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thank you to netgalley for the advanced reading copy. I really enjoyed this and will be getting copies for my shop.

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This is an interesting read with three sisters Lana, Tami and Yvonne who are dealing with family issues of their own. Lana, Tami and Yvonne’s inherited their grandmother’s beach house in South Carolina. Yvonne is the oldest sister and a high school principal and the sole care taker of the sister’s mother after she suffered a stroke. Lana is the middle daughter married with her own family issues. Tami is the baby of the bunch with issues of her own. Each of the sisters each have their own agenda as to what they should do with the beach house. At the reading of the will, the sisters find that their grandmother had her own agenda with the sisters staying at the beach house and renovating it. When the stipulation of once the renovations were complete the sisters could sell the beach house. As the beach house is being renovated the sisters are finding out secrets and other things about the family that are bring the sisters closer together and understanding things much better. This is a great read that happens in many families which sometimes brings families together and sometimes pull the families farther apart.

Will the sisters sell the beach house or will they keep the beach house and continue to mend their bodies, minds and souls?

I received an ARC via NetGalley and Montlake and I am leaving my review voluntarily.

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This is the story of three sisters reconnecting after the passing our their grandmother. They inherit her house on an island in the southeast and have to renovate before deciding next steps. During this time they reconnect and learn about family secrets.

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wow! i am blown away by this book!! it was just so fun and exciting and thrilling and wonderful!! thank you so much to netgalley for letting me have an early copy!!

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Thank you Netgalley for this ARC
Three sisters have to overcome their differences and work together when they inherit their grandmother’s summer home. Told by each of their POVs and you learn all the family secrets they have been keeping from each other.

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Leave it to us by A.C Arthur is a very fun and an entertaining romantic novel. It serves up the best banter and amazingly set of characters and their shenanigans.

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Thank you to the publisher for an advanced copy of this book.
Loved this book about 3sisters coming together after their grandmother passes away. I felt I could picture the island that a lot of the story takes place on. The end tied all threads up beautifully. I would definitely read a sequel if there is one

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Está bien, tiene sus momentos graciosos y tiernos, los cuales se agradecen. Además, es una historia linda entre tres hermanas que deben reconciliarse tras ser obligadas a volver a juntarse por circunstancias adversas de la vida.

Sin embargo, se me ha hecho algo cuesta arriba leerla. Varias partes he sentido que simplemente estaban de relleno y podrían haberse omitido y otras con partes que sí eran importantes se iban por las ramas, supongo que para alargar la longitud de la novela.

Por otra parte, y pese a que esto no es algo que realmente me resulte un inconveniente, este libro no es un romance en sí, mas contiene romance en él. Quiero decir, yo cuando leo un libro de romance espero que sea la trama principal del libro y en este caso no lo es. Hay historias de amor pero tienen un papel bastante secundario.

Para finalizar, me hubiera gustado ver más resolución de algunos conflictos secundarios y profundización en las ya mencionadas escasas interacciones románticas. Los chicos que se presentaban verdaderamente resultaban interesantes y me hubiera gustado haber sabido más de ellos y sus relaciones, al igual que de temas secundarios se podría haber extraído bastante más de lo mencionado, evitando así el ya mencionado excesivo relleno.

Es por esto que el final me ha resultado más bien apresurado y una vez que te dan el giro de trama, no te explican mucho más. Te saltan a un epílogo un año después donde no se explica prácticamente nada.

De igual forma, muchas gracias a Netgalley y Montlake Publishing por ofrecerme una copia de este libro. Me quedo con que haya sido el primer libro (de longitud de novela) que haya leído en inglés.

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I'd say this is more women's fiction than a romance. It was tough to get through. I feel like I was forcing myself to read this.

Multiple POV was at times confusing, but I had no issue with the author's writing style.

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There were parts of this story I could relate to on a whole other level which kind of made it a slow read for me because I felt it. Sisters all different with so much hurt inside. I knew it had to be a secret of great magnitude because of the division, pain and hurt that they all carried in some way.

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It takes the death of their grandmother and an inheritance they were left to bring these 3 sisters back together. I had a hard time connecting with the characters and would also classify this as a woman’s fiction more than a romance, it was a good read.

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A family oriented, Southern story.

The three Butler sisters from Boston come south to South Carolina to the island home of their famous grandmother. After her passing, Grandma Betty left the house to the girls, who used to summer there with her. All three sisters are bringing their own baggage, as well as dealing with an ailing mother, gambling spouses and a super secret they find while on the island. And, of course, there is new romances. It was an entertaining story.

