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The Princess of Las Vegas

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A Princess Diana impersonator, cryptocurrency (a topic I’ll never understand), mob hits…who would ever believe these could all be elements in a book? The author does a good job of weaving these themes together into a believable story!

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Bohjalian is a master of suspense and twists and turns, and The Princess of Las Vegas had them all in spades. The characters that the reader was "supposed" to love were flawed in the most sympathetic ways, and the bad guys were convincingly terrible. I would have liked to see the storyline of Marissa fleshed out a bit more and there were a few threads that seemed to get wrapped up a bit too neatly in the climax chapter, but overall, it was a page-turner, it kept me engaged, and it gave me just the right amount of "insider" Princess Diana factoids.

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Wow! I was not ready for this book! I thought it would have been a lot more about Diana but this book was FILLED with twists, turns, and so many great characters! I truly felt transported to Vegas! Chris Bohjalian has a way with words!

I couldn't put this book down! I was blown away at the story telling in this book and was SHOCKED at the ending!

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As a long time Chris Bohjalian fan, I am always looking forward to his next book. I think all of the current events, combined with a plot around cryptocurrency, (something I will never understand) made this not quite the book for me. I really enjoyed the sisters and their complex relationship and wanted more from that. I did fly through the second half of the book when things picked up. 3.5 stars!

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The Princess of Las Vegas is a novel by Chris Bohjalian, the New York Times bestselling author of The Flight Attendant and The Lioness. It is a thriller that explores the lives of a Princess Diana impersonator and her estranged sister, who are involved in a complex plot of organized crime, cryptocurrency, and family secrets on the Las Vegas strip. The Princess of Las Vegas is a novel that combines suspense, drama, and humor, and takes the reader on a thrilling journey through the world of Vegas, crime, and crypto. It is enjoyable, and it will attract fans of Bohjalian and thrillers in general. It is a novel for readers who are curious about the topics of Diana, Vegas, and cryptocurrency.

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The Princess of Las Vegas is a fast, entertaining read written with Bohjalian’s typical lyrical and flowing style. Set in Las Vegas with elements of cryptocurrency, the mob and tribute impersonators, the plot is unique. The setting is almost another character in the story and the twin sister relationship added depth to the characters. Themes of personal identity, greed, obsession and corruption are reflected throughout.

Thank you to NetGalley and Doubleday for the opportunity to review this title in return for my honest review.

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I always enjoy a novel by this author, this one included. Whenever the mob is involved in the story, you know there will be lots of backstabbing and death so, in that sense, the plot was predictable. The cryptocurrency angle and the tribute performer were interesting additions. This was an easy, hold-your-interest kind of story with a predictable but satisfying ending.

Thanks to NetGalley and Doubleday/Penguin Random House for the ARC to read and review.

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Disclosure: I received this book as ebook and audiobook review copies via DoubleDay (netgalley) and from PRH Audio book influencer program. I loved reading parts of the book, Bohjalian's writing is great, and appreciated the multi narration in the audiobook but particularly how Crissy was narrated.

The Princess of Las Vegas is a deftly written book that for me captured a slow but steady sense of unraveling and uncertainty... The Vegas setting, the really interesting idea of being a Diana impersonator but also having an identical twin and a complicated twin relationship (there for me is a LOT to unpack with that who theme), the growing number of dead bodies, the political twists and turns, the darker side of Vegas and politics and money. It's all in here and it's a slow burn sense of unease blurred through a lens of self medication and alcohol and related struggles.

I really liked a lot of the way, for me, complex and layered themes on identity, obsession, and greed came together in a unique way. Crissy and her Diana impersonation, her personal struggles, her unhealthy relationship with her sister, the unsettling uncanniness of her niece, the sense that she is on the sense of possibly losing sense of who SHE is while waking up to what's happening around her.. Crissy is one of the most captivating, though not overly likable, characters I have read in a while and I applaud her character development and the depth of her story.

This is so well-crafted, don't let a slow pace trick you at the start, this story will grab you and pull you in... the plot shakes up the reader just as some interconnected stories with dead bodies, politicians, and a twin sister come together to completely shake up Crissy's life.

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Thank you to NetGalley, the author and publisher for an advance copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

It's been awhile since I have read a Chris Bohjalian novel. The last was Midwives quite a few years ago. I was listening to a podcast and this book came up. It sounded so interesting.

