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Destination; Remarkable.

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I struggled with this as I found it dragged on and the author came across quite whiny at times. I did enjoy parts and found her ultimate desire to serve God was refreshing and inspirational.

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I tried listening to the audio version of the book but I still found myself unable to get into the storyline. I unfortunately had to table this book. #Netgalley.

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Again, this is one of those books that I really don’t know why I picked it up and I really should’ve checked more about it

It’s ultimately boring stuff I wouldn’t normally read and weirdly disjointed.

I honestly expect more cohesion coming from some thing like Forbes.
And I hoped reading it it would be a disillusionment and understanding of a woman dealing with stripes, and it’s hard to some extent, but it also feels animal of color somehow

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I won the kindle version of this story through Goodreads giveaway & and received the audiobook via NetGalley. So thank you for thank for that

The good: the narrator was great. The beginning was addictive. Probably the first 25% I was excited to hear what came next.

The bad: after that 25%ish mark, the chapters were anywhere from a drag to listen to, and by the end i wasn’t sure I was going to finish.

The huh???: The last chapter seems out of place like an afterthought.

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I enjoy these kinds of books for mostly insight and being curious, about how the authors life went, how they struggle and how it all adds up to be unbearable, and how they switch their gears (feelings) during early fuck-ups and stand up, so there's always a lesson to be learned, and it certainly helped me having some insight into life itself and believing in a higher power (that i thought is a bit over the edge, however, we all feel differently regarding these topics)

A book i'd consider buying, despite having it read already. Certainly some lessons to be learned that really adds up some value into our own life.

Narrator choice very soothing

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Mary Grothe tells the story of her remarkable, uncommon life! She grew up in an unconventional family, poor and mistreated. She recounts her early struggles and finds love and acceptance with God. She finds herself blessed with the ability to over succeed in the business world, mainly in the area of payroll companies. She discovers fame, awards, money, family, partying and overachievement alone cannot bring happiness, but surrendering yourself to God. The book is entertaining and enlightening.
I appreciate being able to listen to this audiobook, compliments of the publishers. The thoughts expressed are my own.

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Excellent Business Book

This was a really heartfelt memoir.

I found the parental relationship with Mary (first half-ish of the book) very similar to that of the book I'm Glad My Mom Died.

Intense book on the issues of parents who are alcoholics and how it affects those around them - specifically their children.

Really surprising book on how the draw of money and how it can control our relationships and life goals.

Great book on parenting, relationships, and how to move on.

As for the Chrisitan-side of things in this book, it starts about 30% through the book, and really goes from there - very good!

A truly great book about hitting rock bottom (view spoiler) to devoting your life to Jesus.

Lots of great bits about body image in this book too. I also really appreciated the chapter on her pregnancy. Really insightful.

A very good book on balancing ambition with the pulls of daily life.

Check it out!


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