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Even If It Breaks Your Heart

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Case and Whitney were just dreamy. They shouldn't work as a couple on paper, but totally do. Erin Hahn is a fantastic storyteller.

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This is a sweet contemporary romance set in the world of rodeos and Texas ranches. Winnie is a girl thrust into caretaker when her deadbeat dad can't function and her mother abandoned them, dealing with too few resources and too little time, graduating early so she can make a living working horses at the ranch of Case Michael's father. Case is a hard-living bull rider struck with grief over the death of his best friend, standing at a crossroads in life and facing questions about what it means to be a man. The two collide through Case's friend's to-do list he left for him after death--near the top is make a friend out of Winnie.

So that's what this book is. Two people figuring out what they want to do with their lives--Winnie doing more than just surviving and Case finding the courage to transcend what his father considers masculine, both of them finding meaning and eventually love. It's a sweet story and the horse details are really nicely written. (As a horse person that's important!) This is like a YA version of the popular rodeo romances that are out there in the vein of Elsie Silver. Give it a go.

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A sweet unexpected love story from enemies or better yet unknowns to lovers. Case has lost his friend walker to cancer and he has left him a list to complete. Case thinks this was Walkers unfinished list but soon realizes this was a list was for him and along the way met Winnie.

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this was given to me by NetGalley for an honest review which will be posted once I get my hands on a physical copy to annotate 🥺💕 wanna preface this is more of a sad cowboy/cowgirl book than a ya cowboy romance. Also this is dual POV!!

Case and Winnie are both going thru there own struggles or grief and they truly find comfort in each others company. And learn to set boundaries with family and help each other. def a slow burn 🫶🏼

few random notes 🐎💕

🩵 grief, struggling family, emotionally unavailable parents, rich boy/poor girl

🩵 ranch/rodeo setting in texas (which im a tx girly) 🫶🏼

🩵 setting boundaries at home, few social media references nothing bad at all just kno this book is set in a timeline post covid. I have never come across this in a book but it played a huge part for Case and his story.

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It’s hard for me to really get into books where I can’t relate to any of the characters. Case and Winnie were both going through so much, it was like the good times were too far between. This is a weightier YA romance.

I loved the ranch setting and the bull riding world!!

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This was the perfect read to start my Spring reading mood. It was fast-paced contemporary with a sweet romance. I enjoyed the sibling relationships between the characters. The romance was just the right amount for my current mood and I thought Winnie and Case's relationship was perfectly paced out from beginning to end.

I thought the addition of the "list" Walker made for Case, and seeing him check each thing off, was a lot of fun and added a lightness to the story. Winnie's natural talent for barrel racing and working on Cases ranch made for a great setting. It also put them in close proximity and allowed them to build a friendship that grew to love by the end of the book.

Both characters really helped each other to realize just how much they've been living for other people but don't have the support they need to believe in following their own dreams. It was a great balance to have. I definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a fast-paced and heartwarming contemporary.

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"Even If It Breaks Your Heart" by Erin Hahn is a delightful surprise for me, a reader who typically leans towards romantic fantasy and cozy mysteries. This novel offers a refreshing narrative with characters that resonate deeply. Hahn's skill in crafting authentic growth arcs for her characters is evident throughout, making it a feel-good story with substantial depth.

From the outset, the journey of Case and Win unfolds in a beautifully balanced manner. Their individual challenges and personal growth intertwine seamlessly with the slow-burn romance, creating a narrative that feels genuine and emotionally resonant. The honesty in the dialogue adds a rawness to the story, amplifying the depth of emotion that permeates the pages.

Case's journey from grief is particularly inspiring. He is portrayed with a sincerity that captures the rollercoaster of emotions one experiences in such circumstances. Win's struggles are equally compelling, drawing empathy from readers as she navigates her internal conflicts alongside familial responsibilities.

What truly shines in this book is the reader's connection to the characters. Win and Case are not just protagonists; they become individuals we root for, empathize with, and ultimately invest in their pursuit of happiness. Their quest for more than their current circumstances resonates, making this a story that appeals to readers of all ages.

Erin Hahn's storytelling prowess is evident in "Even If It Breaks Your Heart." Through compelling characters and a well-crafted narrative, she delivers a story that lingers in the heart and mind long after turning the final page. This book is a testament to Hahn's ability to captivate readers with her poignant storytelling, making it a must-read for fans of contemporary romance and beyond.

