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Kira and the (Maybe) Space Princess

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An odd story but odd in a way that mostly works. At first I didn't really follow what was happening but by the end of the first chapter I understood that I just needed to roll with it, that the things I absolutely needed to know would be revealed. By the book's end I felt like there was still more going on than the characters truly grasped but it remained a fun weird read.

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This book follows Kira who is struggling to find her place in an alternate earth where magical powers and fantasy creatures exist. Kira can be a bit self-absorbed in her path to middle school coolness where the ultimate prestige is being a Magical Girl. Which is a capitalistic superhero girl who battles against other magical superhero girls in a kind of bracket system. Almost like kpop idols reimagined, with awesome outfits, themes, and powers. All the battles are more for show than to cause harm to one another. And everything is girly, creative, and sparkly.

But Kira, is not a magical girl. Her "nemesis" is, despite the nemesis being extremely sweet and genuine towards Kira. Instead, Kira meets magical Caticorn and hijinks ensue, with glitter and pink everything. Friendship is found, lessons on how to be better at friendship through reciprocity, and letting go of old grudges.

What I loved about this book is how it is unapologetic and at times perceivingly cringy with its presentation of pre teen girlhood. With bumps, selfishness, and insecurities. It feels like media that is unapologetically girly. It feels like the joy of playing with barbies before we were all told it was lame. It feels like joy and brightness. It heals this wounded child in it's exuberant authenticity.

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Filled with action, intrigue, and humor, "Kira and the Maybe Space Princess" is a fast-paced adventure that will appeal to fans of space opera and coming-of-age stories. The novel explores themes of friendship, courage, and the power of self-discovery as Kira and Jen confront challenges and adversaries in their quest for answers.

With its engaging plot, dynamic characters, and imaginative world-building, "Kira and the Maybe Space Princess" offers an entertaining and heartfelt read for young readers and science fiction enthusiasts alike.

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I absolutely am loving graphic novels. And I know the young patrons at my library are loving them too. They will definitely be wanting to check this one out, I anticipate many holds requests for this one. It's such a great mix of fun, excitement, and real life issues that any and all kids, tweens, & teens will relate to and enjoy. I'm excited to see more of this series, more of Kira, and more of Catacorn!

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8.29/10 or 4.5/5


The characters in this book were great. I enjoyed Kira for the most part, and I appreciated her journey in this book. Catacorn was a gem and was the best character in this book for me. Tulip was also a great character, and I loved her fairy vibes. The villain in this story was fun, but i wish we could have seen more from her as a character.


The atmosphere in his book was great. I liked the sci-fi vibes. I’m not much of a Sci-Fi reader, but the art and the characters in this book made Sci-Fi digestible for someone who doesn’t read many space stories.


I enjoyed the fun writing style in this book. Kira and the Maybe Space Princess was a graphic novel that relied a lot on the story, and how the characters interacted with each other. I loved how the art worked well with the story.


I felt like this was a relatable story to middle schoolers. Kira has things she deals with, and like every other kid her age, she is trying to be the best she can. Catacorn both as a character, and the story arc was great. The friendship vibes of this book were great, and I loved how Kira and Tulip came together in the end. Kira goes on a journey in this book, and she learns about herself and others around her at the end of this book.


This was an interesting story. I was kept engaged for the most part, but especially once the story got going.


I’m hoping that some of the logic in this story will be explained in later books. It didn’t make sense to me how Kia and Tulip were chosen for their jobs. Also, the story with catacorn didn’t make much sense to me either.


Overall, this was an enjoyable vibe. I liked the characters in the story, and the plot was fun.

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Kira and the (Maybe) Space Princess is a fun and whacky graphic novel adventure featuring magic, fantastical creatures and friendship. Hand this to middle grade readers who prefer heroes who don't wear capes. Recommended purchase.

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Kira and the (Maybe) Space Princess is a graphic novel that pays tribute to the shoujo category of manga. What I really loved about this book is that it was true to the middle school experience while incorporating some fantastical elements. Kira's personality was a very unique one. At times I viewed her as sassy and spunky, while at other times she came across as a bit spoiled. She may not have always been the most likable character, but she definitely felt like a real person and I can appreciate that! On the other hand, Caticorn was a fun and fabulous character through the entire book. There were a couple of scenes where I felt like I should be mad at her, but I just couldn't!

The different rivalries in this book really added a fun element to the story. There was a great mix of action, adventure, and humor that will keep young readers invested. I'm glad to learn that this book will be part of a series because I'm looking forward to seeing what happens with the characters next!

