownership for why I’m grading this just shy of 2 stars. Why should I expect coming in at the finale of this trilogy that I might enjoy it, especially, when it may be some of my fault for missing prior context from Book 1 and 2? But, we all know plenty of skilled writers that hold our attention with well-written continuations that are still powerful standalones. This is not 1 of those. I barely started and went to switch to another author’s book partway. Folks, there’s something wrong if you can’t hold my book attention!

There were some good moments: Some well written lines and the throwbacks had a nice tone.

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So all I have to say is..... #suitdaddy! Uh, I knew Lucian and Sloan's story would be my favorite- but it was MY FAVE! The banter, the pining, the history, the sex, the second-chance... And the Alpha'ness is just *chefs kiss* Read this, you won't regret it. Only downside is that I was totally over the mob side-story after book 1.

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I've loved each of the three books in the Knockemout series but I honestly didn't believe I was all that emotionally attached to it. That is until I came to the end of Things We Left Behind. Needless to say, I was a puddle of tears.

I love Knox and Nash as much as the next reader but LUCIAN FREAKING ROLLINS is next level.

Did I love how long it took to get through the "enemies" portion and into the lovers? Not particularly.
Did the two sleeping together as a one-night stand seem a bit like a cop-out? A bit.

All that aside, this book was pure fun from start to finish and I could not recommend it enough.

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Thank you to Bloom Books and NetGalley for the arc!!

I was really excited to read this book since book #1. We've been teased about the reasoning behind their deep hatred towards each other and with the this book we finally know all the details. The first 50% I had mixed feelings about the book, but once the relationship picked up it got exponentially better. Lucy Score did a really good job tying up all the storylines from previous books into this one. The connection and tension that Sloane and Lucian have is 💯. I enjoyed this book more than the other two. I highly recommend it.

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I was extremely excited for Lucian and Sloan’s story. Their romance has been dangled over us for two books and I’ve been highly anticipating their story. I enjoyed my time reading this book, but it didn’t end up loving it as much as I expected I would.

I really liked the fact that we got flashbacks to Lucian and Sloan’s childhood so that we could understand their history. Lucian’s backstory was just as tragic as expected and honestly tugged on my heartstrings. Sloan’s hopelessness for Lucian and her desire to come up with a solution was absolutely believable. What bothered me was the conflict and the fact that it spanned decades. I would have loved for there to have a been a different conflict because I just couldn’t wrap my head about this one.

I also didn’t love the crime plot, but that was sort of overarching in the entire series. It’s always felt a bit like an after thought. I would have either preferred no crime drama or a more fleshed out one.

All that being said, I actually really enjoyed the characters from this series and loved reading each of their stories. The banter was entertaining and I love the found family that was built throughout the series. Although I felt as though the plot and essence of the characters was missing a bit in this one, I still had a good time going back to Knockemout.

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I am speechless. I screamed I cried I am so sad this series is over, Lucy definitely left us with a bang for her last couple. Sloane and Lucian were perfection… SUIT DADDY UGH!!!!!! I’m going to be honest and was really worried with the length of this book but I was not bored once.
Can’t wait to see what Lucy has in store next.

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I absolutely loved this series and I am sad it is over. Things We Left Behind is the final book in the Knockemout series and it was the best. I always enjoy the tall dark serious male character and the sunshine female characters as they remind me of my husband and I. Throughout the two previous books, Lucien and Sloane's story has been just below the surface. The witty banter and sexual tension are 10 stars. This series is a must read!!!

Thank you for the advanced copy.

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Happy release day to Lucy Score’s Things We Left Behind, *As Always* Thank you to NetGalley, the publisher and the author for sending me an arc of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I knew as soon as the first book introduced these characters I was gonna be groveling and daydreaming about them for months. I got this arc super late and tried to read it and review it quickly! But I'm not holding back at the author or the story, these things happen, even if I’ve read the previous books in a week specifically for this one.

It was worth it because this was THE BEST book in the trilogy.
This enemies-to-lovers story is just superior, and even with all the things I disagree with the author, I can't deny how good this is. I don't even blame my love for Lucian - who's definitely more my type in comparison to Knox and Nash -, because I know every one of you was waiting for Sloane and Lucian’s story like you wait for Christmas Day.
Also, just so you know, I cried a lot. And even if it's not unusual for me, the purpose of this book wasn't to make me cry.

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It's so bittersweet to finish the Knocketmout series because I fell in love with so quickly. Things We Left Behind is the last book and it closes with Sloane and Lucian's story. AND WHAT A STORY IT IS!

I loved everything about this book: it made me cry, swoon, smile, and laugh so hard. I loved seeing the whole group of friends again for one last time. It was so funny and entertaining to see them interact, I loved all their scenes as an ensemble. But I also adored all of the Sloane/Lucian scenes. They were angsty, intense, and sooooo romantic. Friends who became enemies who then become... something more? Hopefully! (It's a romance novel so obviously there's a HEA). But yes, they think that a one-night stand could get them out of their systems, finally. Maybe sex is the answer to stop being so annoying towards each other.