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Erin Hahn is one of my favorite adult and YA romance writers, and Even If It Breaks Your Heart (aka Sad Rodeo book) is another stellar addition. Case and Winnie have both been through a LOT in their short lives on earth and come into each other's lives at fairly pivotal points. Reading their work through grief and past traumas and coming through on the other side was satisfying. Their romance was a bit of (one sided) enemies to more, different worlds, and opposites attract, and very sweet and lovely. It would also have been a book I inhaled in high school! I recommend this one to fans of YA romances who aren't afraid to dive deep into grief and feelings with hope on the other side.
I received an advanced reading copy of this book, the receipt of which did not impact my review.

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I really enjoyed this new adult romance. Both characters had a lot going on in their lives, which definitely made the story more than just the romance. It was a story of grief, coming of age, self-discovery, family burdens and expectations, loyalty and love. The rodeo setting was fun and unique and made for an interesting backdrop to the story.

I don’t know if this is a book that will be super memorable for me, but I did really enjoy it and I’d definitely recommend to lovers of YA romance.

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This was a pretty cute YA with some real life issues and emotions for both of our main characters. I really felt for Winnie and the responsibility on her shoulders. And I was glad to see Case figure out his goals and follow them and not have any family drama from that choice.

I do think it's objectively hilarious that this is a book about rodeos, barrel racing, and horses, and our FMC's name is Winnie.

Thank you to Wednesday books for the eARC. All thoughts and opinions are my own and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

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I’m very late reviewing Erin Hahn’s last (for now) YA romance, Even If It Breaks Your Heart, because there wasn’t an audiobook version (although there is now!). But I finished it over the weekend, and absolutely loved it. Thank you so much to @WednesdayBooks for an advanced copy.

This one is about rodeo-rider (is that how you say it?) Case Michaels who is unable to do much of anything after the death of his best friend, Walker, except try to complete the list Walker left for him. One item on the list is “befriend Winnie Sutton.” Winnie works at Case’s family ranch, but Case has never noticed her. Maybe that’s because her life is the polar opposite of well-off Case’s. Winnie’s mom left and Winnie has to take care of her younger siblings because her father has checked out. She has dreams of her own, but can’t even imagine going after them when she feels so responsible for everyone else.

I love Erin Hahn’s writing, and I especially love her YA books. There’s something about the teen characters she creates. They burrow into me and stick. I loved both Case and Winnie. Their romance was lovely and, once it started, pretty even. No usual third act antics. To be honest, this lack of manufactured conflict made me really worried while reading. I kept thinking something terrible was going to happen as many of the bull riding movies and stories I’m familiar with don’t have happy endings. This fear just added to my enjoyment of the story and my investment in the characters. I won’t say if my worry was founded so those of you who haven’t read it can enjoy the same experience!
Another thing that I love about the author are her convictions. Her books have dealt with religion and school shootings and she doesn’t shy away from having an opinion—one that I happen to agree with. This book takes on some of the issues and divisive stands people took during the pandemic and knowing some of the author’s history, which is hinted at in the dedication and explained in the acknowledgements, only made the reading experience richer and more heartbreaking.

I would absolutely recommend this one to anyone looking for a beautiful love story.

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Thank you, Wednesday Books and NetGalley, for my ARC.

Even If It Breaks Your Heart by Erin Hahn is an emotionally touching YA romance novel about Case and Winnie as they grow in their friendship and discover themselves after losing a dear friend to cancer. Please read the trigger warnings for this book. I felt both characters were authentically written. I would recommend this book for sure.

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This is a well written story about letting go of grief to find who you really want to be. Walker’s passing is heart wrenching and the list he leaves for Case pushes him to reach beyond his boundaries including to befriend Winnie Sutton. At first I thought this was about ranching and rodeos, but it was so much more. This was a book from the heart where any reader can see grief blossom into strength, friendship and love.

thank you for the advanced copy. Also, the audiobook is so well done. I highly recommend it.

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Even If It Breaks Your Heart is a read I didn't know I needed? After experiencing the loss that Case is also navigating throughout the book, this one hit me hard and was quite the emotional read.

Winnie is an absolute gem of a character and her personality and intense drive (forced as it was) to care for those around her. The growth of learning to be a little selfish in doing things for her own happiness rather than sacrificing everything for her younger siblings was quite the struggle and journey. Case and Winnie are complete opposites and the love of horses is virtually the only common ground between these two.

Hahn handles some difficult and heavy topics extraordinarily well. There's a certain sense of light and laugh that she uses that makes this relatable and empathetic for those who might not have a total understanding of what these characters are dealing with. The growth of opposites to friends to lovers flowed naturally and well, the slow burn of the build was well worth it.

The cowboy theme and rodeo references was enjoyable but not overbearing and though it is YA, I think it's incredibly well written and is a great read for a variety of ages.

