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This is just what I imagine a Scottish wedding weekend could be like! Well, without the murder. Some time has passed since arriving in Sea Isle and Dr Emilia McRoy feels much more at home and is excited to attend the wedding of her new friend Angie at Morrigan's Castle. There's bad weather, a gaggle of ex-wives that all look alike, plus a dead body of a most definitely uninvited guest. Snowbound for the weekend, I liked how the mystery used the castle quirks as plot movement--is it really a wine cellar or a dungeon?! There was a lot of action and I look forward to reading more about Em and her found family in Scotland.

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A delightful blend of mystery and romance in the beautiful Scottish highlands. The writing is atmospheric with vivid descriptions of the country and of the castle where a wedding id taking place. Some scenes were overly detailed but overall the pacing was great.
Many thanks to Crooked Lane Books and to Netgalley for providing me with a galley in exchange for my honest opinion.

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Dr. Emilia McRoy is back in the second book in the Scottish Isle mystery series, Death at a Scottish Wedding.
Em and her friends Mara and Jasper have been invited to their friend Angie's wedding, which will take place at Morrigan's Castle, one of the properties of Ewan, Laird, Mayor and Constable of Sea Isle, and also Emilia's soulmate, although they still don't know it.
The three-day wedding party goes swimmingly until a dead body enters the scene and someone tries to poison the bride.
Fortunately, a snowstorm has isolated the castle, allowing Emilia and company to investigate the crime.
Unfortunately, the same snowfall that has cut them off has left them locked up with the murderer(s).
A well-written and set book, with moments full of humor, suspense and mystery. Very suitable for shaking off boredom and transporting us (mentally, at least) to a beautiful Scottish castle.
I thank the authors and NetGalley for the opportunity to read this book.
The opinion I have expressed above is based solely on what I think and feel about this book.

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American Dr. Emilia McRoy is settling in and Sea Isle, Scotland is beginning to feel like home. And she’s delighted to be invited to the wedding of her friend Angie at Corrigan Castle, owned by local Constable Ewan Campbell.

As everyone gets ready for the three-day wedding party, a snowstorm closes in on the area, trapping all the guests at the castle with someone with murder in mind. And the police can’t get to them until the storm stops and the roads are cleared. So it’s up to Emilia and Ewan, along with their friends, to find the killer before she or he strikes again.

This book has a lot of characters to get to know, but each contributes to the storyline. There’s plenty of atmosphere with the whole cast trapped in a castle by a storm as a murderer stalks their ranks. The author builds the tension well and provides lots of clues and red herrings to keep you guessing as you read.

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Emilia and the gang are going to a 3 day wedding event! It promises to be loads of fun and a lot of drama with the different family members all coming together. But nobody expected a murder to upstage the wedding! And to top it off, they’re stuck due to a massive storm! Will they be able to solve the murder before the storm passes and the killer gets away?

This is the second book in this series and I enjoyed it just as much as the first! I loved the ingenuity Emilia had to try and do an autopsy and figure out the cause of death without much of her equipment. And the flirtatious banter between her and Ewan is to die for! I felt like there were so many characters to keep track in this one that I was getting confused as to who was who. Probably because since it was a wedding plot, there were added people they weren’t in the first one. I look forward to the next one in this series! Thank you to Netgalley for allowing me to read and review this in exchange for an ARC!

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Princess Fuzzypants here: Transplanted from Seattle, Dr. Emilia is finding Scottish weather a bit of a challenge but she is not ready for a murderer on the loose at the wedding of her friend when the castle where it is being held is snowed in. Em wears two hats. She is both a doctor and the coroner so she is going to be involved in the investigation but when the killer makes an attempt on the bride’s life, it becomes more personal. It is going to get a lot more personal for her- and more dangerous. Good thing the castle is owned by Ewen, the hunky constable with whom she shares a prickly relationship. Between him, Em, her friends and his men, the villain is up against a formidable team.

But this is a wily predator and it takes a while for the good guys to figure out who did the deed and why. The reader will become concerned for the well being of the regular cast of characters. They are all interesting with just enough quirks to make them very human. While I had a good idea of whom the killer was, I was still carried along by the suspense and anticipation of what would happen next.

Five purrs and two paws up.

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Thank you NetGalley and publisher for allowing me to read this book. This is the second book in the Scottish Isle Mystery series. Dr. McCoy has been invited to attend a friend’s wedding at Constable Campbell’s castle. She arrives just before the blizzard hits and finds herself involved in a new murder.

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This book just isn't working for me. It failed to capture my interest or attention. I began to dread picking it up. And that's not a recipe for success, so I DNF'd it. On to the next one!

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This is book 2 in the Scottish Isle series. I had no difficulty reading it but you can rest assured I will be looking for book 1. Finally feeling like Sea Isle, Scotland is becoming her new home, American doctor Emilia McRoy is delighted when she is invited to a wedding at Morrigan's Castle. She and her staff get a ride with Constable Ewan Campbell, owner of the castle. There is always a lot of tension between the two but it's plain to see they like each other. As the coroner of this small community, she and Ewan must solve the murder while snowed in. Someone definitely doesn't want that to happen. A very good who done it.