As an educator, I really enjoyed the extras that the author included at the back of the book. It was interesting to learn a little bit about shoujo manga and how it influenced the author. It was also fun to see some of her early artwork and observe how the style changed between those ideas and the final concept. I think that young readers will especially enjoy reading about the author's process of creating comics and hopefully this inspires young fans to try their hand at creating their own!

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Kira and the (Maybe) Space Princess
(Magic Girls)
Characters: 💙💙💙💙💙
Middle Grade Graphic Novel: Action and Adventure, Humor, Magic & Friendship, Coming of Age
Published: March 5, 2024 🗓️
(H&P)📚,📱: 256📄
Suggested Ages 8 - 12
🔗Purchase Link In Highlights🔗

By: Megan Brennan @megthebrennan
Published By: Random House Graphic
Thank you @tbrbeyondtours for my copy of this book.

Blurb: 📖
There's nothing cooler than Magical Girls - pretty superheroes fighting villains with the power of friendship and glitter? What could be better than that! This year in middle school, Kira is going to be cool and popular and have SO many friends because she’s going to be a MAGICAL GIRL! ...Or not.

Frustrated beyond belief, Kira makes a wish on a shooting star that her life will change – and when Catacorn, a cat-unicorn-space-princess, crashes into Kira's backyard, it seems her wish has come true…kinda…maybe… Oh no. Is Kira's dream of being a Magical Girl really possible...or is Catacorn not really what she promises to be?

Thoughts: 💡
This book is adorable with bright and engaging photos. The friendship between Kira and Catacorn made me chuckle. The story is light and entertaining, but tackles a few issues that would be meaningful to a middle school aged child.
I personally enjoy comics and graphic novels but chose this one with my nephew in mind. It was a bit above his age level but he still really enjoyed looking at the pictures with me.

✨This is the first book in the series and book two is already in the works.

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I enjoyed Kira and the (maybe) Space Princess. This was beautifully drawn. Kira could be annoying initially but became better as the story went on. This book created a world I want to see more of and be a part of. I am very interested in book 2.

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Small bit of review: I quite enjoyed this one. I had BIG issues with Kira, really wanted to sling her into space several times she was just so rude, but in the later half things went better in regards to her and I started to, very slowly, like her more. I loved art. Tulip was great. Catacorn was an interesting character and I loved finding out more about her. The transformation and the outfits and the actions were all just SO awesome and I now want to watch some mahou shoujo anime (well, technically I am watching one, but I mean a more pure mahou shoujo, teehee). I loved how the graphic novel got better and better and I loved the ending. It was just so fab. Oh, and plus points for the colours and sparkles. Also the cover was a lot of fun. Oh, and I liked the bonus extras, those made me happy. Oh, and I cannot forget that I love everyone living on Neo-Earth. Not just humans, but also mermaids, aliens, and others. And yes, I want book 2!

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This was a pretty cool story I love graphic novels, so I was excited to get this copy of the book. The beginning was kind of annoying because she kept talking about how she didn’t wanna hear about tulip and having everyone go on and on basically telling her jealous was frustrating.

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An absolutely fun and beautiful graphic novel!

Here are my top 5 Reasons to Read:

Beautiful, vibrant graphics!
A magical friendship with a cat-unicorn-space-Princess.
A different perspective on tackling junior high problems and beyond…
How to be a true friend to someone with a broken horn.
We are all stronger with friends by our side.

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Middle school struggles, magic, and the power of friendship? That is what you get when you open up Kira and the( maybe) Space Princess. This is such a quirky graphic novel. If you are. a fan of magical girl anime's like Sailor moon or Card Captor Sakura this is the graphic novel for you.

Kira is relatable as a young girl who just wants to be special but she doesn't exactly fit in at her school. She is awkward and made another girl Tulip her so called rival. Then she finds Catacorn, a talking cat with a horn, who hira believes is her familiar so she can become a magical girl. Kira and Catacorn are so cute together. They experience ups and downs as they learn about each other on their way to becoming true friends.

So I loved this graphic novel. It is fun, quirky, and colorful. Everything you could want from a story about magical girls. Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for an eARC of Kira and the (maybe) space Princess.