This was a super fast read. The story was well thought and and put together. Some of it was a bit far fetched so I just rolled with it. A lot of the "bitcoin" stuff went over my head.

If you want something fun to read on the beach, pick this one up.

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This was actually my first foray into Chris Bohjalian's works - but as a fan of the royal family, the description of the book intrigued me. I am so happy that I have now discovered a new must-read author!

The Princess of Las Vegas centers on the story of two sisters, who look alike - and both startlingly look like Princess Diana. One has used that similar appearance to her benefit, headlining a show at the Buckingham Palace Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. The other remained in Vermont, becoming a social worker - at least until she begins dating a man who works in the financial industry. With her new adoptive daughter in tow, she follows him to Las Vegas, where he is working with a crypto company.

What soon follows is a riveting unfurling of past lives, political corruption, and murder mystery. Bohjalian kept me engaged from the very first page, all the way to the final page.

This novel is well written with excellent plot and character development. Bobjalian is an excellent storyteller.

Thank you to NetGalley, the publisher, and author for an ARC in exchange for my honest review.

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Bohjalian has written books I've throughly devoured, but this one was a complete miss. This story was inventive but maybe a bit too much bordering on just weird. Not the read I thought I'd be experiencing based on past reads by this author.

Thank you, Doubleday.

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Reality comes crashing down on a make-believe princess.

In the late summer of 2022, Crissy Dowling’s life is in a relatively good place. She has a very successful Las Vegas cabaret act at the Buckingham Palace Casino in which she portrays Diana, Princess of Wales, that is continually sold out months in advance. The BP, as it is known, may not be A-list, but among Vegas impersonators Crissy is very much top drawer. When one of the owners of her casino dies, an apparent suicide, it is a bit worrisome careerwise - but otherwise life continues as normal. Soon, however, dead bodies start piling up (including Gene, a recent hook-up which Crissy had hoped might have become more than temporary). Crissy’s estranged sister Betsy announces that she and her newly-adopted teenaged daughter are relocating from Vermont to Las Vegas with her new love interest Frankie, a financier now involved in a start-up cryptocurrency firm. The Princess of Las Vegas, as Crissy is known, had been managing her life and her two shows per night pretty well (with the help of the occasional little pill, but no one is perfect), but all of this chaos is rocking her world. Especially when the police think that she might be involved in the deaths. What’s a princess to do?
With a setting in Las Vegas, characters that range from a Lady Di impersonator to a teenage hacking prodigy to a firm of crypto fincoms who may be tied just a little too closely to an organized crime syndicate known as Mastaba (think The Mob 2.0), author Chris Bohjalian has created a collection of quirky folks about whom it is fun to read. There’s clearly some drama in Crissy and Betsy’s background which is slowly revealed, and which ultimately explains at least in part why Crissy has chosen to pursue a life pretending to be someone else, and why she and Betsy are no longer close. One of the most vivid characters for me was Marisa, the teenage girl adopted by (former) teen social worker Betsy who has been plucked from Vermont and immersed in the glamorous but wildly irregular world of Las Vegas. I would have liked to have seen a bit more dimension in some of the other characters, particularly the bosses at cryptofirm Futurium. (Truth be told, I didn’t really understand the cryptocurrency world before reading this novel, and still don’t despite Mr. Bohjalian’s efforts to explain it). There just wasn’t a lot of nuance to the villains, and there was some reliance on stereotype in their makeup (they were bad, guns are bad, they all had guns). Still and all, The Princess of Las Vegas was an entertaining read….as one of the characters says, have there ever been two more perfect bedfellows than casinos and crypto? We can all relate to people who want to escape from their lives to something better, and rely perhaps too much on luck to make it happen. Fans of Mr. Bohjalian’s previous novels, especially The Flight Attendant, will enjoy his latest outing, as should readers of Ruth Ware, Rachel Hawkins and Lisa Jewell. Many thanks to NetGalley and Random House/Doubleday Books for allowing me early access to The Princess of Las Vegas.

