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You Get What You Give

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Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for this ARC. I liked this book. It wasn't nothing amazing but also nothing horrible. I like the enemy to lover trope so that helped. I'd recommend giving it a try!

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okay okay, i really wanted to like this book. i tried so hard, you guys! i hope that you enjoy this book more than i did because every book deserves its reader! thank you netgalley!!

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I love a good enemies to lovers book. This one was so freaking good! I could not stop reading about Nate and Violet. So good!
I just reviewed Pieces and Parts by Annmarie Boyle. #PiecesandParts #NetGalley

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~ triggers: none
~ spice: 2.8/5
~ romance: 3.5/5
~ tropes: enemies to lovers, family/friends drama, old school, one night stand


It took me a while to get into this book because of the timeline but once i got into it i was into it. It was a little different from the books that i normally read but somewhat similar. This was my first old school romance & i have to say, it may have started something for me cause now i want to read more books like this one. I love how Nate and Violet relationship came about and the friendship bond Violet had with her friends. It kinda made me sad to see the group break a part, i felt like they broke up as soon as they were introduced to us readers. I was a bit confused on whether they story was being told based off of a movie/show or if the story was the movie/show but i think that was something that got me into the book. I love how Violet & Nate had to communicate & how they were using maps and not cell phones, it made their love feel like their relationship could actually work. I’m a 2000s baby so a lot of the references didn’t really click with me but to me, i feel like it brought the story to life. This book was well written and the characters were such a vibe, Karen Grey has definitely gotten herself a new reader. This is a great way to start a series. It was just enough to get your attention & leave you wanting more. I cross my fingers and hope to get more of Nate & Violet’s story, i felt like this was just the beginning. The ending left me wondering what happened & who exactly was involved in the accident. I’m really excited to get into Sully’s story, i hope him & Ford could put everything to the side so that the friend group could come back together with a new member added (Nate🥹) so i’ll be adding that to my TBR.

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