Newsflash: It wasn't.

Now, they can't stop this insane chemistry, sexual tension, flirting between them. But there are far too many issues between them to forget. So, before they start something new, something real (FINALLY), they have to first figure out some things.

When I had my IG Live with Lucy, she told me she wrote an extra bonus epilogue at the end and that she loved it and she couldn't say more, but I instantly knew it was going to be fab. AND NOW, FINALLY AFTER READING IT? Yeah, Lucy came and delivered. That extra bonus epilogue made me cry and I couldn't stop smiling wow. I'm so sad to see this story end but I'm excited to see more from Lucy and what more stories she brings to us.

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Let me just start off this review with… SUIT DADDY FOR THE WIN 😩

My god did I love this so much as it was everything I hoped for and more!! I have been waiting for Lucian and Sloane's story since the beginning and boy it did not disappoint.

Lucy Score just had this type of writing that grabs you and holds you. She’s humors but also so sentimental and deals with heavy topics. Plus the way she’s writes the main characters chemistry and banter is chefs kiss 🤌🏻

Lucian and Sloane were just absolutely perfect for each other. Him - the icy businessman with a hidden loving heart, and her - a stubborn and sassy girl who gives as good as she gets. I also just loved how they both evolved and grew together throughout this book. This couple again is my absolute favorite throughout the entire series!

Thank you so much to Netgalley for this arc!!!

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EASILY my absolute favorite in the entre Knockemout series. I have been patiently waiting for Lucian and Sloane's story and it did not disappoint! I loved the angst, the backstory and the romance. Everything was so perfectly completed in this third and final book of the series!

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"the life we’d built was the stuff of dreams."

I knew Lucian and Sloane’s story would be my favorite, and I was right! their complexity and history over the years combined with their present love/hate relationship created the most palpable tension with an ending worth the ride.

this is so much more than a love story, though! it’s a story about grief, healing, friendship, and forgiveness.

as with the other two books from the series, the friendships are everything. with a cast of unforgettable characters, no scene is wasted.

featuring all the wit, charm, and comedy you’ve come to expect from a Lucy Score book, this is a fantastic conclusion to the knockemout trilogy.

read if you like:

♡ opposites attract
♡ bad boy / nerdy girl
♡ second chance
♡ next door neighbors
♡ flashbacks / time jumps
♡ dating app fiascos
♡ the best friend groups
♡ tall, dark, and handsome men
♡ short and fiery women
♡ millionaire romance
♡ slow burn
♡ “you’re mine”
♡ grumpy sunshine
♡ enemies with benefits
♡ lgbtq rep
♡ therapy positivity
♡ small town
♡ found family
♡ cats

trigger warnings:

☞ parental death
☞ alcoholism
☞ domestic abuse
☞ grief
☞ arson
☞ attempted murder

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wow, this book was everything I was hoping for. SO much chemistry between Sloane and Lucian, undeniable connection. I loved that the there was banter but both MCs were mature, nothing icky. From the very beginning with the funeral and how Lucian was taking care of Sloane and her family, I felt very emotional. The story took me on roller coaster of emotions. I also enjoyed how involved the other characters were on the story but to the point where they took over, it the perfect blend and a great way to give us the finale we will craved to see for all the couples. One the best books of the year for me for sure!

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I received this ARC right before leaving on a 15-day road trip and I wanted to hurry up and read it so I would be ready to post my review on pub day, but I was just too busy getting ready for my trip. So…….I’m a little late to the game!

This was one of my most anticipated reads this year! I was so excited when I heard that Lucian and Slone were going to have their own story (heart). What a way to end the series!! Complete perfection!!!!

• Lucian, also known as #suitdaddy has always been my favorite, so for me, think this is the best book of the series! You can read the books out of order, so if you can only read one, I highly recommend this one!!
• Yes, the book is 592 pages, but you won’t even want it to end, trust me!
• Delving into Slone and Lucian’s tumultuous and secretive past, as well as experiencing their current struggles, was often heart-wrenching. It finally became clear why they couldn’t be in each other’s presence yet also couldn’t stay apart.
• The tension, witty banter and intense sexual chemistry between Slone and Lucian sizzled on the pages and the passion was enough to make anyone blush. I felt a sense of profound emotional connection between the two, meaning that it wasn’t merely a series of steamy encounters but rather a meaningful addition to the story.
• I loved visiting with some of my favorite couples from the previous two books. Lucy Score has a gift for weaving them into the story, playing the perfect supporting roles.
• The additional bonus epilogue served as the perfect conclusion to the series.
• If you’re a fan of grumpy sunshine, childhood best friends, friends to enemies to lovers, found family, second chance romance, small-town setting, and romantic suspense, this book has it all and will be right up your alley!!

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