Thank you to NetGalley, the author and publisher for a temporary, digital ARC in return for my review.

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Rated 3.5 ⭐️

Three sisters inherit a house from their Grandmother. These sisters become the 3 POVS in this novel. Yvonne is the oldest and mother-like sister. Lana is the middle sister that is living the life of beauty and luxury. Tami the youngest and most carefree of them. But, maybe everything is not what their lives seem.
To inherit this house the three of them must go back to the island where they spent their summers and Thanksgiving with their Dad and Grandmother. They need to renovate the house and decide what to do with it after the renovations.
This is a very slow paced read where there really is no plot twist or climax to the story. The story takes place over a summer as the house gets renovated. They discover themselves, each other and maybe a few secrets.
Thank you to Netgalley, A.C. Arthur, and the publisher for the Free Ebook. This review is 100% my own and honest review.

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Leave it to Us by A.C. Arthur was a memorable and heartfelt read that left me craving more. This was a well written book that developed the main characters, who are also sisters, well. I was able to get a great understanding of each sister- Yvonne, Lana and Tammy- and what Grandma Betty meant to each one of them. The setting of a summer house left me yearning for summer, and I could imagine the nostalgic setting of a summer home as I was reading. The book unfolded in multiple layers, and while resolved I was left wanting more as a reader. Although there was romance in this book, I would not classify it as romance. It was a nice addition to the book, but not necessarily what I look for in a book.

Overall, this was a well written book but not a good fit for me and my interests.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for an ARC of this book and a chance to review it. #LeaveIttoUs #NetGalley

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Meet the Butler sisters – Yvonne, the responsible one; Lana, the middle child who seems to have everything; and Tami, the youngest who doesn’t quite have her life together. When Grandma Betty dies, the three sisters are forced to go to Dafuskie island for the summer to renovate her house before they can sell it. Throughout the book there is plenty of unresolved trauma and secrets that the sisters must air and deal with.

The book started out very strong with lots of Tami attitude, which I really enjoyed. Although there is romance in the book, it felt more like a women’s fiction book than a romance book, and it felt like things slowed down in the middle of the book before coming to a hasty conclusion at the end. I also felt that there was character development that never resulted in anything, like a certain character who disappeared midway through and a career path that was left unexplored.

Overall, it was an enjoyable story, just left me wanting a little more resolution after so much development and buildup. This was my first A C Arthur book, and I would read another.

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“This house is big enough for all of them. I wanted it built that way so that when they came from and found each other, they’d have a place to call home.”

Here you meet three estranged sisters brought together by their grandmother’s legacy of a summerhouse. Through their forced proximity, they embark on a journey of finding not only themselves but one another.
You have:
Tami, youngest, chaotic, beloved for her zest for life. To her sisters, she is immature when really she is just trying to figure her life out. For me, I related to her the least and honestly felt like she was legitimately immature at times.
Yvonne, eldest, responsible, the glue, stressed. Unbeknownst to her sisters she is battling chronic illness as a byproduct of her stress as their mother’s sole caretaker among all other responsibilities.
Lana, middle seemingly “perfect” sister, grumpy goddess who really is just keeping everything together by the teeth. God, I was heartbroken by her struggles with her husband. I really commend her strength and courage.
And the surprise twist! I will not give spoilers but I totally did not see it coming.

This is a multiple POV tale. The author is clearly a gifted writer but I felt like her too flowery prose was awkward at times. Sometimes there was a focus on unimportant details:
“Still he was fun to be around most times, and on a few occasions those fun times had turned into sexy times. But they were just friends because that was all Tami had room for in her jumbled mind.” I think I got on a bad footing with Tami right from the get go. She was so contrary that maybe the author was being purposeful in portraying her in that manner. Nonetheless, I still really did not like her narrative.
“...the water was gushing out like Niagara Falls.” God I got an unpleasant ick from the onomatopoeia.

I am going to admit I really struggled to finish this novel, partly due to the fact it was difficult to attach to a main character. I truly get why the author wanted to provide all three sisters’ points of view because they had their own lives, thoughts, and opinions but I feel like it really detracted from the world building and allowing the reader to really attach to a character.

Thank you NetGalley and Montlake Publishing Group for providing me with a copy of this book in change for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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