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Say You’ll Be My Jaan

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A classic fake boyfriend/fake girlfriend scenario with a sprinkle of Mr Darcy type, seemingly cold man of interest. A fun and funny read!

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This one was fantastic! A totally entertaining, wonderful, funny read with just the right amount of tension for a romance. Yes, there’s some miscommunication, there’s the characters convincing themselves the other must truly be faking the feelings even when they’re real for them, there’s the appearance of one bed, and most crucially – the fake engagement.

The only thing Meghna hasn’t tried when it comes to dating is an arranged marriage. Until Seth, her best friend, asks her to be his best man. The problem is, Meghna is still in love with Seth, but realising he’s never going to look at her that way again, she accepts the offer from her parents to try an arranged marriage. So, Meghna meets Karthik, who is adamant he will never marry, not after seeing what marriage did to his parents. The pair make a deal – they will go along with the arrangement, for three months, enough to get Karthik’s mother off his back, and for Meghna to have a date to the wedding she is dreading. But of course, the lines between fake and real blur, no matter how hard they try to hide what they’re really feeling.

This book was wonderful, with the chemistry between the characters really evident on every page. Even if neither are the best at always showing it, they quickly come to care for each other, growing closer even when they know it’s a bad idea. I really liked how they encouraged each other to grow, without pressure on one another, and Naina Kumar did excellent work with showing why these two make a good couple, even when the characters can’t see it themselves.

A great example is the contrast between Seth and Karthik. Meghna can’t see past Seth’s charm, and she’s insistent that really, he has helped her as much as she’s helped him; Seth is a songwriter, and Meghna, though a teacher, wants to write plays. They swap their work, but early on, as readers we get a really strong impression of exactly the type of person Seth is, before we even get a full scene with him. As a character, I’d bet he resonates with many, many creatives, who have found themselves dealing with their own version of Seth. It was written really well, giving us the perspective we (and Karthik) needed, but remaining clear about why Meghna doesn’t see (or refuses to see) it herself.

The book is funny, fresh, entertaining, and hot. These are great, really fun characters, but dealing with real, difficult situations that can sometimes push them to the limits, where the main couple really help each other work through without being overbearing. Overall, I loved this one, and if you’re looking for a warm romcom, definitely pick it up.

Thanks to Penguin for providing me a copy of this ebook via NetGalley – views remain my own.

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Wanted to like this one so much, but it fell flat all along... The main characters were not sympathetic or even likeable, to be honest. Meghna comes across as a wo-is-me Mary Sue and this becomes grating within a few chapters. Plus she cannot see how her ex she's hung up on is taking advantage of her, and is so pining for him - she sounds sixteen, like she's still in high school. Then Karthik just 'falls' for her, she's 'not like other girls' - why? How? Add to this every conversation seemed to end with a misunderstanding that then gets hashed and rehashed over in the next chapter through the opposite POV...and this keeps on and on, which gets tedious after a while.
Didn't click for me, sadly

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There isn’t much you can say about this book other than that it is just a modern day mills and boon book.

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This is a lovely story with some great characters.

It touches on some interesting subjects, including Bullying and arranged marriages.

Above all that though is a nice romance with some laughs to go along with it.

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Fake Relationship. Fake Proposal. Arranged meeting.

When I first started this I wasn't sure I was going to like this but quickly I fell in love with the story and characters. Karthik our buttoned up grump paired with the happy sunshine of Meghna.

I loved the story of two people, one very much against marriage due to childhood experiences and the other very much for it but feeling a little hopeless and finally agreeing to meet one of her parents matches.

There is a little flirting of spice in there but I am glad it wasn't too much as the story was very sweet and it would have taken away from the loveliness of the romance.

I really would love a novella for Samir and Ankita as I think their story though very much to the side was full of tension, angst and fear.

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I found this book rather difficult to get into. The writing in itself was good and easy to engage with but I found the character herself to be a presented as a stereotypical modern south Asian and I’ve read too many of these stories to feel as if this could be something new.

If you are looking for a simple romance with south Asian characters as the main protagonists then this is for you, but I was looking for something more.

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wow…WOW! I literally haven't stopped smiling ever since I finished reading it.
I loved the banter between these two and their shared sense of absurd humor. Highly recommending this.

