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Misty Mornings at The Potting Shed

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Wonderful to be back at the potting shed with all the familiar characters from previous books in the series plus some new easy to get to know new ones. Thoroughly enjoyed.
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I DNF this book. I just wasn't invested in this book. I gave it a good shoot, but no, not for me... 
Thanks to Netgally
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As you all should know, at this point, fall is far and beyond my favourite season. So: reading a book that basically feels like fall personified? Definitely made Misty Mornings at the Potting Shed perfect for me!

The story
Welcome back to The Potting Shed! As Maddie and Sabi re-open the doors of their family-run garden centre. Business is booming, and it’s time to give back to the community that has kept The Potting Shed afloat, by opening the Forget-Me-Not dementia café.

But, as the doors to the café open, Sabi is offered the chance of a lifetime, that could take her away from The Potting Shed for weeks, café manager Jo’s frail, elderly mother is taken ill, and Maddie’s partner, Ed, takes a job in a faraway city just when Maddie needs him more than ever. A new member of staff is desperately required – who will join Sara, Jo and Ivan as the busy autumn season fast approaches?

The opinion
Jenny Kane manages to do something which entirely too few authors seem to pay attention to, these days – especially in the fluffier of genres. She gives all of her characters strong motivations for their actions. And while I might not always agree with how they act on those – it did make for a story that kept me actively rooting for each and every character line.

Another thing Misty Mornings at the Potting Shed seems to pull of with ease: honest diversity. Not the retroactive version, where characters become POC or queer only years after the publication or through careful re-interpretation. But the type where you see people grow, struggle and are able to empathise with their development because of that.

And of course, not to be forgotten: there’s that perfect feeling of a nice hot chocolate after a slightly chilly but sunny autumn walk. The feeling you want in any book you read throughout October, basically!

The rating: 4/5
In case I hadn’t made myself sufficiently clear, yet: I really – really – liked Misty Mornings at the Potting Shed. A definite recommendation for anyone in need of the perfect autumn-read!
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Book Review: Misty Mornings at The Potting Shed by Jenny Kane

⭐⭐⭐ out of 5 stars

First off, let me start by saying how much I adore the cover of Misty Mornings at The Potting Shed. It's sweet and inviting, just like the story inside. Now, onto my review...

Misty Mornings at The Potting Shed is the latest installment in Jenny Kane's heartwarming series, taking us back to the family-run garden center owned by Maddie and Sabi. Business is thriving, and the duo decides to give back to their community by opening the Forget-Me-Not dementia café. However, as they embark on this new venture, challenges arise that test their ability to juggle personal and professional responsibilities.

Sabi, one of the main characters, is faced with a tempting opportunity that could potentially take her away from The Potting Shed for weeks. Meanwhile, Jo, the café manager, finds herself dealing with her frail and elderly mother falling ill. To make matters worse, Maddie's partner, Ed, lands a job in a distant city just when Maddie needs him the most. With the autumn season approaching rapidly, a new staff member is urgently needed to support Sara, Jo, and Ivan in keeping the garden center running smoothly.

I must admit that I feel I would have enjoyed this book even more had I read the previous books in the series first. Although Misty Mornings at The Potting Shed can be read as a standalone novel, there were moments when I felt like I was missing out on some backstory and character development. Nevertheless, Jenny Kane's writing style is engaging and well-paced, making it easy to become immersed in the story.

The setting of The Potting Shed exudes coziness and charm, almost like receiving a warm hug. It's a place where you can easily imagine yourself spending hours amidst beautiful plants and friendly faces. I particularly enjoyed the author's decision to include multiple points of view throughout the book. It allowed me to connect with different characters and understand their perspectives.

Speaking of characters, the majority of them were likable and well-drawn. Maddie and Sabi felt relatable with their determination to make their garden center succeed. Jo's dedication to her mother added depth to her character. However, there was one character, Tristan, who I found difficult to warm up to.

While Misty Mornings at The Potting Shed had its merits, I did find it a bit slow-paced and light on plot. The story primarily revolves around the day-to-day operations of The Potting Shed and the personal challenges faced by the characters. While this can be comforting for some readers, I personally prefer a bit more excitement and unexpected twists in my books.

