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From Cambridge Analytica's collection of personal data, to Zuckerburg's $5 billion fine for psychological targeting in the 2016 presidential campaigns, to Frances Haugen's 2021 Senate testimonies, we have seen that the Facebook/Meta platform is rife with problems, scandals, and whistleblowers. The social impact of the platform is massive, multifaceted, and often infuriating and the algorithm has been proven to spread misinformation, amplify hate speech, and worse. In Broken Code, Wall Street Journal reporter Jeff Horwitz picks up where his "The Facebook Files" series left off, showing not only the failures of Facebook but what the company knew and disregarded for the sake of growth and profit.

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This, along with the book The End of Reality by Jonathan Taplin, shows that Facebook is a company that will do anything to hide how much negative influence it has over our lives, and how it has almost become too big to stop. Even Facebook's employees were horrified. An important book for understanding the influence of social media broadly and Facebook specifically on our society.

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