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This was a very entertaining, gripping, and also thought-provoking middle-grade graphic novel.
Filled with unique, quirky art in a distinct color palette, the story of a school misfit shows how anything is really possible. Also, a Cat-a-corn, a unicorn/ cat mix? Omg, super cute and adorable!
I’m hoping there is book 2 coming soon. I believe a book like this (with a relatable character, gripping text, and beautiful art) will be huge with middle-grade kids.

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Really enjoyed reading this with my daughter who will be entering middle school next year. It was cute and full of laughs for us. Also opened up dialogue about next year.

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Super cute and perfect for any middle school aged preteen/teen. Filled with colorful art and cutesy characters this feel good graphic novel is a coming of age story about a girl trying to fit in with her peers. It’s perfect for middle school and anyone can relate.

Art style is unique, filled with bright colors that catch your eye.

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Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for my e-ARC of Kira and the (Maybe) Space Princess!

🦄 ever wondered what a cat mixed with a unicorn would look like
🪄 love magical stories
✍🏻 enjoy graphic novels
🏫 found middle school difficult


There's nothing cooler than Magical Girls - pretty superheroes fighting villains with the power of friendship and glitter? What could be better than that! This year in middle school, Kira is going to be cool and popular and have SO many friends because she’s going to be a MAGICAL GIRL! ...Or not.

Frustrated beyond belief, Kira makes a wish on a shooting star that her life will change – and when Catacorn, a cat-unicorn-space-princess, crashes into Kira's backyard, it seems her wish has come true…kinda…maybe… Oh no. Is Kira's dream of being a Magical Girl really possible...or is Catacorn not really what she promises to be?


This was a super cute graphic novel about a girl who doesn’t fit in with others. She wants to be a somebody and be admired like her self-made arch nemesis, Tulip. She was a really relatable character for me, as I didn’t fit in well with my peers either during my school years. Wanting the approval of others is completely normal for younger kids, and as an adult, I can say that it’s easier to be okay with not getting that. But what Kira experienced and wanted was 100% valid. I loved her relationship with Catacorn (how cute is she?) and how they have their ups and downs but eventually work through it all. I also really enjoyed the style of the book and characters. I’m excited to see what comes next in book 2!

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I grew up loving Magic Girls. I love this story inspired by the most amazing magic girls of Asian manga and anime pop culture. The author is creative and energetic, combining so many of my favorite elements: the magical accessories, the transformations, the fact they are schoolgirls and magical fighters, the evolution of characters and access to new powers, fabulous powers, the clothes, the back stories involving space, moon and royal family, let's not forget Catcorn is hilarious. The expressions are fantastic, I can't forget how Sailor Moon just made me laugh with her expressions so much, and in each energetic page of this novel, I could feel the energy and I could listen to them speaking loud, shouting, speaking fast, laughing. I like the sketchy style of the author and how it works so well with the story. Yet, it's very relatable, not fitting in, being jealous of the popular girls, and thinking that all the good things happen to other people, but in the end, we just have to find our voice, where we belong, and our people. It's the power of friendship. I want to join them in Neo-Earth where all characters are unique and everyone is so diverse. I want wings, tails, and a familiar that looks like a cute Pokemon.
Loved this hilarious story. It's one of those that I collect to re-read when I'm overwhelmed and need to laugh and feel good again. Hope to see more adventures.
Thank you Publisher and Netgalley for the arc.

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I struggled to read this one because it’s different from the other graphic novels I’ve read. I think that the audience the author is aiming for might be around 9-10 years old. For someone who just started to read and can withstand the attention span of 15-20 minutes per sitting, it might be suitable for those kind of children. Anyone older might find this book too immature since it seems this book involves a lot of imagination… even after reading a good 75% of the book, I still don’t quite understand the plot… because all it seems to me is the main character wanting to be someone special and works way too hard to impress and seeks attention from all the students in her school? I’m not sure if the author should be teaching that to kids… that finding favor in the eyes of your classmates should be an ideal thing to do…

I very much enjoy the artwork. I think it is unique in that it almost seems like a child drew this for fun, with the colorful panels and the sparkles in the character’s eyes, which is appealing for young children because it seems almost reliable. But unfortunately, I feel like the storytelling definitely needs a lot more work. Perhaps if the author can explain more about this mysterious magic girl thing, then this book may be more easier to understand. There just seems to be a lot of potholes that I just eventually lost interest in trying to understand what’s going on.

Anyways thank you to NetGallery for providing me a digital copy in advance for review!

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This will appeal to a certain subset of late elementary schoolers but lacks much appeal for other audiences. The characters are....fine...but both they and the plot lack much to set it apart.

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