In conclusion, Misty Mornings at The Potting Shed is a well-written and cozy read that will appeal to fans of the series. Although it may be enjoyed as a standalone novel, I recommend starting from the beginning to fully appreciate the characters and their journeys. While I found it a little slow and light on plot for my taste, there is no denying the warmth and charm that emanates from this story.

⚠️This review was written based on personal opinions and experiences with the book. Individual preferences may vary⚠️
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A lovely lighthearted read. I read this on holiday and really enjoyed it. I've reccomended it to my friends as well. Great book.
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I had heard that the Potting Shed series of books was based upon The Old Well Garden Centre in Devon, which is less than 3 miles away from where I live. I had been meaning to read the books. but hadn't got started on them yet.
I was offered a copy of this book from Aria, the Publisher to review. As this book was the third in the series, I quickly bought the first two books and began to read. I quickly became engrossed in the series, and in under 4 days I had read the first two books as well as this one. 
I don't know why it took me so long to get round to reading these books, I absolutely loved them. The characters are very well written and realistic. In this book there are new characters  Belle and her Sons as well as Tristan. There is also the continuing development of the main characters stories as they try to expand The Potting Shed.
Although I know the places in the book, they were very well described and very detailed, so even without knowing them, you could picture them. I love reading about places that are familiar to me though, so I really enjoyed this part of the book.
There are some difficult themes in this book, bullying, dementia and loneliness to name a few. These are dealt with sympathetically and show that there is not always an easy way through them. 
There are also some happier subjects, and amusing  moments.I love hearing about the new plans for The Potting Shed. This book is very heartwarming and enjoyable. I really hope that there will be more books in the series.
Thank you to Netgalley and the Publisher for my ARC.
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This was the third book in a series and I hadn't read the previous 2. I have now downloaded them. A lovely book about a garden nursery and the problems they have overcome to see off local competition. I loved meeting all the people who worked there and the new starter. Lots of friendships, family and relationships to get absorbed in. They have links to local schools and set up a dementia cafe for the local care home to bring some of their residents. A really heartwarming story, with a degreee of sadness and angst for some of the characters.
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If you want a well-written with good flow, this is for you. Set in Devon, Misty Mornings at The Potting Shed by Jenny Kane transports readers to a wonderful world. Beautifully described, the characters are likeable and supportive, understanding, and tolerant. 

Maddie and Sabi as back to re-open the doors of their family-run garden centre. Autumn is falling, business is thriving, and their rival garden centre “BIG” has been held at bay once more. Maddie and Sabi decide it's time to give back to the community that has kept The Potting Shed afloat, by opening a dementia cafe called the Forget-Me-Not Café. Will the café see success, and what will The Potting Shed think of next?! 

This is the third book in the Potting Shed series and was my first read. I cannot wait to go back and read the previous two! This book works as a standalone and is a wonderful read on a day you want some true-blue friendship. I highly recommend this book for anyone who loves a story full of romance, friendship, and family.
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Not a bad read and can definitely be read as a standalone however i think if I had read the previous books in the series i would have enjoyed this more because then I would understand the characters and their dynamics a bit better. A cute read filled with romance and wholesome friendships
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A lovely, lovely story.  Engaging characters, realistic relationships and a wonderful location.  I just wish it was real, I would go there in a heartbeat!
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It was so lovely to come back to the potting she's and Sabi and Maddie. I've really enjoyed reading about how the potting shed is growing and becoming more successful. 

Books like this that are so well written really make you feel like your dreams can become reality. Owning a business and it doing well, is something I've always wanted.

This book has so much loveliness in it whilst also dealing with some life topics so brilliantly. I love Jo's character and Sara. In fact I love them all but those two were so lovely.

I shed a tear at the end for more than one reason, (no spoilers from me).
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Favorite Quotes:

Tristan groaned. ‘I think that must be a record.’ ‘A record?’ ‘Offending you within ten minutes of being with you.’ ‘Don’t be silly, you’d offended me much quicker than that.’ Sara rolled her eyes.

… it occurred to me that if someone doesn’t put you straight on how to treat women, you’re either going to die alone after a string of disastrous relationships, or you’ll be locked up on a sexual harassment charge, sitting in a cell bewildered at your situation.

I’d rather we lived on toast and fish fingers for the rest of our lives than you be unhappy every day.’

I can’t even pronounce the coffee she has. And oat milk! I mean, whoever milked an oat? The world’s gone mad.