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I am obsessed with Ewan in this series.

Who’s Ewan? Oh he’s only the Scottish man of my dreams. Constable, mayor, laird, filthy rich, pretty much all around handy man & good guy. He’s everything.

But now I just need Emilia to realize these things.

I’m sure you were expecting a review about a mystery right? Since “death” is in the title after all. Well that’s the thing about cozy mysteries - they’re cozy and often include a side of romance with their murders. So if I haven’t gotten you to read them now, maybe the romance angle will. Cause talk about romantic tension.

I’ll keep reading this series because the tension alone is killing me, and I will protect Ewan at all costs.

Oh btw this series installment takes place at wedding festivities in a castle (that Ewan owns, thank you) during a blizzard. So talk about locked room mystery. 😉

Special thanks to @crookedlanebooks for the ARC.

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An excellent return to Sea Isle, Scotland and Emilia and her friends. This mystery kept me guessing throughout and the storyline surrounding the mystery made this one that was near impossible to put down once I got in to it. This is a super fun series and I hope this series continues for quite awhile!

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This was such a fun mystery novel. Between the awesome setting and the engaging mystery, I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. It's the second book in the Scottish Isle Mystery series, but I think it can be read as a stand-alone.

Emilia McRoy is a doctor from Seattle and is now living in Sea Isle, Scotland. She is both the only doctor in town and the coroner. In this edition, she is a guest at a friend's wedding taking place at a Scottish castle when a murder takes place, disturbing the wedding festivities. They are snowed in with a whole host of possible suspects. I'm very partial to a locked room mystery, and this on was exceedingly well done.

Death at a Scottish Wedding is a cleverly written mystery, and I'm anxiously awaiting the next book in this series.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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I find I cannot resist books set in Scotland, especially if they are mysteries. Happily, Death at a Scottish Wedding was a satisfying read full of interesting characters, and a castle with interesting places for intrigue. I was thoroughly entertained. I have not read the first book in this series, with this being the second, but was not lost beyond thinking, “oh, I need to go back and read that to get the backstory” of the main character’s move to the Scottish Isles and how she made such solid friendships so fast.

Thank you to Crooked Lane Books, Netgalley, and the author for early access to this intriguing mystery.

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I grew up reading Agatha Christie novels, and I forgot just how much I love a good mystery. I'm so thankful to Lucy Connelly for reminding me with this wonderful story of Death at a Scottish Wedding. It feels strange referring to such a thing as 'wonderful,' and the plot of the novel is fully represented in the title.

This is the first book I've read by Lucy, and it's the second in the Scottish Isle Mystery series, and I'm already eager to go back and read the first book to fully meet this cast of characters. Emilia McRoy is a doctor from Seattle who recently moved to Sea Isle, Scotland to become both doctor and coroner for the town. In this story, she's been invited to be a bridesmaid in the wedding of one of her new friends in town. It was a cozy mystery with a slew of suspects (it was at a wedding, after all). And they get snowed in at a Scottish castle leading up to the wedding which makes it even more fun.

In addition to the murder mystery, Emilia has a bit of a hot and cold relationship with the constable, Ewan, which, as a romance reader, has me wondering about/hoping for a potential spark in the future. This was a fun read, and I can't wait to read more installments and get to know these characters even more!

Thank you to the author, Crooked Lane Books, and NetGalley for an advanced review copy.

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Readers are invited to charming Sea Isle for a head-scratching whodunnit set against the backdrop of a glorious Scottish wedding at Morrigan’s Castle. Dr. Emilia McRoy, along with a group of friends we’d all be lucky to have, puts her life on the line to discover who killed an unwanted wedding crasher.

In her second mystery outing, Emilia—or Em—finds herself surrounded by gothic glamor as she heads to Morrigan’s Castle, owned by the town constable, Ewan Campbell. With her friend Angie’s wedding suddenly besieged by a terrible snowstorm, readers are presented with a delightfully cunning locked-room (or castle, in this instance) mystery. When Angie’s old boyfriend is found dead from antifreeze poisoning, it’s only the first of several hair-raising moments in this page-turning cozy.

As someone meeting Emilia and her friends for the first time, I was absolutely enchanted by the community of Sea Isle. As the town’s coroner, Emilia expertly inserts herself into the investigation, and her medical background helps crack many puzzling clues. I love a good wedding cozy, and this hits all the right notes by sharing fascinating insight into Scottish traditions. But what stood out for me most is the relationships Connelly develops throughout this book. The friendships in this mystery are so, so strong, and I fell in love with many of the characters. I didn’t feel lost, not having read book one, but I was so delighted by Ewan, Mara, Angie, Abagail, Jasper, and Tommy that I definitely need more Sea Isle in my life.

Lucy Connelly has earned a new fan. Death at a Scottish Wedding has everything I love in a cozy mystery: a gorgeous setting, a clever whodunnit, and a cast of characters you can’t help but fall head over heels for!