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When you pick up a Chris Bohjalian book, you never know what genre it will be. Mr. Bohjalian writes historical fiction, horror, suspense, psychological thrillers, domestic thrillers. He is not pigeon-holed into a specific genre. This novel has mystery, thrills, bitcoin and cryptocurrency (which I will never understand, no matter how patient the teacher), Vegas and Russian mobsters, family secrets and strong female characters. The beginning of the book dragged a little for me (and the words.. did he use a thesaurus?) but halfway through the book took off.

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Chris Bohjalian always writes such lyrical and flowing stories. The Princess of Las Vegas is write up there with his others.
Crissy is a Princess Diana tribute entertainer in Las Vegas, and quite popular. Chrissy’s life includes all of the imagined Las Vegas entrapments…mobsters, criminals, politicians, the usual seedy Las Vegas bunch.
But family drama and a sudden murder threaten to bring her life crashing down.
Riveting and fast paced, a perfect mystery set in the seediness and opulence of Las Vegas.

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As a fan of Chris Bohjalian I couldn't wait to request an advanced copy of this book from NetGalley. I enjoyed it Combine the glitz and glam of Vegas, Princess Diana, and crypto and you have quite a story. Crissy enjoys her life in Las Vegas working as a Princess Diana impersonator. Her sister surprises her by moving to Las Vegas and taking a job with a crypto company. A string of suicides occur with people Crissy knows, or are they suicides? Is her sister involved? What about the mysterious executives from the crypto company? This book had lots of twists and turns and didn't always go the way I thought it would.

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Another layered and fascinating book by Chris Bohjalian! Solid characters, Vegas backdrop and somehow I even learned about Princess Di and cryptocurrency.

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Similar to his best selling novel The Flight Attendant, which was turned into an award-nominated TV series starring Kelly Cuoco, The Princess of Las Vegas is led by a female protagonist who has addictions and, though living her everyday life, albeit, in this case, as a Princess Diana impersonator in Las Vegas, becomes entangled in a web of intrigue.

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“The Princess of Las Vegas,” by Chris Bohjalian, Doubleday, 400 pages, March 19, 2024.

Crissy Dowling has created a world that suits her perfectly. She passes her days by the pool in a private cabana, she splurges on ice cream but never gains an ounce, and each evening she transforms into a princess, performing her musical cabaret inspired by the life of the late Princess Diana.

Crissy is an American speaking with a British accent, with hair feathered into a style 30 years old. She also abuses Adderall and Valium. And she is bulimic.

But fans see her for the gifted chameleon she is, showering her with gifts, letters and standing ovations night after night. She performs in the Buckingham Palace Casino owned by Richie and Artie Morley. Richie is the property’s chief financial officer and Artie is the general manager.

It is the late summer of 2022. Richie Morley is murdered in his car. At first it is suspected to be suicide. Crissy’s younger sister, Betsy, is a social worker in Vermont who helps troubled teens. Then she tells Crissy that she is moving to Las Vegas because she got a job working for a financial technology company. Betsy has an adopted daughter, Marisa, 13. Soon there are more suspicious deaths and Crissy and Betsy become suspects.

Like all of Chris Bohjalian’s novels, this is multi-layered, with suspense, humor and strong characters. The plot is wild. The backstory of the two sisters adds to the overall story. Chris Bohjalian’s fans, and people who haven’t read his books, don’t want to miss this one.

In accordance with FTC guidelines, the advance reader's edition of this book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for a review.

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The Princess of Las Vegas is another entertaining read by popular writer Chris Bohjalian who has great skill as a male who creates novels with strong female characters. The princess is Crissy Dowling, a resident Las Vegas performer who becomes Diana Spencer for sold-out audiences at a casino off the Vegas strip. Crissy has many emotional issues from a troubled childhood but has found success as Princess Di. Crissy's younger sister, Betsy, announces her move from Vermont to Vegas with her current boyfriend, Frankie, and her newly adopted thirteen-year-old daughter, Marisa. With Betsy and Frankie comes a dive into the dark side of cryptocurrency and gambling. Marisa is a smart, observant teenager whose character adds to the intrigue of this book. Recommended for a long weekend of escape reading.

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I loved this so much! There were so many unexpected twists and turns that had me anticipating the next chapter. it was a little slower paced to give all the details of characters and setting, but I was thankful for that or else it would've been overwhelming. The idea of Princess Diana mixed with a Vegas mystery was brilliant.

Thank you, NetGalley and Doubleday Books for allowing me to review this book!

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