Billy is the perfect example of how to grow old disgracefully, but with style.

My Review:

This was a gentle and realistic installment that continued on from the previous installments with the storylines and a few additional characters and read much like a television serial.  There were multiple story threads with real-world issues, thorough and colorful descriptions, and amusing observations tucked into each page. The characters were knowable, likable, and so well-detailed that I would recognize them if I passed them on the street.
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I really enjoyed book #1 in the series, haven’t read book #2 yet. Misty Mornings at The Potting Shed is #3 in the series.  (I did feel that I was missing part of the story by not reading book #2 before book #3.)

Once again, there is a lot going on at The Potting Shed.  I really do enjoy the characters at The Potting Shed, Belle and her teenage sons are a great addition.  I loved Sara's feistiness.  

Thank you to NetGalley and Aria the publisher for the advance read copy in exchange for an honest review.  Thank you to Aria Publishing for approving my request to read the advance read copy.
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This was my first adventure in the potting shed and I very much enjoyed it and will be going back to read the rest of the series to date.
Was a great holiday read.
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Misty Mornings in the Potting Shed by Jenny Kane is a cute novel, not really a romance, not really not. It is more a slice of life in interesting lives. Maddie had followed her father’s dream and turned her family home into The Potting Shed:  garden centre and gift shop with a cafe, to boot. It was comprised of a variety of people working both full time and part time. One of the most interesting stories belonged to Jo and Sara. Both seemed to be asexual, but they were a couple. Jo was a trans man whose mother had Alzheimer’s and lived in a nearby nursing home. The balance was upset when Tristan Harvey appeared. He had been nearby on vacation with his girlfriend, but that relationship had fallen apart and he was a loose ends. He had known, Ed, Maddie’s partner, earlier. They were both lawyers, but very different sorts of men. Sara was only twenty-one and had never been on a date and when Tristan showed an interest, she responded, although she wasn’t interesting in anything physical. Maddie’s sister, Sabi, and her husband, Michael, were going on a cruise, a long one, and Jemima, their daughter would be in Maddie’s care. Well, she was at boarding school all week so they simply had to get her on weekends and return her for Monday morning. 

This is such a character driven novel, I hardly know where to begin. Maybe with the folks at the old folks home: all in various stages of dementia, but all characters in their own right. Jo had previously owned a food truck, but had given it up to run the cafe. He was in a constant state of worry that his demented mom would say something that would “out” him. Sara and Jo ran a B&B together: it was too much for one person, but the business was coming along. The entire bunch was well-rounded and interesting. I could go on and on but it would be better if you read the book. Such fun!

I was invited to read a free e-ARC of Misty Mornings in the Potting Shed by Aria & Aries, through Netgalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own. #Netgalley #AriaAndAries #JennyKane #MistyMorningsInThePottingShed
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Misty Mornings at the Potting Shed is the third installment of the potting shed series.  This book centers around the Fall season at the potting shed and gives us two new dynamic love stories. One showing us an age gap between an existing character and a new one, while the other love story navigates the dynamics of dating while trans. 

I absolutely loved that this book had representation in the LGBTQ+ community, but also mental health and autism.  

This book (along with the amazing weather we had this weekend) has inspired me to get outside and clean up my garden for Fall!

If you are a gardener, like garden centers, and also love light and quick reads; then I highly recommend this series!

Thank you to @ariafiction and @netgalley for the advanced copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion!
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Another lovely book by Jenny and nice to have a book about a different subject and with relatable characters. I heart warming story for autumn evenings.
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This is a lovely series and I recommend you read the other books if you haven't already. I really enjoyed this and am giving it 5 stars. Hope we get more stories of the Potting Shed.

Thanks to Netgalley and publisher for this ARC
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I love the Potting Shed stories and this one was good: heartwarming, poignant. It made smile, root for the characters and wish I could visit the Shed.
Many thanks to the publisher for this ARC, all opinions are mine
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I've read the two other books in this series and this one was just as capitvating. I don't think you need to have read the others but it certianly helped to know the back story of the characters in order to fully appreciate the book.

I enjoyed the additon of the dementia friendly cafe and that it had a personal connection to one of the characters in the story. It's a difficult topic and was handled sensitively, in my opinion. 

Thanks to the publishers and Netgalley for the ARC to review.
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