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4.5 Stars

* Prose and pacing kept me completely engaged
* Emelia’s position in the town makes her such a logical person to have access to all of the clues/derails. Almost borders on police procedural in spots.
* Classic locked room mystery
* I love Scotland
* Good exploration of a set of suspects without being obvious or eye-rolling ridiculous
* The character of Tommy and the genuine relationships, that the other characters have with him are exceptional

* “Why can’t he and I get along” gets a bit repetitive
* “Niggling at my brain” is an unnecessary tell
* Too much explanation/repetition of “Tommy doesn’t do well with direct questions”
* Reveal is just a smidge more complicated with secret information than necessary.

Thank you to Lucy Connelly, Crooked Lane books, and NetGalley for an advanced review copy in exchange for an honest review

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Book Review: Death at a Scottish Wedding by Lucy Connelly

Rating: ★★★★☆ (4/5)

First off, let me start by saying that I absolutely love the cover of this book. It immediately caught my attention and set the tone for the cozy mystery that lay inside. Now, onto my review.

In "Death at a Scottish Wedding," the second book in the Scottish Isle mystery series, author Lucy Connelly takes us on another thrilling adventure with Dr. Emilia McRoy. Set in the enchanting backdrop of Sea Isle, Scotland, this book is perfect for fans of Sheila Connolly and Charlene O'Connor.

Dr. Emilia McRoy, an American doctor who is finally feeling at home in Sea Isle, is invited to a wedding at Morrigan's Castle. Little does she know that this three-day celebration is about to take a dark turn. As a snowstorm hits and the castle becomes isolated, Emilia stumbles upon a dead body in one of the turrets. With no one claiming to know the victim, Emilia takes it upon herself to unravel the mystery before the killer strikes again.

What I loved most about this book was the well-written and well-paced plot. The mystery was skillfully plotted, keeping me guessing until the very end. Connelly expertly weaves together elements of suspense, romance, and humor, creating an engaging read that held my attention throughout.

The setting of a snowed-in castle in Scotland added an extra layer of charm to the story. Connelly's vivid descriptions brought the castle and its surroundings to life, making me feel like I was right there alongside Emilia, exploring the hidden secrets within its walls.

The characters in this book were another highlight for me. Emilia, as the protagonist, was relatable and likable. Her determination to uncover the truth, even with her own life at risk, made her a compelling character to follow. The supporting cast, including Constable Ewan Campbell, added depth and complexity to the story. Their interactions and relationships felt genuine, further immersing me in the narrative.

One aspect that impressed me about "Death at a Scottish Wedding" was its ability to stand alone as a book in a series. While it is the second installment in the Scottish Isle mystery series, I had no trouble following the story or connecting with the characters. Connelly provides enough background information without overwhelming readers who may be new to the series.

In conclusion, "Death at a Scottish Wedding" is a delightful cozy mystery that will captivate fans of the genre. With its well-crafted plot, charming setting, and well-developed characters, this book is a must-read for anyone seeking an entertaining and engrossing mystery. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Dr. Emilia McRoy and eagerly look forward to reading the next book in this series.

⚠️This review was written based on personal opinions and experiences with the book. Individual preferences may vary⚠️

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While I loved seeing the characters of Emilia and Ewan Dr/Coroner and Constable I love their banter especially when they are trying to solve a mystery . However I wasn't a big fan of the mystery for two reasons I don't like locked room mysteries and I was able to figure out who did it. Before Emilia and Ewan did. That's the trouble with locked room mysteries the suspect pool is limited. But it was still and enjoyable read and I look forward to the next book in the series.

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Death at a Scottish Wedding was a fun cozy set in my favorite place: Scotland. Add to that a snowbound castle, good friends, a wedding, and a murder and it sounds perfect. I read the first book in the series before starting this one and I am glad I did as it explained why and how Emilia moved to Sea Isle from Seattle and how she became friends with everyone. I recommend reading #1 before this one.

I liked the setting and characters. I liked that I did not guess the killer beforehand. I did not like the repetitive mentions of how wonderful said friends are and the middle of the story was very slow I thought as everyone meets to think about what’s happened and why but very little action. And in the audiobook version the narrator changes the accent of Abigail from Scottish to British midway thru the book, very very strange and annoying!

That being said I loved the first book and liked this one enough to continue with the series.

Thanks to the author, publisher, and NetGalley for the e-arc I received in exchange for my honest review. I also got the audiobook from my library via Hoopla. If you love Scottish accents I recommend the audio version.

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Death at a Scottish Wedding is the second book in the Scottish Isle mystery series. It is a version of the locked room mystery in that wedding guests held up in a Scottish castle for a wedding are considered suspects in a murder. I read the first book in this series so I looked forward to seeing how the main character, American doctor Emilia, would further develop. Overall, I found this book to be a great read. Since the guests of the wedding were snowed in, it provided a long list of suspects to choose from. Emilia’s relationships with Ewan (constable and owner of the castle) and her group of friends played a major role in the plot and demonstrated just how much she views those in her new home as family. Like in the first book, the setting serves as its own character and adds to the mystery at hand.

This is a book I would recommend to those who are in the mood to read a cozy mystery with a great cast of characters, a laundry list of suspects, and a setting that’s to die for (literally).

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