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In Naina Kumar's first novel, in the acknowledgements for which she thanks the South Asian romances that have come before, she introduces us to Meghna and Karthik. Meghna has reluctantly agreed to a marriage introduction after failing ot meet the man of her dreams through dating and apps; Karthik has accepted a series of introductions from his mum because he feels guilty for how badly his father has treated her, with no intention of marrying. Then Meghna's still-crush, Seth, her mutual writing critique partner (though how mutual is it when he hardly looks at her play script and she practically rewrites half his songs, and didn't he handily date her at college then dump her at graduation?) asks her to be "best man" at his wedding and Karthik realises he can get his mum off his back if he proposes. So, fake engagement, one grumpy and restrained, one people-orientated but bad at interpreting things, etc. But I did love the side characters, especially Karthik's intern Paul, and issues around parental expectations and the effect of one's parents marriage are handled nicely, things actually become more realistic both with the central characters and Meghna's best friend, and the plot twist is fun, and I enjoyed this read (it does get a bit saucy sometimes, however).

Review published 11 February 2024

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This was an adorable read. Meghna needs a date for her ex’s wedding and Karthik needs to get his mum off his back, so when their parents introduce them hoping for an arranged marriage they decide to go along with it and get “engaged.” Meghna was such a likeable character and I found Karthik to be so endearing - his earnestness and the time it took him to truly come out of his shell was so lovely. I also was so here for the Seth drama. This romance was unbelievably cute but then also pretty hot! A perfect romantic read full of longing, emotion and attraction.

What to expect:

- opposites attract
- fake dating
- slow burn
- only one bed
- spicy ish

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A fun read. Meghna and Karthik meet via their parents who are trying to arrange a marriage for them. An interesting insight in to a different culture.

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A nice book with good characters you can root for. I don't think this is reinventing the wheel for the genre, but it was nonetheless fun to read along with Meghna and Karthik, refreshing when Meghna stands up for her talents and beliefs, and satisfying to see the different ways the main characters are fulfilled in love, career, and family. I also enjoyed the roles and arcs for the parents!

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I adored this book.
It is now my entire personality.
I'm a big fan of fake dating but FAKE DATING, RIVALS, AND ASIAN CHARACTERS please, this book was made for me.

The plot is fun, but also quite deep. I absolutely loved both main characters and the chemistry was INCREDIBLE

I loved how mens mental health was dealt with!

It's a MUST READ if you love fake dating and if you know or are part of this culture, you won't stop laughing.

This author is now an auto buy author for me, I'll read anything they write!!!

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A lovely fake dating and miscommunication romance. I loved the dual point of view from Meghna and Karthick. I felt like their emotions and relationship were believable throughout. I like how it displayed arranged marriages too in different ways as it helped me understand why you might go into one.
I think the main romance was well written and I liked that the supporting characters had strong side stories to support the main storyline. Overall would recommend for those interested in more diverse romances.

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This was such a fantastic, refreshing debut! The plot was engaging and characters were really well developed. The author's writing style is great and I enjoyed the sub-plots just as much as the main plot.
Definitely the kind of romance that I can see getting adapted into a film! Can't wait for Naina Kumar;s next book.

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This was fun. And awkward. And lovely. Set in America with the main characters, Meghna and Karthik, both being from an Indian background, the book is set around the idea of arranged marriage. Although with modern parents who are not forcing the issue. With misunderstandings, confused feelings and so much that made me smile, this was a five star gem. #netgalley #sayyoullbemyjaan

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I just loved this book! Tender, romantic, funny…….beautifully written and left me with a big smile. Highly recommended

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This is a light hearted lovely easy read! Throughly enjoyed the dynamics between the characters! Look forward to more from the author.

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Delving into a narrative told through the lens of Indian arranged marriages brought a refreshing perspective to my reading experience. The plot, centered around the initial meeting and the subsequent faux arrangement between Kaarthick and Meghna, captivated me. The supporting characters, particularly Meghna's dad and Kaarthick's mom, added depth and charm to the story.

I found myself racing through the book, thoroughly enjoying the journey it took me on. While the overall storyline might be anticipated, the heartwarming nature of the narrative made the read exceptionally delightful. The nuances of the characters, the cultural context, and the unfolding of the arranged marriage theme contributed to the overall charm of the story.

The E-Book could be improved and more user-friendly, such as links to the chapters, no significant gaps between words and a cover for the book would be better. It is very document-like instead of a book. A star has been deducted because of this.

This is a first for me by the author and one I enjoyed and I would read more of their work. The book cover is eye-catching and appealing and would spark my interest if in a bookshop. Thank you to the author, publisher and Netgalley for this ARC.

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I have not loved reading a book so much in ages. At first I thought hmm this doesn't seem like my cup of tea cause everything is moving either too quickly or too slowly which is throwing me off. But after reading the full book the pacing made so much more sense at the start and I loved then how the fast paced stuff was over we could focus on our main characters falling in love and it was adorable and cute and I loved it!

Definitely would recommend.

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