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Even If It Breaks Your Heart follows young adults Case Michaels and WInnie Sutton as they face loss, familial responsibility and building healthy relationships. Case is a bull rider whose recent loss of his best friend causes him to lose his appetite for bull riding. Winnie Sutton is a smart, hardworking farm hand with a talent for barrel racing and enough familial fresponsibility that she cannot pursue her dream of barrel
racing in rodeos. What Case and Winnie both need is a supportive friend, and they find it in each other. The romance feels authentic and heartfelt as their relationship evolves from friendship to romance.
I really enjoyed watching these characters evolve and grow, and the setting of a hirse ranch was fun.

Thanks to Net Galley for the electronic ARC.

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I received a digital ARC from St. Martin’s Press, Wednesday Books, via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. A;; opinions are my own.

I loved everything about this novel. I especially appreciated the focus on Case losing his best friend. In most of the novels I read, the female loses a best friend or significant other. It was interesting to see it from a different perspective. I loved Case and Winnie’s growing friendship, and I loved Winnie’s siblings.

This novel touched on many different topics and issues with respect and care. I cheered, laughed, and cried along with the characters. I felt like they all became my friends.

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I LOVED this "sad cowboy" romance from Erin Hahn! I will read anything Erin writes, but this one was just fabulous.

Very slow burn, but both Case and Winnie are going through it and they really take the time to build a very solid friendship first. They can count on each other, it isn't just based on mutual attraction.

I'm sad this is Erin's last YA book, but I'll consume her adult books like they're candy!

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This one was so cute and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute. A perfect example of when YA hits just right!

Thank you to SMP & netgalley for the chance to read early in exchange for an honest review

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Erin Hahn is one of my favourite romance writers, and also one of the first authors that I had been able to request and review from NetGalley. You can find my review for You’d Be Mine here, More Than Maybe here, Never Saw You Coming here, and Built to Last here. She honestly continues to wow me with the books that she writes and the way that she builds romance. I know it’s pretty classic in romances to give you the perspective of both sides of the love story, but I do really love the way that she develops her two main characters and the way that she intertwines her various stories. There’s something about her dual perspectives that really hits the spot for me. Her male main characters are some of my all time favourite love interests in romance.

I know very little about the rodeo, but I found it a really interesting element of this story. It was really cool to see how it became a bit of a bonding point for Winnie and Case, even though they compete in very different events. Erin Hahn did a really good job at explaining the elements of the rodeo that were important to the story, and I definitely have a better understanding of what barrel racing is now that I have read this book. That’s definitely not the point of the narrative, but it was an unexpected benefit of the story. I also have learned more about bull riding too, though it sounds horribly dangerous.

Both of our main characters in this novel were really interesting and well-developed. They both felt well-fleshed out and very well-developed. I liked the progression of their character growth and seeing them learn more about themselves. They both start off the novel in a place where they’re really struggling with something. In Case’s case it is grief over the loss of his best friend. For Winnie, it’s the fact that she is functionally the only parent her younger siblings have. These are heavy things for a teen to deal with, but they handle them as best they can as teenagers might. There is a deep emotion to the novel that is brought in by these elements.

The writing is beautiful. The story felt realistic, and the teens read as teens. I love the way that she plotted it out and how the events flowed naturally, and the consequences for certain events made sense. It didn’t feel like the story was being forced. That being said, I do think this is a very character-driven novel, and it focussed more on them developing and growing then on typical big conflicts. The conflict they dealt with was very personal and allowed them to become better people or push themselves out of their comfort zone. This isn’t a complaint by any means; I just think that it’s something worth noting.

If you like romance, rodeo stories, or character driven stories, then I highly suggest you pick this book up.

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Thank you to the publisher for the gifted copy.

I've really enjoyed the previous books I read by this author, so I was excited to get into this one - but kind of unsure about the rodeo bits and the fact that it's YA. I ended up loving it, though!

Case lost his best friend to illness several months back and the only thing that keeps him going is a list that his friend left. A list of things he wants Case to do since he can't. Things like jump off a silo, jump in a pool naked at a party, and befriend Winnie Sutton. Winnie lives with her dad and 2 younger siblings, and works on the ranch that Case's family owns. Winnie has a LOT on her plate, as her dad works nights, and basically dumped all parenting responsibilities onto Winnie. They do befriend each other and end up helping each other through some difficult situations and also helping each other reach their dreams.

This book was heavier than I initially expected, but I was glad about that. Both main characters are dealing with grief, although from different situations, and the way they lean on each other is so sweet. I love that they didn't just jump right into a relationship but developed a friendship first, and things naturally blossomed from there.

Although this book is set mainly on a ranch, the focus is on the characters and their grief/relationship. I'm not a big horse or rodeo person, so I was hesitant, but it didn't take away from the story at all.

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